A Collaboration between Bron and Suzie

Chapter 6

“Why don’t we stop by your apartment so you can pickup a change of clothes?”  Tom asked Sheridan as he walked her towards her car.  “I’ve made a reservation for us for seven at Bravo Cucina, in Santa Monica so we don’t have much time to freshen up.”

“You want me to plan to stay over tonight?  In your apartment?” Sheridan’s mind began to race. 

“Yes Sheridan, where else would you stay?”

“Um…well, in case you haven’t realized it before, you have always stayed over my place.  I’ve never slept over in your apartment Tom.”

“Really?  Wow, that is strange.  Why don’t I follow you back to your apartment and then you can leave your car there too.  I’ll bring you back in the morning.”

“Alright.”  No need to ask her twice.  The words, ‘Yes Finally,’ bounced off her brain cells.

The drive was a bit slow due to the Saturday night traffic.  Sheridan was still in shock, her mind still reeling from Tom’s question.  For all the times Angel used to bug her, ‘Why can’t you stay over his apartment every once in awhile?’  That reminded her, she needed to call Angelina and tell her she wouldn't be home tonight.  It was still too early for Angel to be home, so she just left a message.  ‘I wonder how her day was. I shouldn’t have taken out my frustration on her like that.  I was a bit rough on her this morning,’ she thought. ‘I’ll talk to her tomorrow about that and hopefully many other things,’ Sheridan grinned at the thought.

Sitting down at their quaint little table, the waiter dropped off their menus and asked if they would like to start with some drinks.  Once he came back with their drinks and took their dinner order, Sheridan began to relax as she began the conversation.  “Tom, I need to ask you something, and I want you to be honest with me okay?”


“Do you find me attractive?”

“Of course I do!  What kind of question is that?”

“It’s a question I’ve been wondering about for a while now.  Do you realize we’ve been going out six months and you have yet to make love to me?”  Sheridan asked looking straight into his eyes.

Tom lowered his eyes onto the table, “Yes.  Look Sheridan, I love you.  And I would love to show you, but I can’t.”

‘Oh God, Angelina was right,’ Sheridan’s eyes began to water.

“I was raised to wait until I got married,” Tom replied straight-faced.

“What?”  Sheridan almost yelled.

Sitting across the restaurant, the young blonde couple were enjoying a quiet dinner without their lovely son.  Suddenly, Brian heard a familiar voice.  As he looked around the restaurant, he noticed Sheridan having a romantic dinner with a tall, good-looking man.  “Hey Leigh, see that woman over there?  That’s one of the authors of the manuscript, that’s Sheridan.”

“She looks a bit upset to me.”  Leigh replied while eyeing the woman up-and-down.  What a coincidence that their conversation had to do with this film.  Leigh was a bit upset with the fact that two Backstreet fans had wrote the story.  She was even more surprised to learn that Brian was now all for it.  The couple had been discussing the upcoming schedule for the group.

“Shhh…  Please calm down Sheridan.  I find you very attractive and sexy, but I just can’t.  You and me…  We come from the same upbringing, I thought you would understand.”

“Tom, look, as much as I was brought up with the same morals and values, I’m not always practicing them.  How come you’ve never told me this before?”

‘Maybe because I’m gay’ he thought.  “I just never thought it would be an issue with you Sheridan.  I assumed your aggressive behavior towards sex was Angelina rubbing off on you; I didn’t think you really wanted to have sex with me.”

Sheridan and Tom were quiet while they ate their dinners.  Sheridan kept hearing Tom’s last sentence repeating over and over in her mind, ‘I didn’t think you really wanted to have sex with me.’ 

Tom leaned over to Sheridan, putting his hand on her knee and whispered into her ear, “Just because I won’t sleep with you, doesn’t mean I can’t satisfy you.  Come’on let’s go back to my place.”

A smile crept up Sheridan’s face, her eyes glowed, “Well, let’s get going.”  With that said, they left arm and arm.

Brian turned towards Leighanne and said, “She doesn’t look upset any more.” 

Sunday morning came and Sheridan returned home with a bang, literally.  She slammed the front door as she practically flew into her bedroom. 

Angel woke up with a start, noticing the time read 11:19AM.  She noticed that she had also left the TV on all night.  As much as she loved having the apartment to herself, it was way too quiet for her tastes, so she put on some ‘background’ noise as she calls it.

