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Chapter 102

Kevin closed his eyes briefly and then opened them again.  He heard the squeal and Suzie’s words came back to haunt him.  “What’s the pig for and why is it in the house?”

Nick started to stutter and then Brian laughed as he slapped Nick on the back.  “Relax, we were going to eat it tomorrow at the luau but I think A.J. has become attached to it.  Nick was going to give it to Suzie.”

Kevin shook off the ugly mental picture he had, then he heard A.J. call the pig.  Kevin swung around, as A.J. called the pig again.  Then he stood stock-still not sure of what to say next.

A.J. had the pig on a leash; Kevin blinked again, when he heard A.J. say, “I’m taking Bacon for a walk.”

Howie sat in the corner sipping tea trying very hard not to laugh.  “Kev, are you okay?”

“I’m not sure,” Kevin answered as he stared blankly at Nick.  “Nicky, do you have any other gifts that you plan to surprise Suzie with?”

“Just a few man, I got some Hula dancers who are going to teach us how to Hula.  Some decorations and stuff.  Let’s see.... And some new furniture.”

“Furniture?”  Kevin was afraid to go there but Bron had hinted that a bed would be inappropriate. 

“Yep, I bought her a new bedroom set and a new couch.”  Nick was stoked; he had thrown his cash around to impress.

“Go get in the car, we’re goin’ for a ride.”  Kevin walked to the backdoor and shouted out to his Aunt.  “I’m taking Nick a for ride.  I promise I’ll get rid of the pig.”

“Thank you Kevin,” his Aunt Jackie laughed.  She wasn’t too sure what to do with the animal once it was in her kitchen.  Cooking it seemed a little odd.

Kevin turned to Brian, “How could you let them bring a pig into your mother’s house?”

“Pigs are very clean,” Brian smirked.  He was going to let Nick go for it; it was going to be so much fun watching him go down in flames.  “I tried to talk him out of it.”

“I bet you did,” Kevin pulled his hat down over his eyes.  “All of you are getting me in hot water with my wife.  Knock the shit off.”

“What’d we do?”  Howie looked to Brian.

“Beats me,” Brian sought out his mom while Howie flopped on the couch.

Kevin drove down the highway ignoring Nick’s pestering questions.  Pulling into a Cadillac dealership, Kevin turned the car off.

“I’m surprised she let you drive it,” Nick ran his hand over the dashboard. 

Pushing the bill of his hat up, Kevin sat back in the seat.  “I’m going to save you one last time and then you are on your own.  I want you to think about a few things before we walk through those doors.”  Kevin pointed to the glass doors of the dealership.

“Okay?”  Nick shrugged his shoulders; he liked puzzles.

“Suzie’s family, including her parents, my wife, and most of my family are going to be there tomorrow.  These are her close friends from Boston and around the country.  Her family that you have never met.  Considering all of this, you are going to give this woman; the woman that you have professed to me that you love, a new bed in front of all those people that she considers near and dear to her.  You’re gonna give her a mattress?”  Kevin drummed his fingertips on the steering wheel, waiting for Nick, the sponge, to absorb it.

“Yeah so?”  Nick didn’t see a problem, Suzie’s mattress sucked.

“What are you going to do on that mattress?  Don’t you think her family will love that?”  Kevin was a little less subtle this time.

Nick pulled out his cell phone and quietly had the delivery changed to a couple days after the party.  Closing the phone, he looked at Kevin with a sheepish grin on his face.

“Very good,” Kevin nodded.  “Now about the pig?”

“I can’t eat it, it’s too cute.  I think A.J. wants to keep it,” Nick was picking up Kevin’s train of thought pretty good, at least he thought so.

“Then it’s A.J.’s problem.  Now the dancers that you have hired....

Kevin didn’t get to finish as Nick interrupted.  “Oh it’s so cool, the chicks are hot.  They are going to put on show and then teach everyone how to do all of those Hawaiian dances.”

Kevin didn’t miss the chick comment.  “Are there guys in this dance group?”

“Yep, big dudes man.  I think the one guy is bigger than Junior Sau.  They wear these grass skirts and they are built.  They dance with fire and all that shit.”  Nick was very pleased by the look on Kevin’s face.

Kevin dropped his wrist onto the steering wheel.  “Okay the dancers stay, at least the girls have eye candy too.  Now one more thing, your lady has a two-car garage with only one car in it.  The last time you were here you drove one of our trucks because you were bitchin’ that her Jetta was too small for you to fit in.  You almost embarrassed the woman in front of her family by delivering her a new mattress.  You bought her a pig.....that you are not going to give to her and I hope she never finds out about.   I think she has the only residential palm tree in the entire state of Kentucky.”  Kevin took a deep breath, “Now that I have given you this information, what do you plan on doing with it?”

Nick’s head cocked to the side, now that Kevin had run down the list, he had made some mistakes, he could fix it though.  “I guess I should buy her a car.”

Kevin’s head did a slow up and down movement, “Now you got it little brother, now you got it.”

“Let’s go,” Nick hopped over the door instead of opening it.

Kevin winced, “Watch the damn paint on this thing, she’ll kill me.”

Kevin held the door for Nick as he walked into the showroom, “Well, I gave her the van...”

Nick began to laugh as a salesman approached, “And you say I’m stupid.”

“Shut up!”  Kevin growled in a low tone.  “When we’re done here, we’re going down to the Chrysler dealer.”

“Fixing your mistakes too?”  Nick laughed; he knew what Kevin was up too.  Kevin would be buying his pregnant wife a new truck.  “The van went over that bad?”

