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Chapter 114

“Okay, my team is here,” Gabe opened the door to let two men in.  Bron’s hand flew out to grab onto Kevin.  Absently Kevin grabbed her hand and squeezed it.  “This is Doctor Jason Green, my colleague, he’s going to assist for me.  This is Doctor Mike Bennett, the anesthesiologist.”

“The drug doc, I like you already.”  Bron smiled.  “I’m hurting.”

“What is Doctor Green going to assist with you for?”  Kevin was going to question; he questioned everything in regards to Bron and his baby.  His fingers still hung in the air from the little quote marks he had imitated.

“He likes to hang around with me, we golf,” Gabe turned to Doctor Bennett.  “Bron, I really would like you to let Mike start an Epidural.” 

“Fine by me,” Bron wanted to not feel a thing.  This was nothing like the pre-mature labor she had been in with Kaylin.

Kevin didn’t like the looks being exchanged between the doctors.  “Gabe?”

“After we get the epidural started, we’ll talk Kevin.”  Gabe went out in the hall to greet Anne, who he had pulled away from the party.  He had some concerns and knew that Kevin would need her with him.

Bron gritted her teeth, this she was familiar with.  Sitting on the bed, she leaned into Kevin’s chest.  His arms supported her as she placed her chin on her chest.  Dr. Bennett walked her through the process.  Her body shook a few times but it was nothing that Kevin couldn’t still so that the doctor didn’t slip.  “You should feel some relief immediately Mrs. Richardson.  You won’t feel the pain but you’ll feel the pressure.”

“What is in that cocktail fine Sir, because I don’t feel a thing?”  Kevin eased Bron back into the bed.

“Demerol, Nubain, and a little Compazine to fight the nausea.”

“Oh you shouldn’t have given me the Demerol.  I told Gabe no Demerol, it gives me wicked flashbacks of things I’ve tried very hard to forget.”

The doctor laughed as Gabe came back in with Jason.  Bron stared at Gabe, “He gave me Demerol.”

“It can’t be helped but I’ll be here if you need anything.”  Gabe understood her concern, he voiced for all.  “Bron gets post-psychotic hallucinations from the Demerol.”

Jason stepped forward and shook her hand, “You’ve had Demerol before?”

Bron cracked a grin, “Oh three or four times, usually it’s mixed with Morphine.”  Bron raised her arm so that Cory could take her blood pressure.  Bron could see Jason had more questions.  “I’ve spent a few times in I.C.U. Doctor Green and that’s all you need to know.  Demerol does not agree with my system but if Gabe will be here then I am fine with it.”

It was well into the night, hours had passed.  Anne now sat in the waiting room with Suzie and Nick.  Kaylin wouldn’t settle down so Andrew had picked her up and brought her home.  Mc was still there refusing to leave.  Kevin begged Jake to call the house and check on Kaylin, since Stevie couldn’t be found. 

Stevie was a sore spot for Mc.  Of all the people that should be here, he wasn’t.  At least until some commotion down the hall let them all know he had arrived.  Stevie was winded as he looked at all of them, “Is she okay?”

None of them answered him; they were all pissed. 

Suzie grabbed his arm and pulled him down the hall.  It wasn’t to hard to hear the lecture she was giving him, but her parting shot made all their heads turn in their direction.  “You said you loved her still, then you be here for her.”

Anne exchanged a worried glance to Jake, closing her eyes she was thankful that Kevin wasn’t in the room to hear the comment.

From time to time Kevin would come out for a break and Suzie would go in for a visit.  Nick was the recipient of a shitty look from his girlfriend when he asked how much longer it was going to be; couldn’t Bron speed it up, he was tired.

Bron turned to Gabe, “So here I sit.  A golf buddy, who is a surgeon, and wonderful Doctor Bennett, it’s early in the morning.  Start talking Gabe, what is going on?”

“I want to do a C-section.”  Gabe stood at the end of the bed.

“Why?”  Kevin was upset; this wasn’t what they had planned.  Hours had passed but Bron as well as he had kept holding out hoping things would move along. 

Gabe was very slow to respond which bothered both of them even more.  “I’m not positive but I think the baby is breech.  When I checked, I couldn’t feel a thing.  The baby should be further down the birth canal by now Bron.  According to hospital policy I should let you labor for twenty-four hours, order a sonogram, and then do the surgery.  Or you can go through all of this, when the time comes, I’ll push the baby back up into your uterus and then I’ll take you to surgery.”

“Ewww,” Kevin looked at Gabe.  “You can’t do that to her.  I won’t let you.  Screw the hospital.”

