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Chapter 101

Bron waited in the dressing room for Kevin after the concert.  She would say goodbye and then head home.  Suzie wasn’t coming home until Monday.  They had decided on doing the Luau themed party and would start working out the details when Suzie returned.

Kevin jumped off the stage and made his way to the dressing rooms.  It was late and Bron was looking pretty tired from their visit to the zoo. 

Kevin came in slowly as Bron sat on the couch, totally wiped out.  Jake was sitting in the chair waiting.  A car had been sent for to take them to the airport.  Bending down, he shook her a little.  “Witch, you can’t do this anymore.  It’s wearing you out.  No more traveling like this.”

“I’m fine,” she yawned at him.  “We’re just tired.”  Kaylin lay with her head in her mom’s lap sound asleep.

“Give me a kiss,” he mumbled as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Kevin frowned, “A real one, it has to last.”  Kevin bent his head to kiss her, when a finger poked him the throat. 

“Me too?” a small voice mumbled.

“You too,” Kevin gave Kaylin a kiss.  Picking her up, he handed the short bundle off to Jake.  Kevin approached Bron one more time and left no room for her to move.  He kissed her like he wouldn’t see her for a month instead of a week.  Helping her up to her feet, he smiled.

“I’m supposed to walk out of here after that?” she licked her lips.  Oh, he could be very mean when he wanted to be.

“I’ll miss you too,” Kevin kissed her again.  Turning towards Jake, Jake shook his head and then laughed.

“Bounce, you be good for Mama okay?” Kevin dropped a little kiss on her forehead.

“Okay,” a sleepy reply answered him.

Three bodies barely made it onto the plane and then caught some shuteye for the small trip.  Bron patted the dogs when she walked in the door of her home.  Kissing her son goodnight, she put Kaylin to bed, and finally sought out her own bed.  “Man I missed my bed,” she curled around Kevin’s pillow.

Bron chilled until the call came the next day.  Kevin was laughing his ass off and so were many others in the background.  Nick was screaming like a madman.  “I can’t believe she did this to me!  She sucks Kevin, this is war!”

“He got the message, I see,” Bron laughed as she jumped up and down.

“Oh yeah darlin’, he got the message.”  Kevin could barely talk, as everyone began calling Nick, “The Green Man!”

Pausing Kevin let Bron listen until Nick saw the cell-phone in the air.  Grabbing for it, he yelled into the device.  “You are goin’ down woman, I don’t care if your ass is gold in his book.  You’ll pay for this one.”

Kevin wrestled the phone back, “Baby, next time warn me.  One thousand pair of green panties being tossed at Nick by fans was very weird.”  Kevin was now snorting as he told her what had gone down,  “I don’t know where you got all of them, and I love the fact that you even had his face printed on them.”  Kevin held up a thong that had Nick’s mug ironed on it.  It barely fit.  Kevin would save this pair to give to Suzie as a keepsake.

Bron sat smiling for the rest of the evening, she had finally gotten the golden boy.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough to give him a wake up call.

Kevin called twice to check on them after that and then again when Suzie caught her flight.  The fans had a blast playing the prank on Nick, it beat the typical silly string.  Bron was just a little pissed once she found out that Nick had reiterated the ‘best present question’ at the press conference, this was her get even and now she would drop it.

Suzie rolled into the office at her usual time.  Bron was waiting with a coffee cup in her hand.  “Those early flights suck when you aren’t a morning person, don’t they?”

“Uh-huh,” Suzie nodded as she grabbed for the cup.

“Let’s begin the party planning.  We don’t have much time left.”  The phone rang while they planned.  Mc was out doing the fieldwork again.  Bron was much more relaxed when he was in control.  “Did Nick recover?”

“Yes, and thanks to you everyone is seeing Nick.”  Suzie shot her a look but it wasn’t one of anger, it was one of amusement.  “He wanted to die.  Nick doesn’t even know that we all see the hard-on he sports when he singing.  Thanks to Kevin I have Nick’s face on a thong.”

“He loves music,” Bron cracked but still not her usual self. 

Bron was fussing like crazy until Suzie put two and two together.  Andrew wasn’t at work, he was attending college.  It seemed there was a small blow up between mother and son that Kevin defused as fast as possible before he left.  Andrew wanted to live on campus, Bron said no.

Kevin had asked if maybe Andrew could wait until next year.  Kevin was relying on Andrew to be around when he couldn’t to help his mother.  Andrew seemed to understand the circumstances and agreed but only for the semester, not the year.  He also told his mother that he was thinking about changing his major to education instead of engineering.  They hadn’t spoken since, Bron felt betrayed and upset.  Kevin told her that she couldn’t plan his life and to let him be.

“I got a pig,” Bron looked at her.

“What the hell for?  Like you don’t have enough animals.  Kevin is a pig, you have him already, you just need to train him better.”  Suzie waited to see if Bron would laugh.  When she did, she knew the rest of the day would be easier. 

