"Prelude To A Kiss"

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A Little Background

Name: Bronwyn††† † †††††††††††

Family: Married to my Soul mate Curt.

Children: 1 daughter Brianna and 1 son Zachary.† Check out Zachary and Brie's page!

Pets: Two dogs that are Mastiffs: Howie and Magic, 2 cats, Jynx and Jasper, both of them are rescues.† 1 saltwater reef tank, commonly referred to by me as the money pit!†

Oh and by the way, I love to read and write.


June 24th, 2006- Suzie sent me an e-mail late last night with the link to Kevin's My Space post with a warning to drink my coffee first. It's funny we just had this conversation on the phone last week. At the time, I said no way, because Nick seemed to damn jolly about the big announcement. Then as the rumors perpetuated I started to give them some serious weight. I thought maybe Kris was pregnant, which would spur him into quitting. He wants to be around his family, privately. He has always been a private man.

What can I say, after reading my space, I seemed saddened but understand. He's a man who wants to move on with his life. I'm sure he has many desires and wishes he wants to fulfill and Backstreet's recording sessions and tour schedule might have restricted him from doing what he wants to do. For many years, Kevin has stated he wants nothing more than a family, maybe he wants a quieter life that will keep him home and happy with his wife.

It's sort of funny that he posted at his My Space and no doubt in my mind forced the official statement. They had no choice but to follow. LOL Way to go Master, do it on your terms!

Who really knows why he is leaving, except him? I wish him well and hope that he stays in the public eye; I would miss seeing his handsome face. For now, it's time for him to move on.

I will continue to write my stories, or at least finish the ones I have started. From there, who knows? I have taken on new endeavors myself and moved on as well. Life has thrown me some serious curve balls the last seven months that have caused me to re-evaluate what is important to me in life. I've gone back to work by starting my own business. I'm also trying to write a story to submit for publication. The main character is a very tall, dark, handsome man who sports a goatee and some long black hair. ;)

As far as Backstreet, it's over for me. He is the one person who held my interest. His reactions and his dynamic with the group fascinated me in many ways. He'll always hold a special place in my heart for getting me to write again and keeping it going all those years.

Much love and good luck to him!

Hopefully, we'll see more of him in the future.

January 26th, 2006- Well I have been very busy writing, so I'm keeping Suzie very busy. The good news, Suzie is writing as well. Hopefully things will settle down some and I can get even more done that I have.

I have had a few requests to see what Zach looks like in a SPICA cast. So here the link to the pic. Click here!

January 16th, 2006- Sorry the updates have been so few but I feel like I have been to hell and back. Zach recently underwent surgery on both of his hips to stabilize his walking ability. Due to Zach's birth defect his hips were malformed. We went to Shriners to have the surgery done because they are the best.

The surgery went well but Zach developed complications. The night of the surgery Zach was leaking blood from an epidural, which stressed his system. Zach's nurse Anita paged and spoke to the anesthesiologist four times that night because we weren't sure if he was leaking spinal fluid along with the blood. Moreover, there was a bubble present in the catheter and we weren't sure if he was getting his pain meds. The bitch refused to come in and I was pissed. They finally called a resident up to check the epidural; he was as hot as the nurses and I were that the anesthesiologist wouldn't come in to do her job. He immediately ordered morphine via IV to make sure Zach wasn't in any pain. The anesthesiologist and I would were going to have a smack down in the morning. Curt paced like a caged animal and then had to leave to return home to take care of Brie and the critters. Needless to say, neither one of us slept since we kept calling each other on our cells. Lucky for us they don't have the no cell rule like most hospitals.

On Wednesday Zach wasn't himself, not so much from the surgery but he wasn't acting right and I told them that. I was still stewing over the anesthesiologist and was very curt with her when she finally showed up late Wednesday afternoon. I was holding my tongue because something didn't feel right with me. I couldn't put my finger on it.

Thursday he went down hill rapidly in the morning. Zach started to suffer from Tachycardia for reasons that we couldn't figure out why. Tachycardia is a fancy word for a rapid heartbeat. His heart was beating at 198 beats a minute and cardiac arrest was a definite if we couldn't find the cause. Having doctors fly into a room, who had paged from the surgeries they were performing seriously freaked me out. It sucked as I stood in that room and almost lost it since I was by myself, but the great nurses helped me get through it. I stepped out of the room only to be followed by two nurses. I was losing it. I wanted to call my Mom but Mom was gone. They let me get it out of my system and talked to me until I was settled a little. Having a crash cart nearby and people flying everywhere scared the hell out of me. I thought was going to lose my son. I flipped open my cell and called Curt at work. I told him to leave work as fast as possible to come back down to the hospital. I couldn't tell him what was really going on because I was afraid he would get in an accident during the 90 mile drive back to us. During the drive, he called and asked if he was going to make it. Curt knew I wasn't telling him everything, he isn't stupid. I told him, "I think so."

