Chapter 25

Cass closed her eyes then opened them again.  Annie was now twirling around a room that had stepped out of a storybook.  The room was petal pink and whipped cream white.  The carpet sculptured and plush in the same tones.  All of the furniture was white washed and matched each other.  A monstrous canopy bed on one wall done up in frilly pink and white with Barbie accessories.  It was fit for a princess. 

The room was full of all types of gifts, oddities, and pretty pastel things.  Cass turned and evaluated each corner.  One corner had a large armoire, which Annie had begun to peek into.  Finding a television, she jumped for joy.  She may not be able to hear but cartoons were still cartoons to any child. 

Cass was rooted in her place and making a complete circle without moving.  The next corner held a Barbie house; no, Cass deemed it a palace.  It was three times the size of Annie.  Looking at the palace, Barbie was having a party.  Cass couldn’t count how many dolls were actually posed inside the plastic building.

The next corner was a shock.  Cass walked towards the object.  As she got closer, she figured out it was an oversize carousel horse.  It seemed a bit odd but pretty.  It had been adorned with pink, white, and silver ribbons that glittered and shined.  “A Unicorn?” she whispered softly as she drew closer.  Touching the horn, the animal moved, Cass jumped away from it.

Kevin’s laugh filled the room, “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Real cool stupid, you’re an idiot.”  A.J. shook his head at him.

“What?  She loves it,” Kevin smiled as Annie darted around the room of her dreams.  Annie and Kevin had spent many hours together in the last few weeks.  He had always been an intent listener.  At night, he would lay up in his room at Cass’s house and takes notes.  Cass may begrudge Annie getting things at home, but this was his house, his daughter.

Cass dropped her head, crossed her arms and sighed, “It’s beautiful Kevin.”  Cass wanted to dart from the room but she knew it would set Annie’s radar off.  Quietly she walked out, pulling the door closed behind her.

Kevin went into a sulk, “I don’t get it A.J.  This is everything Annie has always wanted.”

“Exactly numb-nuts.  Everything Annie has ever wanted...  Everything that Cass couldn’t give her because she has been struggling to keep a roof over their heads all these years.  You can’t buy a kid Kevin, when they’re older, they see right through it.  It’s not what they want or need.  Someday you might understand that.”  A.J. left the room; he needed to find Cass.

Kevin sat on the big fluffy white bed.  In his over zealousness to please Annie, he had forgotten Cass’s feelings of being threatened by him and his money.  He couldn’t fathom what he had done but he had.  Falling back on the bed he felt a headache from hell coming on.  How could he be so foolish?  Feeling the bed move, he cocked one eye open.  Little arms wrapped around his neck.  “Thank you,” Annie’s voice reached his ears before her smile did. 

Wrapping his arms around her, he held her close and hugged her.  “I’m glad you like it Annie,” a tear escaped from his eye.  On one hand he was thrilled that his daughter was pleased; on the other he felt despair that Cass just wouldn’t see beyond her own insecurities.  He wouldn’t take Annie from her, he just wanted to make Annie smile and make this experience one of the most unforgettable of her life.  He wanted her to remember this room, not the surgery.

Sitting up quickly, he motioned Annie to follow him.  She laughed with glee when she saw her own bathroom with pint size fixtures.  He helped her clean up and change for bed.  It had been a long day for all of them and tomorrow would be even longer. 

Kevin was stalling as he read the fourth story.  He was reluctant to go and face Cass.  A.J. had left a short time ago and he hoped he wouldn’t see him for a couple of days.  In some odd way, he had hurt A.J. too.  Kevin watched as Annie’s stray arm flung over on his chest.  She was sound asleep; of course, she had been at around page three of the first story.  Sliding off the bed, he tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.  Smoothing a curl by her face, “I’m glad you like your room baby.”

Kevin stepped outside and shut the bedroom door.  Walking up to Cass’s door, he heard a slight whimper.  Testing the knob, he found it open.  Pushing the door ajar slightly, he peered in.  Cass sat in the middle of the bed crying, holding her pillow over her place.  “You really fucked up this time Kev,” He grunted to himself.  Sighing he closed the door, he couldn’t deal with her and try to explain when Cass was in this state.  Anger from her he could handle, tears tore him up.  He continued down the hall to his own room for a sleepless night of tossing and turning. 

