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Sheridan and Angelina, as opposite as they come.  An introvert, naïve older woman living with a young, not so inexperienced, extrovert.

Strange pairings from television sitcoms come to mind.  Laverne and Shirley, Oscar and Felix, Lucy and Ethel.  If they tossed in Sheridan’s current boyfriend, they would have Three’s Company.

Both women had two great loves, writing and the Backstreet Boys. 

Writing a book, then turning it into a screenplay, had been hard work.  Submitting the finished work to an agent in order to get somewhere in Tinsel Town proved to be the tough end of the deal.  Basing their lead characters on their favorite singing group seemed to be the easiest part of all of their hard work.

It was time for them to test the waters and try to sell their project.  Or was it?


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