Zach's body began to swell so they ended up cutting the front of his SPICA cast off to give him room for his body to expand. I was waiting for Curt to get down to me and he did in record time.

A pediatrician was called in to oversee everything. She in turn called in a Urologist after noticing a massive amount of swelling in Zach's scrotum. Some swelling was to be expected after double hip surgery and a SPICA cast. The swelling will settle in the closest area that can take the fluid. She felt the swelling was excessive.

After test and x-rays the urologist discovered that Zach's kidneys were failing, his catheter had collapsed internally and his kidneys had stopped functioning. Everything was off in his system from his blood counts to his electrolytes.

To avoid another false passage, which he already had, Zach was scheduled for a second emergency surgery to reinsert the catheter. Thank a high power for the urologist since the anesthesiologist was giving everyone a hard time and didn't want to put Zach under since he had drank a cup of milk about an hour before. I had to laugh as I stood in the hall. Revenge was finally mine when the urologist chewed anesthesiologist up in front of the entire floor. I'll never forget the words from the urologist as all of the nurses, residents, the doctors that were called in stood just outside of Zach's room. Even some parents were there. "You don't understand this is an emergency situation. You will do what I say. You will put this child under."

Curt was ready to kill the woman but the urologist talked to him to calm him down. Finally she yelled at him. "Curt, shut your mouth until I do this surgery. Then we'll take care of her." I had to laugh, I liked this chick, she was just like me.

Smack down number two took place down in the OR from what the nurses came back and told me and it wasn't pretty. Oh well, what can I say, I was smiling. LOL

After the second surgery it was a waiting game to see if the Tachycardia stopped or not. We sat on pins and needles waiting for his kidneys to begin functioning again. His kidneys did come up but the Tachycardia stayed. Again, we waited as they placed Zach on a tremendous amount of IV fluids because his kidneys were over processing and they were afraid his body wouldn't keep up. Blood cultures were being done and he was placed on three different antibiotics. Finally, by the evening Zach was still suffering, it was then decided that Zach might need a blood transfusion or two to help even out some of the symptoms that he was suffering from. The pediatrician thought that low blood volume was playing a major factor also in the tachycardia and the kidney problems. The IV fluids were not working as well as they wanted them to. After the transfusion, Curt left for home. I still have a daughter and animals that needed to be cared for.

A couple of hours of waiting had me pacing up and down the halls when he was sleeping and sitting by his bedside when he was awake. By Saturday, we were more comfortable about what was going on but it was still a touchy day. Sunday we received great news that Zach was on the mend but we would have to stay put until Thursday to make sure that nothing else was going to happen.

My anxiety was building and I'm glad I had Suzie to talk too as well as Chris. My days were filled with entertaining Zach through the Child-Life Department and keeping his spirits up. He really missed his pets and he wanted to go home. I knew he was homesick when he missed his sister. Trust me when I say Zach would like to be an only child. LOL The next four days were okay but drove me stir crazy. Finally, on Wednesday, his catheter was removed and we waited to see if he could go on his own. When he did, we clapped.

Zach received so many gifts while he was there I thought that we would need another car to get everything home. He was spoiled rotten and became the floor mascot over our two- week stay. Zach had everyone twisted around his little finger from getting macaroni and cheese everyday for lunch to having syringe squirt gun wars with the nurses. One of the nurses bought him a fart machine since he had so much fun playing with hers. Gee thanks to Krissy, Zach passes very loud gas but has fun tricking everyone. The fake tarantula that they placed on my cot didn't amuse me as much as it did them as it walked over my bed.

We returned home late Thursday evening. It's a good thing it was dark, my house was trashed and I didn't see it until morning, most likely due to exhaustion. I won't get into it here but to say I was livid would have been the understatement of the year.

I can honestly say that I will venture down this road again with the same hospital and medical team in place; minus a certain anesthesiologist of course. I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for the people who work at the medical center that Zach was in. These people went over the hump to take care of my son and me as well. I can never thank them enough for everything that they did for us.

