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Chapter 57

The ringing of the phone woke Kevin up from his slumber on the girls' couch. He groaned as soon as he heard Angel's voice enter the quiet of the room through the answering machine. "Jesus, don't they ever sleep?" Kevin wondered out loud as he noticed the clock read 6 AM on the microwave. He trudged his way to the bathroom.

Kevin scavenged the girls' refrigerator for something to eat. Angel's call woke him up for the day. He got up to unchain the door, still in a fog from the night before. "At least she called to give me a heads up." Kevin grumbled unfamiliar with this particular coffee pot. He finally saw sable liquid dripping down into the pot. "There is a God," he moaned as he pilfered a bottle of aspirin from the top of the girl's refrigerator.

He blinked and blinked as he waited for the pot to finish. Kevin gave up and pulled the pot out and thrust a coffee cup under the stream. Filling his cup he jammed the pot back under the basket. Tossing the aspirin to the back of his throat he swigged the too hot coffee and winced when it burned as it slid down. "Damn," he muttered.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and thought about what had played out the night before. After tossing Angel, Nick, and A.J. out of the apartment, Kevin fought a ton of battles with Sheridan. The battles were all emotional and ran the gamut from embarrassment and humiliation, to him finally forcing her to watch the tape with him on the couch and ending up with them making love to each other in Sheridan's bed without the benefit of a camera.

He shook his head as he cleared out the morning cobwebs as he overanalyzed last night. The first thing Kevin addressed was Sheridan's embarrassment over the film being made. Kevin watched her as she hid under her covers crying. He leaned an elbow on the dresser. "It's not that bad."

The covers flew in the air. "IT IS TOO!"

Kevin caught his first good sight of her. Her eyes were red and swollen from all of her crying; even the tip of her nose was red. Her lips were all puffy, God those lips, he checked his libido and refocused. "No it isn't. Nobody saw it, nobody will ever see it."

Sheridan bounded off the bed and jumped towards him. "WHERE IS IT!"

"I have it in the living room. It's safe and secure. I'm just glad John makes a practice of reviewing everything before everyone else. He only saw part of it. Recognized it for what it was and stopped watching it." Kevin's words came out of his mouth rapid fire intentionally. He knew he had to reassure Sheridan nobody had seen the full tape.

Sheridan flung herself back on the bed. "I am never going to live this down. I am so humiliated."

Kevin propped his elbow on the dresser. He leaned his head in his hand. "So making love to me was humiliating?"

"I DIDN'T SAY THAT!" Sheridan yelled back at him.

"Look if we are going to have a decent conversation about this you have to stop screaming. The entire building can hear you."

"I DON'T CARE!" Sheridan screamed at him.

Kevin's gaze dropped to his fingernails on his free hand. "Hmm so you want Patrick to know?"

"Oh God," Sheridan whispered.

Kevin's lips twitched when she spoke. The volume had dropped enough where he thought he could actually think straight. He thought about approaching the bed and her but something inside told him not to.

"I can't believe you're taking this so mildly," Sheridan's voice had returned to a normal level. She followed her words with a sniffle.

Kevin let out a sigh as his hand held up his head. He had already gone through all the emotions from wanting to kill Angel for playing with the camera to kicking himself for making love to a woman in a public space. He'd done it before but with women who were more than willing too and who knew it would be a quickie and he'd be gone. Sheridan was not in that category.

Sheridan stared at him blankly waiting from him to respond. Kevin pulled himself up to stand up straight. He jammed his hands in his front pockets and rocked up on his toes and then back on his heels. "Well, it wasn't anything I had set out to do. I don't plan on calling my Mom and saying, "Hey, guess what Sheridan and I did last night."

"Oh my lord, your mother… My mother." Sheridan's eyes grew large and then she outright began to bawl. "MY FATHER………"

"Whoa, baby, whoa, we don't need to go telling your father or your mother, or mine either." Kevin rushed to the bed. He grabbed her face between his large hands. "We're not going to tell anyone."

