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Chapter 8

Sheridan tossed the keys to the car to Angel, "You drive."

"What's the occasion?" she went to the driver's side and unlocked the doors.

"I'm so glad I passed muster with the great one." Sheridan threw her briefcase in the backseat.

"See, I knew this would happen. You're taking it personally now." Angelina had to call her on it, if she didn't, every little thing Kevin did, she would hear about from Sheridan. Sheridan always walked the fine line with Kevin in their stories, she either hated him or loved him. Right now, she was on the wrong side of the line if they were going to work together.

Leaning back in the seat, Sheridan lit a cigarette. "I don't get it with him. I'm really confused. I think I have the real man mixed up with my fantasy man. My vision is being played with."

As they drove out of the parking lot, they continued their conversation. "Or he is playing you."

"What?" Sheridan turned towards the window and blew the smoke out.

"He's playing you, I can tell." Angel drove along and then turned on the radio. Of all things to come on, Backstreet's, "I want it that way."

Closing her eyes from the headache that had started, Sheridan knew she had to call Tom when they got home. The rest of the drive was spent listening to the radio and quietly singing along to Elton John and others.

Sheridan went straight to the phone and Angel frowned, "He's your lover not your girlfriend. You can talk to me, I'm starting to get jealous here."

"You don't make me feel the same way he does." Sheridan grabbed the phone and headed to her room.

"No shit on that one, I'd probably do a better job." Angel began looking for something to munch on.

"I doubt it, you don't have the tongue for the job," Sheridan laughed.

Angel faked shock, "Kevin does, or at least you thought he did." Sheridan slammed the door shut as she went into her room. "Life sucks," Angel picked up the apartment that looked like a tornado had come through it.

Truth be told, she was staying up late, half out of habit and half hoping that Nick might call again. When the phone rang she jumped for it. Checking the time, she smiled. "Eleven o'clock. Do you know where your children are?" Picking up the phone, she smiled. "Hello."

"Hey Angel," Nick was giggling.

"How was the rest of the meeting since the supreme leader cut us loose early?"

"Oh that," Nick rolled his eyes.

Kevin had barked and yelled at him for twenty minutes over his behavior, then Nick laughed. He was lectured on the fact that they were fans, fanfic writers, and the kind of bad image they could bring to them. He explained to Nick and the rest of the guys about sexual harassment in the workplace, etc. etc. etc.

Nick thought he would go on forever but Howie shut him up when he said, "Kevin, This is about you not having control over us anymore or this project, get over it."

"I'm grounded. I was a bad boy," Nick snickered into the receiver.

Angel broke out in laughter, loud enough to cause Sheridan to wake up, open her door, and for her to yell 'shut up' at Angel. "Ooops," Angel snickered.

"Sounds like Kevin, 'don't wake me up,' 'don't mess with me,' 'do as I say.' I've heard it for years."  Nick walked around his condo picking up dirty clothes and throwing them into the laundry basket, basketball style.

"Yeah they have some qualities that are similar," thinking about their personalities. "So now that Oscar the Grouch isn't staring at you, what did you need Sunday night?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to talk to you," Nick was biting his bottom lip, "I spent the day with my brother, talking about stuff and I wanted to get a female perspective on some things."

Shocking Angel almost speechless temporarily, she finally answered, "And you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah, that's okay isn't it? I mean, I feel comfortable talking to you."

"Oh Nick, that's fine. I'd be happy to give you a female perspective. I just figured, never mind." Angel pulled the comforter around her and snuggled into her pillows.

"No, tell me. What were you thinking?" Nick asked as he crawled into his bed.

"Well, thinking about what Kevin said, he's right you know. We are fans of yours who somehow got ourselves mixed up in this bizarre situation and now we are working for you." Angel took a sip of her water, "And in all honesty, I just didn't think you would think of us in any other way."

Now Nick was speechless, "Some of the guys may, but I don't," biting his bottom lip, he continued, "Especially when it comes to talking with you."

Smiling through the phone, "So what did you and Aaron talk about?"

After an hour of talking about his family, Nick and Angel said goodnight.

Waking up with a smile on her face, Angel rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. The door was closed and she knew Sheridan was in there. Walking back to the kitchen, Angel poured herself a cup of coffee.

Sheridan walked towards the coffee pot dressed and getting ready to go to work. "So, how late were you up with Nick last night?"

"Til mid-night. I got lots of sleep last night and am ready to face the day. I'll meet you tonight at the office."

