A Collaboration between Bron and Suzie

Chapter 52

"I never thought we would get out of there." Sheridan slid into the booth. Angel went to the other side and Marybeth shared with Sheridan. "What in the world is up with Brian? He was so tense this week."

Angel shrugged her shoulders. "I tried to talk to him. He says Leighanne is jealous of all the work he has going on."

"Jealous? She shouldn't be jealous, she should be happy." Sheridan frowned as the waiter came to take their drink order.

"Water," Sheridan nodded at him as he handed her a menu.

"Nothing to drink?" Angel smirked at her.

"I've sworn off drinking," Sheridan's eyes rested on the menu.

Marybeth looked at the waiter, "That makes two of us. The same please."

"What is up with you two? Mimosa please," Angel spoke as she curled her fingers around the menu he was handing her.

"Well, let's see. I was so plastered I had to be driven home from your birthday party by a handsome, young man who literally poured me into my bed."

"Did you have the same clothes on when you woke up?" Angel grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at Marybeth.

"Yes I did! I wasn't that drunk. I even have some recollection about my conversation with my rescuer."

"Oh, would that be the conversation that he almost told me about before he told me my chastity belt was too tight and Kevin needed to bust the lock wide open."

Angel was sucking water through her straw which promptly went down the wrong pipe and back up again. She choked, "God, tell me he didn't say that."

"He did," Sheridan rolled her eyes at her.

"But he's right," Marybeth snickered only to be slapped with the menu by Sheridan.

"Look who's talking. When was the last time you were with a man?" Sheridan's cheeks turned pink.

"Hey, the question of the evening is for Angel, not you or I." Marybeth's head turned to focus on Angel.

"Me?" Angel squeaked as the waiter hovered close by waiting for them to place their order.

Sheridan motioned her head towards him. "Let's order and then we can talk."

The table fell silent for thirty seconds before the suggested orderings went around the table. They each ordered their favorite and then decided to share with each other.

Marybeth was new to this style of dining, but she was taking it in stride. As the waiter walked away, Angel turned to Marybeth who looked perplexed. "What?"

"You two do share everything." Marybeth shook her head.

"Everything but men," Angel snorted.

"Eww," Sheridan's disgust evident on her face. "So, come on spill. What did the man get you for your birthday? Kevin has been driving me crazy. Nick won't tell him."

"I bet having Kevin so close is just a real hardship for you too." Angel giggled. Angel waited for Sheridan to laugh. When she didn't, Angel frowned. "Come on now, it can't be that bad?"

"I haven't been able to talk to you." Sheridan sighed. "It hasn't been easy. I'm very anxious about this entire situation. I told him we could go out on a few dates and see how it goes. But, he's not allowed to fire me if it doesn't work out. We have our first date Sunday. We're going to his foundation meeting at La Coscinda."

"A meeting is your first date?" Angel made a mental note to speak to Nick about this. He had been with Kevin all week and never said a word about what had transpired between Sheridan and Kevin.

Angel pulled her hand from underneath the table. She spread out her right hand on the top. Marybeth and Sheridan were mesmerized by the shiny jewel that graced her finger.

"Is that… that… what…" Marybeth stuttered.

"What I think it is?" Sheridan's eyes grew wide as she finished Marybeth's sentence.

The waiter refilled their water glasses, but the girls didn't miss a beat as both of their stares continued to be locked onto the shiny bauble.

Shaking her head back and forth, "NO!" Angel declared with force, "It is not an engagement ring." Looking down, Angel was admiring her beautiful, birthday ring Nick had given her, "It's more like a promise ring. A Friendship ring."

"Shit. That's one hell of a friendly promise ring. That's bigger than your mother's and my mother's engagement rings combined!" Sheridan squealed, still staring at Angel's finger.

"Where did he find that gem?" Marybeth was talking to Angel but her eyes stayed glued to Angel's finger.

"It came from a store called Henry's…no, that's not it…Harry, yes Harry…oh, I can't think of his last name….Windsor? OUCH!" Angel exclaimed after Sheridan hit her in her head.

"Harry Winston's you idiot!" Sheridan smacked her again with the menu.

"Yes, that's it!" Angel said with excitement; her friend guessed the name.

Sheridan continued, "Well, it would make sense to buy you a ring from there. Their motto is 'If you have trouble with words, say it with diamonds.' That fits Nick to a T," Sheridan laughed.

