A Collaboration between Bron and Suzie

Chapter 56

Once inside, Kevin headed straight for Sheridan. A.J. called to her as she was in the process of turning around when Kevin spotted her. He ran up on her and latched onto her elbow firmly. He kept walking giving her no choice but to follow him.

"Kevin, wait A.J.-" Sheridan tried to turn out of Kevin's grip.

"A.J. can wait, the place ain't on fire. You and I need to talk." Kevin half dragged Sheridan to his dressing room and slammed the door closed once they were on the inside.

Many eyes trailed the couple when the door slamming sound reverberated off the walls, even the set crew turned to look. The door seemed to be the focus of the entire set.

"Any ideas on that one?" Nick tossed a look to Angel.

"Nada. She's been a wreck since this morning. But, she isn't talking either." Angel studied the door for a minute or two along with a few others. She pulled herself out of the chair and turned towards Nick. "I think I'll go see what's going on."

Unfortunately Angel didn't get that far. John, the director, went to the door and knocked on it soundly with a black box he was carrying. "Kevin, I need to speak with you a moment." The door opened, John stepped in, and the door was abruptly shut again.

"Okay, maybe not." Angel sat back down.

"Man, what is up with all the pissyness going on around here. I thought Kevin would be in a better mood now that he finally laid Sheridan." A.J. stared at the door.

Nick's eyes grew wide and Angel's mouth fell open. Angel jumped out of the chair and practically knocked A.J. on his butt.

"Nick man! Help!" A.J. was calling for help as Angel slapped wildly at him.

Brian and Howie came on the set just as A.J. started yelling for help.

Brian latched onto A.J. while Nick grabbed Angelina. Angel was whacking the shit out of A.J. and Howie was laughing that A.J. couldn't take it.

"Shit Angel! What is your problem?" A.J. howled at her.

"You don't talk locker room talk about my friend that way!" Angel tried to slap him once more and scored a hit on his shoulder.

"Stop!" Nick pulled Angel away by her waist. Angel gave A.J. a death stare then shot a look to her boyfriend to back off and let go of her.

"Well, then maybe Kevin shouldn't talk either because he told me he scored with Sheridan last night, big time." A.J. taunted back at her. Just as he did he winced when he found Kevin and Sheridan standing next to him. Kevin wore a grimace that A.J. was all too familiar with through the years.

"OH GOD, they know about our porno flick!"

"Aw fuck!" Kevin groaned as Sheridan took off running out the studio doors sobbing like a banshee. Kevin brought his arm up to swing at A.J. but stopped when he realized what was in his hand. "A.J. I'm gonna fuckin' kill you! I didn't say anything to you. I told you the topic was off limits."

"Kevin, you're late for makeup!" The director called to him.

Kevin stopped, closed his eyes and then let out a huge sigh. "Angel, please go after Sheridan and make sure she gets back to my house, okay?"

Angel just stood their shocked, staring at Kevin's hand. "You made a sex tape?" her head made an odd angle and then jutted out.

Kevin lunged at her with the black box still in his hand. Nick jumped in front of her to stop his advance. "No dammit, you did by playing with that damn camera last night!"

"Angel was fiddling with the camera? You mean, you two, last night, here, and the big scene. The camera was on and filmed you two. Oh, shit." Nick grabbed Angel's hand and started into a flat out run for the door.

Angel dug her heels in resisting, "Wait a minute, I want to talk to him-"

Nick yanked her arm. "Damn Angel, why do you get on Kevin's bad side all the time? That's my job." Nick cast a glance over his shoulder. "You are definitely not talking to him anytime soon. You might be the first woman that he ever hit."

Angel turned to see what Nick was looking at. She hesitated for a second and then ran right pass Nick. "Oh my God, how mad is he?"

"I don't think you really want to know. The last time I saw him that mad, I bit him in the leg when we were flying to Europe. I took a bite out of his thigh while he held me in a headlock." Nick started to laugh as he caught up with Angel in the parking lot. An old memory played through his head. They surveyed the parking lot and didn't find Sheridan's car.

"She's left. Let's go check my apartment." Angel shielded her eyes from the sun.

"Kevin wants her back at his place." Nick unlocked the truck.

"Well he doesn't always get his way either," Angel's smarmy attitude kicked in.