Making coffee, Angel noticed Sheridan return from her bedroom in her pajama’s.  “Didn’t feel like getting dressed this morning?”  Angel asked as she raised her eyebrows.

“Angel, don’t start with me.  I’m not in the mood.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that you are still sorry for snapping at me yesterday morning,” Angel replied sarcastically.

Sheridan heard Angel’s words and then started to cry.  “Why me?” 

“Whoa!  What happened Sheridan?  Did you and Tom get into a fight?  Did you guys talk about... about… things?”

Grabbing two coffee cups and the cream, Angel sat down at the table opposite Sheridan.

“He’s waiting for marriage.”

Spitting out her coffee all over the table and a bit on Sheridan, Angel then began choking, “You’re shitting me, right?  Tom actually said those words?”

“Thanks Angel,” she said as she wiped herself off.  Sheridan couldn’t help but laugh at what just happened, her sad tears turned to tears of laughter.

“I’m glad I can humor you.”  Angel replied while cleaning up her coffee mess off the table.

“I’m sorry Angel.  I shouldn’t take it out on you.  It’s not your fault I’m not getting laid.  Although Tom did...” Sheridan’s voice mumbled the remainder of her sentence.

“What did you just say?  What did Tom do?”

“Let’s just say he helped me out,” turning bright red in the face.

“You had oral sex?”  Angel’s eyes bugged out of her head.  Inside her head was screaming, ‘Oh my God, he’s still leading her on.  He is so going to hear from me about this.'

“Yes, and it was very, very good.  He’s got quite a magical tongue and…. “ 

“Alright, that’s enough talking about that,” Angel was babbling while covering her ears.

“Why?  It’s the least I can do after hearing you some nights in your bedroom.”

Angel stared at Sheridan shocked, “You never told me you could hear me.  I’ve asked you point blank and you told me no.  Are you telling me you lied to me?”

Sheridan was now laughing; she got Angel all worked up, “Just a couple of times, I swear.”

Angel’s face was red with frustration, “Well thanks for telling me. I’ll be sure to try and keep quiet from now on.”

“It’s not usually you Angel, it’s usually the male.  You must be damn good to make them moan that loudly.  It even arouses Tom when he’s here.”

“Okay, enough of this conversation.  We are talking about you, not me.”  Trying to change the direction of this girl talk. ‘I bet it does arouse Tom. No wonder he likes staying over.’

“Oh, so guess who came to visit me at work yesterday?”  Angel asked Sheridan. 

Blank faced, Sheridan was clueless, “Who?”

“Our new bosses.”

“Really?  Why would they go to Barefoot’s?”

“Hey, it’s a nice restaurant!”  Angel defended her employer.

“I didn’t mean it like that Angel.  Didn’t it seem strange to you?  Have they ever eaten there before?”

“No, come to think of it.  But Kim overheard Kevin talking to the manager about the review the restaurant got in the local paper a couple of weeks ago.  I’m sure it was a coincidence Sheridan.”

“Coincidence, my ass.  They have your resume Angel.  They know where you work, as well as where we live.”

“Oh, that reminds me.  It was Nick who called for you the other night.”


With a sly smile, Angel replied, “Oh, he wanted to get to know us a bit better and to find out who wrote which parts.”

“That’s really bothering them, isn’t it?”  Sheridan thought of how the girls could use this to their advantage. 

“Yes, I think it is,” Angel replied while sipping her coffee.

“Getting back to my original point of bringing up yesterday, the boys want us to meet with them Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings this week before Mr. Crankypants goes to London.  I told them I worked til six, but that I didn’t think it would be a problem.”

“Nope, no problems here.  Tuesday night we begin.”

“Excellent.  I’ll call Marybeth and let her know so she can call one of the boys to confirm our attendance.”  Angel grabbed the phone and left a message.

“So, what are your plans for tonight Angel?”

“I’m having some Italian tonight,” Angel said as she shook her ass and smiled. 

“Oh goodie.  At least one of us is getting laid.”  Sheridan was still upset.

“Hey, you want to come?  You are more than welcomed, you know that. It’s just Kim and some other people we work with. It will be fun, come’on.  I’ll hook you up with whatever you’re craving.”