They booked a caterer, Bron wasn’t going to argue and she wasn’t going to cook either.  Bron sold the pig; she found it a little hard to really stomach the idea of a pig in a pit.  Instead, Suzie wanted a seafood theme for her luau.

The next couple of days whipped by as Bron became increasingly grumpy and Kaylin wasn’t doing her any favors.  She argued with Bron at every opportunity.  Suzie stayed out of it; she wasn’t going to get involved unless things really spiraled out of control.  Andrew and Bron were now speaking again; things were headed in the right direction.

Bron hooked the computer up to the large screen television in the entertainment room and they watched the Dallas concert on the large screen.  Bron had the VCR going to tape it.  “We’ll need these captures later.”  Bron had a little fun in store for later. 

Kevin flew in after the post party.  Originally, the Dallas concert was supposed to celebrate the end of the North American tour.  Now it seemed more like the kick off all over again.

Bron heard the dogs barking off in the distance; at least it seemed that way to her.  Then she heard Kevin yelling at them to shut the hell up before they woke everyone up.  Closing her eyes, she fell back into a very peaceful sleep knowing he was home.  Everyone was flying in some time today and the party would be tomorrow.  They wanted to give everyone a day to catch up on their sleep.  

Rudely, Bron was woken up by the sound of Kaylin yelling outside their door.  Kevin’s body was as dead as he was, she shook him and he didn’t budge, nor did he moan. Creeping out of the room with her bathrobe in hand, she dragged herself downstairs listening to Kaylin babble all the way down.

“How come you sleep late when he’s home?”  Kaylin looked at her mother.

“Because, I actually sleep instead of wondering what kind of trouble you are getting into.”  Bron opened the backdoor to let the dogs out.  “Did you eat?”

“Yes,” Kaylin followed Bron’s footsteps around the kitchen. 

“If you are trying to bug me, it’s working.  Go take care of the horses.”  Bron opened the backdoor to show her out.  “Annoy me after I’ve made my coffee.”

“I just want to know when everyone is coming.”  Kaylin stood on the steps.

Bron shook her head and opened the door for her to come back in.  “Later.”  Looking out the door, Bron spotted a mini-van in the driveway.  “Shit, get in the house, somebody is out there.  Jake isn’t here either.”

Weighing her options, she went up to wake up Kevin.  Before she did so, she checked each room to make sure he hadn’t brought anyone home with him that she didn’t know about.  Andrew was in his room still sleeping. 

Slipping into their bedroom, she went to the bed.  Kevin had very quickly taken over almost the entire California King.  His limbs were sprawled out like he was sleeping on valuable real estate.  Leaning down, she whispered in his ear.  People had always said he was hard to wake up.  Bron rarely had that problem with him, she could whisper to him and he would wake.  “There is a strange van parked next to the house.”

Kevin never opened his eyes as he mumbled to her, “Not strange, it’s yours.”

“Oh,” Bron stood up and looked at him, a little surprised.  “Why did you get me a van?”

“I’m junking your truck, it’s dangerous.  Van is good, kids, car seat, soccer mom stuff.”  Kevin dipped back into his sleepy state.

Kevin didn’t know what hit him, he thought it was the dogs.  Two hours later he managed to drag his body from the bed while he rubbed the side of his head.  “Damn dogs, nearly killed me last night.  I’m so friggin’ tired.” 

Leaning on the counter, he looked at the cold coffee pot.  It seemed he was talking to himself. 

“Mom’s mad,” Kaylin sat at the table.

“What’s new,” Kevin made his coffee wondering where Bron was.  Kaylin was sitting by herself.

“Where’s Mom?”  Kevin waited and listened.

“In the pool, she said you were…”

Kaylin’s face explained it all, “A jerk,” he answered for her.

“Yep,” Kaylin nodded.

“I haven’t heard how you have been behaving so you had better not be getting into trouble.”

Kaylin nodded, if her Mom hadn’t told him, she wasn’t going too.

Kevin poured two cups of coffee and headed to the patio with Kaylin following.  “You might want to give us a little time alone Kaylin, if your mom is upset…”

“Let’s go Bounce,” Andrew stood with two helmets. 

Kevin wasn’t sure if this was planned or not, but he was grateful.  One look on Andrew’s face and he knew the boy was getting Kaylin out of the way.

Kevin nodded his appreciation as they left his sight.  Walking out onto the patio, he saw that Bron was swimming laps.  It was the one exercise that Gabe would let her continue because she was buoyant in the water and would not be over-exerting herself.  “Bron, come have coffee with me.”

Bron swam to the edge of the steps and walked out of the pool.  Kevin still couldn’t get used to the site of her pregnant and in a bathing suit.  Blinking with the bright morning sun, he watched the once small body come to the table.

Bron sat, grabbed a cup, but didn’t speak.  She was still steaming over the fact that he had just decided all by his big old self to get rid of her truck. 

“I know you love the truck, but it’s not safe.  When I ran that stuff over to the church, it overheated on me, it’s miss firing, and the oil leak in it is enough to be deemed an oil spill.  Even Nick wouldn’t drive it.  I thought you would like the van.”

