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Chapter 11

Howie was still sitting in disbelief staring at Kevin.  Man he took that pretty good.

“She is so cool,” Nick grinned.

“Yeah and I told you to get rid of that crush thing too,” Kevin griped.  Raising another bottle to his lips, he was making sure Nick heard him loud and clear.  Kevin was getting annoyed with Nick in a big way.

“Wonder what I would get for a G.G.?”  Nick wondered aloud.

“A kick in the ass from me,” Kevin frowned.

Brian looked at Kevin briefly.  He stood up and stretched his arms.  “How is this going to play in the press?  Backstreet wife buys Ex a house.”  Brian’s hands made a wide sweeping motion imitating a headline.

A.J. laughed and Kevin groaned as he placed his head in his hands.  The boys were cracking up.  Kevin forgot something, the press.

“It’s not Brian, it was bought as far as I can tell through a third party,” Kristin informed them. 

Kevin picked up the papers and quickly scanned the search and survey to make sure.  He read each line intently tracing the paper trail that wouldn’t link this house to his wife.  “Steven did this,” he muttered.  “Well at least she was smart about it.”

The door slid open, “Hey Kris, are you staying to eat?” Bron asked.

“Might as well, it’s her house,” Kevin scoffed.  Reaching over to the cooler he grabbed another beer.  Getting drunk seemed like a real good idea all of a sudden.

Kris stifled the laughter and headed for the door.  As she snagged a beer from the cooler she snickered, “Sounds like fun.”

Once the door closed the guys all looked at Kevin.  “Don’t start on me!  I already have a headache,” he bitched.

“Man Kev you’re so lucky,” Nick grinned.

“Oh Yeah Nick, I’m real lucky.  My wife and my Ex are cooking dinner together.  Next they’ll be comparing notes on my performance and I don’t mean musically.”

A befuddled look crossed Nick’s face and Kevin just shook his head.  A.J. interjected, Bron wouldn’t do that.

As a half hour drifted by every so often the guys would glance at the closed door.  The girls were laughing especially Bron and Kris.  Kevin was ignoring it even though it was eating at him.  Kris’s face had turned red as a beet.  Bron was holding a can of pineapple rings in her hand.

“Wonder what that’s about?” Howie questioned.

A.J. turned to the door and burst out laughing, “Ring toss.”

“Huh,” Kevin turned to the door to see tears streaming down the girls faces.  Wrapped up in an incredible fit of laughter.

“You’ll find out Kevin, eventually, I’m sure,” A.J. snickered.

Bron came trotting out not much later and set a tray on the table.  She tossed everything on the grill and glanced to Kevin.  “Don’t burn it camp boy.”

“I won’t,” he jumped up relieved to have something to do.  The guys chatted outside and the girls inside.  Kevin had had enough and went to the door, “Care to join the party ladies?”  He was more in fear that they were having another damn story meeting.  The last thing he wanted was the two of them to put their heads together.  That could spell serious trouble.  Kris was his past and Bron was his future.  Never the two shall meet.

Bron came out and grumped that Kevin was always spoiling her fun.  He shot a steely gaze at her and she laughed at him.  Keep your disgusting, little perverted stories to yourself, wife, he grated to himself.

Kris sat through the entire meal watching the interplay between Kevin and Bron.  It changed rapidly from one moment to the next.  Different things came to mind.  Lovers, parent and child, keeper and the kept.  One thing was the mutual admiration and love that they held for each other.

Brian seriously studied Kristin’s reaction the entire time.  He couldn’t figure out what was more fascinating to her.  The fact that Kevin had actual found his equal or that in the future the two women might become friends, good friends.  Brian chuckled to himself that would definitely give Kevin a major freak out.  They sat and ate basically laughing about old times.  Bron and the girls enjoyed it.  They didn’t have any old times with the guys.  Bron loved it, which worried the hell out of Kevin.  The only thing he could think of was how much would she dare use in a story.

Bron’s cell rang and she stepped away from the gathering to the far side of the yard.  Walking back she handed the phone to Kevin.  Bron sat puzzled by the call and Mary asked who it was.  “Kaylin,” Bron answered.  “She didn’t want me, she wants to talk to him.”

Mary was as suspicious as Bron over the phone call.  Kris broke in on both of their thought processes.  “Who’s Kaylin?”

“My daughter,” Bron pursed her lips together trying to fit the pieces together.  First Andy calls and states that Bounce has been taken over by an alien and now she’s actually calling Kevin on the telephone.

Kris was mildly shocked to say the least, a daughter.  Kevin is a step.  First a quick marriage, now a kid too. 

Kevin ambled back to the group and everyone heard, “Goodbye sweetheart.”

Bron and Mary choked on their ice tea.  “Sweetheart,” they spoke simultaneously.  Brian was laughing; the women were perplexed.  Only he knew why Kaylin was calling Kevin.  Well and Kevin knew.  It was his idea to bribe Kaylin with a vacation at Disneyworld when they went on break.

“Kevin what is up with her?”  Bron asked, as she swirled the ice tea in the glass.

Kevin shrugged his shoulders, “I dunno.”

“You wouldn’t know anything about it would you?” Bron asked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

“Nope, must be the Richardson charm,” he spoke with a poker face on.  Fair is fair in love in war, whizzed through his head.  You buy a house and I’ll straighten the kid out.

Bron sized him up; he’s lying.  He knows something.  I’ll let it go for now.

The sun began to set and the party was breaking up.  Kristin had become uneasy but it wasn’t noticed by anyone but Brian.  She was fine until she found out Bron had a daughter.  Something about that didn’t sit well with her.