I have to thank Suzie, The Lites, Grace and D.J. for keeping me from going crazy.

We're going to take a trip down tomorrow to make sure his kidneys and bladed are fine. They want to run a few tests and I'm cool with that.

So peeps if ever your children are in need of orthopedic care, go to Shriners, your children are in excellent hands!

December 1st, 2005- It is with deep regret this morning that I have to tell you that my mother passed way yesterday everning. I can thank all of you enough for supporting over the last two months. I love her and I miss her but I have a great husand, wonderful children, and the best friends in the world that will help me get through this.

October 22nd, 2005- I know that the updates for this site have been slow. I'm sorry about that but it is the best I can do under the circumstances. Hospice is here now giving me a hand and still doesn't make it easier. Her doctor came on Friday and told her and I it would be 6 to 12 weeks. Talk about leveling me, I couldn't talk. Of course, there is no guarantee, it could much longer or much shorter. With anger in my heart, I fought back the tears and told him, "You don't know that, you aren't God." I'll be honest, it ripped my heart out. After taking care of my Mother since my Father died, finding out that there truly is a finite to life is a knock your socks of experience.

My Mom is my last link. My father passed in '93 and I have no sisters and brothers. I have my husband to rely on and my children but still being parentless scares the hell out of me. I have friends like Suzie, the Lites, Grace and DJ.

Thank God this family can still have it's more humorous moments. Small instances that have happened over the last few days.

My husband's face when my mothers said, "I don't know what I should wear. The dress I wore to your wedding is to fancy." My husband's face turned snow white and then she laughed.

"Are you bringing the dogs to the funeral."

"No Mom, I don't think I'll be in a good state to handle them."

"They won't know where I went if you don't."

"I'll take them later and Howie can mark your grave the traditional way."

She laughed her ass off on that one, "Howie is my boy!"

"What color coffin do you want?"

"I don't know, maybe rose or lilac, just don't let me get wet."

We discussed finances because she will have a fit if I don't. My Mother's reply.

"They want a hundred dollars for a Minister. What the hell do I need a minister for? Save the money!"

The list went on and on, it became a light hearted moment when she looked at Curt and I. "Bury me in the backyard under the tree and carve bitch into the tree. It will save a ton of money."

Curt laughed, "I can't, Kel has dibs on that one!"

In all seriousness, to see life winding down once again in my family makes me cry. I've been distancing myself from many people because I am too emotional. So if you have sent me an e mail and I haven't answered, please don't take it personal because I've been overwhelmed and writing a Eulogy sucks.

August 18th, 2005- We'll I'm back from my adventure and I couldn't have had a better time. The Boston concert review is posted here along with my vacation adventures. I also attended the Darien Lake show however, it was a bust, my seats sucked.

July 21st, 2005- I have had many requests for Pirates and I'm trying to catch up. Recently my Mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer so bare with me as I juggle personal life with my writing. I'm a little stressed around here but I'll do our best.

June 30th, 2005- Well now it has been way to long since I have posted in here. A ton of things are going on around here, but when isn't there. LOL I've been working in my gardens which is something else that I truly enjoy, especially my rose garden. If you like gardens and roses check them out at my Webshots Album.

Let's see, I did the Cleveland show at the HOB with Jerri and Debbie, two of the Lite girls. It was a great show except for cat fight on the floor. I guess maturity escapes people when they are falling down drunk. We even dragged Curt for protection, he makes a great barrier for the crush of the crowd. He can park cars too, right ladies!

Brie and I are doing Darien, mother and daughter style. We'll have a blast if she doesn't drive me nuts by then. Summer has finally started here. She did great at school and even received the Principal's Award for Citizenship. School doesn't come easy for Brie since she has ADD but she has a lot of heart and really tries.

Zach had dental surgery this week because of his birth defect. The kid could probably tune in a good FM station with the amount of metal they put in. However, some really great news did happen recently. All of Zach's orthopedic problems will now be handled by Shriner's Hospital in Erie, PA. I have never been treated better in my life and neither has Zach. I can't say enough wonderful things about the staff and the hospital. They are on our Power Team now. I can't stress enough that if your child has special needs contact your local chapter or through the national web site. They will help you.

