Mistake- (mi stak?) vt.-took?, -tak? -en, -tak?ing [< ON. Mistake, take wrongly] to understand or perceive wrong† __vi. To make a mistake __n. an idea, answer, act, etc. that is wrong; error or blunder.

What is a mistake?† By the definition above, it is a wrong.† Whether through perception, an idea, answer or act, it is wrong.

Can you fix your mistakes?† Some you can and Some you canít.

Who judges whether an act, answer, or idea is a mistake or not?† Some say yourself, itís what you perceive.† Others say that it is they that make the judgment.

Sometimes we are reminded of our mistakes on a daily basis.† Does that make the mistake a bad thing?† Only time will tell.† One momentary lapse in judgment and a lifetime to regret it.

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