"I know Angel won't. I don't know about Nick and A.J." Sheridan hiccupped.

"Sweetheart, we have to break this down. Listen to me. Nobody saw the tape but John and he didn't see the entire tape. I am the only one who has seen the entire tape. I am sure Nick and Angel will not say a word about it to anyone."

Sheridan's eyes narrowed at him. He saw the creases form on her forehead and she frowned at him. "What about A.J.?"

Kevin was screwed and he knew it. A.J. keeping a secret was like pouring water in a sieve, something would always leak out. "Now baby, I'm sure Alexander is going to be a gentleman about this."

"WHAT?" Sheridan tossed herself back on the bed. "He's such a blabbermouth."

Kevin couldn't take the blubbering again. He leaned over and placed his lips on hers. He kissed her until she was silent. Her shiny eyes looked at him once he pulled away. Two of her fingertips now rested on her lips as she stared up at him.

"I'm sorry baby, but it's not the end of the world." Kevin nudged her over so she would make room for him on the bed. She moved and he fell next to her. He dropped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him. Her head rested gently on his chest. He squeezed her to him. He placed his chin on top of her head. "Besides if this gets back home, I'm dead. My brother the preacher will have a piece of me, Jer will do clean up and my mother would disown me."

"I doubt that, I've met your mother. She thinks the sun rises and sets with you."

"Don't kid yourself, she stills brings me down a peg or two when she feels the need too." Kevin adjusted his body to fit better to hers. His hand rested on her hip, his fingers rubbing at the seam of the yoga pants she was wearing. He stayed silent for a bit. Sheridan hadn't spoken and her breathing seemed to have slowed down. He smiled slightly when he glanced down to see she had fallen asleep. He cuddled her closer and she didn't protest. He smiled, "This is what is all about baby. When it's all gone, the fame, the excess, the glam, it boils down to just you and me." Kevin closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep.

Kevin was snapped out of his daydream by the sound of Sheridan moaning on her television. He grinned when a full body back shot showed. His hands had worked the zipper on her outfit and the fabric had slid to the floor. There stood Sheridan with her back to the camera wearing nothing more than her bra, panty hose, and a very high pair of heels. He groaned as his groin tightened. He watched intently as her hands worked the front of his pants free and wrapped around his manhood. On the film his eyes closed, on the couch he did the same. He would never forget the first time she had touched him so intimately. It was shocking at first and then very different from all the others. He groaned both on and off the television. "I gotta stop this shit." Kevin raised his body from the couch and headed for the shower after slugging the rest of his coffee.


"Angel, I don't think this is a very good idea." Nick whined as he drove his girlfriend home to her apartment at an ungodly hour. With only two hours of sleep, this day wasn't starting off any better than the way yesterday's had ended. Nick prayed that Angelina's apartment was still in one piece.

"Listen, I told you I would take a cab if you wanted to keep sleeping." Angelina kept having nightmares, waking up three times in a cold sweat. She needed to check on Sheridan and she didn't want to deal with a crabby Nick.

Nick bit the inside of his mouth to restrain from making any more comments. He pulled into her parking lot; not a soul was in sight.

Sheridan stretched and yawned in her bed. A case of the warm fuzzies overcame her as she stretched some more. She waited for the world to come into focus and felt like she had been reborn. Things didn't seem as bad as they were yesterday. Kevin had reassured her that nobody would ever see the tape but them. She frowned slightly and then banned the mood when she thought back to last night and Kevin forcing her to watch the tape so that she understood it wasn't something horrid but beautiful. She then giggled and kicked her feet into the mattress because two things had hit her. One she had made love with Kevin again and it had been amazing. Two, she had wrote an awesome damn scene. Then she froze realizing that Kevin had to re-film that scene yesterday with the bitch Jamie. She didn't know how he had done; they hadn't even talked about it. She flew out of bed and into the hallway. Hearing the shower running, she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

"Damn, Sheridan, not so loud okay. I have one hell of a headache from last night." Kevin grumbled from below the hot stream.

