Chapter 20

“Twins would have been cool!” he smiled.

“Ass,” Cass floated in the water.  She was determined to not let Kevin see how desperate she was or that he actually was creating a feeling in her she hadn’t felt in awhile.

“First of all, Dr. Griffin called, Annie’s new hearing aids are ready.  I was thinking we could go tomorrow.  We could make a day of it.  What do you think?”

“I’ll take her myself, you don’t need to go.”  Cass stood in the water with her hands on her hips. 

“I wanna go,” Kevin’s eyes traveling over her body.  That is about as provocative as a woman could get.  Her breasts were above the water.  As she moved tiny swirls of water made a pattern that lapped over her nipples.  Her nipples were becoming hard.  Kevin couldn’t decipher what was causing it, him watching her or the water. Man, she’s a damn tease, she’s trying to get the upper hand.   It won’t work, I’m thinking with my head, not my dick.  A shudder rippled through his body.  Okay, I’m trying to but she’s not helping. “Did you breastfeed?”  He needed to sway the conversation, anything to get his mind off the body in the water. 

“Why?”  Cass did a backstroke.  Hope this works, she thought to herself.

Kevin was cooked in his book; he watched her long lean body skim over the water.  Her hair floating around the sides of her head, creamy white shoulders, her breasts riding high, her ribs and flat stomach bathed in the sun.  “Shit,” he mumbled as his eyes strayed to the juncture of her thighs and the golden red curls that covered her womanhood.  His eyes devoured the shape and length of her thighs.  He could remember how strong her legs were when they were wrapped around him, she was a horsewoman, all those years of keeping her seat had kept her muscles firm and flexible.  He couldn’t take anymore, his own groin was aching.  Had he been by himself, he might have taken care of his advanced state of arousal with his hand.  “Knock that shit off!”  Kevin tossed her clothes to the gravel bed below.  “Get out of there and get dressed, we need to talk.” 

“Yep, it’s working,” she snickered to herself as she swam for her clothes.  Kevin was working his way down the backside of the boulder.

Cass dug through the clothes, “Where is my underwear?”

“I dunno, I just grabbed what was there.”  As he leaned on the rock, watching her get dressed.

“Don’t you have any decency left?” she said as she shot him a look.  She shook the clothes out, “I know I wore them and I’m not getting dressed without them.”  Cass wasn’t budging she knew he had to have them.  Tilting her head to the side, she began to twist her hair, wringing the water out of it.

Okay I can’t stand here much longer and hide the fact that I want to toss her ass to the ground and make her mine again.  This isn’t going to work.  Digging in his pocket he took out her panties, extending his hand, he offered them to her.  “You have no modesty but you are beautiful.”  Stepping forward, he just wanted to touch, just a brush.

“BACK OFF!”  Cass put her clothes between them.  “Once was enough,” she muttered as she disappeared behind the rock.

“You enjoyed it, don’t say you didn’t,” Kevin leaned back with his foot propped up on the boulder, his knee bent, and his arms crossed.

“Did I say I didn’t?” as she came back around to face him, fully dressed.  “I just hate you because you used me like a whore.  You made me feel like a whore.  I’m just a mistake.”

Kevin’s arm shot out from his side.  Grabbing her by the hair, he pushed her back into the rock wall.  His lips came down on hers,  “You are not a whore, you are the mother of my child.”  His lips were on hers as he roughly nipped at her with his teeth until her mouth opened.  His tongue darted in and out, back in and around. 

A muffled gasp came from her as she struggled to get air into her lungs.  The smooth surface of the rock unyielding to her back.  Pushing him back, he wasn’t budging, her head held in position. 

Pulling back, Kevin waited for the inevitable temper flare from the redheaded wildcat.

Cass inhaled deeply, pulling as much oxygen into her lungs as she could.  She paused as though she was deep in thought, “Not bad, but it could have been better.”

Kevin’s eyes narrowed at her.  “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Cass looked down towards the zipper on his jeans.  Grabbing his left hand, she covered his crotch with it.  “I’m sure your little friends will help you finish what I started.”

His head dropped, she had won this round.  If he blew up now it would be over.  “Cass, please I didn’t come here to fight!” he shouted in her face.  “Stop fighting me, I want to help you.”

Rubbing her hands over her face and then her fingertips over eyes she sighed.  “I need help I’m going to lose everything.  All I want is a loan.  I’ll pay every red-cent back as fast as I can.  Just please go easy on the interest.”