"He's gonna today. Kevin's pretty private and he's going to blame all of this on you. We need to fix this. Sheridan will be waiting for Kevin if I have to kidnap her to get her there. I'm not messing this up for them, Angel. We all have read that scene many times and it's pretty damn intimate, loving, but intimate. There is probably way more skin on that tape of my brother than I would want to see."

Nick peeled out of the parking lot. His eyes began to search the side streets as they drove, on the off chance that Sheridan would have pulled over.

Angel started to laugh loudly and obnoxiously.

"It's not funny, Angelina," Nick made a hard right.

Angel paused; Nick was angry with her as well. He has never called her by her full name. Actually she hadn't seen him this mad since their fight in Sundance. "Did you really bite Kevin?"

Nick's anger dissipated as they made their way down the street. "Yeah I did. He pissed me off. He was acting like my father. He was telling me what I could and couldn't do and it just hit me wrong. I screamed at him to shut the fuck up; he wasn't my father." Nick sighed. "Then he yelled back at me to clean up my language and feel fortunate because at least he was around when my father never was."

"Ouch," Angelina whispered.

"Ouch was right. I went after him." Nick laughed and his gaze went to the side. "He told me I was a little punk and I needed my ass kicked. He didn't hold back either."

"How old were you?"

"I must have been around fourteen." Nick smiled at the recall of that day.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Angel's voice was full of concern.

"Hell no. Even worse, he just held me down so that I couldn't fight and freaking laughed. He said I needed a real ass whoppin' but he didn't want to hurt me."

Nick watched Angel's face scrunch up. "That's when you bit him?"

"Yep," Nick grinned. "Man that shit picked me up and tossed my candy ass across the plane like I was nothing more than a pebble. I bounced a few times before I landed. The look on his face was the same one you just saw."

"Oh shit," Angel moaned biting the inside of her cheek.

"Oh shit is right. I'm more concerned about Sheridan right now. That was a big step for them."

Angel was silent for a while. "It really wasn't Nick."

Nick jumped on the expressway to try and beat Sheridan home as he tried to make sense of Angel's comment. "What do you mean? It was their first time." Nick's eyes darted around as he watched the traffic.

"It was their character's first time, not Sheridan's and Kevin's." Angel sat up in the seat a little taller.

"Angel, it was their first time. I'm sure he wasn't calling out the character's name but Sheridan's. The fact that a tape was made of it is humiliating for both of them"

"Maybe not; it's not like she's Paris Hilton or anything. Kevin has the tape; nobody probably made a copy."

"For your sake, I hope nobody has a copy." Nick winced thinking of how Kevin would react if something like that ever showed up.

Nick pulled into the girls' parking lot and immediately noticed Sheridan's car parked in its usual spot. Angelina hopped out of his truck and ran to the apartment. Nick looked up to the sky and said a silent prayer. This was going to be a long day.

Nick was trying to find a way to make this better for everyone and he wasn't seeing an answer. With his luck, even if he tried to get Sheridan to Kevin's house, the photographers would be dogging him and then that would show up in the media. Nothing he could think of would make this better except to keep an eye on Sheridan until Kevin could get to the girls' apartment.

Three hours passed as Nick sat like a lump on the couch. He had heard Sheridan sob, scream, slam things, curse, and throw things. Angel would retaliate and imitate Sheridan's actions the entire time. Nick listened to music; watched a movie and was now staring at the news anchors playing on the television. He moved forward on the seat. His elbow bent resting on his knee. The screaming had stopped this time and they were back to sobbing. "God, I wish he would get here soon." Nick moaned as he tossed his body back into the couch. He tossed the clicker to the chair and covered his eyes. After the hours that he had spent sitting in their living room, he finally understood the depth of the relationship that Sheridan and Angel had. It was very much like the one he had with Kevin. Nothing was off limits.

"You are not Paris Hilton and you are not a whore!"

"I am to! Maybe I could sell it and make some money to pay my car off because I'm sure he's going to fire me." Sheridan started to sob as Angel followed her out of Sheridan's bedroom into the kitchen. They both grabbed bottled water.

"Oh for Christ's sake Sheridan, let's not even go there. You're not selling the tape! You don't even have a copy. Nick said Kevin has the damn tape and most likely he'll burn it."