Sheridan ripped open the shower curtain. "How did your scene go with Jamie yesterday?"

Kevin was surprised as he stood naked in front of her. He was blinking rapidly as shampoo dripped down the sides of his head. "It went fine, I had it perfect. Now, either shut the curtain or strip off and join me."

Sheridan blinked at him. Then she smiled as her clothes had dropped to the floor.

"I love this baby. All the shyness has just evaporated out of you." Kevin chuckled as her hands wrapped around his waist.

"I kind of like it too," She giggled as she stepped into the shower.

Angelina took the two stairs at a time to get to her apartment then stopped cold. "Shit, I don't have my keys." She gently turned the doorknob and realized it was unlocked. "Thank good…" Angel stopped talking and walking when she heard voices. Nick bumped into her and listened as well. It was Kevin and Sheridan's voices but they sounded…weird.

Angel walked slowly into her living room and turned to face the TV. Her eyes went wide and her hands went to her mouth. She called Nick over with her hand and then pointed at the TV. Nick was so confused when he heard moaning then noticed what was playing on the screen in front of him. The couple was frozen; neither could tear their eyes away from the screen.

"Oh my God. He really does have that tattoo." Angelina whispered.

Nick turned to face her, "Seriously? That is the first fucking thing you notice!"

Her cheeks turned pink, "Well, it was right there. …..couldn't miss it. Would you have preferred I commented on his..."

Nick held up his hand to stop her from saying what he really didn't want her to say out loud. "You win. You made your point." The couple resumed watching the TV. Neither of them paid much attention to A.J. joining them.

A.J. had been sitting in the girl's parking lot after he dropped off MaryBeth at her apartment. They had talked for a bit but it didn't help A.J. feel any better. He also was not feeling so good now that he's 'high' was slowly subsiding. He didn't feel like asking MaryBeth for any help and he didn't feel comfortable enough to ask if he could stay at her place. He was afraid to go home alone feeling he may relapse more than he already had. It was close to 5:30AM when he pulled into a familiar parking lot and just sat in his car and put his head against his window while closing his eyes.

The lights from Nick's headlights shined directly into A.J.'s car waking him up. A.J. was thrilled when he saw his friend's truck. He waited until he saw the couple entering the apartment before deciding he wanted their company. Rubbing his hands through his face and hair to wake him up, he followed the same steps the couple took.


With the two of them in the shower, neither of Sheridan or Kevin heard Nick and Angel come in with A.J. right behind them. Angel moseyed to Sheridan's bedroom door to find it open. Both Nick and she peered into the room. The room was empty. Hearing the water running in the bathroom Angel approached the closed door. She placed her hand on the knob and began to turn it only to have Nick stop it.

"Yo, stop. Kevin's wallet and keys are on Sheridan's nightstand."

"So?" Angel turned the knob. "I have to talk to Sheridan."

"Ah, ah, they're probably both in there naked." Nick stuttered slightly not really wanting to drum up any more imagery on that idea.

"I don't care," Angel began to turn the knob again. "I've already seen Kevin naked." She noticed the two figures under the shower and realized she could wait to talk to them when they were done. She quietly shut the door and walked back to her living room

"Man, he has some moves. I'll have to ask him to show me how to do that." A.J.'s grin was almost as large as his head.

"Man, for a tall guy, I never… thought he would… wow… be able… to… you know...." Angel commented along with A.J. focused on the screen for ten seconds. Nick reached around them and slammed the power switch.

"It was just gettin' good," A.J. moaned and battled Nick for the button.

Nick reached around and grabbed the cord on the back of the television. He yanked it out of the wall. "Knock it off." Nick couldn't figure what was more upsetting to him; the fact that Angel seemed to be hooked on watching it or the fact that A.J. was making something dirty out of it.

"Morning," Kevin spoke loudly as he rushed towards them with a towel around his waist. Water ran down his body and dripped on the floor.

The crew of three caught a flash of Sheridan whizzing across the hallway into her room. Her bedroom door slammed.

