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Chapter 54

"Me….me…me…me…meeeeeeeee…..mememe." Howie began loosening up his vocal cords.

"Oh look, the birthday boy is on time," Brian teased watching Nick saunter into the studio.

"Miracles do happen," Kevin chirped in.

"Ha Ha. Very funny." Nick gave Brian a manly hug.

A.J. and Howie chimed in their 'Happy Birthdays'.

"Well, I guess Angelina didn't spend the night," Kevin said it more as a statement than asking a question.

Nick shook his head, "No, she did. We both had an early schedule. She's working at the bar since we're going to be in the studio all day."

A.J. commented, "She's going to crash and burn if she doesn't watch it."

"She's fine. I'm keeping my eye on her." Nick scolded A.J. hoping he'd mind his own business, especially in front of Kevin.

"What do you mean?" Brian was getting concerned.

"She's pulling some late nights, early mornings and running around from coast to coast. She hasn't had a day off since the holidays." A.J. countered.

Kevin thought about what A.J. said. "Are ya kiddin' me? The girl spent half a day at a Spa in Sundance. I should know, I paid for it!" The vein in Kevin's neck was beginning to rear its ugly head. He sure as hell didn't get what he wanted at Sundance, Sheridan.

Brian interrupted, "Think about the stress she is under. The press has been all over her for weeks. Scouting her out at the bar. You know how freaked out you were when fans would stalk us in Europe when we first began touring."

"I'm thinking she had enough booze in her to relax whatever stress she may have had." Kevin sucked something from between his teeth.

Nick gave Kevin a look, "We get your point, Kevin. You don't agree. Can we hit the studio? I'd like to have an early night."

At four in the afternoon, Angel, Sheridan, and Marybeth made a surprise visit to the studio with a birthday cake for Nick. They didn't stay long as the boys were in a groove and they didn't want to disturb the creative juices that were flowing. Although, the girls did linger in the studio so they could listen to what they were singing. The girls headed in separate directions after that. Kevin had requested Sheridan head home but that he may need her later for something. Sheridan rolled her eyes at the girls when Kevin laughed. She stopped when Kevin told her he could see her reflection in the glass.

The guys continued on for a bit longer. Kevin made a call to Sheridan and asked her to meet him at his place. It was hard for him to talk in front of the guys. "Look, I'm asking you to stay as my friend, not my employee."

Nick started to grin until Kevin shot him a grim reaper look.

"I know you're hungry. I'll pick something up for dinner and bring it with me. It's not my fault you're starving. Angel needs to stay out of Nick's bed long enough to cook or teach you how to."

Nick outright laughed in Kevin's face. He reached out and grabbed Kevin's cheeks with both hands knowing it wasn't a bright move. "I know your sweetie is hungry but I prefer my woman in bed not at the stove."

"Not funny Nick," Kevin muttered through scrunched cheeks. "I prefer my woman in bed as well. I hope Sheridan is better in bed than she is with a stove."

Nick backed up while his mouth fell open. "I didn't think you could Train. Come on buddy, buck up, it won't be much longer."

"Yeah right," Kevin groaned as he reached behind Nick and yanked a take out menu off the bulletin board that was behind him.

Nick waited and watched Kevin read over the menu. Nick quirked a smile as Kevin wrote what he wanted to order down in a precise fashion. "So… Ah… what are you two doing tonight?" Nick was hoping Sheridan would be gone for a long time.

"Rehearsing the big scene," Kevin's brows furrowed together.

"Oh, the big one huh? Buddy you're too uptight about that."

"It won't be your nuts rolling around a movie set either." Kevin quipped back at him. "I have tape on the sheets of my bed Nick so I can practice the blocking. I'm scared shitless over this."

"You shouldn't be scared, you'll do fine. Dude, I just think Jamie is pissed at you. You traded her off for Sheridan." Nick offered Kevin some insight as he watched Kevin flip open his cell and dial the number printed on the top of the menu.

"Jamie isn't worth it. She has a lot miles on that chassis. Sheridan, not nearly as many." Kevin answered and then held up his hand for Nick to wait.

"I'll catch ya later," Nick mouthed to him.

Kevin nodded his head up and down at him.

Nick called Angel to see if she'd eaten dinner. They hadn't really set any plans for this evening, which Nick thought was weird since it was his birthday but didn't make an issue of it.

Angelina was lying on her bed, engrossed in her book and lost all track of time. "No, but now that you mention it, I'm starving!" Angel put down her book and began to pull out some clothes. "I just thought you'd go out with your family…or something." Angel mumbled the ending. She had planned on asking him what his plans were; if he'd like a home cooked dinner, but there was never a good time to talk.