“I got a lump on my head for it,” Kevin mumbled quietly as Nick walked around the showroom.  Kevin’s hand idly slipped to the goose egg on his noggin.

Nick made his purchase on his credit card, not having enough cash and no checks on him.  Kevin offered to go to the bank but Nick wouldn’t listen and did it anyway.  “It’ll shock the hell out of my Mom,” he commented with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll say.  Now come on, I have to go take care of my business.”  Kevin liked Nick’s choice in cars, very nice, and not too over the top.  “She’ll like it.”

Kevin made his stop and Nick went in with him.  “Man, you are dressing this out for her.  You are kissin’ some serious ass buddy.”

“Of course,” Kevin was handed the brochure, the truck wouldn’t be ready for at least a week.  “Great...  Look I’ll pay extra if I can get it by Tuesday.”

The salesman was somewhat familiar with the name as he looked at the check.  “Are you part of McDonald Richardson Enterprises?”

“Yes,” Kevin cleared his throat. 

“Yeah, that’s his ...,” Nick stopped when he saw the look on Kevin’s face.

“I see,” the dealer looked at Kevin.  “It’ll be ready Tuesday, Mrs. Richardson is a good customer of ours.  She called this morning and order a vehicle very close to this one.”

“Really?”  Kevin wasn’t sure if this was legit or not.

Nick started snickering. 

“Yes sir, she was complaining that her idiot husband salvaged her truck and bought her a van.  Men are so stupid she said.”  The salesman was dead serious.

“Cancel that one and deliver the one she bought.  Put what I picked out for extra’s on my wife’s truck.”  Kevin was pissed and embarrassed.

“Oh, umm yes sir, we’ll do that.”  He called to Kevin as Kevin walked out the door.  The laughter didn’t escape until the doors were closed to his showroom.

Kevin wanted to punch her lights out when he saw her again.  They pulled into Suzie’s and Nick looked at the huge palm that had been planted in the yard.  “Looks good, don’t it?”

“If you are smart, you’ll shut up, apologize, and get on with the day.”  Kevin slammed the car door shut as Bron walked out the door. 

“Slam my door like that again and you’ll never drive it again...”

Bron’s words were cut off as a large hand grabbed her arm and pulled her around the house and out the back.  “We need to talk.”

“What is wrong with you?”  Bron pulled her arm back.

“Did you buy a truck this morning?”  Kevin’s face was screwed up with anger.

“Yes, I can’t carry building materials in a damn van.”

“You could have told me,” Kevin looked across the yard full of caterers and various other workmen.  “Tell me we aren’t paying for this.”

“Would I do that honey?” she patted his chest as Suzie came around the corner.

“Yes you would,” Kevin saw a beautiful waterfall built into Suzie’s pool.  “Wow, very nice grotto.”

“You like it?”  Suzie came out the back door with Nick.

“I love it, you’re going to have a great party.”  Kevin decided to go see what Mc was doing in the back of the yard.  He had had enough of women and their estrogen for one day. 

Turning back, he felt like he owed Nick one, “Suzie, A.J. has a new pet pig named Bacon!” 

Nick received a double head slap.  One from each woman that was standing on either side of them. 

The rest of the day was spent getting Suzie’s family and friends from the airport and getting them settled into local hotels.  She didn’t want anyone to be staying at her house. 

Bron’s gift was delivered while Suzie had gone to pick up the next batch of guests.  Bron had to get Nick, Kevin, and Mc, as well as Jake to help.  The delivery guy couldn’t handle the job.  Suzie’s living room was transformed while she was gone   Bron had set room aside for the object by first dropping hints to Suzie, and then outright telling her so that she wouldn’t stick a couch on the far wall.

“Looks good,” Bron smiled.

“It looks like ours,” Kevin looked closer.  He was satisfied that it wasn’t when he didn’t find the marker running up the side from when Kaylin had gotten her little fingers on one of his Sharpies.

“It is just like ours, but no marker,” Bron laughed.

Kaylin had been running around outside after Andrew had delivered her to them.  Now she was out helping Uncle Mc in the grotto that he had built for Suzie.  It was his gift to her.

Kevin watched Kaylin help and knew she had her mothers’ talent for construction.  Kaylin was not happy with the looks of something and moved the objects around.  Mc nodded approvingly.

 It was late when everyone finally headed to bed.  Bron dropped in the bed while Kevin took a shower; she was so tired.

Her eyes closed and opened, and eventually just closed. 

Kevin shook the bed, hoping to wake her.  It didn’t work.  “Well, I guess I can last until morning.”  Lying down next to her, he pushed his arm under her neck.  Bron rolled to face him.

Very gently, his hand made its way to her stomach.  He liked to feel the baby move.  If Bron were sleeping, on occasion the baby would move.  Tonight the baby seemed quiet; he was a little disappointed in that. 

Getting out of bed, he stood in front of the patio doors that overlooked the pool.  Looking up, the stars twinkled in the dark sky.  Turning the reading light on, he grabbed his book.  He had spent so much time with the book that Gabe had given him, Kevin felt he could probably deliver the baby himself.  Kevin had committed almost the entire book to memory. 

His reading went for a while; then he heard Bron.  “Turn the light off and come make love to me.  You really haven’t come home yet.”

“I can do that,” the room went dark.

“Oh, I know you can.  But can you do it right?”  Bron’s snickering quickly turned to begging.

“I think that is a yes,” she heard in a husky voice.





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