"It's a Marquesa ring from one of their collections. Personally, I think it looks like a butterfly." Still dazing at her finger, smiling, Angel continued, "Nick mentioned some place in Mexico or Spain that he wants to bring me to that has to do with the marquesas."

"Looks like you better update your passport, girlfriend. You're in for a journey of a lifetime with this guy." Angel looked up to Sheridan and each shared a smile.

The waiter returned with their food. The girls helped themselves to a portion and then passed their plates to the right to go around the table until they had gotten a little of everything. The conversation then went back to the work at hand and the filming schedule. "This way we can write this luncheon off as a business expense."

Angel snorted, "Kevin is rubbing off on you. You're always thinking."

The lunch passed with gossip, work, social plans, and more gossip. The ladies finally wore their tongues out after two hours.

Sheridan dropped Angel off at Nick's place after dinner. Nick and Angel had a busy weekend coming up. Johnny Wright had warned them to be on their best behavior. Contrary to the phrase, "any publicity is good publicity," Johnny didn't want to receive any early-morning phone calls again.

After an early night to bed and a good night's sleep, Nick and Angel went shopping Saturday morning, to find some clothes to wear to Benny Medina's party in Hollywood. Being a typical girl, Angel had nothing to wear or rather, nothing new to wear. Now that she was being photographed every day, Angel was beginning to feel a bit insecure wearing the same clothes too close together. but gowns? Those could only be worn once in her book. "Hey Nick, could this be considered a business expense?"

Nick's laughter could be heard throughout the store. "You've been hanging around Kevin too long!"

Angel took great care not to wear her ring in public for casual events - not yet anyways. The paparazzi had been quietly staking out the couple but their eyes grew huge once they noticed Nick had a "For Rent" book on the dashboard of his Escalade. Rumors began to swarm among fans on the BSB message boards. Hours later, the couple was seen outside, on the 'red carpet' so to speak, heading into the party. Nick looked dashing in his new blue suit and pink shirt. The fans enjoyed the work his stylist was doing, the "For Rent" book and the girl seemed to get pushed aside for the moment.

Kevin made excuses not to be home on Saturday. He stopped at a restaurant to meet up with a friend and ran into Kristin while he was there. His friend had long departed as the two sat at a cozy table chatting. They spent some time catching up until his cell phone ringing broke the flow of conversation. "Pardon me," he spoke as he flipped his phone open. "Yes Sheridan. Uh-huh. NO! Yes." Kevin absently twisted the ring on his right hand. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow babe." Kevin clicked the phone shut. His gaze returned to Kristin's. "So anyway, like I was sayin' the new project is going great."

Kevin turned his head to the side and stared when she didn't respond. He reached out and clasped her hand. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I should get going." Kristin spoke as she stood. Doing so pulled her hand from his. "It was nice seeing you again."

Kevin jumped up and leaned forward to give her a peck on the cheek. She turned her head away from him and walked away. 'What the hell is her problem?' Kevin thought as he watched her continue out to the parking lot and head directly to her car. Kevin shrugged and fished his cell out of his pocket. He dialed a familiar number, his best friend Keith. "You busy? I need to bounce some shit off ya."

"Woman trouble again Kevin?" his friend laughed heartily.

"So not funny, you sack of shit." The only problem was, Keith was right; he was having a problem with a little blonde fairy who wasn't responding the way he wanted her to.

"Come on over, we'll straighten out your love life once again." Kevin heard those words and then a dial tone. "Why do I bother," he whined as he tossed enough money on the table to cover the bill and the tip. 'Because you want to get laid,' he heard that little inner voice cackle to him. He frowned, why the hell did his little inner voice sound so much like A.J. right now? "Now I'm losing it," he announced to himself.

Sheridan was left baffled by the odd conversation with Kevin. She had called Kevin to ask him if they were eating there. She double-checked the time with him as well. She needed to know if she should wear business clothes. She frowned into her phone when he barked a 'no' back at her. She worried about her last question, was he going to pick her up? He had given her a yes in a normal tone for an answer.

Sheridan set about finishing a short story she was working on before she started to search her closet for something that would be appropriate for a business meeting but didn't look like business attire.


Nick and Angel attended the Glamour/Miramax's Golden Globes after party in Beverly Hills on Sunday. Nick looked dashing in his white shirt, which he left unbuttoned and his blue pinstriped suit. Angel wore a tight-fitting, baby blue strapless gown, which complimented Nick's attire. The couple then crashed the InStyle Warner Bros Golden Globes after party. The main reason for going was to touch base with Rob Thomas who is working on a collaboration for the movie soundtrack. The couple took a limo back to the girls' apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Angel desperately needed to do laundry in the worst way. "I think it would be too complicated trying to explain how underwear and bras can be written off as a business expense." Angel joked with Nick. Nick paused, and in all seriousness replied, "I've done it before."

