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Chapter 53

"God, do I hate Mondays!" Angel groaned as she slid into the kitchen chair, one hand had her coffee mug while the other balanced a bowl with a spoon in it while a box of Raisin Bran is held tightly at her torso with her arm.

"You can make two trips, ya know." Sheridan spat.

"Oh goody, little Miss Sunshine is awake," Angel said with a hint of sarcasm. "You should be in an awesome mood today. Don't tell me you didn't have sweet dreams after scooping Kevin last night. You looked like you were walking on air as you went to bed."

Sheridan slammed the kitchen cabinet after retrieving her coffee mug. She poured the hot liquid into her mug then turned to face Angel at the kitchen table. "Well, I may have had sweeter dreams if you hadn't rudely interrupted me."

"You honestly wanted me to leave you alone? You went from a nervous wreck to seductress in a matter of four hours? Come on, do you think Kevin was going to do you in the hallway. The man does have some class." Angel's voice escalated louder with each word she spoke.

Sheridan paused, her coffee cup mid air from the counter to her lips. She was contemplating Angel's words. "No, I guess not. But I was doing so much better than I thought and I didn't want it to end." Sheridan pouted like a thirteen-year old girl whose father went out with her on her first date.

"Well maybe we'll need a code so that doesn't happen again," Angel softened as she finished slurping the last of her milk from her cereal bowl. Kevin and Sheridan had made progress in the right direction last night.

"Okay." Sheridan conceded as she slid across the kitchen table with her plate of rye toast.

Angel picked up her laptop and began answering her emails when she noticed a strange but familiar subject line. A smile crept across her face. Sheridan noticed Angel was quiet and looked up while taking a bite of her toast. "What is it?"

"Oh, management is quick. They've put it out in BSB fandom that they're back in the studio recording."

" 'Bout damn time."

"Jesus Sheridan, will you please take your happy pill today? Nothing like raining on everyone's parade." Angel was in a good mood and planned on staying that way.

"Sorry Angel," Sheridan sighed. "I need to work out my issues."

"Well, I'm off to the gym to burn off all this food and alcohol I've consumed all weekend. Never thought going to parties would be so damn exhausting."

"Why did Nick sleep at his place last night? I thought you two were inseparable." Sheridan chewed on the crust of her toast after making her inquiry.

"Contrary to what you may think, I do enjoy having my bed all to myself, ya know. He also needed to catch up on sleep without any distractions and quite frankly, my female parts need a break. I'll be walking funny if he keeps it up."

"Oh God Angel, not a visual I need while I'm eating!" Sheridan yelled.

"Sorry TMI. I'm going to the gym; want to join me? It will help relieve some pent up stress." Angel cleaned up after herself.

"Nah, I'm going to go over my bills and do some writing. I relieve stress much better that way." Sheridan answered as she dusted crumbs off the table.

"Sheridan, that only helps your sexual tension, not your stress."

"Enough with using the word sex in any form around me today!" Sheridan jammed her feet back into her slippers and headed for her room.

"Glad your friend decided to join us today. I'll catch up with you later." Angel walked into her bedroom to get dressed. Angel let herself out hearing the shower running and headed over to the gym.

While jogging on the treadmill, Angel felt she was being watched but was beginning to get used to it. Nick called while she was there and it didn't go unnoticed by her uninvited audience.

"I love to hear you breathing heavy when I'm not even touching you." Nick teased.

"Oh, I'm getting my body back in shape to mess you up tonight. You want to stay at my place or visa versa?" Angel ignored the onlookers.

"Doesn't matter to me as long as I'm with you. I missed you last night." Honestly, Nick didn't sleep well at all. He missed having Angel near him. He was happy to find pictures of them from the weekend on the internet. He smiled thinking how much fun he had and didn't complain once of needing to go on publicity patrol for the group. Johnny Wright was quite pleased as well; Nick didn't call to complain and the couple didn't get into any trouble. The best part was they both worked the cameras and looked fabulous. Angel and Nick did make a beautiful couple.


Kevin woke up with a splitting headache. "This isn't a good sign," he moaned. Tossing his legs over the side of the bed, he rubbed his hands over his face. Meandering to his bathroom, he turned on the shower. He looked at his facial hair in the mirror, 'I can skip shaving this morning; just going to be at the studio recording with the guys,' he thought.