Left Brain and I are hitting the show in Mass. Fourth row never looked better and yes Suzie has her coveted aisle seat for dead center. Carter sweat should keep her happy most of the night. I can sit back and let my mind spin. LOL Curt and Suzie's husband get to stay home and watch the kids. Aren't we sweet!

January 20th, 2005- Okay it has been far too long for an update but I have been very busy these last few months. I have lost more than my share of family members the last 13 months. I have had 7 relatives pass on and mother has been in and out of the hospital since last July. They call us the sandwich generation and I can fully understand why. Taking care of an ill parent and two children is enough to whip anyone out. So anyway, on to greater and better things this year I hope.

I'm back on track with my writing thanks to my hubby given me my own space to get away from everyone. Pirates is in full swing. I'm working on Bindings too. Copyright will be slow to post, Suzie starts a chapter and I finish it, then we bounce it back and forth. Many of you know that Suzie had a baby in November and just know heading back to work. Give her some time to get organized and we should get the ball rolling again soon.

Thanks for the feedback from all of you, it does keep me motivated to get things done.

July 29th, 2004- Well it's been too long but so much has happened to our family over the past two months. My husband's mother passed away and my mother was hospitalized. I just took her back in to the hospital today. We took a much needed family vacation to get away from the stress. It helped some and I feel less burdened but having my Mom go back in today sort of took the wind out of my sails.

The kids are doing great and we just got back from Disney World. My son dumped me for Snow White and my husband was drooling over Jasmine. I'll give him that one since there is a bushy-browed Aladdin that makes me drool. LOL Brie finally met Ariel and Curt and I re-newed our wedding vows with the kids. What can I say other than it was a great trip.

The pics are up and I'll send the link to those who want to see them. I don't like having my face plastered on the internet.

May 27th, 2004- Oh it's been awhile but I've been very busy taking care of my family. Zach is coming along and should get his AFO's for his legs next week. Brie is getting excited about vacataion and the fact that school is almost out.

Big congrats to Suzie and Chris and the new little one on the way. I think I'm as excited as they are.

I posted a new pic of Zach, I tried to get brie but she is fussing like crazy about having her picture taken.

I've been playing with the camera and taking pictures of my gardens. They might actually get weeded if the rain ever stops. The rain is great for Zach and his new puddle stomper boots.

April 23rd, 2004- Just a short update for everyone. Not much going on here but appointment after appointment for Zach. A few people wanted to know what the new Tatt looked like. Since my 40th birthday, I'm suffering from a mid-life crisis. The hair is blonde and we're sporting new tatts.

So here is the new Tatt. Click here.

March 11th, 2004- I've been on a graphics binge again, as you can tell. It was time for some changes. I hope you enjoy the new pages and graphics. As always, thanks for the feedback and my friends!

January 20th, 2004- It's Time for an update, it's been awhile. I've been pretty busy lately, my Mom had a couple of stokes and is ill. She recently had surgery to remove a lump; the great news is that biopsy results came back and it was non-cancerous. They are still searching for the cause of the strokes and possibly lung cancer but I'll take all the good news that I can.

Life in general has been very stressful around here. I'm pretty fortunate though since I have a great group of friends that I can unload on and fantastic husband who knows what I need, when I need it. Even if I do want to smack him some days.

The best thing for me was seeing the picture of the guys in the studio, inspiration has been lagging lately, hence Pirates is at a standstill. Brian is almost unrecognizable. LOL!

Christmas was great! My friends spoiled me rotten and the kids had a blast.

That's all for now, I really have to get move. Thanks to Forever Rebel Awards for The Best One Award for The Closet II.

I'm also rebuiding my characters for the Women Of Books. I lost all my files when the computer when down a couple of months ago. Actually it wasn't too bad, they are starting to look a little better. LOL

One other thing, watch the viruses out there. If you don't have a virus scan go to Trend Micro.com or Symantec, they have a free virus scanners you can use.

November 27th, 2003- Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Boy it has been awhile since I have done one of these but I have been very busy rebuilding my computer system. I had to start from scratch and I'm still rebuilding since everything was wiped out and I being the bad person that I am, didn't have a backup. Live and learn I guess but it bites because now I have to rebuild my characters as well.

We posted a new story today and I did type we. Suzie wanted to write and so we started a project together. I hope you like it, let us know. Lord knows we have had to work the kinks out as we go along but we are getting there. LOL It should make some of Nick women happy, at least we hope it does. Don't worry Kevin is there too, as always.

