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Chapter 10

“Shit!”  Bron jumped up and stood behind the chair.  “Save me please,” she pleaded with A.J. who had a disgustingly happy face on.  Nick and Howie both jumped when they heard Kevin scream from inside the house again.  Brian wasn’t fazed as he looked at the house and then back to Bron.

“Okay,” A.J. announced as he stood up and faced the patio door like a real trooper.  The guys all jumped up when the patio door slammed open with such force it almost went off the track. 

Kevin began to bellow at the top of his lungs.  “WITCH!  I’M GONNA...”

“Kevin calm down, that vein in your neck is sticking out again,” she said in a light-hearted voice hoping humor would help.

“Come here,” he spoke, as he stood there looking like a volcano ready to erupt.  He was shaking the papers that were in his hand, in the air at her.  He was so angry he couldn’t speak.

Bron gripped the back of the chair that she was standing behind.  “Oh this is so not good,” she whispered to Mary.

“You’re gonna fix this!” he screamed from just outside the patio door.  He was keeping his distance, if he got any closer to her, he would throttle her.

“Don’t move,” she said softly to Nick.  She quickly stood behind him.  The chair was not going to hold up against Kevin in this state.  “I can’t, read clause twenty-two,” she answered him demurely.

Kevin frantically searched through the stack of papers.  He began reading, as he read they watched his face turn blood red and his eyes bulge.  “My God!” he yelled as he threw his hands up in the air.  Turning he surveyed the arrangement of his little brothers.  All standing in front of her, protecting her from him.  Ha, Ha, Witch, fat chance.  He stormed over to the front line.

“You need to calm down,” Bron said from behind Nick.

Nick backed up slightly, “Did you divorce him or something?”  He was somewhat scared, Kevin was way beyond mad and in a full-blown rage.  Kevin was the type to take out whoever was in his way too. 

“No Nick, she didn’t,” Kevin spoke as he drew air in through his nostrils.  “That will never happen.”  His nostrils were opening and closing tightly, as he tried to calm himself. 

“Oh okay,” Nick shrugged.

“She bought a house, a very expensive house, and then she gave it away!”  Kevin shouted in Nick’s face.  Nick could feel his hair part on the top of his head.  Kevin’s breath blowing in his face.

Nick blinked, but that was it.  Kevin was getting even more pissed.  He paced back and forth in front of his baby brothers; none of them were budging.  He was watching for a reaction from them, looking for his opportunity.  The weak link was there somewhere.  “You can’t hide behind them,” Kevin railed at her as he peeked over the wall of Backstreet Boys, at his own wife.

Bron prowled on the other side, never standing still long enough for him to make an attempt.

“You don’t spend that kind of money unless we talk about it first,” he growled at her.

“It’s my money, I’ll spend it however I want to,” she shot back at him.  This was ridiculous, if he would just calm down for five seconds I could explain it.

The boys were huddled tightly as the patio door opened and then quietly closed.  No one noticed the boys were too involved in the task at hand.  Kevin reached between Brian and Howie grabbing Bron by her shoulder, yanking her hard towards him.

“Guys!”  Bron squealed in a panic.

“Kevin stop now, before someone gets hurt,” came from behind him.

A collective gasp came from the group as Kevin released Bron’s shoulder.

“Hey Kris,” Nick smiled at her.  Nick received an elbow in the side for it from Bron and the words ‘pay attention’.

“Mind your own business Kris,” Kevin ground out without turning around.

“This is my business,” she replied with a tinge of anger.  He will never change; she shook her head from side to side.

Brian looked at Mary, who looked at Kris, who looked at Bron.

“You didn’t,” Mary squeaked.

“She did,” Kevin snarled, answering for her.

Bron peeked around Nick and looked at Kris.  “Are you mad?” she asked.

“Hell no,” Kris laughed.  “I’m ecstatic.  It’s weird but it works for me and don’t apologize.”

“You’re not keeping it,” Kevin spoke, as he desperately tried to regain his grip on Bron.  He was cursing himself.  The little short shit was fast and slippery.

