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Chapter 108

“Uh-oh, full name, he’s really pissed.”  Bron swayed back behind the bus.  Her face flamed as the people from the buses in front of her now stared at her.  What she had done had come to fruition when all six foot two, breathing heavy, totally pissed off, Kevin Richardson stood in front of her, wearing handcuffs.

Bron dropped her head, trying to see if maybe Cathy had gotten more than one rise out of Kevin.

“What the hell are you lookin’ at?”  Kevin barked at her.

“Nothing much, Happy Birthday.”  Bron smiled as she raised her head.

The crowd burst out in laughter hearing her wish him a happy birthday.

“Funny Bron, real damn funny!”

Keith whistled as he got back on the bus.  “Man, she is one crazy ass woman.”

Cathy shouted to him, “You forgot your ticket.”

“Ticket my ass.  I bet you aren’t even a cop.”  Kevin screeched.  The volume was enough to send people scrambling for their buses.  With that, Suzie went to board Nick’s bus.  The dark side was going to explode and she didn’t want to see it.

Kevin waited for everyone to leave.  He shouted at Cathy, “Un-cuff me now!”

Bron’s hands stopped Cathy from performing Kevin’s request.  Shaking her head no, her open hand dangled in the air, her fingertips motioning for the key.

“Maybe not,” as Cathy dropped the key into Bron’s hand.

Carlos huffed, he was getting a headache from this bullshit. “Enough Bron,” he spoke in a tone to let her know he was in charge and fed up.

Kevin winced; he was at a disadvantage.  Carlos was firing Bron up more.

“I don’t think so.  When he calms down I will take them off.”

“I’m calm,” Kevin hissed at her, as he bent to her level.  Her short stature made it difficult.

“Yeah right,” Bron giggled as her finger trailed down his chest.  The front of his shirt hanging open and his chest was glistening in the sunshine.  Damn he looked hot.

“Well, I have to go.  I hear N’Sync is blowing through town.”  Cathy laughed, she had the time of her life, pissing Kevin Scott Richardson off and she finally got to touch that body while he was in handcuffs.  “A woman’s dream,” she winked at Bron.

Cathy laughed as Kevin tried in earnest to fight against the handcuffs.  He was uptight and angry.

Carlos crossed his arms as he looked at Bron.  “Take them off or I’m not riding with you.”

Kevin smiled and simply walked on the bus.  Oh yes, there was going to be hell to pay and Carlos wouldn’t be around to come between them.

Bron stood outside the door of Kevin’s bus, her mouth hanging open.  “You can’t do that!  You’re not allowed to do that!  You have to stay with him!”  Bron was yelling as Keith looked down at her from the driver’s seat.  

Carlos cut between Suzie and Nick, going up the steps of Nick’s bus.  Suzie and Nick were laughing as he boarded the bus. 

Bron looked at Keith, he shrugged, “Dumb move.  Come on, we’re losing time.”

Bron stomped on the bus to find Kevin sitting in a chair.  The bus lurched forward and began to move.  She hadn’t counted on Carlos not being on the bus.  She hadn’t counted on a lot of things.

Kevin was now staring at her with cold eyes; it gave her the willies. 

“Take’em off,” he commanded as he turned in the chair.

Bron felt the key in her sweaty palm.  Glancing to Kevin, who had a serious case of ass at her right now.  So many things didn’t go according to the plan.  Nobody was supposed to see this.  Mc and Kevin had done the same thing to her back in Chicago.  Okay, an evil thought had come to her, what a pity, she smiled at him, too bad he couldn’t see it.

“Take them off.”

“No,” as she walked up to him.  Now she suddenly became cocky.  Placing a hand on his shoulder, she whispered in his ear.  “How does it feel to have your control taken away from you?”  Bron stroked a lock of hair away from his ear.  “To have to do what you are told to do?  To not be a person, but an object?”

“Now Bron!  I’m not playin’ with you.  You just humiliated me in front of everyone on this tour.  You and your damn jokes.  Don’t fuck with me!”

“Fine, whatever Master,” Bron blew her words into his ear.  She headed for the back of the bus.  If Kevin was going to blow, she didn’t want Keith to see it.