September 18th, 2003- FINALLY! He's here! This is about as close as I can get. Using my new program is similar to a sculptor using clay, except I'm using pixels. It took me way to long to pull this off but it is as close as I'm ever going to get. LOL

The Lite Site Awards are over and the winners have been announced. The banners are done.

I hope all of you are ready for real treats! Since everyone requested it the third installment of The Book Series begins today. Jeez, aren't you guys rowdy when your feathers are ruffled.


September 1, 2003- School starts soon! I'm way behind getting my daughter ready for school and the Lite Site Awards. I've been playing with graphics to find my muse! Hopefully a decent update this weekend for everyone. If you haven't voted yet please do. There are wonderful people involved with this project every year.

August 7, 2003- We're back from vacation and it's taken me the last couple days to catch up. The Lite Awards is a busy time for me and the Lites.

We had an excellent vacation. I soaked up the ambiance and just let it roll. All I want to do is sit and write now. So on to the good news... Wizard is done! Sorry it took me so long but my muse when on vacation. Let me know what you think about the rest of the story. I like feedback just like everyone else.

So onward we go, time to get the house cleaned and all other junk done around here. Thanks to my friends my vacation was awesome. I saw pirates, witches, and all kinds of neat things. Salem is a great place as well as Boston. It was made better by great company, who didn't poison me with her cooking! LOL

I loaded two new pics up of the kids, my curly haired boy and my witchy girl!

July 27, 2003- Just a quick update to let everyone know what is going on. Pirates has started and I'm working on finishing Page and Wizard. Well, that's not entirely true, Page is finished, it's just not posted yet. Wizard is almost there.

Someone asked me if Bron was going to go away. I don't think so. I also told someone that I really needed the break and that I can't wait to go to Salem because you know me, curiosity killed the cat. She said, "Maybe you'll come home with a sequel." Who knows!

I'm heading off for vacation for this week. I'm going to get some real sea-legs so to speak!

Thanks to the Forever Rebel Awards for Giving Best One to The Closet and Honorable Mention to Mistakes for Best Kevin.

To the Lites, carry on and don't break anything while I'm gone! LOL

July 13, 2003- Boy, it's been awhile. Things have been a little crazy lately. We're doing the Lite Site Awards Season 2. The nominations will be closing on the 15th of July so if you have any favs that you don't see nominated, nominate them.

Zach did great with his surgery and seems to be coming along. At least he doesn't snore anymore. I swear that boy could wake the living dead some nights.

We now have three therapists coming in every week. It's amazing how fast kids pick up on things. Zach has his favorite though, Miss Lisa. She's adorable and he loves her. Zach will walk on water for her.

I'm trying very hard to finish Wizard for everyone, it's just not coming out like I want it too. Instead of fighting it, I'll move to something else until it hits me. Page wins for that one! It shouldn't be too long, I'm going on vacation at the end of the month.

Vacation is something that I'm really looking forward too. I'm sure we will have a great time. We going to see great friends, witches, and pirates! Nothing like tossing a little research in with family fun. Nothing like scaring the kids just for fun.

May 16, 2003- Wow, I guess it's been awhile since I have done one of these. I've been busy with real life and we all know how that goes.

Thanks for the calls from everyone, yes I am alive and I am fine! LOL

We managed to put in two new floors which we needed badly. Our house is an old farm house and the one floor was over a hundred years old. It's shame that it was never properly cared for I would have tried to save it. Rule number one, when you work with your husband on major remodeling projects, bite your tongue so you don't hit them between the eyes with the hammer.

For those who asked, Zach is doing great with all of his therapies. He is having surgery in June to take care of his adenoids and tonsils. I never knew a 19 month old that could snore so damn loud. GEEZ! He's going to have a hernia repaired at the same time so the little guy is going to be sore.

I have to say thanks to Suzie for getting me by the last few weeks. Also thanks to you guys for all the awards that my stories have snagged. It makes feel pretty damn good!

February 6, 2003- What can I say, so much has happened for me lately that I feel truly blessed. The awards that Wizard has garnered is amazing, as well as the feedback. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I am.

I want to say thank you to the people involved with these awards. I've done them and they are monumental tasks. It great to enter these and more exciting when you come away with something. Sometimes it's hard to put words on 'paper' and have others read them. Everyone who writes has a secret insecurity. If you didn't you would be arrogant.

