He went through a period in his life when he questioned the existence of miracles. Not anymore…

There was a time when he dismissed nightmares as the product of an overactive imagination. Not anymore…

Not so long ago, he believed he had seen all there was to see and lived all there was to live. Now, he knew that wasn’t true.

Challenges he had experienced in the past were expected and planned for. Not this time…

Kevin Richardson had found himself in the midst of a true life and death situation. It was part ‘Survivor’, except that there were no cameras and it was part ‘Lord of the Flies’, except that this wasn’t fiction. Before the ordeal ended, however, Kevin Richardson would have gained the wisdom to realize several things. He would realize that primitive instinct lies just beneath the skin. He would recognize that fate is frightening, horrible, beautiful and uncontrollable. He would know that he has strength. He would experience the satisfaction of respect. He would know what is important. He would learn that God laughs at our human plans and expectations and is always ready to throw us a few surprises. Love born of good times is easy and fleeting. Love born of bad times is lasting and strong.

This is Kevin’s diary of an event that would change his life and outlook forever. It is also the journal of a woman he would have never met had God not laughed.


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