Turn the Page

Chapter 107

The shower was over with, Bron needed something to occupy her time.   Now she was bouncing off the walls.  She had finally let Suzie in on her birthday gift to Kevin.  Kevin would be turning thirty.  Bron felt more comfortable with him being in his thirties rather than in his twenties, he was finally joining her decade.

The entire idea was born during a late night chat session.  Having friends all over the United States came in handy.  Bron was the recipient of fan reports wherever the guys were.  Bron’s inner circle of friends knew who she was married too but most outsiders didn’t.  All of them always kept her penname separated from her real name. Nick would often join them in chat late at night under the alias Nicole.

Bron was spending her time planning one surprise for Kevin and one huge birthday party for Kaylin.  The date had been set a few days before Halloween, with a Halloween theme.  They were having Kaylin’s birthday party two weeks earlier then her actual birthday at Kevin’s insistence.  One, they were going to celebrate Kevin’s official adoption of her and two, her actual birthday.  Kevin made a distinct point that from here on out she would always have two birthdays and two cakes.  Bron closed her eyes and groaned, praying that after a few years the novelty of it would wear off for both of them.

Bron’s birthday gift for Kevin was a combination birthday present and half pay back.  Kevin again went public to a crowd of fans and gave the baby’s due date and that he was adopting his step-daughter.  Bron was mortified; Kevin going public with private information was rare.  Bragging rights seemed out of the ordinary for him, not this time.

Constructing her plan, very carefully, she set the wheels in motion.  Bron knew Suzie would try to stop her so she did not reveal anything until the plan couldn’t be stopped.  Then Suzie had to play along with her.  Nick was alerted at the last minute because Bron needed his help.  However, he was warned that if he so much as breathed anything in Kevin’s direction, he would pay for it.

Nick hadn’t been pleased with Bron since she had snuck into the concert's wardrobe and did some alterations on his costumes.  Bron took the crotch in on a couple pairs of his pants and sewed the pocket shut on the remaining ones that she could.

Bron almost fell out of her chair laughing one night as Nick tried to stuff his hand into the pocket of his pants.  The fans had a very big treat that night.

Suzie glanced once to Bron, who was laughing like a madman, then back to Nick.  Nick was on stage and frantic.  He was now sporting yet another hard-on.  In the past, it had been Nick’s practice to stuff his hands in his pockets to fluff out the front of his pants.  He hoped to hide what was going on with his anatomy.  Right now it looked like Nick was trying to spank the monkey on stage, not hide it. 

Bron’s eyes twinkled with tears.  Nick couldn’t hide it and Suzie started to join in as Kevin kept switching his eyes from Nick to them in the pit, then back to Nick.

Nick was pissed as he dropped down in the box for a costume change.  Once back on stage Bron was handed a note from the aisle.  In the dim light, she read the note.

“You had better hope that Caterpillar Man gets to you before I do.”  Bron showed the note to Suzie.  It was then passed down to Leighanne, Gillian, and Mary.

All of the women in the pit were getting a thrill watching Nick play a new version of pocket pull.  Kevin was the first to ask openly if Nick 'had a problem or somethin’.

Jake stood off to the side shaking his head back and forth.

“I’m glad Jake is here,” Bron sat back and enjoyed the show.  Nick wouldn’t get within ten feet of her.  Once Nick calmed down, so did his body parts and the show went on without incident.

Off the stage, Nick yelled at Kevin as he tugged at the crotch of his jeans.  “Bron did this!”

“What the hell are you sayin’?”  Kevin slapped Nick’s hand away, in case there were cameras present. 

“Jock itch sucks Nick, but chill man,” Brian walked by laughing at him.

Margie stepped from under the stage.  “Here Nick try these,” as she handed him a new pair of pants.  “I’m sorry Nick; somebody has been playing with your wardrobe.  The inseam was shortened and the pockets sewn shut.”

Margie looked at Kevin, “We all know she did it, but I could lose my job.”

“I’ll talk to her about it.”  Kevin nodded.

“You knew?”  Nick was hissing his words.

“No, she said some day she would get even with you for giving her a gross of condoms and a case of K-Y for the baby shower.” Kevin glared at him. "What did you expect?"

“Well, she’s a damn freak.  I’m embarrassed with all these people.”  Nick’s sour face very prevalent.

“And you think she wasn’t?  Your jokes need to stop.”  Howie was the one who had spoken the words. 

Suzie grabbing her bag brought Bron back to the current time.  “I can’t believe you are doing this.” 