Kevin awoke with the weirdest feeling like he was being stared at.  Opening his eyes he was, it was Cass.  She looked miserable.  Cass was neatly dressed in a pair of pants and blouse but her face looked swollen and her eyes puffy. 

Sitting up he waited for her to talk; she kept staring.  Kevin pulled the sheet closer around his torso.  Cass was making him uncomfortable, she was scrutinizing him, he could tell. 

“It’s a good thing we didn’t have a boy, I would be worried.”  Cass’s gaze fixated on him.

Kevin’s defiant side boiled to the top, he flung the sheet back and stood up.  Slowly he strolled over to the chair and grabbed a robe.  Slipping it on, he covered his naked body.

Cass’s head tilted to the side slightly, “Yep, all those women in Montana would be chasing my boy down.”

“Knock your shit off Cass.  If you’re mad at me, fine.  But we have a long day so let’s not make it a rotten one.  Okay?”

Cass spun on her heal and left.  “Same to you,” he muttered to the closed door as he went to shower for what seemed like one of the longest days of his life. 

The day wore on all of them like a well-trod shoe.  Annie was tired and cranky by late afternoon.  They had to get her home to eat since she couldn’t eat past midnight.  One more appointment was left and they were all worn out.  Things had begun to blend together and not make much sense.  Cass had been strangely quiet all day except for when they spoke to the doctors.  Kevin had heard the questions asked over and over again.  “What are the chances that something would go wrong?  What about pain?  Was she was going to come home with them?”  Cass was spiraling out of control on him; this was something he was not used to seeing in this fiery red head.

Annie had now hit the crying mode from lack of food and exhaustion.  They stopped at a restaurant that was familiar to Kevin.  He had called the order in over the phone on the way to pick up the food. 

Sitting at his kitchen table a cloud of anxiousness hovered over all of them.  Annie was eating, but not well.  Cass tried to prompt her into eating some more but Annie was giving her hard time. 

Kevin tapped Annie’s arm to get her attention.  He waited until she looked at him,  “Your Mom said to eat all of your dinner, now do it.  You can’t have anything later.”

Annie dropped her head and ate her dinner.  It was a good thing she couldn’t hear because she would’ve heard her mom cussing Kevin out for being insensitive.  She also missed Kevin’s loud scoff and smart retort back of Cass being insensitive to his feelings.

Later in the evening, Kevin sat up in his bed reading all the literature they had been handed.  Cass was sleeping with Annie tonight, wanting her close by.  Kevin had known it wasn’t Annie that needed her mom, but Cass needing Annie. 

Closing the book, he glanced at the clock.  The bright red numbers told him it was two in the morning.  They had to leave in four hours.  He had given up on sleep hours ago.  Restless and thirsty, he grabbed his robe and headed for the kitchen.  As he came down the stairs, he heard a noise that sounded like crying.  As he reached the bottom, he saw Cass sitting on the couch, yet again holding a pillow to her chest, bawling like a baby. 

He couldn’t stand this any longer.  Softly he padded up to her, not wanting to startle her.  The room was dark.  Sitting down ever so carefully, he watched her.  She picked her face up out of the pillow and stared at him.  His hand reached out and wiped a wet lock of hair from her tear stained face.  “It’s going to be okay Cass.  I promise.”

The pillow went flying as Cass surged forward flinging her arms around his neck.  Kevin was stunned by the move but wrapped his arms around her.  Holding her gently, he uttered reassurances that Annie was going to be fine.  “You’ll see Cass, this is the best thing we could ever do for her.”

“I’m scared,” she cried loudly into his shoulder.

Kevin’s hand caressed her back; his other hand lifted her chin.  “Cassie, I’m scared too but we can’t let her see that.  I want so much for her.” 

Cass stared at him for a long time again; his green eyes were as red-rimmed as hers.  He was as genuinely scared as she was.  Sliding up to her knees, she gently placed a kiss on his lips.  Kevin reacted slightly, licking the saltiness she had left there with his tongue. 

A little shudder spread through her body.  She inhaled sharply as she leaned in and kissed him again. 

This time Kevin kissed her back, he didn’t know why; he just knew it felt right.  His hand went from the back of her hip to her ass; he squeezed her and pushed her closer to him.  A moan came from Cass as she eagerly returned his kiss, a tongue running over his lips.  Opening his mouth, his body shook as their tongues made contact with each other.  “Hmm,” escaped from him.  Kevin stopped and pulled away.  Standing up, he grabbed Cass’s hand pulling her from the couch.

