Turn the Page

Chapter 1

They had left Vegas and headed to Phoenix.  The Phoenix shows went well and now they were on their way to L.A.  Bron sat on the bus reflecting over the little battle that had taken place in Las Vegas.  Okay it wasn’t a little battle it was an all out war.  In the end Kevin had won by sheer force and determination and that was it.

Everything was running smoothly until it was time for her to leave Las Vegas and head to Lexington.  She searched their penthouse suite and then went two floors down to search Bounce’s suite for their tickets.  When she reached Bounce’s door she found that her daughter was gone.  Kevin’s family had left as well.  After the maid had informed her that the guests had checked out earlier in the morning her fuse had been lit.

Bron flew down the hall and banged on the elevator panel.  Kevin had gone too far this time.  He was no longer going to send Bounce away because it was to his convenience and liking.  She had had enough.  Pacing in front of the elevator she saw Nick had peeked out from his door.  “If you knew about this you better hide, because I’m going to kill him,” she spoke as she glared at Nick. 

Nick quickly shut the door and locked it figuring she would do exactly what she said she would do.

Kevin was talking to Jake and Carlos in their room.  “I want you guys to wait by the elevator.  I want a clean shot to my bus.  I’m gonna have my hands full.”  No sooner was it out of his mouth that he heard Bron storming down the hall screaming his name.  “There she blows,” he snickered as Jake rolled his eyes.  “Kevin you don’t know what you’re messing with.  Once was enough, you did it again and now she’s pissed.”

Bron came flying in the room and slammed the door.  “Bye guys,” Kevin grinned to Carlos and Jake.  Taking their cue the guys went out the door to wait in the hall.  Jake went and grabbed the elevator and held it.

“Darlin, that door slammin’ shit is going to get real expensive,” he said to her with a straight face.

“How dare you!” she spoke out between her clenched teeth.  She watched him pick up her suitcase and set it in the hall with his then shut the door.  “You bring mine back.  I’m taking the next flight to Lexington.”  She continued wanting to just knock him on his ass with everything she had for this one.

Kevin shook his head no as she approached the doorway.  “Stop right there.  You’re going with me and that’s the end of it.”  Kevin was annoyed, enough was enough.  She was going and this was going to stop before it escalated into something they both would regret later.

“I don’t want to go to L.A.” she hissed at him.

“Tough, I want you to.”

“Damn you Kevin!  I’m not going, get the hell out of my way!” she yelled.

Kevin glanced at his watch.  Okay Keith would be downstairs by now, he surmised.  Let’s try reasoning and partial truth.  Sometimes you could reason with Bron, he contemplated to himself.  “Bron listen to me.  I just want us to have some time alone.  I don’t want to be in hotels all the time.”

Bron couldn’t figure out why he just couldn’t accept the fact that she wasn’t going.  “Not L.A.  You want me, then come home,” she fumed.

“Why?” he asked, wondering if she was ready to give him the truth behind her resistance.

“I just don’t want to,” as she began stalking around the suite.

Kevin knew why but he wasn’t going to make it easy for her.  He refused to build their marriage starting out with so many insecurities and her blaming herself.  “Come on, time to go.”  He reinforced his original request.

Bron walked over to the table.  If she were going to take him on physically she needed to even the odds.  He had and always would win any physical battle they had.  Quickly she grabbed the vase off of the table, turned, and then smiled at him.  “I said I’m not going, now leave,” she spoke as she hoisted the vase in the air.

Kevin contained his laughter as he watched her clutch the vase in her hand like it was life or death.  “Don’t even think about it Bron.  You’ll be sorry if you do.”  He stood there with his hands on his hips totally amused by the turn of events.

“Don’t tempt me Kevin.  I’m not going,” she growled.

“Yes you are.  We know you wouldn’t dare, now put it down.”  Okay I’m done playin’ sweetheart.  Put the fucking vase down, he railed at her in his head.

A knock came to the door interrupting the Mexican Stand-off.  Kevin turned to open the door; as he did the vase sailed past his head, slammed into the door, and shattered to the floor.

Kevin's head turned to her in mild shock.  He couldn’t believe she had actually done it.  She tried to beam him with the vase.  He watched her slink around to the sideboard looking for more ammunition to launch at him.  He watched her pick up the champagne bottle from the night before.

The anger had already built as the broken glass crunched under his shoes.  “Ya better not,” he spoke with a tone that said he was pissed no doubt about it.  This is supposed to be easy.  Jesus Christ my honeymoon is turning into World War three, he groaned to himself.

Bron still stood there bottle in hand.  “Put it down!” he screamed at her as Jake pushed the door open.  Bron knew that for once she had the upper hand.  Truth be told these moments were and would be few and far between with Kevin.  It was kind of fun, she thought as she grinned at Jake and Carlos.  They both backed up into the hallway.  Not wanting to be the recipients of her next air born assault.

Kevin took one step towards her and the bottle was launched.  The bottle impacted off of his shoulder, he winced and yelped out in pain, as the bottle bounced off of him and to the floor.

Bron’s pupils grew large, surprised that she had actually done it.  As he raised his head and looked at her in disbelief he cupped his shoulder.  Bron bolted past him and out the door.  Now she was screwed, no turning back now.  She had a split second thought that she may have actually hurt him but at this point it was every man for himself.

As Bron ran out the door she flat out ran into Jake.  She almost fell and Jake grabbed her to stop her from falling.  “Let go of me.  Don’t you help him!” she yelled at him.

Jake immediately released his hold.  “I’m not.”  He wasn’t going to help Kevin.  This was between them and the two security guards had vowed to stay out of it.