Bron closed her eyes, to think, it was a mistake, the Demerol reached out and grabbed onto her psyche.  It was a minimal amount of time but it was just too much on her.  She didn’t want to open her eyes again, she saw images that she had fought for so long to forget.  It was a strange thing; it was a timeline of sorts.  She could see her and Mc, fighting.  Mc raising his hand and punching her, then falling to the floor.  The first time, the first time when he broke her ribs and collapsed a lung by driving his boots into her chest.  The next time came to her, almost like watching an old movie.  She started to cry, it hurt, he was hurting her.

Kevin thought he knew what Bron was thinking and then he saw the anguish on her face.  “Damn,” Kevin grabbed her face as he tried to remember what the book said.  She was panicking and not focusing, the drugs weren’t helping but the drugs were needed. He knew Bron better than anyone and she was shutting down and tuning out.  She had done it to him before.  Slowing his mind down he started to recall what the book has said.  ‘Stand up, be the authority figure.’  Grasping her face with his hands, he called her name.  Slowly he placed his face closer to her.  “Bron, come on baby, not now, that is old news.  You need to be here with me.  Knock it off Bron right now.  I won’t put up with it, it’s old shit and bullshit.”

Gabe signaled for the other physicians to stay out of it.  “You’re doing fine Kevin.  Keep going.”  Gabe had done his homework with this patient, she was special to him.

Bron’s eyes fluttered open and she focused on the piercing green eyes that were forcing her to center on the now, not the past.  “I wanted to do so much more.  I wanted to do the tub thing...  I want to see the baby...”

Kevin stroked the wet bangs from her face.  “I won’t leave you.”  Kevin nodded as the doctor began to increase the medication going into the Epidural.

With his hand still on Bron’s face, he leaned back and whispered to Cory.  Cory left.

Gabe watched.  He wasn’t sure what was going on with Cory, but he knew what was going on with Bron and they were running out of time to play nice doctors. The Demerol had begun to work rapidly.

The door to the room squeaked open.  A cough made Kevin turn his head.  Mc stood in the room with Jake, Stevie hung back by the door.

Gabe didn’t leave and had no intentions of it.  He didn’t want Mc in the room but understood that Kevin had asked for him.

“Hey Spark, are you giving these guys a hard time?”  Mc walked slowly to the bed. 

A silly look plastered on her face she compared the man in front of her to the man in her head.  “Stick a bow on my ass the next time you decide to give me away.”

“You got it babe.  Now shut-up and let the Doc get the kid here so I can go home and get some sleep.”

“You’re so thoughtful.”  Bron closed her eyes.  “Just get it over with gentlemen.  Please run on the lean side with the high octane stuff.”

“That’s my spark.  Don’t give Kevin a hard time, I actually like Pop Star.”  Mc leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Jake was lingering at the bottom of the bed.  “Jake, my best friend, get your big black ass up here.” 

Kevin laughed, “She’s stoned.”  In all these months, she had never, ever, referred to her best friend by his skin color.

“Yeah I am.”  Bron reached for his hand.  “All this drama, you’d think I was dying or something instead of having a baby.  Do me a favor; let these dips know what I’m like when I’m really dying.  You’ve held my hand many times before.  Now it’s time for Kevin to do that.”  

“God you are wasted, but I will.”  Jake leaned over the bed and Kevin backed up to give him more room, the man was just too big for the small space.  Jake whispered in her ear, “Oh did you lay a guilt trip on Mc, you fox you.”

“Good,” Bron smiled.  “Let’s roll.  Gabe, I want you to gut me while you’re in there.  There isn’t anything left so I might as well finish it off.”

“Sorry Bron, I know I will mostly likely see that but I don’t have the paperwork ready for that.  Besides you need your husband’s permission in this state.”  Gabe lied but he knew Bron wouldn’t know the difference and it seemed to make Kevin grin.

“BULLSHIT!  It’s my body, he has no rights.  He can’t tell other people what to do with my body.”  Bron looked at Gabe as more meds were added to her concoction. 

“Night-Night Baby,” Kevin kissed her cheek as they rolled her down the hall. 

Mc and Jake would meet Kevin down in the waiting room.  That is until Kevin was told to scrub up; he was going with them.

Jake and Mc were laughing as they repeated what Bron had said to Jake to everyone in the waiting room.  “I’ve never heard her call me that ever,” Jake rolled his eyes at them as they teased him.

Kevin was nervously looking around in the operating room, not sure what he should do or not do.  “Cory get the man a seat,” Gabe winked. 