Letting the water cascade down his back, Kevin closed his eyes leaning back ever so slightly to wash the soap out of his hair. He turned his body around, resting his hands on the wall while his head was facing down letting the water run down his entire head. His eyes remained closed as the thought about what happened last night. The kiss. He had dreamed so long to kiss her lips that he almost couldn't believe it when it actually did happen. The ring. Snapping his head up and turning off the water, his eyes were huge as he recalled Angel's ring finger and the diamond that was placed perfectly.


Angelina contemplated using the gym showers but there were too many lingering eyes around; she felt too self-conscious. Since she had to drive home to shower then drive back to work, she'd definitely be late. She picked up her cell phone to see if Nick was still at his place. He lived closer to the gym and the bar.

"Hey beautiful, was just thinking about you." Nick grinned as he was still looking through their weekend pictures on the internet.

"Oh goodie, you are still home. Can I use your shower? I need one badly before going to work."

"Sure. I'll wait for you to come."

"I'm not going to make you late for the guys, am I?" Angel questioned as she unlocked her car door. She could hear the distance sound of clicking. "Thank goodness I've got sunglasses on," she mumbled.

"Nah, I need to run to the drugstore and pick up more condoms before heading into the studio anyways. Why are you glad you have sunglasses on?"

Turning her Jetta onto the main street, Angel adjusted her rear-view mirror to see if anyone was following her. "Oh, my paparazzi friends found me at the gym. There should be some sweaty pics of me up on the internet soon enough." Angel blew a hair out of our eye as she turned her signal to take a right.

"I love to see you sweat." Nick walked around his condo trying to organize it a bit before Angel arrived. He put out a nice, clean towel for her to use in his bathroom. Hearing a click in his phone indicating another call, Nick told Angel she'd see him soon. He answered the second call with a, "Yo."

"What the hell did you give Angel for her birthday??" Kevin barked into the phone. "Sorry, what I mean to say is…"

"It's a friendship ring, Kevin. I didn't ask Angel to marry me. Don't worry. God my family is so fucked up; now is not the time for me to make life-altering decisions." Nick's voice came back through the phone with a hint of anger he couldn't help.

Nick heard Kevin blow out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "I wanted to reassure Angel of my commitment to her and our relationship. She means the world to me Kevin."

"I know she does." Nick's doorbell rang in the background. "So-", Kevin opened his mouth to talk and was interrupted by Nick.

"Speak of the devil, I have to go or is there anything else?"

Nick hit the buzzer hoping that was all Kevin wanted.

"Nah, I'll see you in an hour. Don't be late!" Kevin barked before hanging up.

Angel walked towards Nick; her eyes full of desire seeing Nick standing in the doorway. "I should have thought about doing this earlier so I could sneak a kiss from you. I've missed your lips." Angel's hands caressed the sides of Nick's face as she slowly assaulted his lips.

Nick snaked his arms around her back and began massaging her lower back, then her ass. Angel moved her lips down Nick's neck as her lips continued their assault. "I need to give you a key," Nick breathed heavily as he scooped Angel up by her ass, kicking his front door closed with his foot, and walking into his bedroom.

Angel had removed Nick's sweatpants using her feet; she pushed them down and once they passed his ass, she was able to drop them to the ground. While tugging her shorts off, Nick stepped back and admired her handy footwork. "That was impressive," he commented as he removed her undies. "Commando again?" Angel smirked admiring Nick's package.

"Sue me. I need to do laundry." Nick stretched his hand under his pillow, tearing the wrapper in half trying to concentrate while Angel sucked on his nipples. While standing, he slid the condom on. He pulled Angel towards the edge of his bed and gently began to rub her clit as he proceeded to use his fingers assaulting her womanhood.

Angel was lost enjoying this feeling. As Nick withdrew his fingers, Angel was knocked back to the present and wanted more. Before she could speak, she felt Nick fill her up; the two rocking back and forth. Angel was physically exhausted and just held onto Nicks' arms as they both rode out their orgasms.

Nick leaned forward to lie down beside Angel, still in her. With a sly smirk, "Guess I couldn't wait til this evening."