Nick's ears perked up as his name was dragged into the argument. His eyes were tired from following the antics of the two as they moved from the bedroom, to the hallway, and then to either the kitchen or the bathroom. Both of them were relentless as they tried to get their points across to each other.

"What makes you think Nick knows everything about Kevin? Maybe Kevin wants to sell the tape for some extra money! Maybe this movie will suck." The yelling escalated to the point that Nick sat and watched the door knob turn, hoping beyond his wildest dreams that it was Kevin. Nick moaned loud enough that the girls stopped yelling at each other and looked to the door. It wasn't Kevin. It was A.J.

"Again, let's not go there Sheridan. The ONLY thing you need to deal with is the fact that you finally had sex with Kevin - regardless of where or how." Angel continued on with the conversation not paying any attention that they had a captive audience now.

"Oh God! I'm so embarrassed!" Sheridan shrieked before running back to her room and slamming the door. Angel turned to see who else was in the apartment.

"What the hell are you doing here? And where the fuck is Kevin?" Angel shouted at A.J.

A.J. smiled, he liked feisty Angelina, "He's on his way. He did the scene perfectly and in one take. He didn't miss one damn thing."

"Well he's had enough freaking practice, he should get it right!" Angel stormed out of kitchen and followed Sheridan into her bedroom. The door slammed again.

"Has that been going on all this time?" A.J. grabbed the clicker and dropped in the chair.

"Pretty much. I'm waiting for the cops to show up if they keep going at it." Nick stretched his legs out. He laced his fingers together and placed them behind his head.

"Let's hope not. I'm sure he'll have the film with him and we wouldn't want the cops to confiscate Kevin's private porno. At least he doesn't have to pay for it anymore on pay per view."

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Sheridan bawled as she stood in the hallway hearing A.J.'s words. She was on her way to the bathroom but changed her mind when she heard A.J. speak.

"Will you just shut up," Nick groaned.

"Sheridan, you are being completely unreasonable!" Angelina was angry now.

"What? I'm being unreasonable? What if this was you? What if everyone knew when your first time with Nick was?"

"I do believe everyone fucking figured that one out but you didn't see me having a fucking cow over it. I wasn't embarrassed by it nor did I act like a freaking child!" Angel's temper was fervent. Sheridan was fuming.

Angel took a deep breath and continued, her voice hoarse from all the yelling, "What the hell do you want Sheridan? Do you want a relationship with Kevin? Cause if you do, then what happened last night was going to happen at some point and let's face it, everyone will figure it out! If you don't want a relationship with him, then you need to tell him. And if you want to continue to pretend to have a relationship with him and stay in your own little friggin' private Idaho, then fine - but do us all the favor and TELL HIM!"

"But the video?" Sheridan countered, "You have no idea how humiliating that is!"

The arguing between the girls escalated once more as Sheridan's door was slammed once more and they squirreled themselves in her room.

The front doorknob turned again during the crescendo of the latest round. He walked in and quietly shut the door. "What are you doing here Aje?"

"Thought I could help," A.J. grinned. A.J.'s eyes traveled down to Kevin's hand which securely held onto the film canister. "Want me to hold that for you?"

"NO!" Kevin barked at him as he tossed the canister at Nick. "Hold this!" Nick caught the container; he lifted up one cheek and tucked it under. He was now sitting on it. He smiled at A.J. who returned a frown to him.

Kevin walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water while listening to the girls' argue.

Kevin calmly replied, "You can hear them out in the parking lot. It's a good thing hardly any of their neighbors are home or they'd all know way too much about those two." Kevin sucked down his drink, but clearly heard Sheridan's voice scream, "Stop saying that Angel!"

"I'm breaking this up. Make plans to get out of here." Kevin spoke as he marched toward the hallway.

"Yes sir," Nick grabbed his phone as he watched Kevin. Kevin tried the doorknob but it was locked. Nick closed his eyes for a split second as he watched Kevin's shoulder drop. Yep, he was getting in that room one way or another. The wood splintering made an awful cracking noise.

"OUT!" Kevin bellowed.

"I'm not leaving!" Angelina's body was shoved out of the room. She bounced off the wall in the hallway.

Nick rolled his eyes at her drama.

