Chapter 36

Annie played with her grandchildren, and then shooed them off so she could talk to their parents alone.  She had to laugh when Kevin called her and begged her to come to the ranch a week early under the guise of helping Cass with Annie’s big thirteen-birthday party.  Anne wondered if this was just an excuse for Kevin to have all of his friends and family in one place at one time.  It was and for more than one reason

They had planned a huge barbeque and party for Annie.  Kevin’s family and friends were all coming to Montana.  Anne laughed since he had booked every single room within a fifty-mile radius of the ranch.  Anne told him he needed a bigger house, he agreed, Cass didn’t.  She listened intently to his plan; she was hoping it wouldn’t backfire on him.  Kevin had a list a mile long of people that were coming to Annie’s shindig.  They didn’t buy anything special for Annie this year, she didn’t know that there was a surprise party in the works.  The party was scheduled for two weeks after her birthday so she wouldn’t catch on.  A.J. and his family, as well as the ever-single Nick were the first to agree.  Brian and Leighanne along with their two kids were coming as well as Howie and his current flame.  “Kevin, are Nick and Howard ever going to settle down?” she asked.

Kevin laughed and made an obscene remark as usual.  Anne never understood how her darling little boy could have turned into such a pig.  Anne couldn’t call him a rutting pig because since he had found out about Annie he had never been with another woman other than Cass.   This is something she would know; she was his Mama.

“Hello kids,” Anne smiled as she came in the back door.  She hugged Cass and kissed her son’s cheek.  “I trust your zipper has been zipped?” she patted Kevin’s head and then she turned to Cass.  “And your legs have been crossed?”

Kevin squared his chair and faced off with his mother. 

Cass ignored both of them; it was a game now.

“No babies this time?”  It wasn’t a question it was more of a command.  Cass and Kevin both knew Anne was serious.  She made no bones about the fact that there should be no more children in this house until the legalities of marriage took place.

Kevin listen to the two women gossip, now was his time.  “Mom, since you’re here…  I was wondering if you would watch the kids tonight?”

“Oh I would love too… Cass needs to get out, you looked tired honey.”  As she pinched Cass’s cheek.

“I am tired, I’m raising four children under the age of eight and a teenager.”  Cass grinned in her cup.  “Not to mention your son sneaking around the house all hours of the night.”

“If you would stop playing bed bounce you wouldn’t have these problems.”  Anne sipped her coffee.  “With your records in the birth control department, you should just abstain.”

“Dream on Mama!  Cass is the only woman I have ever met that likes it when I tie her up,” Kevin chuckled. 

Cass wanted to hurt him; he was being a little too personal for her tastes. 

Kevin leaned back on two legs of the kitchen chair.  As Cass walked by, she kicked the chair and Kevin fell backwards to the floor, still sitting in the chair.

Jesse came around the corner and in the kitchen.  Daddy was on the floor, in his chair.  It was time to play.  Jesse straddled Kevin’s chest and sat down.  Pulling his pistol from the holster, he stuck up the tip up Kevin’s left nostril.  “Weach for the sky parrdner!” 

Kevin tried to do as his two-year old requested but he was butted up against the refrigerator.  “Sorry bud, your pop is stuck.” 

The pistol was jammed even further up his nose,  “I’m gonna tie you up.”

“You’re just like your Mama,” Kevin laughed. 

Cass barked a ‘watch it’ from the table.

Suddenly, Kevin felt warmth on his chest.  Bringing his hand down to his chest he touched his skin, it felt dry.  Jesse was frowning at him.  Kevin eyed him suspiciously, “Hey partner, why are you wearing these?”  Kevin pointed to the diapers.  “I thought I bought you big boy pants just like Cam and Cody.”

The frown on Jesse’s face now matched Cass’s from what Kevin could see of her face from his vantage point.  “Don’t like them… You have to use the potty.”

“That’s the point hombre, using the potty.”  Kevin pushed him off his chest.  Standing up he looked at Cass, silently questioning her.