"Ya think?" Angel replied with her eyes closed. They lay together quietly, neither saying a word. Nick heard Angel's rhythmic breathing and knew she fell asleep. Leaning towards her forehead, he placed a gentle kiss. Pulling her close while rolling on his back, he brought Angel with him so she was now on top of him. He played with her hair as he felt her heartbeat.

The ringing of the phone woke the couple from their nap. "Oh shit!" Nick startled Angel and both jumped up. Neither realized they were still 'together' until they tried to get off the bed. "Waking up like this is going to be so worth whatever punishment I get from the guys." Nick was about to pull up his sweatpants.

"Nick!" Angel yelled noticing Nick hadn't removed the condom. Sheepishly he licked his lips, "I should probably go to the bathroom first."

Nick noticed Angel struggling to wake up. Nick was trying to figure out if he should fill Angel in on all his vices. Since he gave her the ring, she should probably know all about Nick. Walking towards his bed, he slapped Angel on her leg to wake her up. "Hey you, time to get up!"

"God Nick, I'm so fucking tired, literally!"

"I'm sorry sweetie. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's not your fault Nick. I certainly wanted it too. How do you keep up this schedule? How do you function?"

Nick walked into his bathroom returning with a pill in his hand. "Here, take this. It will help you wake up."

Angel was surprised. "What is this?"


"Wait. Hold up." Angel shook her head back and forth as the revelation became clear. "Have you been doing this all along? What else do you have?"

Biting the inside of his cheek, Nick turned his head away from Angel, "Coke. Pot."

Jumping off the bed, Angel was standing in front of Nick completely naked. "Is that all?"

Looking her in the eye, "That's all. I haven't done it in awhile; just started again."

"Okay." Angel walked into the bathroom and took the pill. It had been a long time since she had taken any drugs but knew this would definitely help wake her up.

Angel came out of the bathroom after taking her shower surprised to see Nick had left. She grabbed her cell phone and called the restaurant to say she was running late.

Nick walked into the studio with a mega watt smile. "Hey guys, what's happening?" Johnny stopped by as well and they were having a mini meeting before heading into the studio.

"You get lost or something?" Johnny asked.

"Or something." Nick grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Wait til you get older; enjoy it now while you can…"

Brian interjected, "Or before you get married and have kids." Five sets of eyes settled on the other blonde member. "What? My scorecard is probably tied with Kevin's at this point."

Rubbing his hands up his head and through his hair, "Really didn't need to know this. Can we begin recording now? I'll fill Nick in what he just missed later," Kevin gave Nick a look that he wasn't too happy with the youngest member.

"What happened Nick?" A.J. questioned.

"Angel stopped over for a shower-" Nick began before being cut off.

"Nuff said." A.J. sauntered passed him and held the studio door open, "Like Johnny said, enjoy it while you can."

"I plan on it."


Sheridan was too restless to concentrate on writing. The kiss kept haunting her. She decided to write it down hoping it would purge it from her soul. When that didn't work out, she dressed and headed to Kevin's after paying her bills. She typed the minutes for the meeting and then went over a portion of the script that was going to be shot the next day. She became lost in a daydream as she imagined the words she had typed coming to life. She went over Kevin's big scene again. The one he was so nervous about.

The office phone rang and she gingerly picked up. She was never sure how to answer the phone since Kevin had so many business interest. She had finally settled on, "Mr. Richardson's assistant." It covered all of his enterprises no matter who was calling for what.

"Sheridan, it's Kevin. I need a favor." Kevin watched the antics of Brian and Nick screwing around in the studio instead of laying down tracks. Nick and Kevin didn't have much studio time today. They both had scenes to film later in the day. Now he was rushing to get things done.

"Sure," she answered. She stepped up to the sink in her bare feet and landed in a puddle. "Uh-oh!"

"Don't uh-oh, I didn't ask you to do anything yet," Kevin frowned as he spoke to her.

"No, not you, the sink, it's leaking."

"Dammit!" Kevin yelled loud enough to garner the attention of the others. "Forget my favor. Go into my bedroom and open the top drawer of my tall dresser. There's a batch of business cards in there with a rubber band around them. Look for one from Mike the Plumber."