"I'm not leaving." Angel sneered as she stood in the hallway. "Kevin, I've had enough of your fucking obsessive compulsive, 'I'm always right attitude.' You need to learn the world does not revolve around you. I may have turned on the camera by accident but I wasn't the one caught screwing around on the set! You're damn lucky no one walked in on you guys. It's a pretty big fucking set."

Nick yelled from the couch, "Angel, we're leaving and going over to my place!"

"Oh no I'm not!

"They need some space and we need to get out of their way." Nick stood up and grabbed the tape. He walked to the kitchen table and grabbed his keys. "Lets go."

"No, this is my place!" Angel stood somewhat crouched.

"Don't force me Angel, because I will do something we will both regret. We are leaving. They need some space to hash this out."

"Right Nick," Angel snickered thinking back to his day at the gym.

Nick took three steps towards her; he bent down, wrapped his arms around her legs and picked her up. She automatically fell over his shoulders.

The bedroom door opened. "'Bout time you took control bro. Make sure to take A.J. with you."

"Get out Kevin!" Angel and Sheridan screamed at the same time.

"Put me down Nick!" Angel bellowed.

Kevin rolled his eyes. "Leave now!" Kevin followed the trio and chain-linked the lock on their front door.

Nick continued to carry Angel over his shoulder until he reached his truck. He spoke to her knees, "If I put you down, do you promise me you'll behave and get in the truck?" Angel folded her hands over her chest and sighed a loud, "Hmph." Nick could tell she was taking deep breaths to calm herself down. A.J. watched the younger couple work this out.

"Fine. I promise." Angel was put back on her own two feet. Nick watched Angelina's face carefully. She looked much younger with her hair up in a ponytail, no makeup - it had long left her face with all the crying - and her swollen lips. Nick reached out and gave her a gentle kiss.

"Are you going to the studio now to do your backup vocals?" Angel's voice was soft and sad. Nick pulled her into his chest and hugged her. Whispering into her ear, "No, I called and cancelled while you were with Sheridan."

A.J. unlocked his door and turned to them, "Do you guys want to go out another night?"

Nick looked at Angelina, "It's your call."

A.J. felt like an ass for what he said earlier to Angelina, "I'm sorry about earlier, Angel. Truce?"

Sighing again, Angelina's shoulders slumped with a sniffle, "Truce." Reality hit her that they still had plans for this evening. Checking her watch, she realized she needed to get to the store if she wanted dinner to be ready on time. "No, it's fine. Why don't we keep our plans. In fact, it will be a welcomed distraction."

Angelina gazed up at her apartment with a look on her face neither could read. Both men closed in closer to her. Angelina noticed she had two backstreet boys in her personal space. "What are you guys doing?"

"What are you thinking?" A.J. countered.

"I was thinking how the hell am I supposed to get my pocketbook in my bedroom in my apartment that is holding my keys, license, and wallet?"

Nick wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, "Come'on, I'll be your chauffeur. We'll go to Ralphs on the way home." A.J. smiled after hearing Nick's answer. He turned to get into his car, "Sounds good. Marybeth and I will see you later then."

The day had been full of drama and emotions. Nick wasn't sure how upset Angelina was at him for what happened earlier today on the movie set and at her apartment. She was so emotional and angry. He knew she'd need to release it somehow, much like himself, but they had never experienced this type of argument before that involved sides. The couple didn't discuss any of it while shopping, on the car ride home or at Nick's condo. The turmoil was building up.

A.J. had picked up Marybeth and the two couples enjoyed a pleasant dinner. Nick knew Angelina was one of the best things to have happened to him in a long; Nick still felt an overwhelming feeling of love regardless of what happened earlier. He still thought back to the voicemail message from Joey but wasn't going to let that get to him tonight.

A.J. was glad Angelina calmed down and apologized for 'kicking his ass' earlier on the set. He was thrilled to have a nice home-cooked meal and said she could kick his ass anytime as long as she cooked him a meal like this as a peace offering.

Marybeth wondered what had happened earlier on the set. She was surprised to learn neither of the girls were present during Kevin's big scene. No one was talking about what happened with Sheridan, Angel, A.J., Nick or Kevin but Marybeth knew something happened. She couldn't understand why no one was discussing it. The three other people sitting at the dinner table didn't want to talk about it. She felt completely out of place.