Bron had made arrangements for Kaylin.  Mc and Stevie were too busy in Huntsville to notice.  Now the ladies were in the process of ditching Jake.

“Jake please, just run Kaylin over to Janey’s.  You need to check on Janey anyway, I heard Mc ask you too.”

The Press again had been dogging everyone’s movement.  “Fine, but you don’t leave this house alone.  They are out there.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Bron smiled sweetly.

The look was one Jake new too well, “I don’t buy that shit from you, knock it off.” 

“Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood,” Bron grinned.  Jake had had a rough day chasing off the media.

“When the tour is over, I’ll be in a better mood.  Some of these fans even scare me.”

“Yeah, yeah, just take her for me.  I have to get ready for Kevin to call.”

“A little phone sex Bron?” Jake took his pot shot and patted her bulging belly.

“Kiss my ass Jake,” Bron left him standing in the kitchen.

Suzie snickered, “Just go Jake.  I’ll stay here.”

“Don’t give me orders Suz, I work for Kevin.”  Jake wasn’t taking anymore shit from the females in this house today.

“Bite me,” she grumbled back.

“That’s Carter’s job,” Jake flashed her a smile as he left.

“You’ll be sorry in about fifteen minutes buddy,” Suzie spoke under her breath. 

Bron waited in Kaylin’s room.  Kisses and hugs were exchanged, as Kaylin scampered out of the room

Going downstairs, Bron went to the kitchen.  Quickly she sat and motioned for Suzie to do the same.  Just in time, as Jake came in the back door.  Kaylin’s suitcase sat on the floor.  “Almost forgot it.”

Bron went to the window and watched until the truck was out of sight.  “Let’s go!” she yelled as tore upstairs.  Well, Suzie was up and back down with both of their luggage before Bron reached the top. 

“We'll just make it,” as Suzie floored the gas and they headed out the back way. “You owe me for this, I better not see the dark side of Kevin.”

“Wishful thinking on your part,” Bron laughed and then turned serious.  “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

“I heard that before.”  Suzie popped some Motrin just in case.

Now sitting on the plane, Suzie began to fret.  “How do you know he won’t go crazy on you?”

“It’s Kevin,” Bron turned the page on the magazine.

“Exactly,” Suzie pushed the magazine down.  “I know you like that dark side of him but what’s going to stop him.  You aren’t even suppose to be flying.”

“I’m pregnant,” Bron touched the tip of her finger with her tongue and then proceeded to use that finger to turn the page.

Suzie’s concerns were now coming to light, “I think we should’ve brought Jake.”

“Jake would interfere too soon, Carlos is there.”

“You don’t know if Carlos will help you.”

“Yes he will, besides you are acting like Kevin is an axe-murderer or something.  I just want to push him a little, it’s his birthday.”

They disembarked from the plane and headed to the main entrance.  Bron was keeping her head down.  It had come to the point that she was now recognized as ‘Kevin’s wife’ or ‘The one he had to marry’, depending on which type of fan they ran into.

“Hey Kaylin Cooper!”

Bron turned around slowly to see a woman in uniform.  “Cathy?”  Bron inquired.  Not too many people had put her pen name with who she was.  Only a select few knew, it was now an alias as well.

The woman was flashing her a huge smile.

“The one and only,” Bron returned an even bigger smile to her friend.  Bron approached her and hugged her, “It’s great to finally meet you.”

“You too, look at you.  You’re huge.”

“Gee thanks,” Bron shuffled.

Bron smirked as her friend’s eyes crinkled with amusement.  “I promise you won’t get in any trouble, no matter what happens.”

“I won’t, don’t worry.  This is a chance of a lifetime for me.”

Suzie met up with them after using the ladies room, “At least the bathrooms are clean.  Hi Cathy,” Suzie extended her hand. 

“Don’t you think we should try and talk her out of this?”  Suzie rambled as she sat in the back of Cathy’s unmarked cruiser, hoping to hell nobody had recognized them.  Then she realized that if they were noticed she could just say that they were being transported due to problems with the fans. 

“Hell I don’t want to talk her out of this.  I’ve been having hot flashes for a week about it.”  Cathy was now wearing an evil grin that matched Bron’s.

“I think you are enjoying this a little too much,” Bron laughed.

“Damn straight I am,” The officer grinned as they went in search of the boys.  If they had the logistics and timetable correct, they would be blowing down the interstate in about an hour. 

They found a nice little spot behind a billboard, where else could they hide.  Suzie had placed a cell call to Nick.  After giving Nick their location, she snapped the phone shut, she frowned, “They’re right on schedule.”