Sheridan groaned loudly, "What's wrong with a rolodex?"

"I just moved there, I haven't had time." Kevin's voice reflected his irritation with her.

"Let me see first…" Sheridan mumbled.

"NO DON'T!" Kevin hollered.

"Oh shit!" Sheridan exclaimed.

"Turn the water off Sheridan!" Kevin barked into the cell. It didn't help that Nick and A.J. were laughing, Howie and Brian were smirking. "I'll be right there!" Kevin grabbed his car keys from the soundboard and took off out of the studio.

"Well, we might see him later," Brian howled while Nick snickered. "That woman is a walking disaster."

Sheridan hung up on Kevin since all he was doing was yelling. She decided to call Angel. "Angel can fix this. She can fix anything she's very practical." Sheridan tried to convince herself that hanging up on Kevin and calling Angel was a good idea as she raced to Kevin's room. Sheridan yanked open the drawer to find herself staring at no less than three dozen black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. "Oh my God," she moaned. She closed her eyes and rifled through the drawer. Her fingers hit something buried under all of the undergarments. She open her eyes to a box of 36 count extra large Trojans. "Shit!" she pulled her hand out of the drawer.

"Pardon me," Angel answered.

"The man has all black underwear. Oodles of it."

"What the hell are you doing?" Angel stopped putting on her makeup and threw on her sneakers.

"I'm looking for a business card with a phone number on it in Kevin's dresser. The faucet broke." Sheridan spoke as her hand patted down the clothes looking for the hidden cards.

"Try a rolodex, you're snooping."

Angel was flabbergasted, Sheridan could hear it in her voice, and she was choosing to ignore it. "Two 36 count boxes of extra large Trojans… That's like 72 of them. What the hell would you do with 72 condoms?"

"He plans on getting busy," Angel laughed and blinked back the tears. "And you are snooping."

"I am not, he told me too." Sheridan defended herself.

"Yeah right Pinocchio. You tell him that." Angel scoffed at her.

Sheridan heard the front door open. She wasn't sure if she was happy that the studio was right around the corner or not. Then she heard it. "DAMMIT SHERIDAN!" She decided right then and there that she didn't think it was good idea that the studio was that close.


Angelina felt like a million dollars as she drove down Sunset Blvd. eating her Quarter pounder from McDonalds. As she ate the last bite, she felt rejuvenated. The bar was packed and she was in a groove. Craig admired his star bartender - she was gorgeous, smart and knew her way around a bar. He noticed men around the bar staring at her; some tried to take her picture. Craig gently told them to put their cameras away or they would not be welcomed in his restaurant.

In addition to the paparazzi, Craig noticed his clientele consisted mostly of woman, who were looking younger and younger. Angel was spending an exorbitant amount of time checking IDs for drinks. Craig would come and help when she was full. He would try and overhear their conversations. He had a suspecting feeling that they were BSB fans, or at the very least Nick fans, coming to check out his latest girlfriend.

While the kids were in Sundance, Craig had another visit from Johnny Wright. They covered the basics and were both on the same page. Craig would do what he needed too to keep Angel safe and inform Johnny if a bodyguard would be necessary when she worked. Meanwhile, Craig enjoyed watching his business boom with all the free publicity.

As expected, Angel stayed at Nick's condo. She made them a nice dinner and they chilled watching TV. Nick reviewed his scene while Angel read a book. Neither brought up what happened earlier in the day. Next morning, the alarm went off and neither moved. A hand slapped the offensive sound and turned it off. Nick knew he had to get up. He was due on the set and needed to film his scene. "Time to get up Angel"

"Why?" she whined. "I'm so tired." Her book had fallen on the floor beside her side of the bed.

Nick sat up on the side of his bed and wondered when his next day off would be. "Me too."

"This fucking sucks." Angel swore as she walked into the bathroom stomping her feet and turned on the shower.

Nick turned on the coffee machine. As Nick went to join her in the shower, he saw her sleeping again on the toilet. "C'mon Angel, time to wake up." Nick picked her up off the toilet and brought her into the shower with him but not before turning down the water temp.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You're an asshole." Angel screamed.