"Morning," Angel bubbled as she took in the sight of a wet and nearly naked Backstreet Boy that wasn't Nick.

"Oh God," Nick groaned and held the end of the cord up for Kevin to see while he studied Angel's reaction to Kevin standing in front of her.

"I love you bro," Kevin groaned and turned around. He went straight into Sheridan's room and shut the door.

"You suck Nick," both Angel and A.J. groaned for different reasons.

Not one comment was made as Kevin and Sheridan rejoined the group about the tape or their morning extra-curricular activity. The clock on the microwave indicated it was 6:47AM as Kevin reached for another cup of coffee. "So, what brings you three over here at an ungodly hour?" Kevin noticed A.J. was dressed for an evening out while the other couple was dressed ready for bed. A.J. didn't want Kevin to figure out he fell off the wagon last night and muttered he was just getting in from last night.

Nick and Angel glanced over at A.J. with a questioning glance. Angel bluntly asked,

"Did you stay at MaryBeth's?"
A.J. began to feel a bit paranoid and began to panic; he began twisting his shirt sleeve, "I did stay with her for awhile" not really indicating how long ago he actually left. "I noticed Nick's truck as I was driving and decided to follow you guys." A.J. shrugged his shoulders as if it was no big deal.

Kevin eyed his tattooed friend, "Uh huh." Kevin noticed the look that passed between the younger couple and knew something had happened last night or early this morning, but now was not the time to bring it up.

Each went their separate ways for the day but agreed to meet at the apartment for dinner. A.J. as usual had horned his way in. Kevin shook his head, "Won't you feel like a third wheel?"

A.J. grinned, "Just your training wheel in the porno world, Kev."

Kevin probably would have smacked him but he was preoccupied with watching Sheridan.

Kevin had stopped and picked up take out on his way back to the girls' apartment. Nick was going to meet him there after he finished up at the recording studio. Kevin hit the same restaurant he had the last time he dined with Sheridan in such a fashion. He was in the mood for home cooking and knew he wasn't going to get it tonight, plus it was well known Sheridan didn't know how to cook.

Nick, Angel, Kevin, Sheridan and A.J. went over the filming notes for the day with Howie and Brian on speakerphone. After the film business was wrapped up, Sheridan and Kevin reviewed what they needed as far as Kevin's personal business. Kevin didn't seem to mind bringing it up in front of the group as the two of them talked back and forth with each other. The business end of things was wrapped when Angel flicked the radio on that rested on the counter.

"Anybody want to watch a movie?" A.J. tipped his soda bottle back and grinned behind it. He smiled at Angel who was all for it by the smirk on her face. Unfortunately, he was on the receiving end of glares from the men in the room. Sheridan bit her bottom lip and froze mid sip of her wine. "Just kidding." A.J. chuckled as the girl's apartment phone rang.

Angel's disappointment showed as her shoulders sagged while she answered the phone. "Hi Dad," she groaned into the phone.

They watched as Angel's eye dilated and her mouth fell open. "No dad, I swear I'm not getting married." Angel looked at Kevin as if she was going to punch him she was so mad. Angelina pulled the phone away from her ear and mouthed to Sheridan, "What am I going to do?"

Nick gave Kevin a death glare causing Kevin to drop his head; he felt bad that his comment was affecting Angel's family, and not in a positive way.

Sheridan shrugged her shoulders and didn't understand why both Nick and Angel were staring at Kevin like they were pissed at him. The tension in the room grew and Sheridan noticed Kevin's demeanor changed as well. He looked guilty.

Sheridan got up and turned down the radio to low. Angelina had been on the phone for the past ten minutes with her parents. A.J. had taken his leave, begging off the family drama, saying he had enough of his own. He was feeling extremely tired and needed to catch some sleep.

"Dad, tell Mom to stop crying. It's just like Nick explained to you. You're hearing a rumor that has been blown out of proportion." Angelina took a sip of wine straight from the bottle.

Kevin stood back and shook his head as he watched it played out. Nick felt bad for Angel. She had to explain her life from pages in a magazine.