Angel squeaked out a, "Oh, no you didn't!"

Nick just smiled looking out the limousine's window. His mind swirled with the past week's events in his head and was truly feeling happy. Tired, but happy.

Angel blinked at the sun's rays pouring into the bedroom from the windows. She was actually at her own apartment for the first time in a long time. The clanging of dishes couldn't be missed. She rolled over, or rather into Nick, who had the habit of now taking the side that she was used to sleeping on. She sat up and stretched her muscles. Nick didn't budge. She peeked over his shoulder to see him sleeping peacefully. Placing her feet on the floor, she shoved her feet into her beat up slippers. Grabbing her robe, she placed one arm through the sleeve as she opened the door. Making her way to the kitchen, she stood in the hallway and watched Sheridan buzz around the apartment at full speed. "We're trying to sleep."

"Oh you're home," Sheridan paused. "Do I know you? Do you live here?"

"My rent check says I do," Angel grumbled as she made her way to the coffee pot.

"I wasn't sure if you were going to pay rent this month." Sheridan slammed the pan into the cupboard and then slapped the cabinet door shut very loudly.

"Okay, you're upset that I haven't been here for you to talk to. Let me get a cup of coffee in me and then we can talk."

"I'm an idiot." Sheridan sat down in the chair across from her with a thud.

"No you're not," Angel only opened her eyes to allow enough of her vision to find the coffee pot.

"I shouldn't go out with him. I should just quit and go back to my old job and Tom."

Angel was wide awake now. "No, you're not." She poured coffee and then returned to her chair. She held up her finger when Sheridan opened her mouth to speak. "One cup, that's all I want."

"Fine. One cup." Sheridan said with a pout as she sat back in the chair. She reached for her coffee mug and wrapped her fingers tightly around it. She brought it to her lips and sipped.

Angel yawned with a snort at the death grip Sheridan had on the cup.

"God, that's so classy." Sheridan snipped.

"Fine. You want to bitch and complain - go ahead. I'm headed back to bed." Angel got up and began to walk back to her bedroom.

"Oh come on. Please stay. I need to vent. I've had to hold back all my non-PC comments from Mary Beth." Sheridan stood up waving her arms around, "She wouldn't understand and would take it personally. You know me. Just let me be me for a minute and don't take it personally, please?"

"Fine. But if I reply with a non-PC comment myself, don't take it personally, okay?"

Sheridan thought for a minute. She guessed Angel's been taking a quite a beating in fandom village and it may be getting under her skin.


"So how is the world treating you kid?" Sheridan felt the warmth of her coffee cup creep through her fingers.

"They're okay, but the damn cameras are annoying. I can't even get out of the car."

"I wish it wasn't like that for you two. I really do." Sheridan set her coffee cup down. "I love your ring and I know you are in love. So when are you setting a date." Sheridan watched Angel's eyes grow larger and larger until she looked like a big-mouth bass with her lips forming a big 'no'. Sheridan crinkled her eyes closed and gave her a big grin. "Gotcha."

"Gee, thanks," Angel blew out a breath.

Sheridan heaved a sigh; she knew she was avoiding the inevitable. "It's serious though, I can tell."

"I am not the topic of conversation this morning. You are. You and your boss, friend, are we ready to add the lover part yet?"

"No!" Sheridan frowned at her.

"Gotcha," Angel dissolved into a fit of laughter.

"It's not funny. I feel like I've been left high and dry."

"No, that was Tom. I think Kev is a little more considerate." Angel cast a look down the hall to make sure Nick was still sleeping.

"How would you know?" Sheridan looked over her shoulder and down the hall to follow Angel's line of sight.

"Look, I've had it with you two. Either get it on or don't. He's dancing around you because you're insecure. You're acting like a damn fool because you don't want to get hurt again."

"Stop!" Sheridan snapped at her.

"No, you stop. If it works, it works. If it doesn't then I know four guys that will stand up for you and make sure you're not fired from the film. From the discussion I had with Nick, Kevin is not going to fire you from being his assistant either. He may make your life miserable though. I heard he can get hurt easily and he takes it out on the ones that hurt him."