The club was loud and crowded. The base ricocheted off the walls inside causing an adrenaline rush throughout Angelina's body. Nick kept his hand on her lower back as he steered her to the VIP area along with A.J. and Marybeth.

A.J. guided Marybeth up to the VIP area while holding her hand. As they slowly ascended up the stairs, Marybeth began to feel a bit self conscious. She wasn't sure of herself in this situation; Angelina was much stronger and more confident and appeared to be quite comfortable being with Nick. They've been going out for a few months now and there was mutual love and respect. Regardless of Kevin's warnings, Nick knew what he wanted and went for Angelina.

Marybeth sat down in the booth as she watched Nick and Angelina enter the VIP area. Angelina had on a red mini-dress with a low cut V shaped neckline that accentuated her breasts. She wore three inched heels that allowed her to be within inches of Nick's height. Nick only had eyes for her despite all the temptation that was wandering in the crowd.

Nick and Angelina went straight to the bar to let A.J. and Marybeth have some alone time at the table. Nick ordered for both of them; each had a shot and a beer. They were casually talking, whispering in each other's ears, and laughing. A nice change of pace from all the crying, screaming and fighting that took place earlier in the day. Their debate was whose bedroom they were going to go home too. Angelina liked the fact that Nick lived alone and they had complete privacy. Nick liked Angelina's apartment more, especially her bed. Both secretly wondered if Kevin was still with Sheridan, did they go their separate ways or did Sheridan go back to Kevin's home. After another round of shots and beer, the couple headed to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, back in the booth, A.J. tried to talk to Marybeth who looked uncomfortable. She didn't want to drink and she wasn't going to dance. A.J. couldn't understand why Marybeth was behaving like this. He noticed it earlier in the evening as the couples were getting ready to leave for the club. His nerves got the best of him and he excused himself to use the bathroom at Nick's before they left. A.J. knew where Nick would have stored some of his stash if he had any. A.J. opened up the medicine cabinet and reached for the superman band-aid container. He pulled out some white powder and blue pills. It had been awhile since he'd fallen off the wagon. The whole day had A.J. on an emotional rollercoaster as well and he needed to stop feeling this way at whatever cost.

Marybeth encouraged A.J. to go dance with Nick and Angelina, threatening to leave the club if he didn't. She preferred to watch. With reservations, A.J. joined Nick and Angelina on the dance floor, coming up behind Angelina, sandwiching her between the two boys. As they bumped and grind to "Peaches and Cream" by 311, hands wandered from hips to thighs. Angelina could feel Nick's hardened member as they kissed; she wasn't sure about A.J. but thought she may have when he was real close to her ass. A.J.'s grinding into Angelina was a bit unexpected. Nick noticed it too. Urgency ran through Nick as he felt an amazing overwhelming feeling take over his body causing his cheeks to flush.

Angelina was ignoring the other dancers, trying to ignore A.J. being so close to her, and focus her energy on Nick. Having A.J. so close, feeling his hands on her; was a bit too much for Angelina. She needed Nick with an intensity she hadn't experienced, ever. She began kissing him hard, slow and long; their tongues fighting. She slowed down and bit his lip and while breathless pulled her swollen lips down his neck to a spot that seemed to cause an unknown reaction to Nick. He immediately grabbed the sides of her head pulled her closer and captured her lips again. Nick felt an overriding need to possess her; to fuck her senseless but before he could think it through, he came. Angelina heard Nick growl and then suddenly stop kissing her. She saw his hot pink cheeks and thought he wasn't feeling well.

A.J. was oblivious to what they were doing. He didn't understand when Angelina grabbed his hand and led him back up to the VIP area. The trio looked like a train holding hands, wandering, weaving in and around the crowd. Once at the table where Marybeth waited, Nick leaned into A. J. whispering before heading off to the Men's bathroom.

Nick went into one of the bathroom stalls completely frazzled, stunned actually. He was trying to think back as to what could have caused "that" to happen to him, just by dancing and kissing his girlfriend, in a public place. He thought back to what he ate, what he drank, did he take ecstasy or something else that would have caused it? As he thought, he cleaned himself up. Assessing his clothes, luckily, nobody would have noticed anything.