The two women in the front seat of the car, let out a whoop and high fived each other.  Suzie and Bron got out of the car and waited.  Nick would be by to pick them up, his driver was putting distance between himself and the other buses.

Like clock work, the first tour bus whipped by at 87 miles per hour.  “Who would have known,” Suzie laughed since it was Brian’s bus.  Howie was next and clocked at 82 on the radar gun.

“This should be A.J., “Bron smiled.  Crossing her fingers, she smiled as Kevin’s bus cruised by a little behind A.J.’s

Nick’s bus rolled to a stop at the billboard.  The guys were long gone. 

Nick was waiting in the jump seat the as the door opened, almost tackling Suzie.  “I missed you,” he kissed her over and over again.  As much as he loved seeing her, he knew that when the shit hit the fan, she would be staying with him for a couple of days and then flying home.

Bron cleared her throat, letting him know she was there.

Nick craned his neck, “Bron, you are so crazy.  Are you sure about this?”

“I can’t back out now,” Bron watched the light begin to turn on Cathy’s patrol car and the siren blew.  “I don’t think I could stop her if I wanted too.”

Nick’s bus chased after the patrol car, which was of course trying to catch up to Kevin’s bus.  Picking up the pace, they couldn’t find any of the buses.

“Shit,” Bron muttered.  Cathy had set up a roadblock and pulled over all the buses.

“What the hell is she doing?”  Bron grabbed for the radio.

“You’ll blow it,” Nick took the microphone away from her.  “What’s goin’ on B-Rok?”

“Damn road check and we were speeding,” Brian mumbled into the microphone. 

Bron panicked, “She’s improvising, she’s not sticking to the plan.  There’s too many people here, he’ll lose it.”

Suzie began to pace back and forth on the bus, she had a bad feeling about this.

Bron couldn’t tell if she had butterflies in her stomach or Baby Richardson was blowing doughnuts in her womb.  She watched Cathy knock on the door to Kevin’s bus.  The door opened.  The buses and radios were turned off at her request.  Now everyone was filing off the buses to see what was going on.

“Everyone off!”  Cathy barked.

“Shit,” Bron whispered, as her Suzie and Nick snuck up to the bus in front of Kevin’s.  Peering from around the front bumper, Bron groaned.  “I’ll kill her for this.”

Suzie grunted the same words back to Bron.

Kevin must have been sleeping, his hair was a jumbled mess, his shirt was unbuttoned and flapping in the breeze as cars drove by.  Bron looked down, he was wearing sandals at least on his feet.  Too bad, he had one sock on and one sock off. 

Carlos naturally stuck by his side.  Leaning a little farther out, the three of them listened to Cathy speak.

“You were speeding,” she looked at Keith.  “I’m writing you up.”

“Son of a...” Keith groaned until Carlos gave him a look from hell.

Cathy looked at Kevin, “You look a little messed up,” as she gave him a head to toe once over.

“No, I just woke up,” Kevin yawned.

“Sleeping this late during the day?”  She moved closer to him.

Carlos stepped forward trying to intercede.  “Miss, this is Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys.  He’s a performer, he keeps late hours.”

Suzie and Nick stifled the giggles, Carlos sounded so business like. 

“A performer?  Hmmm, anything on your bus I should know about?

“Excuse me Miss.”  Carlos again interceded on Kevin’s behalf.

“Sir, it’s officer to you.  Are you trying to interfere?” 

Hearing her words, Carlos backed up, ticking her off wasn’t going to help anything.

Cathy again gave Kevin a visual once over.  “Any drugs or paraphernalia on your bus?”

“Not to my knowledge,” Kevin answered in hard ass mode.  But he did give the canned answer that they had been taught to give.

Carlos’s eyebrows shot up, Kevin was normally pretty respectful to the law.

“Turn around Mr. Richardson,” Cathy thought Kevin’s answer was pretty amusing but it wasn’t the reaction that Bron had told her she would get.

“What for?”  Kevin demanded to know.  Kevin turned around as he was told to do.

“Because I told you too sir.”

Kevin felt the definitive slap of handcuffs around his wrists.

“Excuse me Officer,” Kevin started to turn when she spoke at him again. 

“You are not under arrest Mr. Richardson; this is for your protection and mine.”

“I want your badge number…  I want your superior’s name…”  Kevin wasn’t going to shut up. 

Carlos didn’t know what the hell to call her.