"Thanks mom, I'll let Nick know you like his taste in jewelry," Angel rolled her eyes. "I keep telling you it's not an engagement ring. Would you like Nick to tell you himself? He's home." Angelina was quiet as her mother and father spoke again.

"NO!" Angel screamed, "I didn't it mean it like that! This is not his home; Nick has his own home." Angel was pacing around the apartment with her wine bottle in hand until her mom said something to stop her in her tracks.

"He did? Why… Oh Lord, why would he care?..............No, I'm not calling him. I don't need to explain myself to him anymore…" Nick could sense Angelina was getting irritated, as did Sheridan.

Kevin was clueless, "Who is Angel referring to 'him' as?"

Sheridan's eyes were glued to Angel; she answered Kevin without evening moving a muscle, "My money's on Joey."

Nick was feeling jealous at the mention of Angel's ex but had no idea why. Nick knew Angel had no intentions of getting back together with him. May be realizing that her life will be in magazines all across the US was a bit eerie for Joey to comprehend. Nick wanted to keep Angel all to himself.

"I love you both too. I'm doing fine. Don't worry. Good bye." Angelina plopped down in the chair closing her eyes.

Nick still had an uneasy feeling knowing Angel's ex was trying to get in touch with her. He walked into Angel's bedroom and noticed she had scarves draped over her bedroom headboard, candles lit and massage lotion on the bedside table. All feelings of jealousy were erased. He grabbed a pair of his pajama bottoms and went to take a shower.

Angel turned up the stereo when she heard the faint words to With or Without You playing quietly in the background.

Kevin watched as Nick helped himself to a beer as he walked into the bathroom. Seconds later, Kevin heard the shower running. "Does he always do that?"

"The past week or so, yeah. I think he finally feels comfortable here." Angelina sat down in her beanbag chair with a thud, careful not to spill her wine, as her head bopped to the chorus.

"Half his clothes are here. Do you do his laundry for him too?" Kevin's face scrunched up.

"Sometimes. But we share the workload. Neither one of us has much time lately. You know that." Angelina put down the bottle and began playing imaginary drums.

Kevin stared at Angelina. "Would you like me to get you a glass?"

Angelina laughed, "Thanks anyways, I'm almost done." Looking down the hallway towards the bathroom door, she realized the shower was still running,

Kevin sat back and watched the girls unwind. Nick walked out of the bathroom, throwing his used clothes in Angel's room while passing by. "Anybody need another drink?"

"Ya better bring your other half a wine glass and a new wine bottle to open." Kevin became even more disenchanted with the couple. He wanted some time with Sheridan in her territory. When Sheridan was at home, she wasn't half as nervous especially after what went down the last twenty-four hours.

"Merlot or Chardonnay, Angel," Nick asked from the kitchen.

"Chardonnay, please. It should be in the door of the fridge." Nick peered into the refrigerator and realized Angel had chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream. Dirty thoughts ran through his mind for what was in store for them later.

As Nick balanced the glass, bottle, corkscrew and his own beer, the phone rang again causing him to almost drop part of his load. "Jesus."

Kevin eyed his younger band mate, "What's got you all jumpy?"

"Nothing." Nick replied awkwardly. He couldn't stop thinking about why Joey called Angelina's parents while in the shower and hearing the phone ring only made him think it may be him trying to call Angelina again.

Sheridan had jumped up to retrieve the receiver, "Hel-………..Oh Hi Mom-….No Angel's not getting mar-……." Sheridan couldn't get a word in edgewise. She looked over at the three eyes now staring at her.

Angel whispered, "What's she saying?"

Sheridan pulled the phone up over her head so her mother couldn't hear her, whispering, "She's wondering why she wasn't invited to the wedding; why I didn't tell her about the wedding; when the hell did Nick ask Seamus for his permission."

Kevin let out a chuckle thinking it was pretty funny how upset Mrs. Anderson was about the news on Angelina. "Can you imagine what they'll be like when this happens to you?" There was no 'if this happens.'

