Chapter 30

Kevin sat in the chair seething.  The room was pitch dark and it was well after one in the morning.  He could call A.J.’s and hope that they weren’t there or he could call A.J.’s cell phone and ask them where the hell they were and what they were doing.  “Yep, this is a real damn date.”  He felt like a father waiting up for his daughter to get home from her first courting.  He made a decision right then and there, based on his current emotional state, Annie would not be allowed to date, ever.  The fact that Cass was on ‘a date’ with A.J., sucked even more.  He was hoping she would have changed her mind and stayed and played with them, but she hadn’t.

Headlights bounced off the walls of his living room.  Kevin sat in the chair and waited.  The door unlocked and he raced over to it.  A.J. stood in front of him with a shit-eating grin on his face.  Cass was leaning on him for support.  Her head rolled, “We’re home honey!”  She laughed a little too loud for his neighborhood especially at this hour.

“You’re drunk!”  Kevin watched her wobble against A.J.

“Just a little.”

Again he heard Cass’s drunken boisterous laugh.  “I’m gonna fucking kill you A.J.”  Kevin growled.

“Aww, he’s so sweet...”  Cass snorted.

Slowly swallowing, he risked a glance back and stood tall.  “Damn Train, I brought her home.”

“Yeah drunk, dammit.”  Kevin reached down and picked Cass up before she fell on the floor of his foyer.

“Isn’t he romantic?”  Cass wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.  Her throat seemed suddenly dry but her mouth was over-manufacturing saliva.

Kevin controlled his anger.  “You are a dumb ass, Cassie.”

Kevin glared down at her with more fury than he had any right too.  She needed to go out, she was angry at A.J. for bringing her home.  She wanted to stay at A.J.’s.  A.J. told her in no uncertain terms, “No fucking way!”

“Dude,” A.J. reached for the door handle to pull the door closed.

“What?”  Kevin turned on the first step to face him, still carrying a drunken Cass.

“You’re almost there, hang up the hot temper and handle it.”  A.J. pulled the door shut.

Cass’s head rested on his shoulder as he turned and headed up the stairs.  “You are a fool Cass.  One of these days, I might just kick your ass.”

Kicking open Cass’s bedroom door, he walked to the bed and dropped her on it.  Turning to leave, he heard the immortal words.  “You don’t have the balls Kevin.”

Kevin swung around and marched to the bed.  “The balls for what?”

“To take me on, to let me win, to give me the control.  You can’t stand it now that I have you by the nuts.”

“I see...”  Kevin knew she was taunting him, by the look of the erect peaks that were showing all the way through the shirt she wore, he knew why too.  Cass wanted him.  He had to think, this wasn’t the time or the place.  She may have issued the challenge but she was inebriated.  A.J. told him to hang up the hot temper and here she was pushing him anyway, brave little thing, wasn’t she.

“Can you?” she laughed.

Okay the laughing did it, now he was pissed.  She was laughing at him.  “Think so baby,” he pulled his shirt off.  “You shouldn’t goad me baby.  I’m the only man that knows what you really like.”  He watched the mild shock register on her face as he dropped his pants to the floor along with his boxers.

Cass began to move to the other side of the bed.  She had pushed too far, that was very obvious and sobering to her.  “Um,” she blinked.

“No, it’s going to be ‘Oh’ in a minute,” as one of his hands grabbed her arms.  When his other hand came up from the side of the bed, he had the belt from his jeans in it.  “Remember this?”

Cass wrestled under, over, and unsuccessfully away from him.  When he was done, she had lost her audacity and her clothes. 

“You wear this look rather well baby,” Kevin trailed a finger over her collarbone and down the center of her chest. 

Cass pulled on her hands that were now tethered to the headboard.  A million things hit her at once, two things stood out.  She didn’t want Annie to wake up and see this and she shouldn’t really be enjoying this as much as she was.  It couldn’t be normal.

Kevin’s hands explored her body.  He gauged each touch with the reaction on her face and her body.  Brushing his beard against her cheek, he moaned as his fingers penetrated her silken walls.  “Have you been like this all day?  Since you saw me, all dressed up, lookin’ good.  I bet you have, all nice and wet for me.  Don’t I feel good Cass?  Don’t I smell good?”