Cathy gauged Carlos’s reaction to Kevin in handcuffs.  Handing him a small card, she smiled.  “That is all the information you need.

“Lean over the hood please,” Cathy pushed Kevin so that he was leaning over the hood of her car, it wasn’t a gentle push either, she meant business.

“What the fuck for!”  Kevin tried to turn towards Carlos.

Kevin was steaming as Carlos just stood there, he was going to be arrested for nothing.  “Carlos man, help me out here.”

“Spreadem’,” as she tapped Kevin’s ankles with her foot.

“CARLOS!”  Kevin bellowed trying to get the man to do something.

Carlos was gaping at the card in his hand.  “Uh sorry Kevin, I can’t interfere, then I would get in trouble.”  For the first time since he had met her, Carlos knew for sure, without a doubt, that Bron was a nutcase.  The card simply read, “Happy Birthday Master.”

Cathy held Kevin on the car.  Slight giggles were heard in the crowd along with, “What a view.”

Kevin was two steps short of slamming his head into the hood of the car.  “Hey…’

“IF you flip that card over, it has all the information you need.”

With the flip of his fingers, Carlos read the next line.  “Carlos, don’t say a word!”

“Oh,” came from Kevin’s bodyguard.  Keith stood next to Kevin asking him if he was okay.

“What do you think dumb ass?”  Kevin’s muscles rippled with tension as Cathy began to pat him down.  Her hands glided over his shoulders and down his arms.  Up the inside of his arms and sides, and then back down again.. 

Cathy pushed him a little more as she felt down his back to the waistband on his jeans.

Kevin was beginning to feel that this woman was more than patting him down, she was feeling him up.

“Excuse me officer,” Kevin tried to talk.

Carlos snickered at the politeness, the fact that she was now ramming her hands up the inside of his legs after running them down the outside of his legs.

Patting Kevin’s butt, she looked at Carlos and smiled.  Snickers and giggles could be heard from the people who had gathered not to far from what was happening.  All of them had been taught to take it easy and calm down.  A.J. and Howie were quietly discussing Kevin’s lack of manners.  Unbeknownst to Bron, they had spotted her and Suzie. 

Brian stood off to the side and watched.

As Cathy’s hand returned to Kevin’s back, Nick turned his head over his shoulder.  “Man, she is liken’ this.”

“A little too much,” Bron snarled.  “He’s not a piece of meat.”

They were talking and had missed what had been said but they watched her hands dive into Kevin’s back pockets.

“Hey lady! What the hell are you doing?  You better have damn good cause!”  Kevin yelled feeling that maybe any minute now, she would be uttering the words, ‘Cavity Search.’

Polite Kevin had left, the real Kevin had appeared and he was pissed off.  Polite Pop Star had been shelved. 

The noise from the onlookers went up antoher notch as they watched what was unfolding before them.

Spinning Kevin around abruptly, she backed him against the cruiser.  “Do you have a problem Mr. Richardson?  I presume that is who you are, since I can’t find any identification on you.”

Kevin became disgusted with the woman; he couldn’t deal with her anymore.  Shaking his head, he didn’t speak.

Bron watched the vein pop on the side of his neck.  His neck was now turning pink, then a rosey red, and then she watched his face turn scarlet as Cathy asked him another question.  “Anything in your front pockets that I might get hurt on?”

Suzie groaned an, “Oh God! She’s going to go there, isn’t she?”

Bron turned to her with an expression that Suzie couldn’t quite read.  Evidentially that wasn’t in the plan either.

Kevin narrowed his eyes at Cathy; he could have sworn she was smirking when she said that.  “NO!”

Cathy was very careful not to touch him but she made it look like she had.  She had seen his face and knew that he knew exactly what she meant by the question.  Damn she wanted to just brush up against it, just once.

Kevin heard a laugh as he submitted to the officer’s touches.  He was more than familiar with it.  His head snapped up as he saw the pale blue bulge poking out from the bumper on the bus that was stopped in front of his.

Cathy turned to see who was laughing, she didn’t know the laugh but she knew that Kevin must have spotted Bron.

Kevin began to march away from Cathy.

“Excuse me sir,” she grabbed onto his arm.

Kevin bent slightly to meet Cathy at eye level.  His hands still cuffed behind his back.  Kevin’s shirt hung open and he was sweating profusely.  “Look Lady, it’s over.  No cop would feel me up like you just did.”

Kevin straightened up, squared his shoulders, and looked at the onlookers.  His mouth opened, “BRON-WYN RICH- ARD- SON!”





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