Chapter 17

The motion of the swing lulled Cass back to that night. 

She heard the knock and opened her door; Kevin was standing there, leaning with one arm on the doorframe.  “What do you want Kevin?  I’m being nice, I left and came up here.  I know you don’t like my choice of music, so I left.”

Kevin’s eyes fluttered open and closed momentarily as he heard Brian coming up the stairs.  “Can I come in and talk to you a minute?”  He dropped his head down and focused on the floor as Brian walked by.

“Hey Cuz,” Brian smiled.  “Miss Cass,” he waved as he went into his room.

“He’s so sweet,” Cass cocked her head to the side and then gave Kevin a fleeting look.  “You would never know you were related.”

“Look Cass I just wanna talk to you a minute.”  Kevin began leaning further into the room as he looked around.  White lacy curtains billowed around the windows and big brass bed.  Not what he had imagined from her, he expected something more earthy not fluffy.

“Okay but make it short,” as Cass beckoned him in and shut the door.

Standing in the room, he tucked his hands under his arms.  “I’m sorry about teasing you downstairs.  I went overboard and forgot my manners.  I have a habit of losing my manners with you.  I think it’s because you’re so obnoxious to me all the time.”

Cass looked at him incredulously, “Did you just insult me again?”

Kevin’s lips made a little ‘O’ as he stared at her, “Umm sorry, I just meant that you bug me.  You’re so competitive and self-confident.  You’re not easy to get along with.”

Cass turned around and walked straight up to him.  She poked him the chest, “I’ll tell you something you bubble gum, sugar coated, song writing factory.  I’m not obnoxious to everyone, just you.  You are intolerable, uncompromising, and pompous.  You think anyone you meet should bow and scrape to you.”  Cass rocked her foot back on it’s heel, pointing her toe in the air.  “You, Mr. Richardson, are not worthy to kiss my feet.”

Kevin looked at the smug, redheaded fireball standing in front of him.  This woman made his blood boil since the day he stepped out of the van.  “I came to apologize to you… you… you...”

“What?  Wonderful person,” she shook her head with more self-confidence that any woman had dared deliver to him, except his wife.  His wife, she would back down eventually.  Kevin felt Cass would never back down from him or anyone else.

An extremely loud laugh rolled out of him.  “I’ll kiss you, you she-devil, but it won’t be your foot I’m kissing.”  He reached out pulling her to him.

She threw her arms up between them and pushed on his chest.  She tried to pull away which was ineffective since his hands were large and his fingers were wrapped around her upper-arms.  His lips came down on hers, hard and forceful.  His teeth were nipping at her lips.  She could feel his mustache and goatee rubbing on the sensitive skin of her face.  She bent her head back to pull his lips from hers, it didn’t work, as his arms wrapped around her.  His lips trailed down the sensitive part of her neck, licking and nibbling a trail with his teeth and tongue.

Kevin was enjoying the taste and smell of Cassandra Jo Collins, the stiffening in his pants was proof of that.  His mouth brushed over the sensitive skin of her neck and back up to her mouth.  He prodded her lips with his tongue until a moan escaped from her and her mouth opened accepting his probing.

“Stop,” she gurgled out.

“Can’t... don’t wanna....” as his hands pressed against her back, pushing her against him.  One hand lowered to her ass as he pulled her hard against his hips.  His hips began to move against her, grinding and pushing into her.

“Please don’t,” Cass whispered as he cupped her bottom with both hands and pulled her even tighter against him.  She could feel his erection pressing into her.  Stop it now Cass, you have to stop this now before it’s too late, she was hearing in her head.

Pulling at her shirt, he yanked it up from behind.  His hands snaked up the back and he could feel the heat radiating off her.  “Don’t what?” as he pulled away from her.

Kevin’s hands that were on her back were now brushing up and down her sides as he looked at her.  Little shivers were dancing all over her body, his hands were barely skimming over her.  It had been so long since Gage had touched her.  She gazed into her eyes and felt ashamed, she began to back away.  This was wrong she said to herself. 