Kevin waited, she still hadn’t removed her hands from her face, she was humiliated and it had taken a lot for her to ask this of him.  “I think I can do a little better.”

“NO ANNIE!”  Cass blurted out.  Her hands dropped from her face.

Kevin shook his head; “Annie has nothing to do with this, other than keeping the only roof she has ever known over her head.”

“What did you have in mind?”  Cass treaded away from him.  She needed some space between them.  Kevin still has the ability to make her ‘needy’, no, not ‘needy’, she visually kicked herself in the rump, horny.

“A loan with no interest, pay it when you can, but you have to keep up on the new bills first.  The taxes, the utilities, the feed bills, all of it.”  Kevin had to be careful, he wasn’t going tell her that he had just broke into her office and had already paid everything without her permission. 

“What do you get out of this?  The deal is too sweet on my side,” Cass shifted now concerned, this is where he would bring in Annie.

Hitching his hands in his back pockets, he thought about it.  He could level anything at her and she would bite on it.  The one thing he couldn’t use was his daughter.  Annie would not be a tool for either of them, ever.  “The fact that my daughter is safe and secure in her home.”

“That’s it?”  Cass was indeed surprised.  You’re a snake Richardson, come on where is the ultimatum.

“Cass, I’m not going to take her from you.  I told you that, A.J. has told you that.  I bet if you call Chase, he’ll tell you that too.”  Kevin was equating this entire negotiation as ramming his head into a steel door.  “I want to go tomorrow to see Dr. Griffin.  I want to know if there is anything we can do that may benefit Annie’s hearing.  I want to take her shopping and spoil the shit out her.  Hell, I’ll buy her the Eiffel Tower if she wants it!”  Kevin threw his hands up in the air.  He hinted at the remark he had heard her speak earlier in regards to the Cochlear Implants.

Cass licked her lips nervously and then chewed on them.  She didn’t know what to make of it.  There had been no commands, demands, or favors asked.  He just wanted to be with Annie and he promised he wouldn’t take her from her.  “Okay,” she whispered.

Cass’s eyes bulged as she was picked up and swung around like a rag doll.  Kevin was shouting, “Thank you,” repeatedly at her.

“Okay you oaf, put me down.  I need to talk to you about something to do with Annie.” 

“What?”  Alarm was clearly written on his face.

Cass swallowed hard and spoke slowly, he truly was afraid, so was she.  “Dr. Griffin seems to think that Annie could be helped with Cochlear Implants.  I looked into it a little bit.  They have three major units on the market.  There is one particular model that Dr. Griffin thinks will help Annie especially, it has whisper quality.  Now, she isn’t sure because Annie hasn’t had all the tests.  Some of the tests can’t even be done here, so we don’t know if she is even a candidate.  It’s expensive and there is therapy for months after the surgery.  The two of us would have to find a place to live.  I would need to hire someone to care for the ranch.  Gary has his own life; I can’t ask him to do it.  He wants no part of the ranch.”

Kevin listened intently, for the first time Cass was opening up to him.  “Where do go for the tests.”

“Los Angeles is the biggest and the best according to Dr. Griffin,” Cass mumbled.

“Perfect, I have place there.  We can iron out the plans tomorrow with Dr. Griffin.”  Kevin raised her chin to look at her.  “We can get along for her sake, can’t we?”

“I’ll try,” Cass inhaled, maybe a little too much.  She chased away the smile tugging at her mouth.

“I still got it; don’t I Cass?” he grinned with a twinkle is his eye.

Grabbing his hand, she slammed it into his crotch.  “You sure do,” she laughed as she sauntered away.

Blinking back the tears from the unexpected shock of smacking himself in the family jewels.  “Some day I’m take that woman down.  She’s all attitude,” he growled.  He stood there cupping himself afraid to breathe.  “I paid your damn bills.  You keep it up, we will re-negotiate and you won’t like the terms!”

Cass spun the horse around and charged towards Kevin, “What?”  She halted mere inches from him.

“I beat you to the punch, you’re bills are paid.  A.J. is a closet computer geek; he comes in handy sometimes.  So, you negotiated this deal, you’re going to stick to it!”  Kevin couldn’t control his laughter.  For once, Cass had been bested at her own game.  She thought she had been in control the entire time.

“You son of a bitch!”  Cass whipped the horse around.  “I’m telling your friends to leave.  I’m leveling the playing field!”

Kevin laughed even harder, “In my favor sweetheart, I need A.J. out of the way.  As long as he is here, you run to him.  I need you to run to me.”  He smiled, knowing she didn’t hear the words that he had just spoke.





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