Keith saw movement in his rear-view mirror.  Bron was moving away from Kevin to the back of the bus.  Kevin sat in the chair, perspiration clinging to his forehead as he fought to try to free himself. Flicking on the button to the camera in the rear of the bus that was mounted on the exterior, he pulled his driver’s curtain closed that hung behind his seat.  The camera allowed him to see what was behind the bus when the curtain was closed.  He knew this was a joke that he did not want to see, or deal with.  It had been a long time since he had seen Kevin this pissed off and put out.  “She’s crazy.  She’s good for him, but she just keeps bringing it on.”  Turning over the engine, Keith jammed his foot into the accelerator, they had lost some time and needed to make it up.

Catching up to the convoy, he laughed.  They now had a police escort to make up for their tardiness.  Cathy was leading the buses with full lights and sirens, at a speed that would do that for them.

Using the power of his legs, Kevin pushed his body out of the chair.  He had figured the why out, this went all the way back to Chicago and their honeymoon.  Kevin had almost forgotten that he had handcuffed her to get her in the truck to go camping.  The Chicago incident he would never, ever forget.

Walking to the back, he sat on the bed, as Bron walked around the small space picking up his clothes and putting them away.  She was cleaning and ignoring him.

“C’mere,” He called to her as he sat on the bed.

“No,” Bron answered as she danced around him.

“Bron, I’m really sorry.  I understand now why and I’ll never do it again.” 

Bron watched the tick in his cheek, he understood, but he was lying in the same token.  Kevin was covering his anger.

How does it feel?” she posed her question with some space between them.  A hint of a smile and some bravado for added measure.

“I don’t like it.  I’m at someone else’s command.  I feel vulnerable.”  Kevin lowered his eyes.  The words he spoke were true, but damn he wanted to smack her senseless for embarrassing him in front to the guys and the crew, as well as the dancers.

“I guess you are being honest.”  She approached him, bending down; she kissed him on the lips.  Brushing the hair from his face, she kissed him again.  Pushing her tongue into his mouth, it felt wonderful.  Bron had her own little naughty power trip going on.

Out of habit, he tired to move his hands to touch her and take control of the kiss, but he couldn’t.  “Take them off,” he was now frustrated on top of being angry.  He hadn’t seen his wife in three weeks.

“I kind of like them on,” she murmured as she kissed his cheek and down the side of his neck, following the trail of that vein that was so prominent before.  Nipping and sucking all the way.

Again, he jostled his arms trying to free himself.  The pressure in his head was deflating as the pressure in his pants increased.

Born now stood between his legs.  Kneeling on the floor, she pushed towards him.  She trailed her fingers over his chest, tweaking his nipples with her nails.  Moving closer, she captured one of his nubs between her teeth.  Biting down hard caused him to try and pull away, which in turn made him fall back on the bed.

Kevin lay on his back on the bed with his hands cuffed underneath him.  Bron was wearing a smirk like he had never seen.

“Hmmm, I really like this,” as she crawled over his body.  She sat on his lower legs as she ran her index finger down his zipper.

Kevin groaned and his hips tried to escape her touch.  This was driving him crazy, in more ways than one.  “I’m telling you right now to take the cuffs off before one of us gets hurt.”  Kevin’s tone had no inflection, it was flat and deep.  He opened his eyes to look at her.

Bron stared into the eyes.  His eyes were clear and hard.  Dilated with desire, but not something he was going to show her willingly.

“No,” she responded just as seriously.  “I’ve decided that I like you this way.  I can take what I want, when I want it, just like you do.”  Her fingers busily undoing his pants.  Pressing her hand on the bulge in his boxers, she rubbed the cotton over his engorged member.

“STOP IT NOW!”  Kevin yelled at her.  The bus swerved.  No doubt, Keith heard that.

Bron lost her balance and fell to Kevin’s side.  Righting herself, she moved off the bed and away from him.

Kevin scooted his ass through his arms, pulling his long legs through the tight circle of his arms.  His cuffed hands were now in front of his body instead of behind him.