Cass hesitated for just a moment and then let him guide her back upstairs to his room.  No words had been spoken between the two.  Just a silent need, that at this moment in time, needed to be placated.  The bedroom door was closed and locked, as Cass stood motionless in the room.  Kevin didn’t give her time to react as he pulled her over to the bed.  Picking her up, he tossed her down on the bed, curious as to what her reaction would be.  When her lips trailed along his neck as her fingers tangled in his hair, he was sure there would be no stopping what had started downstairs.

A snicker escaped from Kevin as she parted his robe and trailed her hand down to his shaft.  Wrapping her hands around him, she set about stroking him.  Kevin gulped.  Cass, the fiery yet shy redhead, was one of the most aggressive women he had come across.  There were very few people who could take over his control, Cass was one of them.  He didn’t have much time to ponder the question further.  Cass lay next to him fully clothed.

Kevin’s hand gripped the bottom edge of her nightgown; pulling straight up, he then tossed it to the floor.  His fingers gripped the edge of her panties and yanked them down.  They joined her nightgown on the floor. 

Cass closed her eyes tightly.  What were they doing?  They were foolish for doing this.  He had called her a mistake once, now she was giving him the golden opportunity to do it again.  A cough, which had come from neither of them, startled her; she turned her head to the side of the bed.  Sitting next to Kevin’s clock was a baby monitor.  Her eyes shut tight, Kevin had become a parent almost over night.  He was listening for Annie. 

Kevin didn’t want to stop this, he needed this as much as Cass did.  He had so many unanswered questions.  Cass was almost frozen since she had heard Annie cough.  He knew she had doubts and the last time they had done this act, it produced a daughter.  Not wanting her to change her mind, he began to slowly arouse her back to her previous state.  His head dropped as he captured a nipple between his lips, suckling slowly, he watched her face.  Erotic thoughts filled his head but a sense of insecurity joined it.

Cass looked down at the green eyes that were clearly gauging her reaction.  She wanted to stop but didn’t know how.  The best way would be not to give him a reaction. 

Kevin saw the change take place in her in that nanosecond of time.  He drew his own conclusions when she didn’t react to his actions.  Her face took on a hard line.  His hand slipped between her thighs. 

Cass tried to close her legs, Kevin’s leg between hers prevented it. 

Adjusting his weight, Kevin pinned her to the mattress, one hand between her legs, softly stroking her folds, the other wrapped around her shoulders.  His fingers danced around her opening and then one slid into her.  Sliding in and out a few times, Cass moaned and tried to roll out from underneath him.  “No Cassie,” he whispered as his lips landed on hers, he kissed her into submission as he added another finger. 

“Feels so good,” his rasping voice rang in her ears as he slid between her legs and into her.  His hand reached down and pulled her leg around his hip.  He stopped and waited, “It’s up to you?”  Kevin searched her face for an answer.

Cass licked her lips, her mouth was parched and her throat dry as well.  Kevin was looking down on her.  His hips slowly shifting and rolling but he didn’t pull out of her.  What could she say; you’re making it hard to make a decision while you doing that to me?  She watched the smirk crawl over his face as he pulled out of her slightly and then pushed back in, not giving her the benefit of a proper movement.  She frowned; he smiled even more as his thrusting increased. 

Cass’s other leg wrapped around his other hip as Kevin kissed her breasts in between movements.  The room was filled not with garish and loud erotic screams but muffled moans and pants of pleasure.  This wasn’t about making love it was a battle over who was going to get the upper hand.  Cass’s hand dropped to Kevin’s testicles, she squeezed and Kevin almost yelped and would have had her action not brought on his orgasm. 

“Uhhhhh...” he groaned as he quickly pinched her swollen bud with his index finger and thumb giving her the same intensity she had given him. 

They lay facing each other as they drifted back down to a semblance of normality.  Staring at each other, he was the first to speak.  His arm shot out and pulled her to within a millimeter of his face by the back of her head.  “I will never, ever, ever, take her from you.  Please get that out of your head.  Yes, I want to spoil her.  I want her to be happy.  Let me do that without you feeling threatened.”

Cass closed her eyes as she listened, Kevin wasn’t whispering terms of endearment or professing his love to her, but what she heard settled her more than anything ever could.  She didn’t move away from him as she closed her eyes to catch a little sleep.





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