Nick swaggered back to the table and immediately slid next to Angelina who was engrossed in a conversation with Marybeth while A.J. starred at his friend. Slowly scooting closer to Nick, A.J. asked, "Are you alright?"

"I am now," Nick mumbled.

"What happened?" A.J. continued. Nick just shook his head, letting A.J. know not to ask. With his brow pulled together, he made a note to follow up with Nick about what happened another time.

Angelina felt Nick's arm wrap around her shoulder and she immediately leaned into him, kissing his cheek before asking, "How are you feeling?"

Nick took another shot and set the glass down on the table, "I'm fine. No worries." He smiled at her and she was grateful when he kissed her lips; she could tell he didn't get sick. In the back of her mind, she was wondering if her dinner made him not feel well. Angelina already felt like it made Marybeth sick, although she kept insisting she felt fine.

Knowing they had a busy day ahead of them, the couples called it an early night around 2:30 AM, although the paparazzi didn't look like they were going to call it quits anytime soon as they followed the couples getting into Nick's car with Angelina becoming the designated driver. Nick had one too many shots. All of a sudden, one of TMZ's staff members asked Nick, "So is it true that you are getting married on Valentine's Day?" Angelina sucked in a breath and nearly dropped the car keys to the ground as she tried to unlock the truck door.

Nick gave a crooked smile and shook his head back and forth. He was not going to deal with this tonight. The quartet tried to ignore the flashes and ignore the TV cameras.

Marybeth was blinded with the lights and felt like she was being verbally attacked as so many people tried to talk to her at once. After Angelina safely drove away from the crowd, Marybeth began to talk, "What the hell was that? Does this happen to you guys when you go out? Do they not know what personal space means? Where the hell is security?" With each question, Marybeth's voice raised an octave until finally she was almost screaming, "That's just fucking insane!"

A.J. took her hand and gave Marybeth a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Yeah, it's pretty intense."

Angelina whispered, "Pretty fucking insane," but all heard it. Her face focused on the road, eyes not blinking. Nick turned to watch her expression, noticing her eyes were far, far away; then turned to look at A. J. A sad expression shared by the two men.

Angelina dropped off A.J. by his car in the parking lot so he could take Marybeth home. Angelina and Nick walked up to his condo; rather Angelina helped guide Nick who definitely had a shot too many. He was still completely shocked at what happened on the dance floor and then the question asked by the paparazzi. Angelina successfully unlocked his door and disarmed the security alarm. Nick went straight to his master bathroom. Angelina took a couple of beers from his refrigerator and walked into this bedroom surprised to hear the shower running. Wondering what was wrong, she tapped on the door, "Want some company?"

"Give me a minute." Nick answered.

Angelina shrugged and proceeded to take off her clothes. Hearing Nick call her name, she opened up the glass door and stepped into his oversized shower. Before she could get her hair wet, Nick seized her arm, pulling her to him with a need that at first frightened her. Nick captured her lips while his hands grabbed her head and wandered into her hair, all the while keeping her face close to his, not breaking his kiss. As he continued his assault on her lips, he pushed her against the bathroom wall catching Angelina by surprise. It was cold compared to the water temperature or Nick's body.

"Nick….." Angelina tried to talk to him.

Before she knew it, he withdrew one of his hands from her hair to her vagina, slowly massaging her folds before inserting a finger, then two into her. Losing all of her senses, Angelina moaned into Nick's mouth. He lifted her left leg, wrapping it around his thigh. Feeling how wet she was, Nick picked her up by her ass with both hands, using the wall to help hold her up and slowly lowered her onto him. Nick began pumping into her while Angelina wrapped her right leg around him, surprised at how urgent she sensed he needed to push; as if he doesn't do it now, they'll miss something. Feeling the tingle in her toes, she slowly rode him, meeting his strokes as she sucked on his collarbone. Nick could tell she was close, just like him so he withdrew one hand from her ass, coming around to her front, rubbing on the triangle area of hair that graced her womanhood. Feeling the tightness around his penis, Nick let out a growl as he pumped a few more times, draining into her while dropping his head to her shoulder and held her close.

When Nick's breathing slowed, his hand searched her face and massaged her jaw as his thumb rubbed her cheek; he lifted his head off her shoulder and carefully kissed her lips. Knowing something was bothering him, Angelina asked, "You okay?"