"Nah, I've got too much work going on now to deal with my family. Do you want me to grab some take out and bring it back to your place?" Nick questioned. "And I can stay there tonight?"

"You really prefer to stay here?" Angel questioned wondering what was going on in Nick's mind. Nick didn't want to temp Angel or himself for that matter with his drug stash to keep them going. He was enjoying the natural high they both had for each other. They had a chemistry he had only dreamed about. He knew staying at his condo could destroy it. Nick wasn't willing to take that chance. He also knew A.J. suspected something was going on and didn't want to risk getting busted.

"Sheridan will be here." Angel said bringing Nick back from his thoughts.

"Sheridan won't be there. Kevin needs her to practice the blocking for his big sex scene. He even put tape on his sheets. I guess he needs Sheridan's body to roll on so he doesn't screw up his moves." Nick knew better than to give Angel ammunition but it sort of fell out of his mouth before the words registered in his brain.

"Works for me. I have to call Sheridan. I'll see you soon." Angel laughed and hung up on him.

"Oh, God," Nick moaned as he dialed Kevin's cell to give him a heads up that he had his mouth in overdrive again. Kevin didn't answer. Nick adjusted his mirror as he started the truck. "Great, he's so going to kick my ass for this."

The doorbell rang and Angel practically sprinted to the front door from her bedroom. "Good evening birthday boy, whatcha got?"

Nick couldn't resist the playfulness in Angel's voice. He stared at her for a moment and took in her natural beauty. "Come here gorgeous." Nick playfully grabbed Angel by her waist and greeted her with an overwhelming kiss. A minute later when he released her, she stumbled a bit until she got her footing. The photographer smiled with pleasure knowing he had captured a private moment and could swear he saw a diamond ring on her finger.

"You greet me with those kisses we're in big trouble." Angel said as she tried to gather her breathing. Nick loved how he could catch Angel off-guard. As he drew her into a hug, Nick gently whispered in Angel's ear an 'I love you'.

Looking over Angel's shoulder, Nick noticed the table all set and realized the apartment was lit with candles everywhere. "This is very romantic Angel."

"Well, I had to do something special for your birthday." Angel kissed the side of Nick's neck. "I love you, too."

"Dinner will get cold if you keep doing that." Nick moaned softly.

"Doing what?" Angel asked innocently.

"You know what!" Nick licked his lips with a smirk.

Angel dished out the food Nick brought and the couple sat down for a nice quiet evening. After dinner, Angel had Nick open up his presents while sitting on the couch drinking their beers.

Angel had wrapped up a fun gift for him which consisted of some DVDs, candy and popcorn; a sexy gift which had some sex toys and unique condoms, and then her last minute Fedex package which contained the photos she ordered. Nick was very surprised and happy. "These are great, Angel."

"Well I knew you wanted them so I figured I'd better order them first. I'll drop them off to be framed some night next week after I get off work from the bar. I was thinking black frames would be nice."

Nick's heart was overwhelmed with the love and affection Angel gives him. She tried so hard to make it special for him. Nick sensed an emotional breakdown coming, so he needed to go show Angelina how much he loved her.

Nick picked up Angel and carried her into her bedroom. After dropping her off on the bed, he ran out to the living room to pick up the sex toys and condoms. "I never did get to the drugstore." Nick grinned.

"Gee, I wonder why," Angel said as she got up off the bed to turn her stereo on. She knew Sheridan would be coming home.


"Thanks for staying and helping me out." Kevin dried the last dish in the sink.

"I really don't know how I can help you with this Kevin." Sheridan rinsed the sink out with the sprayer.

Kevin had relaxed quite a bit during dinner. When he was with Sheridan he seemed to be able to put everything else aside and just be himself lately. His constitution was seriously rattled after Jamie snapped at him. He was trying to ease himself into asking her. "Look as crazy as it seems you know this scene inside out and backwards, you wrote it. I want to do it exactly the way you wrote it. I'm just afraid my hand might land in the wrong place."

Sheridan neatly folded the dishrag. She tuned to him, her face tinged slightly pink. "I understand that, but it still doesn't help me understand what I can help you with…"

"Bear with me a minute." Kevin snagged her hand in his and walked her to his bedroom. She hesitated at the door until he pulled slightly to get her inside.

Sheridan began to backup, "I really-"

Kevin grabbed both of her hands in his as he pulled them up to his chest. "Relax would you. It's not like you haven't been in this room before. I want to sit on the window seat for awhile and go over the finer points and the dialogue with you. Kevin pulled her towards the window seat. He couldn't miss her sigh of relief. He needed to slow his thoughts down and focus. As tempting as the situation was this was nothing more than a rehearsal.