“It’s tempting Angel, very tempting.   But, I do have a boyfriend who I love very much.  I can’t let sex get in the way of it.”  Sheridan replied as if she was trying to convince herself of what she just said.

“Okay, don’t wait up for me,” as she as she bopped into her bedroom to get ready.  A nap would be in order before she went out.

“Go away!”  Sheridan mumbled. There was a loud, obnoxious noise.  It was in the apartment.  Stumbling out of bed, Sheridan realized it was the phone.  Reaching over to her bedside table, she barked, “WHAT?”

“Uh….is uh…Angelina home?”

Oh goodie, one of her boytoys calling.  I’ll have to remind Angel to tell them not to call after ten at night.  Looking over at the clock, it read 11:38.

“No, she’s out having a little Italian.  Can I leave her a message?”  Sheridan just wanted to get back to sleep.

“Ah, is this Sheridan?” the male asked.

“Who is this?”  Sheridan rubbed her eyes with the sleeve of her silk pajama top.

“It’s Nick.  Hi Sheridan, sorry didn’t mean to wake you.”  Nick felt bad, but now was curious where Angel had gone.  He’d been debating if he should go out with AJ and Howie tonight.  He decided after spending the day with Aaron, his younger brother, he would just hang out with him instead. 

Now that Aaron was asleep, Nick had been thinking about his meeting with the guys at Angel’s restaurant.  This in turn made him want to talk to Angel again.  He had enjoyed their chat the other night.

“Sorry Nick, but I have to work in the morning.  I’ll let Angel know you called. I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

“Okay, goodnight Sheridan.  I’m sorry for waking you up. See you Tuesday.” 

Sheridan hung up the phone, trying desperately to get back to her dream with Tom as she crawled back into bed.

As A.J. and Howie made their way to the VIP area upstairs, they were watching the people on the dance floor below them.

There was a good size crowd for a Sunday night.  As they sipped on their drinks, they discussed the progress of the film.

“How difficult do you think Kevin is going to be about this film?  He’s so controlling, and being over in London is so not going to be fun.”  A.J. said as his eyes scanned the dance floor.

“I don’t know Aje, but let’s hope we can work with the girls and not have any real issues that Gene would need to get involved in.  That’s what’s going to be the hardest part, I think.  That, and finding a director.”

“Whoa.  Howie, look over there by the pole, near the back of the dancing stage.”  A.J. was standing up and pointing

“Will you sit down?  Geez, what the hell gotten into you… Oh my goodness, will you look at that?”  Howie’s eyes followed AJ’s finger.

A smile appeared on A.J.’s face as he watched, with fascination. “I guess Angel doesn’t need to wear glasses all the time.  Come to think of it, she wasn’t wearing them at work yesterday either.”

Howie was still staring, almost mesmerized, as he watched Angel grind with a dark, well-dressed man.  He had only seen her wearing a suit and her work uniform, which consisted of beige khakis and a white blouse, but this outfit was a bit more revealing.  She had real boobs, that much he was sure of. 

“Hello??”  AJ called to his friend.  “What are you thinking about?”

“I never would have guessed that Angelina would be here, dancing… like that”  Howie pointed.  Angelina’s hands were trailing up and down the guy’s arms and then grabbing his hair, pulling him closer to her so they could kiss.  His hands rubbing Angelina’s ass and bringing it closer to his body.  Their French kissing was intoxicating to their audience.

“Should we go say HI?”  AJ said as he continued to stare.

“Are you crazy?  Somehow I don’t think Angel would want to be interrupted at this particular moment.  I know if I was the guy, I’d be pissed.”

“Yeah, you’re right.  We’ll have to take her out with us some night clubbing.  She seems like she would be a lot of fun.”

“Somehow I don’t see her coming along and partying with her bosses, AJ.  That’s not very professional, and she has pretty much kept her manners in check.  Even at the restaurant.  We know she’s a fan, but she’s acted anything but.”

“Maybe when Kevin is gone to London.  We can say it’s for research or something for the film.  You know how Sheridan is into details,” AJ wiggled his eyebrows at Howie.

“We’ll see AJ.  Let’s see how the next few meetings go, okay?”  Howie replied as he now watched the couple go sit down, in the dark corner booth, in the back.

“Alright,” AJ agreed.