'This is going to be a long day.' Nick thought. He wondered if he should help her out again with some of his stash.

After breakfast, the couple got ready to leave for work. Nick went down first since Angel wasn't quite ready. He left her contemplating in the bathroom with a choice.

Nick noticed a car with a man inside just watching him through a lens. Nick called Angelina and told her to stay inside and wait it out while the paparazzi waited for him to do "something." When the man realized after twenty minutes Nick wasn't going to do anything, he left. He was wasting time and money so he went to scout out another celebrity.

Nick called Angel's cell letting her know the coast was clear. Two minutes later, she came bouncing down the stairs and hoped into his car, "All set."

The director just dismissed everyone for lunch. Nick eyed Angel to see how she was doing. A.J. noticed the concern on Nick's face. "What's up Nick? Is Angel alright?"

Startled, Nick tried to play if off, "What? Oh nothing. Angel's fine. How you doin'?"

Angel sauntered over to the boys with a megawatt smile. A.J. had to comment, "Bet I know why you are so damn happy."

Paranoid, Angel stuttered, "Wh-what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean; you lucky dog. Hey, why don't we all go out to a club tonight? We'll start Nick's big birthday celebration early."

The couple eyed each other trying to read each other's minds. "Tempting A.J. but I need to catch up on some sleep. I'll take a rain check though." Angelina grinned.

"Yeah I bet you could sleep for days with the schedule you've been keeping. Personally, I think you are burning the candle at both ends." A.J. shot Nick a look. Leaning in close to her ear to avoid Nick's ears, "And you'll crash, hard. You need to take it easy."

A.J. knew how Nick got through his schedule. Bad habits are hard to break. Angelina broke up A.J.'s thought, "Nick, why don't you go if you want?"

Nick thought for a moment and knew it wouldn't be a great idea with needing to be in the studio all day tomorrow. "I think I'll take a raincheck too A.J. We're going to have a long day tomorrow."

A.J. agreed. "Yeah, guess it wouldn't be the smartest idea. But I'll be cashing in on those rainchecks soon, ya hear?"

Angelina kissed his cheek, "You bet."

Although Nick and Angelina were on the set together for the entire day, it appeared there was an invisible wall between them. Nick was extremely focused and did a great job doing his scenes. The director, John, thought Nick would have a hard time playing this character but Nick embraced it and did an exceptional job.

Angelina sat in a director's chair with her laptop while listening to her Ipod. She was typing away while her head bobbed to the beat in her ears. She wasn't even paying attention to Nick's filming. John thought that was even more strange. When the bell rang for lunch, the couple embraced each other as if nothing was wrong talking with A.J.

A.J. couldn't say anything to Kevin or Brian. Howie was still trying to recover from his trip to Japan; he wouldn't notice. For now, A.J. would keep his eye out on the young couple. He watched as Angel quickly ran into Nick's trailer as Nick went in line to get some food.

Angel felt the beginning of a panic attack as she thought about Nick's birthday tomorrow and she didn't have a present for him yet. Actually, she had no plans at all. She realized she never even asked Nick if he wanted to do anything special. "What kind of girlfriend am I?" she spoke to herself as she quickly called Sheridan for help.

Sheridan was stunned to realize Angel had no plans. "I would have thought you would have had something planned out months, hell - years ago, what you would do if you had the chance." Sheridan's laughter filled Angel's ears.

"You're not helping," Angel pouted. "I'm so tired I can't even think straight!"

Sheridan contemplated Angel's question, "What does he need?"


"What does he want?"

"Stuff I can't help him with."

Sheridan's mouth twisted as she thought some more. "Now, you're not helping me."

Angelina blew out a breath that made her hair fly up. "Do you see my problem?"

"Let me think about it some more and I'll call you back. Even if nothing comes to mind, I'll call you, okay?"

"Fine. Call me back." Angelina sighed.

Pacing around, she thought, "Popstar who is turning 24; family life is chaotic. Becoming an actor… New girlfriend… I'VE GOT IT!"

Running to her bag, she grabbed a bunch of business cards she had collected while at Sundance. She found the one she was looking for and ran to her cellphone.

"Hi, I'm looking for Patrick McMullan." Angel was put on hold until she heard a familiar voice.