"Wow what an amazing view you have from here. I love the deck off the back too."

"I like it. I have a panoramic view in this place. It's one of the reasons I chose this house. It's older but I did do some updates to bring it out of the seventies."

Sheridan laughed, "My parents still have their harvest gold refrigerator."

Kevin sat down across from her. "We had the dreaded avocado," he laughed.

Sheridan crossed her legs and folded her ankles under her body. Kevin stood up and walked to his dresser. He pulled two scripts off the top of his dresser. He handed her one. "I can't thank you enough for doing this for me." Kevin flipped the pages and smiled at her. "You start."

They went over the lines at least six times, maybe more. Sheridan tried to explain to him what was what she was thinking and feeling at the time.

Sheridan stood up and paced the room. She stopped next to the bed that looked like two king size beds had been put together. She had never seen something so large. Her fingers reached down and touched the blue tape on the top of the comforter. She glanced back to Kevin, "More practice," she muttered.

"It was just a thought. I'm scared to death that I'm going to put my hand in the wrong place and all hell is going to break loose." Kevin sat on the bed. He watched her face for a reaction. He closed his eyes for a minute when her tiny hand landed on his shoulder and she squeezed.

"You will do this absolutely perfect. You will not miss one mark and you will not have to re-shoot it. We can work on this all night until you have it perfect."

Sheridan pulled on his hand until he stood up. She placed her hands on his shoulders. Her hands slid down the front of his shirt and then back up. She began to unbutton each button one by one.

Kevin was froze in place until he realized Sheridan had started the scene already. When she hit the bottom button his hands rushed to cover hers. "I'm not sure about this baby. We could get in a ton of trouble over this."

"We won't tell anyone. Nobody needs to know…

"I could lose my career over this. You're a student, I'm your advisor…"

"Then advise me," Sheridan repeated the words she had written as she pulled the shirt tails out of his pants.

Kevin's held his breath when Sheridan actually did unbutton his pants. He stepped back just as the scene had dictated. He was supposed to be hesitant about making love to the assistant he had fell madly in love with. "The hell with it," he growled as he shoved Sheridan back on the bed. His hands brushed over her body and he kissed her. He heard her moan on cue but wasn't sure if it was Sheridan acting it was more like she was really moaning. They kissed and kissed as the scene had called for. He placed his hands under her shirt and moaned when he skimmed her ribs. Her skin was so soft under the pads of his fingers. The next thing he did was totally unscripted. He lowered his head and kissed her stomach. Sheridan laughed and tried to push his head away. His slid his tongue around her navel and heard a small gasp of excitement.

"That isn't in the script, you can't do that."

He looked up; her eyes were dewy with lust and he so wanted to take her for real right now. But the false pretense bothered him. "I think it might work."

"Jamie will slap you senseless I'm sure." Sheridan propped herself up on her elbows. "Come on let's start from the top and no ad-libs."

"Yes boss," Kevin smirked at her.

"I mean it, or I'll go home." Sheridan frowned at him.

Kevin was astounded at her cuteness at the moment. Right now the woman had 180 pound man over six feet tall wrestling with her on his bed and she was chastising him for improvising. She cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Okay, no improvising." Kevin re-buttoned his shirt. He may not be able to make a move but he was going to enjoy this as much as possible.

They rehearsed the scene well into the middle of the night. Kevin's alarm blared rudely at six in the morning. Sheridan grumbled to him to turn it off.

Kevin's eyes flew wide open on hearing the words. What was worse was that Sheridan was lying with her head on his chest and her hand on his stomach. The alarm still blared.

"Kevin, turn the bloody thing off."

Kevin separated from her and turned it off. He headed for the shower and coffee before the full impact of Sheridan falling asleep in his bed without anything happening between them hit him. He also didn't want to frighten her too much with the fact that they had simply and innocently fallen asleep out of exhaustion.

They made their way to the studio in separate cars. Sheridan stopped at her place to change clothes. Kevin walked up with her knowing that Angel and Nick would probably be at the studio already. He waited patiently in the living room for her. Sheridan was dragging her feet. He pretty much figured out why. It was going to be the walk of shame for her with Nick and Angel. Kevin had every intention of finding those two first and telling them nothing happened so that they didn't pick on her. "Baby! Come on we're gonna be late!"

"I'm coming!" Sheridan yelled back at him.

"Oh," his lips twisted. "She's got a bit of 'tude going this morning." Kevin went from the sofa to the chair to the front door. "Come on Sheridan!"