If anyone needed a seat, right now it was Kevin.  Cory not only got him a chair but something else too.  Wheeling a tray to the other side of the room, she turned the object on and placed a green surgical towel over it.  “All set”

Gabe caught Cory in the act of setting up the camcorder by the couple.  He looked at her, then he smiled, while she bent over the tray checking the focus.  She laughed; Gabe wasn’t going to say anything.

“How are you feeling?”  Kevin sat holding Bron’s hand.

“Scared right now, upset too,” Bron mumbled as the tear slid down her temple and into her hairline.

“I’m not going to leave you, I promise.  You’ll be awake for our baby.”  Kevin was holding his emotions in.  He was so rattled he couldn’t think straight. 

People bustled around them and they ignored them for the most part.  Kevin had one arm bent down by her head and his head propped on it.  Nobody bothered the two as they quietly talked. 

Gabe explained what he was going to do.  When he said, “Let’s begin,” he paused long enough to look at Kevin.  Many a father had passed out at this stage, and it wasn’t just the new ones either.

Bron looked at Kevin dressed in scrubs, “You’re kinda cute dressed up as a doctor.”

“Wanna play doctor when you’re better?”  Kevin’s nose crinkled up at her.

“Sounds like fun,” Bron grinned.

Jason shook his head, no wonder Gabe talked about this couple so much, they were very different from the people that they usually saw.  “Okay you two, no practicing medicine without a license.”

Kevin turned towards Gabe; he was flustered over being heard.

Gabe spoke as he worked, “Bron, you’ll feel something a little strange because I’m cutting.”

Bron looked at Kevin, his face was white.  “Gabe, no play by play.  I’ve been through this.  I don’t want Kevin throwing up on me.”

Gabe laughed an okay to her.

Jason’s next remark took Kevin by surprise.  “How many candy bars have you been eating?  You have too much fluid.”

Bron’s eyes widened, “Just a few.”

Kevin leaned forward, “I thought we had that one tackled.”

“You left me alone to my own devices,” Bron flatly replied.

A loud wail was heard in the room and a call for suction. 

“What is it?”  Kevin asked.

“It’s a boy,” Bron smiled as her and Gabe spoke at the same time.

“You shit!  You knew?”  Kevin’s mouth dropped open.

“Want to cut the cord on your son Kevin?”  Gabe was waiting.  “Piece of cake, I promise,” he encouraged.

Kevin stood up, somewhat nervously.  His hands were sweating, Gabe handed him a towel to wipe his sweaty hands.  “Meet your son Kevin.  He is a whopping big boy for Bron.” 

Gabe motioned Doctor Green to take over once Kevin cut the cord.  Kevin couldn’t believe the wailing, cottage cheese like covered, red bundle, was his son.

The nurse swept the baby away once Jason had tied the cord.  Kevin rejoined Bron who was talking to Gabe.  “I was talking to Bron, I want to put her out for the rest of this.  You’re insides look as bad as we thought they would, so I’ll do some work now and hopefully you’ll feel better.”

“Okay, but I want to kiss my son,” Bron waited as her newborn was placed in her arms, she began to cry.  He was pink and sweet and so worth everything they had been through.  “A boy, I can’t believe he’s finally here.”  Bron kissed his cheek before was he pulled away. 

The nurse took the baby and instructed Kevin to follow her.  Kevin took his stool back, “He’s fine.  I’ll be there in a minute.  I promised my wife I wouldn’t leaver her and I won’t.”

When the nurse began to speak up, Gabe waved her away.

Kevin sat with Bron for an hour before he went to tell his family and friends. 

Inconspicuously, Cory handed Kevin the camcorder when he was ready to leave.  “We’ll bring Mrs. Richardson to you as soon as she wakes up.”

“Thanks,” Kevin looked at the camcorder in his hand.  “She’ll have some memories that she missed.”

Kevin came out the door of the operating room and ran to the waiting room.  Pushing the door open so hard it bounced of the wall, he was looking for his mother, and there she sat, with Mc.  He shook off the shock and looked around the room.  “Holy shit!” he looked, they were all there.  Kaylin, Andrew, his brothers, Mc, Jake, Stevie, Hank, J.D., Suzie, Nick, hell even Mary and A.J. were there.  ‘Where the hell did Mary come from?” he thought.

“What’s a holy shit?  I thought it was fifty-fifty, a girl or a boy,” Nick uttered half a sleep.

“It’s boy!”  Kevin jumped up and belly blasted Jake.  Kevin was knocked to the floor but righted back up by Jake.

The questions were fired at him, “What did you name him?  How much does he weigh?  How long is he?”

Kevin looked dumbfounded, “Shit, I didn’t name him!”  Then he ran back through the doors.