All he heard was ‘Yes I am and Yes she is’ from both women.  Bron watched him snap and ran from behind the boys to the patio door.  Kris saw her coming and stepped aside.  Kevin was right behind her.  He dropped the papers from his hand at Kris’s feet.  He jammed the patio door shut and locked it.

“Hey watch my door,” Kris reprimanded him, to which she was on the receiving end of Kevin’s middle finger.

A.J. idly went over to the bedroom patio door and opened it.  He wanted to hear what was going on and to make sure that if need be they could get into the house.

Kristin approached the group at the table.  They were watching Kevin stalk Bron in the kitchen.  She had strategically placed the kitchen table between them.

Brian sat there watching his cousin loose the battle and his temper.  “So Kris when are you moving back in?” he laughed.

Kris broke out in laughter, “Tomorrow.”

“I can’t believe she bought you a house,” Howie was stunned.

Kris giggled,  “It came with a card that said for putting up with his Richardson ass for all those years.”

“You’re not upset by this?”  Brian asked as he watched Kevin slam his hands into the tabletop in the kitchen.  He was speaking very low, nothing could be heard outside.  Bron was shaking her head and wagging her finger at him.

“No,” she snickered.  “I like her.  They’re complete opposites.”

“Nah, they’re a lot a like,” Nick interjected.  “You should see her when she gets mad.”

All eyes turned to the patio door when they heard Bron shout out, “Don’t hurt me!”  The kitchen chair toppled over from its place and the table slid across the room as Kevin charged at her.  Bron backed up against the refrigerator with no place to go.

Kris’s eyebrows went up at Kevin’s display of aggression.  He had always managed to control his temper around her a majority of the time.  There had been times when she thought he would cross that fine line but he never did.  If he were going to cross with Bronwyn, it would be now.

Kevin closed the space between them quickly and trapped her in front of the refrigerator.  They began talking; Bron’s eyes were wide open and dilated.  She was gulping for air as Kevin reached up and wrapped his hand around her neck.  He was towering over her with a menacing face.

Kris began to rise out of the chair, not believing that no one was going to make a move to help her.

“Sit down Kristin, let them work it out.  She’s fine,” came from Mary.

Bron wrinkled up her nose and frowned.  Kevin spoke and then she did.  A smile was cast upon her face as Kevin bent and kissed her once on the lips and walked away.  Bron sagged against the fridge as he left; her life spared this time.  She glanced out the patio door and waved with a grin on her face.

The bedroom patio door closed.  Not a split second later Kevin was back in the kitchen unlocking the door and came outside.  He motioned her to follow and she did.

Kevin grabbed a beer from the cooler and joined the group.  “She drives me nuts,” he announced as he popped the cap on the beer.

“I do not,” came from behind his chair.

“Do too, now shut up for five minutes while I clear my head,” he said.  He slugged half of the beer and swished in his mouth.  Savoring the taste of it.

Bron laughed as she looked at Kris and winked.  “You love me anyway,” she chimed, still standing behind him.

“Yes I do,” he sighed loudly and rolled his eyes at his guests.  The table exploded in laughter, Kris included.

Bron leaned on his back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  She cocked her head sideways and looked at Kris.  “Are you going to redecorate?”

Kevin choked on his beer, “Take this inside, I don’t want to hear it!”

Bron lifted her finger to his goatee and gently wiped the beer from it.  She placed her finger by his mouth and licked it.  “Okay Master, dinner soon, I know you’re hungry.  Start the grill for me.”

“Fine,” he sighed as he raised and then tilted his head, looking into her eyes.  He gave her a gentle smile and rubbed her arms.

“Let’s go, the Master is hungry ladies,” Bron announced.

“I’ve seen that look before, he isn’t looking for food either,” Mary chuckled as she lifted herself from Alex’s lap.

Kristin sat absorbing the nickname that Bron had just called Kevin.  Unusual for sure, she thought to herself. 

Gillian and Mary followed grumbling that neither one of them cooked.  Kevin laughed at both of them.





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