"See that's what I'm saying. I don't want to hurt him and I don't want to be hurt."

"If you don't step off the pier you won't learn to swim sweetie."

"Your analogy sucks." Sheridan stood up and went to the sink to wash out her cup.

Angel sat on top of the counter trying to think of something to nudge Sheridan in the right direction. Maybe she needed to pull on one of Sheridan's weaknesses. Not just her weakness for Kevin but a personality trait she used daily. She waited for Sheridan to turn around and face her. "Kevin is just as nervous as you. He's starting a new album, a new career…. Show the man some mercy, he's lonely." Angel waited for the awww that should be Sheridan's natural reply.

"When I finally get with Kevin, he is going to hump me so long and so hard I'll be the one begging for mercy. I'm going to get dressed."

Nick's head peeked out Angel's door. Angel saw him and she saw him cringe when he heard the conversation. He backed slowly into the bedroom and quietly shut the door.

Angel sat at the table. She shook her head unsure if Sheridan has spoken those words or if it was Thelma, Sheridan's evil twin, who had. Thelma, the one who had slept with a complete stranger in Erie while they were home for Christmas who didn't know how to get rid of the morning after! Oh yeah, it was Thelma, Thelma scared Nick. Thelma needed to meet Kevin. Her eyes glazed over as she began to form a plan.

When the doorbell rang, Nick actually came out of the bedroom. Angel had seen him make a dash to the bathroom once. It had only been two hours since she had gotten up. Now Angel could kill Nick for not telling her what was going on all week with Kevin and Sheridan.

Angel opened the door and leaned on it. Why was she not surprised to see Kevin standing on the other side. "Come in." She stepped aside to allow him to enter. "She isn't ready yet, but almost." Angel kept staring at Kevin.

Kevin glanced down to his watch. He could feel Angel's eyes glaring at him, without even looking. 'Why the hell is she all upset?' he thought. 'I took the time to dress nicely, non-business like and hopefully hot as hell in Sheridan's book.' Kevin arched a brow at what seemed to be his nemesis of the day, Angel.

"Hey Kev," Nick sauntered into the room.

"Nick," Kevin nodded and flexed his wrist to settle his sleeve back to its proper place.

"So it's your first date," Angel tried to smile. When Kevin frowned and Nick chuckled, her smiled bloomed. "You surprise me, Kevin. Talk about a boring first date. You're not as romantic as I would have thought. I totally had you pegged as the candles and bubble bath type of person. Wine and a quiet dinner in a low-lit restaurant. But you," Angel begins snickering, "You are taking Sheridan to a tree-hugger's meeting!"

"Look, it's neutral, she'll be relaxed, and other people will be there." Kevin wasn't going to pay her comment much attention, he had thought his plan out very carefully. He wanted Sheridan to feel comfortable around him and his family.

"She'll be real relaxed surrounded by your family. Do you honestly think she'll be relaxed? She's not even relaxed around you and now you are taking her to greet the folks?"

Kevin paused for a second. Somehow, when Angel said it the way she did, it didn't sound like such a hot idea. His original thought was that it would be private. They wouldn't have to worry about cameras, paparazzi, or gossip in the paper later.

"Are you paying her to attend this meeting?"

Kevin smiled as he caught sight of Sheridan before she ran into the bathroom. He frowned again and looked at his watch when the bathroom door closed. "Of course."

Angel stood with her lips pursed together. "Ohh. I see… She's a paid escort for the evening."

Kevin's head came up from his watch and he looked beyond Angel to Nick. "Nick, leash your woman NOW!"

Angel sauntered over towards Kevin, cupping his chin with her left hand, "Unlike the control freak you are Kevin, leashes are only used in our bedroom."

As Angel withdrew her hand, Kevin caught sight of the diamond ring that graced her dainty finger. Nick saw the look in Kevin's eyes then watched as his mouth dropped open. It's not often Kevin was speechless, but for once, Sheridan had impeccable timing as she caught Kevin's facial expressions and began to blush, thinking the look was for her. Sheridan walked slower as a chill ran up her spine.

Angel wished her well on her date as she slowly closed her bedroom door. Giggling could be heard in the distance.

Kevin's face soured, "C'mon, we're late," he snapped before looping his arm around Sheridan's shoulder. She was highly confused again. She felt so good after her talk with Angel from earlier and now she's back to being confused.

Kevin escorted Sheridan on his arm to the doors of La Coscinda. Kevin smiled as Sheridan noted the architecture and the 1940's décor of the restaurant. "I picked this place because I knew you would like it."