As she backed away, Kevin grabbed the front of her shirttails on the old shirt she was using to sleep in.  Pulling the tails apart, he sent buttons flying around the room and spinning to the floor.  He marveled at the sight in front of him.  Two perfect breasts with erect nipples standing at attention.  They were waiting for him, wanting him.  A quick glance to Cass’s face and he pulled on the shirttails forcing her closer to him.  He bent his head slightly and kissed around the top of each mound of flesh. 

Cass could feel the scratching of his facial hair against her breasts.  It teased and taunted the delicate skin.  His lips descended on her nipple and she experienced a sensation of pleasure gush through her body.  “Oh God,” she moaned as her back arched up for him to take more.

Carefully Kevin backed her towards the bed.  Stepping slowly so as not to send her into retreat from him again.  His mouth switch to the other as the back of her knees hit the bed.  His hand went down to the mattress as he carefully lowered both of them to the frilly white coverlet. 

“Want me to stop?” he whispered just before he once again pulled the erect nub into his mouth biting down slightly.

“No... no.... no stop,” she whimpered.

That was the last time he planned on asking her.  His hand glided down her body to the inside of her thigh.  Stroking softly up and down as he continued to lavish attention on her breasts.  He could feel her dampness through the frilly panties.  His fingers weaved under the fabric, just grazing her womanhood.  He heard a stifled moan fall from her lips as he tugged the undergarment off.  Standing up, he gazed down at her; this Cass was different from the one that he had been dealing with.

Cass sat up abruptly; she placed her hands on the buttons of his shirt.  Slowly she unbuttoned each button.  Each time she exposed a portion of skin she tenderly kissed the spot.  Opening his shirt, she flicked his nipple with her tongue and showered his chest with kisses.

Kevin stood next to the bed watching her, amazed by the change in her that had taken place.  If she continued this would be over in a matter of seconds.  Wrapping his hands around her wrists, he pulled them away from him.  “No, lay down,” he spoke as he marveled at her body.  Cass was muscular but not in a manly way, she was strong but beautiful.

Cass lay back on the bed watching him as he removed his shirt and jeans.  Her forehead creased when he came towards her still wearing his boxers.

With a slight smirk on his face, he chuckled to her, “In time, Cass, in time.”

A wily grin crossed her face as she leaned up to meet him.  No, she wasn’t going to wait for Kevin, Kevin wasn’t in control, she was.  She pulled him to her and wrapped her legs around his waist.  Her lips seeking his for a tongue dance.  Her hands dropping to his silk covered butt, she squeezed him with her hands.  Slowly her hands moved back up and then between them.  Kevin was moaning as her hand slipped into the front of his boxers. 

Kevin was losing this battle of wills with Cass.  Cass was aggressive and she wanted her climax now.  His irritation with her only increased when her hands slid into his boxers.  Tightly she had wrapped her hand around his shaft and began stroking him up and down.

“Too fast, slow down,” he grumbled and groaned at the same time.

“I’m not asking your permission Kevin, I don’t want to wait, I want you now and I win.”

Kevin heard it but didn’t believe it, now she had turned this into a competition too. He set his foot on the floor and separated from her.  Reaching one hand down to his jeans he groped for something. 

Cass gulped for air as he pulled away, he wouldn’t dare she thought.  “Where are you going?”  He wouldn’t just leave her like this, his ego wouldn’t allow it, neither would hers.

His eyebrows went up and flashed a grin, “Don’t get worried baby, I’m not going anywhere.  I want this to slow down a little.”

Cass had her way of thinking, she wasn’t waiting any longer.  She pulled herself up, just as she did Kevin slid her towards the headboard with one arm around her waist.

Kevin deciphered the expression on her face, it was unsure and very unsatisfied.  He could change one of them if she would just put the brakes on.  Grabbing one of her arms roughly he pulled it above her head. 

Cass shot him a nasty look he returned a smile.  Her smiled disappeared when she saw what was in his hand.  “Don’t you dare,” she growled at him.

“I told ya I wanted you to slow down, now you will.”  His hands moved faster than her body could react.  He sat on the side of the bed, pretty proud of his handiwork.  Smiling at her, he watched her reaction to what he had done. “You’re good with ropes but sometimes you have to make do.  Now where were we?”

“You animal, untie me right now.”  Cass glared at him.  Her feelings of lust were giving way to anger.