Mary and Gillian had finally picked up on Kristin’s mood swing and they announced the party was over.  Brian whole-heartily agreed and the house emptied out quickly.  Except for one annoyed Nick who wanted to watch some of Kevin’s old video tapes. Reminiscing was fun, re-living the old times.

Nick bitched and bemoaned.  He wasn’t ready to go back to the hotel by himself.  Brian offered up the idea of playing video games back at the hotel. 

Bron winked at Kevin and wrapped an arm around Nick’s waist.  “Come on Little Man.  I’ll walk you to the door.  I need to run a few story ideas by you anyway,” she snickered.  Bron threw a few ideas at him and told him to think about it.  She reached up on her tipey-toes and kissed his cheek.  “I’ll miss you.”  Nick blushed, shoved his hands in his pockets and stumbled out the door.  “I’ll miss you too Bron.”

Kevin was wiping down the countertop; he shook his head as she came back in.  “You’re so bad to do that to him.”

“I try,” she laughed as she glided closer to him.

“Come on Witch, lets go to bed.  You can be bad with me.”  Kevin flicked the light switch off in the kitchen.  As he grabbed her hand.

“I don’t know how,” she giggled.

“Remember I told ya I was going to teach you,” he laughed as he walked down the hall.

“Okay Master, anything you say teach,” she chuckled.

“Hmmm, Whatever I say…” he paused, as he shut the bedroom door behind them.

“Within reason,” Bron added quickly, not quite trusting where he was going with that remark.

“I guess we can save the kinky stuff for when we’re in our own place.”  He grinned that freaky little smile at her that made her question his sanity.  It worked, he saw a worried expression cross her face swiftly.

“Wanna dance?” he asked as he flicked on the stereo.

“Don’t mind if I do,” as she tossed the remainder of her clothes to the floor.

Kevin stepped next to her as she flipped her suitcase open to find something to wear.  “Don’t bother,” he whispered.  “You’re not going to wear it anyway.”  He grabbed her and spun her around by her waist.

“I wanna a dance,” he gently rubbed her back with his hands.  Feeling every vertebra up and down her spine.  The soft sounds of Motown filling the air.  Motown was her favorite, all the old stuff.

“Where, here or in the sheets,” she murmured.  Enjoying the sensations that his hands could create on her body. 

“Both,” as he twirled her around the room.  Bron laughed loudly and both of their eyes were dancing with merriment.  The passion and desire were beginning to build.  The undercurrent was back and Kevin was overjoyed.  What sucked was that she was leaving tomorrow.  “Did I tell you I loved you today?”

“Yes,” Bron whispered as she leaned her head on his chest.

“Good cuz I do,” as he kissed her lips and ran his tongue across them.

The preface for what was going to happen was as fun for them as what was going to actually happen.

“Kevin will you make love to me?” Bron shivered at the question she asked.  She had asked him that once before.  That question had started a journey for her back to normalcy.

“Oh yes Mrs. Richardson, I’ll make love to you,” as his arms dropped and he once again picked her up and carried her to the bed. 

“Kev are you still mad at me?” she asked as he set her on the bed.

“I’m not happy about what you did.  But, I know that you meant no harm either.  I looked at the paperwork and you covered your tracks very well.”

“But,” her chattering stopped by his lips on hers.

“Shut up and kiss me,” he murmured.  The dance had already begun.  Bron opened her mouth and allowed him entrance.  Kisses, lots of kisses for you, he smiled inwardly.  His hands lazily grazed her skin.  Waiting for just the right moment to go to the next level.  Slowly he kneaded and stroked the flesh that lay underneath him.

Bron would seek his eyes out from time to time.  They were closed in concentration as his hands went lower and then back up again. 

Kevin was exploring inside, outside, mapping her body in his mind.  His kisses followed the track of his hands as he pulled her further into his web of ecstasy.  Kissing the fine line between flesh and the curls of her womanhood.  Nipping the sensitive skin between her body and her thigh.  Along her pelvic bone.

Bron’s chest was heaving as he raised his eyes to catch sight of her.  She was being vocal, but not loud enough for his satisfaction.  “Can’t hear you baby,” he spoke as his lips nestled on her folds.

Bron didn’t hear him as much as she felt the vibrations on her body.  She was lost in the wave of rapture he had created.  The vibrations causing her to press herself towards his mouth as a moan escaped from her. “God Kevin Please!” she groaned loudly as she held onto the pillow that her head rested on.

A lop sided grin spread across his face as she kept pushing herself into him.  His tongue delved deeply inside of her, swirling.  He sucked on her swollen bud letting her rock into one last time.

“Ohh, Kevin,” she screamed as he released her and tossed his trunks aside. 

She was still shaking under him as her legs locked around.  Kevin’s hand came down on her forearms and pinned them to the pillow, next to her head.  Their eyes met.  On his first thrust she tried to meet him but to no avail.  She was watching him with mixed emotions as he settled into a steady cadence.  It wasn’t her turn, it’s my turn.  She’s mine, kept pounding in his head.  As she stared at him, his emotions took over.  He felt vulnerable for this first time to her.  The other emotion plaguing him was insecurity, she was leaving tomorrow.  Their eyes never left each other’s.

Bron held his gaze as the sweat built up on his body.  She tried to move her body but found that Kevin was unyielding.  He didn’t want her touch.  He wanted to give.  Biting his bottom lip as he spilled his seed into her.  He lowered his head into the crook of her neck and sighed contentedly, on the spot, his spot.

Bron wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gently stroked his back.  Minutes passed and no words were exchanged.  She wondered if he intended to move off her or not.  When she thought she couldn’t bear his weight anymore he moved to her side and her with him.  Kevin kissed her temple and cradled her in the crook of his arms.  Both of them floated off into a peaceful sleep.






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