"Like it? I love it." Sheridan had absently grabbed onto his hand. His fingers entwined in hers as the Maitre D greeted them.

Kevin pleasantly smiled as Sheridan took in all the things from her favorite era. "Oh this is beautiful. Look at all the glass."

"We are most pleased to have you Senor Richardson and Senorita…" The Maitre D's voice hung in the air.

"My assistant, Senorita Anderson." Kevin latched onto Sheridan's hand as they followed the man to a private meeting room. He hoped and prayed that his brother Tim and Tim's wife Tracy would be on their best behavior. Truth be told, he wasn't worried about them as much as he was concerned about the woman they had to call on the phone to teleconference with.

"Hey," a man jumped up, grabbed onto Kevin's hand, and drew him into a huge hug dragging Sheridan along with him. "Oh sorry," he laughed when Sheridan bumped into him.

The woman who sat at the table rose slowly and offered her hand in a friendly manner. "Hi. I'm Tracy, Kevin's sister-in-law. You've already met my husband and Kevin's brother Tim."

"The preacher!" Sheridan gulped for air wearing a shell shocked look on her face.

Tim laughed and slapped Kevin on the back. "Oh, she's a hoot."

"Just don't use him for confessions." Kevin groaned. That hadn't gone over as well as he had expected.

"Why?" Sheridan fought to regain some composure. "I'm sure he has a direct line to the man upstairs."

Tim clasped Sheridan's hand after tearing it from Kevin's death grip. "He's not worried about the man upstairs. He's more worried about the woman on line two." Tim reached over and hit the button. "They're here Mama," Tim grinned at his brother's sudden need to sweat profusely and glare at him.

"Kevin where have you been? I swear boy, you'll be late for my funeral." Anne sighed heavily. "All those years you never…"

"Mother. Say hello to Sheridan and be nice to her."

"I'm always nice." Anne chirped back.

"Uh-huh, but be especially nice. Sheridan is very nervous about meeting all of you."

"Why, we're normal folk. We're not crazy or anything… Even if you do wear skirts… Then there was that time."

"Mother Richardson, don't embarrass Kevin any more. He's three shades of red right now. Please." Tracy spoke up in defense of her favorite brother-in-law. "Don't mind them. It's not very often that Kevin let's us into his Hollywood life. He's very private and we don't get to meet many of his friends. He said that you are a great friend and the perfect assistant for him."

A long pause hung in the air. Two brothers who looked very much alike stared at the telephone waiting for something to come from it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sheridan. Hopefully the next time we meet, it will be in person."

Sheridan began to smile. As awkward as the situation was, she felt comfortable with them. They seemed like normal people from back home. People she dealt with all her life.

"Let's get the meeting started. Then we can eat." Kevin looked down the menu that rested at his place setting.

"Order first Kevin. It's not like we haven't seen you talk with your mouth full of food before."

"Thanks Mom," Kevin moaned as he perused the menu. "Can I order for you?" Kevin tipped the menu towards Sheridan. She nodded a yes after her eyes landed on the spot he was pointing.

The waiter took the orders and headed towards the kitchen. No sooner had he walked away than Tim called the meeting to order. The meeting ended with scholarships and grants being awarded. All the details and Kevin's appearances for the foundation were calendared. They discussed the foundations next move into the political arena. The only thing Kevin held steadfast against was the Foundation going global; he was taking care of his roots first.

The dinner went just as well. Sheridan appeared relaxed with him for the very first time. She conversed easily with his mother and Tracy. She was somewhat stiff with Tim. Kevin also had noticed Sheridan was stiff with all men until she felt she could let her guard down. Dinner concluded and they exited the restaurant together. After saying their good-byes, Kevin led Sheridan to his truck. He opened her door and waited while she entered. Slowly he closed the door. Now he wondered what he should do. Should he take her right home or maybe stop some place for a small walk? He wanted to talk to her about the upcoming scene. It was rattling him to the bone.

He cast a quick glance to her after waving to his brother. "Do you want to take a ride with me?"

"It's kind of late and I'm tired… OH, Kevin, Look at the moon. I love a full moon, they're so… " Sheridan stopped talking.

Kevin pushed his head towards Sheridan and looked out her window. "It is beautiful. I know just the spot we can go to enjoy it." Kevin started the truck and Sheridan felt her heart pounding in her chest to the thump of the bass on the stereo. Kevin sang along with the radio to a group Sheridan didn't recognize. She didn't want to go any place out of the way. She needed to go home. Being around him was driving her crazy. They had touched physically more than once this evening.