Kevin laughed as he lay down next to her on his side.  “I asked you to untie me last week and you didn’t, did you?  The guys thought it was pretty funny Cass, I didn’t.”  He watched her head bend up towards her hands which were now lashed to the headboard of the brass bed compliments of his leather belt.

The back of his hand grazing her cheek brought her focus back to him.  “Wanna kiss?”  He leaned forward and brushed her lips against his.  Kevin admitted to himself that he was getting an extreme high out of this.  His fingers lazily traced over her skin, as she lay helpless next to him. 

Cass opened her mouth and Kevin’s finger was placed over it.  “I wouldn’t yell you might give old Abe a stroke if he comes in here.  Cass’s eyes grew large at the mere thought of it. 

Kevin smirked as he ditched his boxers to the floor.  He fumbled for his jeans trying to find his wallet.  Grabbing what he needed, he set it on the pillow next to her. 

“This is not consensual,” she grated at him.

“It will be,” as fiddled with the old foil packet.  He couldn’t recall how long he had carried it in his wallet as he rolled the condom on then straddled her.  “It’s been awhile hasn’t it Cass?” as his hands roamed up and down her legs.  Leaning forward, he kissed a trail down her breastbone to her bellybutton.  Not waiting for her to answer he continued his exploration further down. 

Cass lay there feeling his hot breath on her lower abdomen and closed her eyes.  She started to smile as he dipped lower and lower.  Re-positioning her legs, he sat between them.  A small chuckle came from Kevin, it echoed in her body as his tongue slid up and down her outer lips.  Pushing her leg up over his shoulders, he began to feast on her. 

Cass shook from the intensity of it.  She had more than lost but had also won as the pressure began to build.  Her body began tensing like a quiver in bow, her hips surged forward, she wanted the ending, now.  “Kevin...” came in the form of plea from her.  Kevin reached up and unhooked the belt.  Her hands softly landed on his shoulders as he inched himself towards the top of the bed.

“No contests Cass, just love,” he whispered as he pushed into her.  Her hips pushed up and her back arched to receive him.  A guttural noise escaped from both of them as he surged forward. 

Cass enveloped his body with her legs, arms, and womanhood.  Kevin’s speed was more than she could handle. “Ohhh,” she shook a final time.  A few strokes later Kevin let himself go.  “Ahhh,” he whispered as he mouth settled on her shoulder.  His teeth sunk into the flesh. 

“Cass...,” he mumbled as they rode the high down.  

Cass’s stroked the long dark hair, as the ends tickled her skin, “Hmmm?”  She was having trouble comprehending why she was turned on by what he had done to her.

“Tell me you’re not pissed,” as he turned to face her, pulling out and off of her.

A contented purr erupted from her, “I’m not pissed Kevin, not at all.”

The bed began to shake as Kevin laughed.  “You like rough, Cassie.”

“Do not, at least I don’t think I do.  I don’t know it was my first time,” she whispered.

Something jarred her from her sleepy slumber on the swing.  Her eyes opened wide and she shrieked.  “Kevin!  What are you doing?”

A small smiled played on his lips, “If you haven’t noticed it’s starting to storm pretty bad, you should come inside now.”

“I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” she grumbled as she pulled the quilt around her and stood up.  Kevin held the door open for her.  “You must have been having a good dream Cass, you were smiling.”

Cass turned to stare at him as he stood in the door.  The rain was pounding even harder on the roof.  His hand was on the door and he stood just inside with the door open.  His silouette filled the frame, there is no way he could know what I was dreaming about.  Cass glanced towards Nick and A.J. and then back to Kevin.  “More like a damn nightmare,” as she stomped through the living room and up the stairs.  Her heart was racing as she reached her bedroom.  If he ever found out I would be doomed she whispered to herself.

Kevin stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the second floor.  Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he turned to the Nick and A.J., who were sitting in the living room, both of them frowning at him.  Nick had caught Kevin eavesdropping on A.J. and Cass.  When A.J. came in from his little chat with Cass Kevin refused to leave from his hiding spot by the door.

“I liked a woman who talks in her sleep.”  He stifled his giggle as he headed upstairs.





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