"I'm coming, don't rush me." Sheridan walked to kitchen then to the front door. "You didn't have to follow me home."

"Nothing happened between us Sheridan. I will be sure to explain to all of them that key point."

"Don't say a word!" Sheridan sped by him.

Kevin was left holding the doorknob and closing the door. He reached around and pushed the button before he did so. "This day is not going to go well at all."

They arrived at the studio. Kevin corned Nick and Angel and gave them the lowdown of what happened. "I don't know what happened to her Angel but she mutated into a heinous bitch this morning."

"She probably wanted something to happen you stupid hillbilly. She wrote that scene staring you and her. You rehearsed a sex scene until the wee hours of the morning and you didn't get it on with her."

"That wouldn't be right," Kevin balked at her.

Nick shook his head as Angel walked way. "Explain it to him!" Angel sneered back at the two of them.

"Aw fuck it," Kevin stormed away to find wardrobe and makeup.


"Cut! Stop!" John barked as his hand sliced the air in front of him. His grimace evident to all the onlookers except Kevin, who appeared startled by the command more than anything else.

John slid from his Director's chair and strode to the set. The cast and crew had tried all day to get the scene right. First, there were lighting problems, then sound problems. After lunch, the day grew worse. Kevin was missing his cues, screwing up the blocking, and flubbing his lines. He was making a disaster of the rest of the scene and he knew it.

John's gaze sliced around the room and stopped at the man and woman resting on the bed of the set. "I don't need to remind you we are shooting on a tight budget. You have the lines down now but the movements are off. Everything is scripted for a reason, it's called a camera. Get it down and get it down right. Find someone to work the kinks out with."

Kevin looked at Jamie. She was as frustrated as the director was with him. Closing his eyes, he pulled in a cleansing breath and exhaled slowly. His nerves were working on him. "I'm tryin'. I am. I just freeze when it comes to makin' my moves."

"There's a first," came from Nick followed by snickers from crowd of crewmembers.

Kevin lowered his head. He knew this part; he knew it inside and out. He was embarrassed over his mistakes. His gaze fell to Jamie, who still sat next to him with a sheet covering her breasts. As he thought about the last scene, he tried not to laugh, since twice they had banged heads. When Kevin went to make his move, as per the directions in the script, he froze. It was supposed to be acting but in his head, he saw someone entirely different from his co-star. The image in his brain caused his body to freeze and when he did eventually move, he screwed up the blocking. He stared at her, unsure if he should continue or start over. Her face didn't sour but under the sheets, he could feel a tightly balled fist next to his stomach. He rolled to his side and waited for John to cue his next move. The woman from wardrobe, who had helped him earlier, seemed to almost giggle at him. "Great, just great," Kevin mumbled under his breath.

Jamie grabbed the robe somebody handed her and jammed her hands downs the sleeves. Shrugging the robe over her shoulders she then pulled the tie tightly around her waist. Sliding from the bed, she gave him one pass. "You're supposed to be making love to me. I'm not in inanimate object. Can't you do it with feeling?" She padded away after flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Did this happen with you in Chicago?"

Kevin didn't take offense; he could see the hurt in her eyes. He was supposed to be a professional and he wasn't doing his job. Silently, he thanked a higher power that he had only taken her on one date. This could be a real mess if it had gone any farther than what it had. A little guilt ticked at him for a moment until he turned to find Sheridan glaring at him. Now, he was in big trouble. They had rehearsed this scene last night over and over until he had done it perfectly, almost too perfectly.

Sheridan's lips puckered into a pout, showing her disapproval with him. He shook his head and closed his eyes as John called the set closed for the night. They would try the scene again in the morning and he hoped everyone would be prepared and the scene could be done in one take. "It's pretend sex people," John barked.

The words echoed around the sound sage, "Damn," Kevin groaned and waited for most of the crew to filter out before he was getting up. The last thing he wanted them to see was the flesh colored chunk of cloth, which was strategically covering his family jewels. What he was wearing barely qualified as cloth let alone clothes. At first, he thought it was a joke until he realized the woman from wardrobe was serious. "I lost my motivation." Kevin rolled onto his back.

Nick's giggle carried over the entire sound stage, "You're just afraid you'll get wood."

Kevin spied Sheridan standing back and listening. If he could get out of the bed and thump Nick as hard as he could right now, he would feel a hell of a lot better. "Shut up Nick."

Sheridan ventured closer to the bed. Kevin watched the pucker she wore as it deepened. He frowned at her. "I'm sorry I don't know what happened."