Anne was laughing with joy and happiness.  Kaylin was pissed off and looked at her grandmother.  “I WANT TO TALK TO DADDY!”

“Hang on sweetheart, he’ll be right back.  We have to keep him on the right track.”  Anne smiled, another boy.  “Maybe a girl next time.”

“Don’t ever say I’m stupid.  I wouldn’t forget to name my own kid.”  Nick had a room full of magazines thrown at him.  “What?” he barked back at them.

Kevin came strolling back through the doors, full of himself.  “His name is Kevin Cooper Richardson.  He weighs, eight pounds and seven ounces, and he is twenty-three inches long.”  Kevin was proud that he had remembered all the information, of course Cory had written it down for him too.

Kaylin now stood in front of her father, her arms crossed and her eyes flashing at him.  Tapping her foot on the floor, she yelled at Kevin, “You did it wrong!  I said I wanted a sister!  Mommy said that if it was a boy that it’s your fault! You didn’t give her an X.  You better do it again the right way!  I want a sister!”

“Oh my Gawd!”  Suzie covered her mouth as she watched the short stuff give Kevin some serious shit over having a brother and not a sister.

“Kaylin Richardson!”  Anne stood up.

Kaylin dropped her head; she was in trouble now.  Grandma never yelled and when she did, she meant it.

Nick pulled himself up to a sitting position.  His head tilted from side to side; then he spoke to Kaylin.  “Bounce, don’t be too hard on your dad.  Your Mom is going to whip his butt when she wakes up anyway.”

“Really?”  Kaylin seemed excited over the prospects of someone else getting in trouble.

“Oh yeah, your brother was supposed to be named Kevin Scott Richardson the Second, now he’s Kevin Cooper Richardson, but I’m sure your mom will like it eventually.”

“She doesn’t have a choice,” Kevin swung Kaylin up in his arms.  “Come on, look at it this way, you can torment him when he’s older like Andrew does to you now.”

“SWEET!”  Kaylin yelled.

Andrew followed Kevin to go and see the baby.  Each took a turn and a few of them took longer than others.

After a long night and morning, most of them had left.  Bron lay in the bed watching Kevin snore in the chair.  Cory was still on shift.  “You need to go home girl,” Bron took her son as she spoke to Cory.

“I will when Kevin Cooper Richardson eats first,” Cory bumped into Kevin accidentally and woke him.

“What did you call him?”  Bron was now focused on her son and trying to get him to eat.

“I changed the name,” Kevin stretched and yawned.

“I’m glad we discussed it,” Bron winced as the younger Kevin latched on.

“I just figured he came out yelling like you do and if you wanted to yell at me he might misunderstand so I think we should call him Cooper.  I like it a lot.  He’s beautiful.”  Kevin stroked the thick head of hair.  “Nick said he looked like a monkey.”

“Ignore Nick…  Ouch.”  Bron pulled the baby away from her chest.

“You’re not doing it right Bron,” Kevin leaned over and splayed Bron’s nipple between his index and middle fingers.   He then placed his son’s head closer to Bron.  He moved Cooper’s lips onto Bron’s nipple.  Cooper latched on and began to suckle.  Kevin was very intense and serious as he watched his son eat his first meal.  “See, he knows what to do with a nipple, he’s my son.”

Cory stood blinking at Bron; then they both burst out laughing.  Bron tried to stop; it hurt.  “I will kill you for that Kevin, when I can.”

Kevin leaned closer, “Okay, but right now I’m more worried about my daughter kicking my ass.”  Kevin’s eyebrows rose.  “I was told I did it wrong.  I shared the wrong letter of the alphabet.  I’m supposed to do it again, the right way.”

“Oh that,” Bron rolled her eyes.

“Yeah that,” he laughed.  “Cooper is his name from now on.  When you’re yelling I want to make sure it’s at him and not me.”

Bron smiled, something of her had been passed on as well.  “Are we going to make it?”

“Oh yeah, we’re gonna be just fine.”  Kevin’s fingers seemed seek out the newborn baby.  “Just fine.”

Bron dozed on and off the rest of the day.  She sensed someone standing in the doorway but assumed it was Kevin or a nurse.  The lights being off made the room dark.  She spoke to Kevin as he went to the bag she had brought.  “Honey go home and gets some sleep.”

The person stepped away from the bag and nodded.  The door was quietly shut.  The man smiled as he walked down the hall.  It was effortless to get access to her, he didn’t even have to try.  When she finally was out of the drug induced haze, she would finally understand that he was serious and that this wasn’t a game.  The time had come; she had delivered the baby, now it was time for her to be with him.





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