"Angel, your car is at the shop. The shop closes before you get out of work. How do you plan to get to the meeting?" Sheridan was beginning to rant, "You can not be late again or Kevin will have a fit."

"I'm catching a ride with a friend, don't worry." Angelina said as she walked down the hallway to the bathroom. "Have a good day at work. See you tonight." Angel disappeared behind the bathroom door.

"Hmm, wonder what she's up to?" shrugging, she looked at her watch. "Shit!" Sheridan raced out the door, now she was running late for work.

Sheridan walked into her office tiptoeing as quietly as she could. The last thing she needed was to hear Tom's voice saying, 'You're late again.'

After an hour of sitting behind her desk, Tom peeked his head in, "Hey you. Are you free for lunch?" Sheridan twirled around in her chair, "I'm starving, but I think the only place I can get what I want is at your place."

Tom's face went blank, but he shook his head, "Um…Okay.  What do you want exactly?" trying his best to smile.

She simply replied, "You." Grinning she twirled around and began to finish up the claims report she needed to send out express mail.

Gulping, "Okay, I'll be back at 12:30 to get you."

'Oh, I'll bet money I'll be coming again,' Sheridan laughed in her mind.

In the meantime at the restaurant Kim and Angel were having another conversation.

"See you tomorrow Angel," Kim said as Angel was leaving through the back door.  Jumping around with a scream, "Ahh….don't DO that," Angel said while laughing, "I hate when you do that."

"I know," Kim said with a smirk. "Where's your car? I didn't see it when I pulled in this afternoon."

"It died on my way to a meeting last night. It's at Sunny's shop getting fixed. I'll pick it up tomorrow before work." Angel looked around the parking lot nervously. She didn't want Kim to see who was picking her up.

"Kim, new party at table 24 and your food is up for table 30," shouted their Manager. "Gotta go, talk to you tomorrow Angel."

"See ya." Angel said with a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she heard a car slowly pulling around the restaurant.

"All ready?" the male voice asked.

With a smile, Angelina hopped around to the passenger's side of the car and got in, "Yup. And I already ate dinner too so Mr. Crankypants won't get his panties in a wad."

Nick looked over at Angel and laughed.

"Thanks again Nick for the ride to this meeting. I appreciate it."

"Not a problem," Nick replied while grinning, "Besides, I wouldn't want Sheridan to get mad at you for making her late again."

Chuckling, "Oh no, we wouldn't want that to happen."

Walking into the conference room, Angelina noticed all the rest of the boys were there, including Gene. She walked over to what she considered, 'her seat' and began her normal ritual of getting set up for the meeting. Flipping off her sneakers, she sat Indian style while combing her hair up in a ponytail.

"Are you comfortable?" Kevin asked while eyeing her appearance.

"Yes, thank you." He continued to stare at Angel as he watched her booting up her laptop. Giving him the eye back, "Is there anything else I can help you with Kevin?"

"Nope," came out in a southern drawl.

"Good, stop staring. Take a picture, it lasts longer." Angel was a bit pissed off at Kevin after hearing what Nick told her Kevin had said.

Shocked, Kevin was embarrassed at what she had said to him. Gene noticing the tension building tried to change the subject, "So Angel, where is Sheridan?"

Looking at her Hello Kitty watch, "She should be here any minute." Angelina replied with her head back in front of her computer screen.

Kevin licked his lips, "So, where's your dinner tonight?"

Lifting her head slowly, glaring at him Angelina replied, "I already ate since you made such a big deal about it last night Kevin."

"Guess she told you," A.J. said quietly.

The dinging of the elevator let everyone know Sheridan had arrived, "Good evening Gentlemen, Angel." Taking her seat, Sheridan quickly got herself situated taking out her pen and pad.

Gene wasn't sure how the dynamics of this group was going to work, "I was thinking we could begin tonight by the boys going over one scene they would like to have more interpretation on how you envisioned it to be."

Howie was smirking thinking he would love to know how the girls interpreted his sleeping around with women. As if Kevin could read his mind, he spoke up, "I would like to understand how I am suppose to ask out my research assistant for a first date without crossing that ethical line of mixing business with pleasure?"

Sheridan blinked, then blinked again turning towards Angelina, "Angel, would you like to explain to Mr. Casanova how he is suppose to seduce a young, attractive woman?"

As Angelina began to giggle, Brian dropped his head smirking knowing full well she was going to somehow insult his cousin, not that Sheridan hadn't taken the initial shot to begin with.