"You had it right last night. We went over it so many times. I don't understand Kevin."

Metal clanking caught his attention; he turned from to the noise. "Angel what are you doing?"

"I've never seen a studio camera up close. It's pretty cool." Angel flicked, pulled, and pushed buttons.

Kevin watched her look through the viewfinder at him; he shot her the middle finger.

"Very nice Mr. Richardson. If only your fans could see your naked ass now." Angel waved to him from behind the camera. "Are you ready for your close up Kevin? We could post that package on the net."

"Angelina, leave it alone you'll break it." Nick sauntered towards her and pulled her hand away from all the buttons. "Come on, we gotta get going or we're going to be late."

"No were not, we're not doing anything." Angel pulled away from Nick and back towards the camera. Nick took her phone once and she couldn't get a picture.

"Angel stop, you're embarrassing him." Sheridan stood in front of the camera blocking Angel's view of the bed and Kevin.

"Hmmpf," Angel walked away as Kevin swung his legs over the side of the bed dragging the sheet with him. "You make me miss all the good stuff Sheridan."

Sheridan stood in front of the camera with her arms folded over her chest. "When you post pics of Thor we'll talk."

"Thor?" Nick cast a look at Angel.

Sheridan winked, "She names things."

"Thor! Thor?" Nick grabbed Angel's hand. "I'll give you Thor. Come on we're going to have a little talk about this naming passion of yours."

"You suck, Sheridan," Angel called back over her shoulder as Nick dragged Angel from the studio.

Kevin watched the scenario and said nothing. Sitting on the side of the bed, he wondered how he could explain to her what the hell happened after they spent half the night rehearsing and he had pulled it off successfully every time. His eyes focused on her ass as she watched Nick drag Angel away. Her butt tightly encased in a little black skirt. He licked his lips; damn he wanted to touch her. To squeeze her butt with both hands and pull her as tight as he could to his body, his dick like the idea as it twitched at the thought.

He dropped his head as she approached him, his bent elbows resting on the sheet he had drawn across his hips. She placed a hand on each one of his shoulders. Kevin closed his eyes and pictured her hands all over his body. Her nails scraping against his skin, the soft pads of her fingertips grazing against his, and the thought was not helping his desire any as she squeezed his shoulders with her hands.

"What happened?"

"I dunno," Kevin bent his head back and closed his eyes as she leaned closer to him. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. Her breasts were so close. He was fighting with himself to stop his tongue from darting out and tasting the silky flesh. He was semi-hard now. One more impure thought and he would be bursting out of the marble sack he was wearing.

"Let's try it one more time." Sheridan rubbed his shoulders.

Her caress was light and turned him on more than he thought it would. Sheridan was meek and mild. "The meek shall inherit the earth," he thought to as he pushed her hand away. "I'm not in the mood."

"You can do this. I think your nerves were messing with your head. You didn't seem focused. What were you thinking about?"

Kevin tilted his head back down; he looked at the leg that was now stationed between his. He would love to run his tongue up that leg right to the center of her-

"Kevin, what is wrong with you?"

"Nothin'" Kevin pulled her hand from his shoulder. He curled his fingers around them. "You're right. Let's try it one more time and hopefully tomorrow I'll do better." Kevin raised his face to look at her; she was smiling at him. Her green eyes twinkled away. He wondered how he could be wrapped up in someone as innocent as her. He had pursued her and he had acquired her. Now he wasn't sure what the hell to do next. They had gone on two dates and so far, she called things to a grinding halt when their make out sessions became hotter and hotter.

"Let's try it one more time." Sheridan shifted to the cue that Jamie would take at the top of the scene. "We'll have to pretend you're dressed so we can do this from the beginning."

Kevin's mouth twisted from side to side as his brows furrowed. How was he going to pretend he didn't have a hard-on from hell? "We can try."

"You need to stand up," Sheridan pulled on his hand.

'Lovely, just lovely,' Kevin bemoaned in his head as Sheridan tugged on his hand. He stood as she requested.

Her hands danced across his chest and her fingers danced at his throat. He frowned at her. "What are you doin'?"

"Unbuttoning your shirt, silly." Sheridan's fingernails scrapped over his skin.

Kevin had to bite his tongue; he would enjoy the sensation while she pretended to undo the shirt. When she reached his belly button, he latched on to her hands. He knew the next move was to pull the phantom shirttails from his pants and unbuckle his belt. There was no way in hell she was going any further south now that his groin pulsed and grew even larger.

Kevin fell into character instantly, "I'm not sure about this baby. We could get in a ton of trouble over this."





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