The split second that it took for them to make the exchange was all Kevin needed.  He came up behind her and grabbed both of her arms, and jerked them behind her back.  As he stood behind her he began to speak in a quiet snarl in her ear.  “Now you’re going to go downstairs and you are going to act like the lady that I know you are.  This spoiled little brat routine stops right here.”

Bron thought about it.  Hey if I get downstairs I’m free and clear.

Kevin knew where her mind was going.  He had figured her out a long time ago.  “Forget it.  You’ll pull any stunts downstairs and you’ll pay for it all the way to Phoenix.  My shoulder still hurts,” he added as a reminder.  Kevin knew full well that her fear was driving her more than anything else.

Bron dropped her head in defeat and sighed loudly.

Kevin released her arms and came around to stand in front of her.  He lifted her chin with his index finger and spoke to her,  “You have nothing to fear by going with me.  We split up awhile ago and it’s over and done with.”

Jake was holding the elevator still waiting for them.  Kevin grabbed both of her hands in one huge hand and walked onto the elevator.  She had no choice but to follow him. Carlos fell in behind both of them.

Bron was fighting her emotions in her head as she tried to shake his grip.  It wasn’t worth the effort he wasn’t going to let go until they were on the bus.  The elevator stopped at the lobby and Bron wanted to run desperately.  As the doors opened camera flashes went off in her face and she turned into Kevin’s side.  He released her hands and brought an arm around her, effectively tucking her underneath his arm.  He held his other hand up to block the rest of her face.

The cameras going off squelched her plans of bolting, knowing that some of the people watching them leave the hotel through the service entrance were tabloid press.  As they exited the doors the buses were lined up.  Mary and Gillian called to her and Nick watched from the steps of his bus.  Bron had her head down as she marched on the bus followed by Kevin who was holding his shoulder.  She never acknowledged any of them.

Bron leaned on the counter as the bus began to move joining the caravan.  “What took you so long?”  Keith asked Kevin.  Kevin didn’t answer him as he jerked open the freezer door looking for the ice pack that was usually reserved for his knee.

Carlos chuckled and answered for him, “He had a run in with a champagne bottle.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t a magnum.”

Bron moved to the table and looked out the window.  Kevin joined her holding the ice pack to his shoulder.  “Do you want to talk about what is bothering you so much?”

“I have nothing to say,” she answered softly as she got up and walked to the back of the bus.  Bron lay on the bed trying to sort everything out again.  Kevin had won again.  She began to wonder if their entire life would be this way.

“Better use Tupperware at your house,” she heard Carlos laugh and Jake joined him.



“Hey you with us?” she heard Kevin ask her.  He knew she wouldn’t answer him.  She hadn’t spoken to him since they had left Vegas.  He shook his head as he watched her walk to the back of the bus.  Soon darlin’ we are going to sort all this out, he muttered to himself.

Jake, Carlos, and especially Keith had watched the tension grow between the two over the last few days.  They all knew that when they hit L.A. it was going to be ripped wide open.  Kevin had told everybody that barring the death of a family member when they got to L.A. everyone was to not contact them and leave them alone.  Jake was staying with Carlos and so was Keith.  He would meet them at the venue and that would be all they would see of either of them unless it was an emergency.

Kevin sighed loudly as he watched out the window.  It had been a rough couple of days for both of them.  He had tried to let her sort out her feelings since they had left Vegas.  He had put up with her miserable mood for the last three days.  She had remained silent most of the time.  She even had the audacity to hold back on him in the bedroom.  She refused to verbalize anything to him.  That is what had really set him off.  She was battling for control and losing desperately so she played her trump card.  It took him a day to figure it out.  Once in L.A. it would stop, he was going to see to that for sure.


His mind drifted to Phoenix.  When they were in Phoenix she wouldn’t even come out of the hotel room for the taping of the MTV special.  She watched from the window of their suite.  The pool area of the hotel had been set up to look like the boys were in a tropical place and not the desert.  Nick pulled him aside and asked him what the hell was going on.  Bron was pissed at everyone, not just Kevin.

Kevin explained as best he could that Bron didn’t want to go to Los Angeles but Lexington.  Nick countered with the fact that Kevin was being bull-headed and should let her go on to Lexington.  Nick felt that Kevin just wanted Bron with him to keep him company.  He adamantly refused explaining to Nick that Bron had to go to L.A. to understand that she did not cause the break up of his long time relationship.

Nick was relentless and was insisting that Kevin was making a big mistake.  Finally Kevin spit the words out to Nick.  “She has to see first hand and know she wasn’t responsible for this.  There will be a shit load of stuff in the papers.  She needs to handle it and accept the fact that she didn’t cause it.  I’m not going to spend the rest of my life explaining to her that she didn’t do it.”

Nick walked back to the make shift set shaking his head and mumbling.  Kevin sighed loudly, knowing someday Nick would understand.

Kevin re-joined the group for the taping.  He sat in the lounge chair and glanced up to the windows to watch her watch them.  Eventually he waved at her and all eyes followed to where he was waving.  Eyes belonging to strangers locked on her.  He had put the attention on her and it annoyed her.  She ended up flipping him the bird and walked away from the window.

Kevin was embarrassed as the laughter came from the fellas and the crew from MTV.  One of the crewmembers even remarked that she must be an N’SYNC fan.  This set Nick into a fit of giggles so badly that he fell off of his chair laughing.



The bus began to slow bringing Kevin out of his memories.  They were getting off of the freeway and heading to The Firm’s parking lot.  The buses were going to be cleaned while the guys were in L.A.  They had radio interviews to do and they were taping a special for CBS television to air at the end of May.

Seeing how close they were to their destination Kevin called The Firm and asked them to have a cab waiting.  He would stop in very briefly but he was going home to rest.  They had a show to do tonight and he was tired.




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