"Hi Patrick, this is Angelina Lydon. I met you last week at Sundance."

"Your name sounds familiar, but I'm having a hard time placing your face." Patrick confessed.

Shamelessly reliving that photoshoot, "Oh, I was the one complaining about my wardrobe. I was with Nick Carter of the--" Angel was cut off.

"Of course, now I remember. How can I help you?"

"Well, I wondered if I could ask a huge favor of you? I'd like to purchase some of those photos you took and have them framed for Nick for his birthday. It's short notice, so I wondered if you could Fedex the prints to me and I'll have them framed after he opens them tomorrow?"

"Sure, I can do that." Angelina and Patrick spoke for another twenty minutes while Angel picked out the photos and he promised to have them Fedexed that evening for tomorrow's delivery."

Nick walked into his trailer with his lunch and wondered why Angel was in there alone. "What's up?"

"Nothing." Just then Angel's cell phone vibrated. She picked it up seeing Kevin's house number on the phone. "Hey Sheridan, it's all set."

"Good, cause I got nothing. Tell me!"

"I'll talk to you later," Angel said as she hung up the phone. "I'll run and get my lunch. I'll be right back."

"Okay," Nick said as he took a bite of his sandwich.

Ten minutes later Angel came back in and sat down at the table with Nick. "You did a great job out there today."

"Ya think?" Nick wondered. He was a bit nervous and was afraid it showed.

"Yes, I thought you did wonderful. I tried not to look at you since I have a habit of starring but I saw enough to know you did great."

Nick looked into Angels' eyes and noticed she was being sincere. "Thanks." He also noticed she looked tired. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm running on fumes." Angel said as she opened up her Mountain Dew.

"Well, that will give you some much needed caffeine but I want you to take it easy, okay?" Nick said as he took Angel's hand so she would look at him and know he was serious. "I don't want anything happening to you."

Angel smiled realizing Nick's sincerity and seeing his sensitive side. "I will. I just need a few more days to get my act back together and I'll be back to my old self. I promise. But, what about you, Nick?"

"I've been doing this for a long time Angel. I'll be fine."

"I get that Nick, but since you have been doing it for a long time can only mean you've got to take it easy before you keep needing more and more."

"It's a temporary fix. I don't plan on getting any more stuff, okay?"

The couple stared into each other's eyes and made a silent agreement.

"So, what do you have planned for this evening?" Angel asked as she wiped her mouth.

"You coming over?" Nick questioned hoping she still would.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world. Tomorrow's your birthday. I need to run to the grocery store. Do you have any requests?"

Nick raised his eyebrows up; a smirk played on his face.

Kevin walked onto the movie set with a glare set on his face. He dared anyone to speak to him. He shot shitty looks to his bandmates. Three sets of eyebrows rose and then settled but he didn't speak. A.J.'s lips curled into his mouth and Kevin purposely narrowed his gaze on him and then shoved his chin out daring him to say something. It didn't help, A.J. busted out laughing following the rest of them.

"Oh Kevin, Makeup!" the director yelled. "What caused this?" The man was venomous when he asked.

"A pipe wrench and my assistant. I'm sure your makeup artist has enough experience to cover up a black eye."

The woman smirked at him, "I do, but it's going to hurt like hell."

Kevin suffered through the torture of the makeup in silence. The guys baited but he was proud when he didn't react. He had heard, "Accident prone, walking disaster, and a danger to herself for over an hour."

They set the scene and Kevin flubbed the first three takes. He was extremely apologetic to Jamie who did nothing to ease his nerves. She creased her brows. "Can you act at all?"

His temper went off at the remark. The next two scenes went flawless with no retakes. However, those two scenes put him two scenes closer to the almighty big scene. Kevin's distaste of Jamie seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. The woman was arrogant, non-professional, and a friggin' perfectionist. Then he sort of snarled realizing he had just described himself. He left her sitting on the edge of a sofa on the set as she chastised him again for missing his mark. "Ya know Jamie… I really wish you were a tree right now." Kevin left the set in a rotten mood. He was going to go to the studio for awhile and then go home and practice the dialog and moves for the big scene that was going to be shot tomorrow night if filming stayed on schedule.





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