Tom smiled, hugged, and basically hung off of Sheridan for the next two days.  He was as clingy as Saran Wrap and just about as transparent to Angelina.

Tuesday dragged by for Sheridan as she sat and tried to focus on work.  Her mind was completely engulfed in the script she’d been playing around with.  She was also psyching herself up for tonight’s meeting.

The plan was for the two girls to meet at their apartment and go to the office building together, unless Angel called to tell her she was running late, then she would just meet her there.

Kevin greeted Gene’s assistant as he entered the office.  “Good evening Marybeth.  Is Gene in?"

“No, I’m sorry Kevin.  He isn’t back from his five o’clock appointment.  He said he would be here, no problem.”

“Good.  Have any of the other guys shown up?”  Kevin asked as he poked his head around.

“No Kevin, you are the first.  Why don’t you go make yourself comfortable.  I put refreshments in the conference room for you guys.”

“Thanks Marybeth.  Did Gene ask you to make a few phone calls on our behalf to a company back East?”  Kevin meant to call Gene earlier and forgot.

“Yes, I called them Friday night; right after Gene introduced you to Angelina and Sheridan and all the contracts were signed.”

“Excellent.  Did they say how long it might take?”  Kevin inquired.

“Judging by the information I faxed to them, their resumes were full of leads for them.  The gentleman said it wouldn’t be longer than a couple of weeks.”

“Good.  I need to ask you a favor Marybeth.  I’ll probably be in London when Gene gets the reports.  Could I ask you to fax them to me at the hotel?  Call me first, so I know when to expect them.”

“Not a problem Kevin.  Just leave me your contact information and I would be happy to take care of it for you.”

“Thanks Marybeth.  Can I ask you to do me one more favor?  Could you please keep this quiet?  I don’t want the other guys knowing that we are doing background checks on Angelina and Sheridan just yet.”

“Yes, of course Kevin.  You have my word.”  Marybeth was interrupted with AJ’s voice.

“Your word on what?”  A.J. looked between Marybeth and Kevin, wondering what these two were up to.

“That she will be sure we have plenty of caffeine for the meetings this week.  And a hello to you too A.J.,” Kevin said quickly as he walked into the conference room.

The dinging of the elevators told them someone else had arrived.  Brian and Nick walked in, dribbling and passing a basketball back and forth between them. 

“Please tell me you two took a shower before coming to this meeting?”  Kevin frowned. 

“Of course we did Kev….chill.”  Brian put his duffle bag down in the corner; Nick did the same and balanced the basketball to stay on top.

“Well, why did you feel the need to bring your stuff to this meeting?”  A.J. looked quizzically at the large mound in the corner.

“Because we were upstairs using the company gym and didn’t want to be late for this meeting.  So instead of running our bags down to our cars, we brought them with us.  What’s with the twenty questions?”  Nick was getting perturbed again.  He had had a nice long talk with Brian about his parent’s situation and was feeling a bit better, now this.  ‘I need to get laid or something’ he thought, ‘that would help alleviate some of my stress.’

Marybeth poked her head in the conference room, “Do any of you need anything else before I leave?”

A bunch of, “No thanks,” “We’re all set,” and “See you later” were the replies.

“Okay, see you tomorrow night,” Marybeth smiled and was out the door.

The boys were sitting around the large conference table, each lost in their own thoughts. 

Howie was the first to speak, “Hey guys, guess who A.J. and I saw the other night at a club?” 

“Who?”  The three men replied.

A.J. began laughing as he recalled the evening, “Let’s just say, Angel doesn’t wear glasses when she’s out clubbing.” 

Nick’s head jerked up hearing her name.  Calmly he asked, “What night?” 

“Sunday,” AJ and Howie answered in unison.

“Wow, what a coincidence” Brian began, “Leighanne and I saw Sheridan and some man having dinner at Bravo Cucina’s Saturday night.” 

Kevin’s eyes wandered over to Brian, “Yeah, strange coincidence.  They get out, don’t they.” Kevin replied dryly.

Looking at his watch, he was growing more annoyed.  As if on cue, the elevator dinged for the fourth time since Kevin got there. 

Angelina raced in with her jogging suit while Sheridan was in a suit and sneakers.

“Well, nice of you ladies to join us.  I hope this is not a regular habit, we prefer promptness.”  Kevin sat back and waited for the women to take their seats.





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