Sheridan was trying to get over pure joy of Kevin singing by himself in his car just like any other human being. She started to smile when the voice on the radio went high pitched and Kevin couldn't match it.

"Hey now, I can't do those parts so I'm not going to pretend that I can." Kevin chuckled.

"I'm sorry, but I really do enjoy your singing. You're singing like I do in the car." Sheridan scrunched her shoulders up and smiled.

"Well sing with me baby," Kevin laughed as he pulled into the small parking lot across from her apartment. He motioned to the park bench.

Sheridan's eyebrows dipped. "It's kind of chilly for a walk." She panicked.

"It's not that cold Sheridan, you're just a chicken." Kevin shot her a non-complacent face. "I just want to talk for a few seconds about the big scene."

"What big scene?" Sheridan unlatched her seatbelt.

"My big scene," Kevin steadied her shaky hand.

"Oh that scene," Sheridan lowered her eyes slightly.

Kevin leaned forward. He barely could make out her pink stained cheeks in the dark. She looked so damn innocent even though he knew she had been with other men before him. He slowly placed his hand index finger under her chin and his thumb on her chin. He turned her head slightly to the side. "I'm a little nervous. I'm outta practice." Kevin gently brushed his lips to hers. A small kiss, then another when she didn't pull away from him. Then a full assault began to play in his head.

Kevin unlatched his seatbelt and moved a little closer when she didn't try to fly out of the truck. "I really need to practice some more." He rubbed his cheek against hers and heard a little sigh released from her lips. Kevin wasn't going for home base in a parking lot in his truck. Hell, he wasn't even sure if he was going to shoot for first base. He kissed her again, not as tenderly this time. His body was needy, his lips trying to provide what his body wanted. His tongue traced her lips and applied pressure. The feeling of his tongue in her mouth was silky and warm. She tasted as sweet as the vanilla flan from dinner. When she whimpered, he pulled away. Turning in his seat, he stared at her for a long time. "Come on, I'll walk you up."

Sheridan sat stunned in the car as she watched the man get out of his truck and walk around the front of his truck while still staring at her. Next, he was at her door opening it. He held his hand out for her. She carefully placed her hand in his as he helped her out. Walking her up the flight of stairs, he stood by the door. As she went to insert her key in the lock, a hand pulled at hers. Another hand swiftly cupped the back of her neck and drew her towards the mouth that she had just been intimate with a scant few minutes ago.

Kevin hauled her up against his body and launched a full assault on those precocious pink lips. Sheridan wrapped an arm around his shoulders and went up on her tip-toes to get closer to him. Kevin's arm went around her waist. The kiss was hot and heavy and Sheridan was returning the kiss with as much passion as he had given it. He groaned when the door open and his kiss was halted.

"Welcome home kids. Inside Sheridan. Goodnight Kevin." Angel glared at the two adults acting like teenagers in the hallway. "Really, necking in the car and now in the hallway? What are the neighbors going to think?" Angel latched onto Sheridan and yanked her inside.

"ANGEL WHY!" Sheridan screamed from the other side of the closed door. Kevin couldn't miss it since the door had been slammed close in his face.

"Because, it's way beyond your bedtime."

"I'm going to kill you." Sheridan yanked the door back open. She stepped right up to Kevin so quickly he backed up a step. She frowned at him. Then she crooked her finger at him. Kevin bent down and she kissed his cheek. "Thank you, I had a wonderful time. I look forward to doing it again."

Kevin stood dumbstruck as the door closed again. He waited to see if she would come out in the hall again. The door opened and his hopes soared. Then dropped like a mosquito running into a bug lamp. He felt zapped as Nick stood there staring at him. "Ah buddy," Nick nodded his head. "It's time to go now."

"You're gonna die Nick. I'm gonna kill ya." Kevin glared and then Nick winked at him. Nick turned his back to Kevin with his hand behind his back when Angel called to him. Kevin knew the maneuver and high-fived Nick from behind. Kevin was smart enough to high tail it out of there for now.

Kevin bopped to the music all the way home. He had made progress and Sheridan was one young, hot little honey. "And she's all mine, the assistant is mine," he laughed and danced into his own home. Then it hit him, just like the script, he was going to start something with the assistant. "Weird," he mumbled as he headed to bed. "Damn weird."





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