Angelina stood up, took off her jogging suit jacket, leaving only a white baby V-neck tee, and began to walk around the conference room. "One of the many attributes of graduate students as well as professors is the fact that the obvious things in life, escape them. Envision a beautiful woman, intelligent and witty, with no common sense." Leaning over Kevin from his right side, "This is the kind of woman you need to seduce. A clueless woman who doesn't understand that if you were to brush a lose hair from her face and place it around her ear, that it was to mean something." Angelina walked some more, her arms animated in the air as she kept on talking.

A.J. noticed her belly piercing and spoke out "Is that a cross in your navel?"

Angel stopped and looked at A.J. wondering what the hell he was talking about.

Sheridan interrupted her thoughts, "Yes A.J. Now can we let Angel finish helping Kevin understand his woman's character?" Sheridan had been in a foul mood ever since lunch and this discussion wasn't helping her any.

Sheepishly A.J. mumbled, "Of course."

Now that A.J. had brought it up, Nick was staring at Angel's navel area trying to make out the cross. At that particular moment he was more interested in her jewelry rather than the script.

Kevin was listening intently to Angelina's description of "his" woman. Suddenly he asked, "Which actress do you think could play this part?"

Sheridan's eyes wandered around the room, watching the men looking pensive as each one thought of someone who could fill, 'her' role. Licking her lips with a grin, she noticed Nick staring at Angel's tummy. Angel was completely clueless to her audience.

As she was leaning on Brian's chair, which was next to Nick's and across from Kevin's, she looked lost in thought. "I know," Angel jumped up and down, "How about someone like Jamie Pressly?"

Kevin gave her a crazy look, "Who?"

Frowning, Angel replied "Jaime Pressly. She's an actress on the WB show Jack and Jill? She also starred in some movies, 'Poison Ivy 3' and 'Can't Hardly Wait'."

A.J.'s eyes lit up, "Oh I know her. Didn't she pose for Playboy?"

Angel smiled, "Yes, she did."

Kevin blinked several times wondering internally where this conversation was going. All he knew was that he wanted to get Sheridan involved in it too. He hadn't heard a peep out of her. "What do you think Sheridan?"

Sheridan thought about it and then asked Angelina "Why did you choose Jaime Pressly Angel?"

Smiling at her partner, she answered, "For one, she's blonde. Being clueless correlates with the hair color," Suddenly feeling Brian's eyes staring at her, she quickly replied looking at him "Of course, that's not true for all blondes, bottled or not." He gave her a smile and waved her off. "She's also a very beautiful woman with a killer body who is very confident in her appearance. She appears to have had sexual experience yet she can give off the impression of being shy. I would say Gwynth Paltrow is another candidate, but she doesn't strike me as experienced in sexual situations not too mention we can't afford her."

"Spare the vine," Kevin grumbled; he was angry enough over this shit. He had wanted a dowdy geek student who would blossom under his sexual prowess.

Frowning, Angel replied dryly, "Well Kevin, what are YOUR specifications?"

Kevin liked this conversation of sexual experience Angel was describing. He wanted to hear more of what she had to say. "So, you think I need someone who is experienced, sexually?"

"Yes I do," Angelina's head bobbled around.

Kevin countered, "Well, I don't. I want someone who is inexperienced and clueless. As an assistant, I want to be able to teach her."

Staring at him, Angel replied blankly, "Fine. I can understand if a sexually experienced woman intimidates you. After all, this is your first film, and showing how you seduce females on film may make it difficult for you to…to…how can I say it?"

"What Angel means is we will be happy to work with the characteristics you prefer in your lover." Sheridan was afraid to hear what words would come out of Angel's mouth next.

Walking back around behind Kevin's chair, Angel leaned down to his left side and asked, "Since we don't know how you prefer to seduce a woman, could you give us your take on a first date with your research assistant, and future colleague who you would like to fuck?"

Sheridan adjusted herself in her seat. She was horny as hell as it was, hearing how Kevin would seduce his woman would send her over the top.

Howie and A.J. adjusted themselves as well both having flashbacks of Angelina at the night club. Brian couldn't help but notice Angel's cleavage as she was leaning down and Nick now found a new area on Angel's body to stare at.

Gene was sitting there highly amused at the scene unfolding in front of him. Sexual energy was bouncing off the walls.