“It’s the Looney model, was that a silly little joke on your part?”  Bron wanted to hit him again, like she had this morning, only this time he would be awake enough to feel it.

Kevin rubbed the side of his head.  “No, I thought with all the traveling that you do, the kids would enjoy the damn VCR.  If it bothers you that much, I can send it back but I had it customized for you.  Everything is electric and within arms reach.”

“Oh,” Bron whispered into her cup as she brought it to her mouth and listened to him speak.

“It has a built in booster seat for older kids like Kaylin.  It’s the extended version so the dogs will fit.  It has keyless entry so when your hands are full, the door will open.”  Kevin wasn’t going to stop until she smiled.

“I’m not a soccer mom.  How’s the head?”  Bron felt a tingle of guilt but not much.  If she had ditched his beloved Toyota, he would have killed her. 

“Man, one of those dogs, really walloped me last night.”  Kevin ran his hand over his head.

“That wasn’t the dogs, it was me.  I’m going to change and go for a ride.”  Bron could have laid rubber for as fast as she left him sitting on the patio, stunned that she had smacked him that hard.

Within five seconds of Bron leaving the phone rang.  Kevin went in search of the portable which for a change was hanging where it should be in the kitchen.

“’ello,” Kevin could hear loud noises, like construction on the other end.

“Kevin?”  The voice yelled.

“Yes, Suzie?”  Kevin was not awake yet and a little thrown off.  “What the hell is going on over there?  Are you at home?”

Suzie broke down in tears on the phone as she told him what happened.  Kevin was laughing and she was screeching at him not to laugh that it wasn’t funny.  She had over one hundred friends and family coming tomorrow.

“Let me find Bron before she takes off, we’ll be over to see what we can do.”  Kevin hung the phone up, despite Suzie’s hysterics, he was still laughing as he ran up the stairs two at a time calling Bron’s name.

Kevin tossed open the door and quickly told Bron what was going on.

“He didn’t?”  Bron began grabbing clothes as fast as Kevin did. 

Slipping a sneaker on, Kevin said he was going downstairs to leave a note for Andrew to meet them over at Suzie’s.

Bron went to get the corvette, after receiving a mini-van for a gift from her husband; she needed to feel young again.  Bron drove, Kevin bitched, it wasn’t proper, he should be driving.  Bron stopped at an intersection and informed he could always walk.  A group of teenagers were holding a car wash, Bron smiled as she looked at them.  The kids waved, they knew who was in the passenger seat.

“Don’t you dare,” Kevin sunk down in the seat.

Breaking all speed limits, they pulled into the once quiet residential neighborhood.  They drove by the semi-truck trailer parked on the street.  Bron was laughing, she needed to get it out of her system before she saw her best friend.  The neighbors were all pointing and at the large object.  Some smiling, some laughing.

Bron parked in the driveway, in the last spot open.  Suzie was yelling into her phone. 

Bron walked up with a silly grin on her face.  “That’s one hell of a house warming gift.”

Suzie hung up, bit her lip, then cried. “It’s a fucking forty foot palm tree.  A palm tree doesn’t go with a Victorian home! What the hell was he thinking?  I can’t find him, if I did, I’d kill him!”

Kevin’s head bounced from side to side as he sized up the situation.  His hands hitched into his back pockets, “Whelp, I’ve known Nick a long time.  I’m going to guess that you told him it was a Luau, right?”

Suzie nodded numbly; Mc was now digging a gigantic hole in her front yard.  She had called him first for help.  In between bouts of laughter, he offered the assistance of the company of course.

Kevin began to laugh as he hugged Suzie, “It’s okay sweetie, he just wanted to make sure you had the right atmosphere for this party.  You need a palm tree at a Luau.”

Suzie cried even harder, “Tell me he won’t send me a pig?  Your wife bought a pig, I told her no, seafood.”

Kevin blinked, he wasn’t sure, so he wasn’t going to answer her.

“NO!!!!”  Suzie ran into the house.

“Go find that asshole and have him cancel any other gifts he has coming here.  Make sure he gets something appropriate and I don’t mean a new bed either!”  Bron delivered her command and went into the house after Suzie.

Kevin took the ‘Vette to go in search of Nick.  “Kaos they are gonna kick your ass now.”  Kevin pulled up to his Aunt Jackie’s house.  All the guys were crashing at various relatives.  Nick wouldn’t stray far from Brian.  Leighanne had promised that she would be busy all day so the friends could catch up.  Kevin had told all of them his place was off limits for the first night.  He had wanted to sleep.  Aunt Jackie’s would be the most logical place for them to gather.

“Nicky!”  Kevin began yelling for him before the front door even opened.

“Did she get it?”  Nick was eager as they come.  His gift for his girl was unique, the first of many.

“Oh yeah, Mc is digging up her damn yard.  Now you’re going to get it, you dumb ass.”  Kevin stepped in the house and slammed the door behind him.





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