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The Book Series- It started it all!

 Writer's Block - Completed- Kevin Richardson knew about fan fiction, he preferred to ignore it… Some instances were harder to ignore than others.

Looking at A.J. Nick said to him, "I sent him this fic I found about him, written by some chick named Kaylin. It drove him nuts it was hitting way to close to the real thing."

Nick smiled and looked at Kevin. Kevin had such a grip on the glass his knuckles were white. Nick figured Kevin was imagining that it was his throat.

Kevin's eyes were closed and the only thing he could think of was he was going to kick Nick's ass at the first possible opportunity.

 Turn The Page - Completed- Two people with similar personalities and explosive tempers can create a myriad of problems. Communication and compromise would be the key. Eventually they will figure it out together. He had pushed her; she balked at him and pulled in the opposite direction.

Everything was running smoothly until it was time for her to leave Las Vegas and head to Lexington. She searched their penthouse suite and then went two floors down to search Bounce’s suite for their tickets. When she reached Bounce’s door she found that her daughter was gone. Kevin’s family had left as well. After the maid had informed her that the guests had checked out earlier in the morning her fuse had been lit.

 The Binding - In Progress Things are going wrong, very wrong. Maybe the past will be just that some day.

“Go to it my boy, if you can find her, stick a stamp on her ass and mail her home.” Kevin spoke his comment with mixed emotions. On the inside, it indicated the level of hurt, the outside was laced with sarcasm. He didn’t want anyone near his wife until he could talk to her. Dealing with Bron’s quote, unquote family, his pleas or requests would be ignored.

Single Stories

* Mistakes - Completed - Sometimes we are reminded of our mistakes on a daily basis. Does that make the mistake a bad thing? Only time will tell. One momentary lapse in judgment and a lifetime to regret it. Kevin will need to find out with the help of his friends and family.

Cass tilted her head sideways and glared at the obnoxious man sitting at the end of the table. She stood there waiting for an apology. He wrinkled up his nose at her, frowned, and locked his green eyes on her. His intent was clear, leave us alone. Realizing he didn’t really give a shit, neither did she any more. Grabbing the sugar bowl off the counter she went to the table. Leaning on the table she gave it a shove and it slid down the table ever so slowly. It passed each man and their eyes locked on it. It came to rest itself right in front of Kevin as it came to a slow halt. Glances were exchanged quickly and the look of oh shit was the prominent on their faces. She only said one line as she walked back out the door. “Maybe that will help.”

* The Celtic Wizard - Completed - A little magick, a little mystical, and a little intriguing, things are what they always appear, now are they?

Kevin sat in the postproduction meeting in California for the video that they had just finished last week. As Brian had said, “We should call it Sinking not Drowning.” None of the men were particularly pleased, even though it was a rough cut. This meeting had been called to decide what to do with it. Should the video be re-worked or scrapped entirely and a new treatment started.

* A Penchant For Pirates - Completed - Captain Richardson has a penchant for a pirate. With a desperate need to restore his family fortune and good name he takes to the high seas. Both he and is crew have much to gain and much to lose. The question that remains unanswered is he searching for one of the richest things of all.

"I see it this way, a whore gets your manhood, a lady gets your heart, a woman gets your accepted wisdom, a wife gets all three.” Kevin watched the boy-man smile proudly. Nick finally understood.

* Copyright - A collaboration with Suzie- In Progress - Selling a story in Hollywood was long shot, writing the screenplay was unheard of… When it involves the men you wrote about, their world is turned upside down.

Laverne and Shirley. Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Ethel and Lucy. Sheridan and Angelina were as different as they were alike. Both born and raised in the same small town in Pennsylvania, both wanted to be writers, yet they had different personalities. While Sheridan was an introvert, Angelina was an extrovert. Together, they share an adventure of a lifetime.

* Shorts - One Chapter Stories

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