Bron was utterly amazed he could pull off the acrobatic act, not to mention pissed.  Her lips puckered up in disappointment and her brows were furrowed.

“Take them off now,” Kevin snarled at her.

Bron opened the front of her shirt and drop the key in, “Come and get it,” she flashed him a smile.

After working his jeans up, Kevin covered the short space in one leap.  Pulling her against him as he dropped her into a bear jug.  “You are a God damn dick tease.  We’ve talked about this.  You want it, you’re gonna get it, but not how you had it planned.”  Kevin made his way to the bed, pushing her along.  “Now, we can be nice or nasty.  Your choice Witch.” 

Bron was stunned, to think he could get out of that and move her with her being pregnant and all.  Kevin was rubbing his face on the side of her cheek but still had her basically pinned to the bed.

“You win,” Bron grumbled as she reached for the key.

Kevin’s arms still wrapped around her, she placed the key in the lock. 

A click and zip later, he was rubbing his wrists.  Kevin slapped the offending objects off the bed.

Turning around, Bron sat on her butt.  She brought her knees up, placing her hands on her legs.  “You’re no fun,” she huffed at him.

Kevin stood up still rubbing his wrists, as he slid his shirt off.  He was still pissed about the entire episode.  Looking at her first, he had a twinge of guilt, a pang of hurt, and a shit-load of anger, a mountain of embarrassment, and then a wave of love washed it all away.  He dropped his jeans and boxers to the floor.  Now he sat on the edge of the bed, with his head in his hands.  Blowing his breath out he crawled up to Bron.  “I didn’t have you arrested,” as he sat back on the bed.  Kevin began to run his hand up and down her back using slow, swirling circles in order to get her to relax.

“No, but you made me sit in that arena and then at the hotel like I was some kind of slave or something.”  Bron scooted down and rested her head on his thigh, enjoying the backrub.

“Yes I did, and I’m sorry about that.  I was so scared something had happened to you Bron.  It was my way of making you think about the consequences of your actions.  I didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

Bron massaged his bad knee as he continued to rub her back.  She had seen the swelling from when he had played baseball with the guys the day before.

Large hands began to tug at her clothes.

“Don’t,” Bron pouted, she wasn’t in the mood anymore.  She hadn’t even addressed the camping incident.

“I want my present,” he chuckled, “It’s my birthday.”

“I’m not your fucking present,” Bron snapped at him.

“That’s not true.  You will always be my present.  If you want nasty baby, I’ll give you nasty but I would rather wait until after the baby is born, okay?”

Kevin pulled her up to cradle her in his arms.  “We have eight more hours before we get there, take a naked nap with me.  My nap was interrupted.”

Bron frowned at the door, “What the hell is a naked nap?”

Kevin snorted, “Easy, you get naked.  I get naked, we nap.”

Tossing her clothes to the floor, was simple, she was already having another hot flash.  She made herself comfortable on her side.

Kevin had been smiling at the ceiling when Bron sighed loudly, “I can’t sleep.”

“Why?” his fingers idly played on her hip.

“I’m horny,” she punched the pillow.  Kevin had once again turned the tables on her and she had lost.

“Bingo!”  Kevin yelled as he pulled her on top of him.  “I’m all yours,” he placed his hands behind his head.  “I won’t do a thing.”

“It would’ve have been more fun if you were wearing the cuffs,” Bron’s mood swung the other way again.

Kevin’s forefinger traced down her ‘pregnancy line’  “I can put them on but then I couldn’t do this,” as his finger began a slow seductive intrusion into her body.  His fingers rubbing on her core.

“Never mind,” Bron’s husky reply was music to his ears.  She ground down on his hand and fingers.

“I kinda thought you’d say that,” he spoke as she lifted her hips and positioned her body over him.

Bron’s hips rolled back and forth and then side to side.  Kevin’s hands went to her hips and they were slapped away.  He just wanted to move up and down, the hell with the other stuff.

“Okay, Okay,” he sighed, as he closed his eyes enjoying the slow sweet sensations she could bring out of him.  His emotions scattered over the wind to be taken over by desire and the need to be with his wife.





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