Kevin slowly turned his head towards Angel smirking, "Well, I would invite her to a nice restaurant for dinner. I would pick her up from her house. We would discuss our musical tastes over a nice bottle of wine. Depending on the weather, we would walk to a nice Bohemian coffee house that played live music for some coffee and dessert. A place where we could have a little quiet conversation and a chance to get to know one another. I would get touchy-feely by holding her hand, wrapping my arm around her shoulders."

Angelina was nodding her head as if she agreed with his tactics, "That could work."

Kevin looked up at her and continued, "Then I'd take her home. The first date I wouldn't expect anything more than a kiss."

"If we are going with a clueless assistant, that's about all you're going to get," Sheridan replied nastily. Realizing the tone in her voice, she quickly softened, "Maybe you could tease her into getting what you want."

Putting his head in his hands, Kevin asked "Tease her how Sheridan?"

Flustered, Sheridan looked to Angel, who had a big smile on her face, "I don't know exactly, sex is Angel's department." Six sets of eyes turned towards Angel, waiting for a response. 'Ha, ha,' Sheridan laughed in her head.

Sucking in her cheek while contemplating how she would answer this, Angel answered as honestly as she could, from experience. "There are many ways to make a woman want you and in the most subtle ways too. First, you could just lean over and quietly whisper in her ear. Usually, the closeness of your breath in her ear while cause a slight tremor in her body. Then there's the reaching around and pulling her hair out of its clip, assuming she has her hair up, and letting your fingers run through her hair, letting it cascade around her face and through your fingers. Touching her lower back as you lead her where you want her to go. The softest touches make a girl tingle throughout her body."

Kevin began to shift in his seat, he couldn't believe what Angel was saying, looking over to Sheridan, he caught the look in her eyes and knew she was becoming frustrated with this conversation too. "Turning the A/C up in your car will cause a reaction in her nipples. As they harden, they become overly sensitive and the smallest of touches on any part of her body, such as her knee for instance, can…." Angel was becoming much more comfortable with each scenario as she spoke.

Gene couldn't take any more and interrupted, "Well Angel, those are some very good suggestions. Kevin, are you satisfied with some of her, uh….scenarios?"

A.J. was quite impressed with Angel's outspoken language. He began to laugh when he realized she had made everyone in the room horny.

Kevin's glare made his laugh turn into a choking cough. "Yes Gene, we will just have to work on getting passed the ethical part of this relationship. It's a major part of the plot of the story and needs to be addressed in a serious manner."

"Does anybody else want questions answered?" Sheridan did her best to avoid Kevin's eyes. A hand on hers stopped her, the feeling of him touching her forced her to look at the person touching her.

"Did you have a bad day?"

Sucking in all the air she could, she smiled. What could she tell him? That Tom had taken her back to his apartment and they had lunch, even though she wasn't really hungry for food, it was Tom that she wanted. The conversation in this meeting might have set her vision back on track, she would know more when she went home later. "No, but lunch was not as good as I had planned."

Angel coughed to hide the laughter that bubbled out on her by accident.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Kevin had a look of genuine caring on his face.

"So am I," she smiled back not letting on to what she was really talking about.

Kevin pulled his hand away when Gene began to go down a list of things that needed to be done.

Gene did a run down of the meetings that would be necessary while Kevin was gone. They would look for locations to do the exterior scenes because the budget called for the filming to stay local. They were in the process of finding a director.

"Next week set construction will begin for the basic interior shots. I won't be here." Kevin's surly look went straight to Gene.

"I'm sorry Kevin but you understood when you took this project on that you had other obligations. We cannot stop production or these meetings simply because you are not here. We will do some tele-conferencing with you when it is necessary. Due to the time difference, we will have to do them on the days that you are off."

"They don't know my taste."

"Sure we do Tarzan," Sheridan's hands flew to her mouth to cover what she had just said.

"Spare the vine," Kevin grumbled; he was angry enough over this shit. He had wanted a sexy virgin not a school marm. He was almost sure he had lost that battle.

"I apologize," Sheridan judged that the controlling Kevin was going ape-shit on the inside. "If you have any preferences as far as what you want your apartment or office to look like on the set, make a list and we'll do what we can." Sheridan closed her eyes not wanting to see if she had soothed him any.

"You'd do that?" he questioned her as his eyebrows formed into one.

"Yes Kevin, we'll do that. We can talk about some of the sets in tomorrow's meeting." Sheridan looked at all of them. "Now let's wrap this up, I'm tired and I want to go home."

The meeting continued until almost midnight, which meant Angel wouldn't be getting a call from Nick tonight.





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