“Ask him, he’ll tell you why?”  Cass shrugged.

Kevin leaned down to face his baby.  He pushed the over sized hat back a little.  “Jesse, you have to use the potty.”

“Nope, the potty hurt me,” he holstered his pistol.  “The top on the potty is not nice, it gave me an owwie.”

Kevin closed his eyes tightly, imaging the thought and the pain associated with it.  “Come on, I can fix that for ya son.  You have to be a big boy now.  Understand?”  Kevin waited for two-year old to answer him.

“You can?” as he returned his pistol to the holster.

“I sure can, come on I’ll show you how it’s done.”  Jesse latched on to his hand and out of the kitchen they went. 

“Built like his Daddy,” Anne grinned.

“Yep,” Cass laughed even more.  She would never forget the day of the falling toilet seat.  One, Jesse was hurt in a private place.  Two she had to put Cam and Cody in their room until they stopped laughing at Jesse.

“Are you ready for the big party?  Anne whispered not sure where the rest of the kids were.

Cass shook her head no, “Not even close, with the kids always around.  It makes it hard.  I still have things to do.”

“Show me what you are going to wear.  I want to go shopping into town later.  Kevin can stay home and watch the kids.”

Cass’s head bobbed like one of the horses, she was all for shopping with no kids.

Anne had managed to pull off one of her instructions from her son.  He needed one day to makes calls and get some things done for the party. 

Both of them shopped until they dropped.  It wasn’t too often that they had time to spend together and have adult conversations. 

Kevin was stretched out on the couch in the living room when they came home.  His mother shot him a nasty little look until he pulled his butt off the couch and out the door.  One favor deserved another in her eyes.  He could go unload their purchases. 

“Cassie, what is all this?”  Kevin looked at all the bags piled in ‘her’ room and on the bed.  Cass was in ‘her’ bathroom brushing her teeth.  Kevin looked into a few of the bags.   

“Oh, that stuff.  It’s for the kids, from your Mom.  She thought the kids could use some new clothes.  You know how she can be when she wants to shop.  Your Mom thought the kids would look great in coordinating outfits for Annie’s party.  You’ll have to help me wrestle Cody and Cam to the ground to get them on.  They better stay clean too!”  Cass came out wearing a little flannel number.  She had been doing some shopping for herself too. 

“Oh I like that baby, flannel is very sexy on you.”  Kevin laughed as he watched her walk out of the room.  “Hey, where are you going?”  Kevin followed her, into ‘his’ room.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.”  She smiled as she pulled back the covers and climbed in.

“I don’t like this bed, let’s sleep in your bed.”  Kevin stripped and bitched at the same time. 

The door to Kevin’s room opened.  Kevin stood in his boxers, staring at his mother.  “Yes Mom?”

“Keep the boxers on when I’m sleeping under your roof.”  Anne shook her finger in Cass’s direction.  “You should be in your own bed.”

Cass leaned back on her pillow and smiled, “It is my bed, it’s my house.”

“She has a point Mama,” Kevin laughed as he joined his ‘Life Partner’ in bed.

“You two are going to be the death of me,” she laughed good-naturedly and blew them a kiss.  “Goodnight,” she spoke as she closed the door.

Cass felt Kevin jumble the covers.  She laughed when his boxers hit the floor.  Scrunching himself up next to Cass, he sighed as his hands began to roam her flesh.

“You have got to be kidding me…  Your Mommy was just at our door and blew you a kiss goodnight.”

“She loves me.  Don’t you love me Cassie?” 

Cass rolled to stare at him; she thought she would see puppy dog eyes, what she saw were clear pools of green.  “Yes Kevin Scott Richardson, I love you.”  She would never love another man for the rest of her days, but him.  In the same token, if they married, she was afraid he would tire of her, cheat, and then move on.

“Marry me?” he smiled, as his hands dipped south to her thighs.

“Not unless I’m very, very, drunk.”  Her lips pressed to his and burned a path down his neck to his chest.  Their talking ceased and the lovemaking began.





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