The best news for me over the 16 months is that my son now has a diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder. Zach has now been diagnosed with Cleidocranial Dysplasia. Basically to sum it up, a genetic disorder of bone development. It has been a long 16 months to get to the bottom this but now we have something work with. CCD is non-life threatening, thank the higher powers for that. Zach is has some problems but now we know in advance what to watch for. That puts my mind at ease.

But hey, he's an awesome kid and will do just fine. He's a spunky little red head. Not to mention he comes from his Mama's gene pool. LOL

January 26, 2003- We're back! LOL We had a blast and to check out our review and photos go here! Broadway

January 19, 2003- Again it's been awhile since I have done one of these but life gets hairy now and then. Therapists come and go all week long. Rarely it seems to get time for friends unless it's on the telephone.

Mistakes is going to finish up this upcoming week. It feels good but in a way it's sad. I miss my characters. I'll miss Cassie and Annie. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. It was a long 14 months in the making.

One of the reasons that it is finishing is because I came up with a new story line. If you haven't seen the graphics yet, check it out. I ran my ideas by Suzie who will mumble and groan if she thinks it isn't a great idea. I ran this one by her and she told me she couldn't wait to read it. I knew I had to finish one story before I started another. I can do three depending on my mood swings, four would be difficult.

Check back next week to see if I have had the chance to post the anything about Chicago. Oh yes! I'm going and I can't wait.

I want to take the time too, to say thank you to all of you for support and feedback. I made as a finalist at the Take Time To Dream Awards and they are voting now. You can vote once a day so feel free to do so. LOL Actually there are some extraordinarily talented authors in this one. I really am honored to make it as far as I did. I also made it as a finalist in the Castle In The Sky Awards. Life is good!!!

Maybe one day I should clean the old entries out but I like to see what I was up too!

December 29, 2002- Well, we survived Christmas!!! It was an awesome one, Zach took his first wobbly steps. They said he couldn't do it without the special shoes that are being made for him. Ha, we showed them. It was the best Christmas present I have ever received.

My hubby gave me a great gift too. I'm going to see Chicago!!!! Gee would anyone possibly know why I would want to go see a musical.

Thanks for nominating me and voting for me in all the awards. I can honestly say that I know how much work goes into these things and it's an honor just to be nominated. But it's cool to win too. ;)

December 6, 2002- Wow, I didn't think a whole month had gone by since I last did an update in here. Let's see the Lite Fan Fic Awards are over, they were great. The judges did a wonderful job with the contest. We are going to do it again, definitely

So many fantastic things are happening to me lately. For one, I was kindly extended an invitation to be a Sister Site at Felfic. Let's face it, if you read here I know you have read there. I think I'm still a little giddy about being included in the group.

For those who have asked, Zach is coming along great as well as Brie. I don't know what I would do without her, even though she is really Bounce to the bone! LOL

I need to take a minute to thank my best bud Suzie. Without her nothing I do would make sense. Thank you, thank you.

Some of my stories have garnered some nominations. I really do appreciate the nominations.

Last but not least, I've had a few inquires about the dogs that Kevin and Bron now have. LOL Well if you want to see what one really looks like, check out Zach and Brie's page. That is Zach and his own private security. LOL

November 4, 2002- I'm back!!! Time to get to work. I'm sorry I took so long to get back into the swing of things. I have spent most of my time working on the Backstreet Lite Fan Fic Awards.

I'm really proud of this because we managed to stick to our timeline. It seems many times lately that doesn't happen with these awards. I fully understand why it can happen, real life interrupts, judges have lives, and sites go down.

October 26, 2002- Hey I'm still here, the fanfic contest is killing me but we are in the home stretch. I've been writing just not typing so thanks for hanging in there and waiting for the new chapters.

October 5, 2002- The nominations for the Lite Site have closed and the Lites are busting their humps reading. I can't thank them enough for taking an idea I had and running with it.

Today is a special day around here. For some of my readers who have been with me for a long time it's Zach's first birthday. My readers have been with through all the ups and downs and I can't thank them enough. Zach is doing awesome and he has managed to overcome his obstacles.

September 8, 2002- Well the nominations are going great at the Lite Site. I've been going crazy and I love it. Brie is back in school which is a bonus for me. Zach is doing well and hopefully will start some O.T. and P.T soon.

I added a new section today for Shorts. Basically I have these crazy ideas in my head that you can't build a long story out of. I want to use the idea but it doesn't fit any stories I have going. I don't want to start another long story and I need to practice on not being so long winded. LOL Hence, we now have shorts. I hope to have something posted by the end of the week. Suz is going to kill me. ROFL.