Sheridan froze. The realization that she was now dating Kevin, much like Angelina dating Nick, was about to be made public through rag magazines, TV shows and her entire family would know regardless to the fact she wanted to keep it a secret.

"Whose voice?....oh that, that was just Angelina." Sheridan shot a look to Kevin and raised her hand to her lips, indicating with one finger to be quiet. "Yeah, she does sound manly sometimes."

Angelina shot her a 'what the fuck' look. Nick leaned down and gave her a kiss on her forehead whispering, "You don't act manly. At least your curves are in the right place."

"She's sick that's all. She'll be fine." Sheridan now grabbed the open bottle from the table and took a swig. "Oh hi daddy……Angelina is fine……yes, I'm keeping an eye on her." Sheridan rolled her eyes, "Yes daddy, I know I'm older and know better." Sheridan smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand.

Nick whispered into Angelina's ear, "Why don't we go into your room? We don't need to hear this."

Angelina walked towards Sheridan and whispered into the phone, "I'm going to bed. Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Anderson." Nick walked into Angelina's bedroom and began taking his clothes off.

Sheridan started laughing, "Okay mom, I'll let her know she's getting a special care package."

Angelina walked into her room and put her CD player on her stereo hearing Madonna's Erotica through the speakers; she raised the volume up a bit to ensure Sheridan and Kevin wouldn't hear everything. Angelina took off her clothes, leaving on her lace bra and panties when she realized she needed supplies from the frig. Nick admired his girlfriend's body with a desire he had not felt with past girlfriends. Before she left, she blindfolded Nick and told him to stay on the bed.

"What are you doing, Angel?" Nick questioned completely in a state of anticipation. He was feeling so many different emotions; he wished he had something to help calm him down.

Angelina opened her bedroom door and walked into the kitchen. Sheridan was still on the phone with her parents and Kevin was just watching TV waiting for her to get off. Kevin let out a low growl then whistled when he noticed Angelina; she winked at him while Sheridan kicked him. "Goddammit" he cursed.

"Oh that, it was something on TV." Sheridan stomped into her bedroom and closed the door.

Kevin noticed the glow coming from Angelina's bedroom knowing there must be quite a few candles lit. "I'll lock up; we're heading to bed too. Be careful you two. And don't start a fire in there, okay?

As she balanced the strawberries, wine and whipped cream, Angelina smiled at Kevin, "Don't worry, we won't. And I'll leave him in one piece." And with that, she shut her bedroom door with her foot.

Once inside, she instructed Nick to lie down on his back. Butterflies consumed Nick; he was actually nervous, especially after hearing what she said to Kevin. "Whatcha doin'?"

"You'll see. Or rather, you'll feel." Angel giggled as she picked up a candle and let the hot wax drip on Nick's chest.

"HOLY SHIT!" Nick yelled out and relaxed when he felt Angelina blowing air on the wax. "I don't have enough chest hair for a waxing Angel." Nick brought his hands up to hold onto Angel's hips as she sat on Nick's thighs.

"Nah, I could pluck the few you have with my fingers. Now, stop talking and open your mouth."


"Because I said so!" Angelina said with authority in her voice. She was going to be domineering tonight - it had been awhile.

"Why?" Nick's voice raised an octave.

"Are you nervous, Nick?" Angelina sat back and watched Nick squirm. He looked like he wasn't enjoying himself.

"No, just don't like not knowing."

"I can stop Nick. I don't want you to be uncomfortable. I'd thought this would be exciting for you but I can tell it's definitely not your thang." Angel stressed the last word hoping Nick would laugh about it.

In a soft voice, Nick confessed, "I'm a little bit excited, but I'm also a whole lotta nervous. I've never been blind-folded before."

"Would you like me to tie you up and take off the blindfold?" Angelina thought maybe that would be better.

"No, let me see how long I can last with the blindfold."

"Do you trust me Nick?"

"Of course I do."

"Then you need to let go and put a little faith in me."





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