I am hoping that as time goes by this site will evolve into something. At the moment it is bare bones at best.

Eventually I will be adding return links and special pages. I just have been extremely short on time.

Follow the links below to what you want to see.

Both Suzie and I read, Suzie reads more lately so we added a bookshelf for her today! If you haven't been to some of these great sites please do and send the authors feedback if you enjoy their work.

Bronwyn's Bookshelf

Backstreet Lite- The ladies are great! Actually I live here!!

Wakey Wakey- Awesome reads by Em, J.C., and crew.

Tragical Fiction- Great Reads.

Fairytales and Backstreet Boys- Lisa has a great site.

Nigel Dick- Go visit Nigel!! Sarcasm and wit abound.


Suzie's Bookshelf
*Suzie's shelf contains mostly Nick, she's a Nick lover. LOL Now she's a Twihard!!! But, Nick still holds a special place in heart. I'm sure she'll send me something soon!



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