Also I added a chit chat list. It's a list to discuss whatever you are currently reading or writing. I was on one of these lists and loved hearing the different points of view. Maybe it will fly maybe it won't, who knows. I'm willing to give it a try if you guys are up to it!

August 23, 2002- I've been a little busy and thank you for bearing with me. I've been flat out running the last month. For all of those who have been asking, Zach is doing well and we hope to continue down that road. I did manage to put some new pics up of the kids, thanks for asking me to do so.

We managed to put a new patio on the back of the house and remodel the kitchen. I also had company from out of town, so I have been very busy lately. The current chant is "How many days before school starts?" LOL

I've been working on something for the Lites so check it out here when you get a chance. I'm pleased to say that so far it has been a success. I haven't forgotten the stories and I'm presently working on Wizard.

July 13, 2002- It took me long enough right! First I would like to say thanks to all of you for voting at the Mouth-to-Mouth Awards. There are some awesome writers out there and to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Things have been pretty busy around here so the updates have been slow. Family health problems around here seem to be never ending. To let you know I am writing, I just can't see to have the time to get it typed out. Who knows I might have to scan my pages and send them to Suzie to type.

Again thanks so much for support all of you have given me!

July 3, 2002- Okay the updates have been slow and I do apologize. I've had so many things tossed at me lately that I haven't had a chance to get much done. Between the Lite Site and this place I'm going a little crazy. We might finally be making some progress with Zach. Thanks for the support and prayers they do mean a lot to us.

I took to the opportunity to meet Ang, one of my readers and I can honestly say she is as sweet in person as she is in her e mails and on the phone. PS Ang if you read this, tell your hubby I'm not responsible for your ink bill. LOL

I've been puttering in my gardens too! It's great for reducing the stress. Just the smell of blooming flowers is enough to help me chill some days. If the night goes well, Wizard will be plotted and I'm thinking of putting up a misc. photo page.

Thanks everyone for the support in the Mouth-to-Mouth Awards. We'll see what happens but it was fun and it was a learning experience. As Suzie says, "You need more exposure." Boy do I feel exposed now!

June 10, 2002- Hey I'm finally finished. I re-did the graphics for my links page. Now it's time to get back to work.

June 8, 2002- Updated new pics and graphics to Zach and Brie's page.

June 7, 2002- Okay I did get this page overhauled. So what do you think of Luna? Let me know. Hey I like more than one Train! LOL.

Thank you to my readers for the nominations, votes, and feedback on the stories!

June 5, 2002- Hey it's time to clean house again! I promise no big remodels this time. The last time I did that you guys almost shot me.

April 2002- Went to Orlando with the ladies and had a blast. We spent an evening at Tabu, very interesting. I did finally get my tattoo.

March 2002- Getting ready to go to Orlando with the girls!

February 2002- My rant on Freedom of Speech and Fan fiction. Basically you were warned about the material, if you're offended or a minor... leave.

December 1, 2001- Hey Iím still alive isnít that just damned amazing!!!Iíve been surfing the net and we have been overhauling the Lite Site.I updated the links page and I plan to do Zachís page as soon as I finish this update.So far it has been great. It hasnít SNOWED yet!!Zach seems be growing by leaps and bounds.Well enough from or I will never get these pages up.TA TA!!†† You know what itís amazing the people you can reach online.Well that and plastic silverware~ LOL

November 1, 2001- I made a page for Zachary.All of his aunts wanted to see him.As soon as I get the film out of the camera, I will post more pictures.Everyone has sent wonderful thoughts and prayers to our family for Zachís health.He is thriving and we are relieved.Nothing is a guarantee in this world but the love for our son is.

September 26, 2001- Hey itís finally done!!! I canít believe it.The Lite Ladies have been keeping buys with all of the concerts that they have attended.Cruise on over to the site and see The Boys.We are still awaiting Zachís arrival.

Curt and I went to the Buffalo, NY concert and what a blast we had!!Read the review about scaring a Backstreet Boy on the Ladies Lite Web Site.

August 20, 2001- Okay so everyone wants to know where I have been.I have been working on some site remodeling and working on the sequel to Writerís block.I have also been painting my daughterís bedroom.She wanted her room to look like the ocean.Okay not a problem I can do this.Warning donít try this unless you have very little time on your hands.LOL!

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