Cass had lost her composure as she tried to will her hips not to move.  It wasn’t working as her body shifted on the palm of Kevin’s hand.  He pressed even harder, moved his fingers even faster, and then added a third.  Taking his time, he studied the face with a hard look on his own.  He wanted Cass to surrender to him; he suddenly become conscious that Cass would never surrender to anyone.  Reaching up, he pulled the belt.

With her hands free, Cass yanked her arms down.  They weren’t completely numb and tingly yet.  “I hate you,” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck. 

Kevin settled between her legs.  “One day baby, one day...”  Kevin slid into her like a well-oiled mitt.  They belonged together and this only served to prove his point even more.  Suddenly he felt himself being whipped over. 

His mouth was hanging open as Cass had managed to flip him on his back.  She sat impaled on him, smirking at him.  “Taking you down is nothing compared to Ferdie.”

“Don’t equate me with that bull,” Kevin tried to make a grab for her hands, totally riled up now.  He would be damned if a woman bested him in the sack.

He froze when Cass grabbed him by the testicles.  “You have something that Ferdie doesn’t.  Now it’s my turn to ride you.”  Cass didn’t give him a chance to argue as she began to do just that.

Kevin lay back down, his hands shot to her hips, as he guided her.  Cass was going too painfully slow for him as he reached down and began to rub the pearl between her legs.  Cass’s speed picked up as her hands rested on his stomach for support.  The redhead that was trying her best to ride him long and hard mesmerized Kevin.  A flick of his thumb and she groaned loudly.  Her walls clenched around him as her legs clenched his body, she froze and was reveling in the feeling as her orgasm washed over her.  Cass’s head was tossed back and he could feel the ends of her hair brush his thighs. 

Without warning, he rolled her back onto her back.  He pummeled into her seeking his own release.  Once achieved, he pulled her close to him and folded his arms around her just like he had the other night.

Cass snuggled in the big strong arms, as she lay on her side.  She was lost in the sensations, the hell with the thoughts.  Trailing her finger down the sparsely sprinkled chest hairs.  “That partner, was a draw,” Cass spoke with her Montana twang.

Kevin laughed, “Next round, I will win.”

“I don’t think we can have a next round Kevin.”  Cass closed her eyes.  It wasn’t what she wanted in her heart, but her head dictated that she was not the type of person who could have a long term relationship with a globe trotter like Kevin.  Her time with A.J. was well spent, she finally professed to A.J. that she had more than an attraction to Kevin and that she might actually be falling in love with him.  They talked for hours or more or less debated the non-existent relationship between Kevin and Cass.  In then end, she had mentioned he had cheated on his wife with her.  That was the only thing that would put the brakes on a future relationship, other than sharing Annie.  Once a cheater, always a cheater, she thought as she lay in bed.  “You should go now.”

“I ain’t goin’ anywhere, she won’t catch us.  I’ll be back in my bed before she wakes up.”

Kevin twirled a red curl around his finger.  Cass’s hair had driven him crazy since the day he had met her.  It was curly, bright red, long, and untamable, much like the woman herself.  When his skin was hot and sweaty and it dragged over his flesh, it truly did drive him wild.  He would never tame Cass unless she was willing.   

Lying there, he thought about tomorrow and Lexington.  At first, he was worried but he had made it clear to everyone in his immediate family what the purpose of the trip was for.  Annie and Cass were to meet them and become comfortable in his environment.   A couple days later, Kevin and Cass would sit down and explain things to Annie, just the three of them.  Kevin was very excited about both prospects but he also had a little secret in Lexington that he hoped would knock Cass’s socks off. 

Kevin had been so enthralled by the ranch and horses when he returned from Montana that he had begun his own horse ranch.  Kris wanted nothing to do with it; she said it would take time away from them.  The entire operation was run by a couple of old timers that he had met at the Kentucky Derby one year.  Kevin had begun to develop a reputation as quite the breeder in some circles.  Lucky for him that news had not reached Cass yet.  Yes Cass had a cattle ranch and it was losing money left in right.  Cass’s ranch would make a perfect horse ranch, most likely a profitable one too.

“Maybe another joint venture,” Kevin whispered as he kissed her softly.  Covering her naked body up, he snuck back to his own room.





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