He dropped his forehead to hers and whispered, "Sorry."

Wrapping her hands around his neck, she smiled, "Don't be. But I'd like to finish up showering before the water turns cold on me."

A matching smile graced his face. He grabbed the shampoo bottle that belonged to her and began massaging it into her hair, lathering it up causing Angelina to close her eyes and feel lost. Nick dropped tiny kisses along her neckline eliciting a few whimpers. He helped rinse her hair and repeated this process as he added conditioner to her hair. Nick was so gentle, so soft and so loving unlike his angst behavior just minutes beforehand.

He pulled back grabbing a facecloth and her shower gel, leaving the conditioner in her hair for the time being. As he worked the gel into a nice soapy lather, Nick knelt down to carefully pick up her feet, one at a time, and begin cleaning them. Gradually, he slid the facecloth up her legs, scrubbing all around, as he massaged the lather. Leisurely, he washed Angelina's ass and back, before adjusting Angelina's head back to rinse out the conditioner. Noticing the front of her neck exposed, Nick unhurriedly cleaned it along with her shoulders and then bit by bit inched down her breasts where he lingered, kneading them between his hands. Suddenly, Angelina felt Nick's warm lips sucking on her nipples causing her knees to feel weak. Sensing this, Nick held her up. Her eyes remained closed; but her hands immediately found their way to Nick's penis which now was erect against her stomach.

Knowing Angelina had to finish washing herself off, Nick pulled away, "Finish up and meet me in our bed."

A mumbled, "Okay," rolled off her tongue as her hands went to her hair to rinse the conditioner. After that, she grabbed her facial soap and quickly washed her face before turning off the water and grabbing her towel.

Nick's voice boomed from the other room, "Don't bother drying off, just get in here." Nick was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, one hand tucked behind his head under his pillow.

Angelina sauntered into his room and crawled up into his bed noticing Nick never used a towel to dry himself off either. The sheets were saturated. Feeling the weight from her body, Nick opened his eyes and held out his hands for her to come up closer to him. He gently wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close - her head on his chest.

So many things were running through Angelina's mind. She felt the entire night had spun out of control and ended with the mother of all cliff-hangers. Angelina mumbled into his skin, "So should we call Johnny and give him a head's up about our Valentine's Day wedding?"

Nick chuckled, causing Angelina's head to bounce up and down. "Oh, I'm not too worried. I'll be playing in an all-star celebrity game on the 13th and then we'll be attending the NBA All-star game on the 15th. You'll be with me at both events; we'll drive the paparazzi crazy just by being there. Just smile for the cameras."

"We are?" Angelina questioned. She hadn't looked at her calendar in a couple days.

Kissing the top of her head, Nick answered, "Yes, we are. I should have let you kicked Kevin's ass this afternoon."

Angel sat up, "What? Why?" Her voice had a hint of hysteria to it.

Nick chuckled, "A.J. told me Kevin was the one who started this wedding rumor this afternoon. They wouldn't let him out of the parking lot at the music studio so he could get to the meeting."

"That asshole. I'm calling to make sure Sheridan is all right." Angelina let the phone ring until the answering machine picked up. "Sheridan, call me when you wake up. I'm at Nick's."

A few minutes passed in complete silence. Both deep in private thought as the clocked approached 4 AM. Angel wasn't sure if Nick had fallen asleep or not. "Are you going to tell me what happened tonight?"

Nick shook his head. "I'm not entirely sure, Angel. You affect me in ways I still don't understand or have control over." Nick whispered the second half of that sentence.

"Is that a good thing?" Angel wondered.

Nick kissed her again, "A very good thing. It's an awesome feeling….just took me by surprise."

"What was up with A.J. tonight?"

"You mean besides his erection grinding against your ass? I have no idea." Nick was almost possessive towards Angelina when they were dancing. His insecurities were getting the better of him.

"That was…..weird. And yet…." The couple looked at each other before speaking simultaneously, "Hot!"

Angelina kissed Nick's jaw-line, "I'm yours. Only yours."

Nick began kissing Angelina's neck, "You are sexy!......And feisty!.......and will be the death of me one of these days if you keep butting heads with Kevin."





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