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Chapter 12

Kevin was rudely awakened by the sounds of Bron banging around in the kitchen.  He lay there thinking that he couldn’t wait until they had their own place.  There would be rules in his house.  Number one, no noise before noon.  Two, his wife needed to learn how to sleep in late, preferably with him.  He expanded on his list until he was pissed off to the point he was going to go tell her about it.  “Damn woman,” he snapped as he rolled out of bed and went down the hall. 

Reaching the doorway to the Kitchen, he saw her wrestling with the can opener.  Then he saw what she was struggling to open.  He recalled A.J.’s remark yesterday and retreated to the bedroom.  “What the hell is she doing now?” he mumbled as he crawled back into bed.  Lying flat out on his stomach, he smashed his face into the pillow.  If this was what he thought it was, she needed to think he was sleeping.  “The woman has a fetish with food,” he snickered into his pillow.  Bringing his hand to his mouth as he heard her open the bedroom door.  It was all he could do to stifle his laughter.

“Damn, wrong way Lurch,” she muttered from the door.

Kevin felt something tickle his foot.  Then he felt it again and rolled on his back.  As he rolled, he brought his pillow with him, covering his face.  The blankets being tossed to the side.  He was getting a little warm.

“Good boy,” he heard her say and he chomped down on his finger.  The bed moved slightly and then stopped.  Bron was always pulling a sneak attack when he was sleeping.  He had told several times not to, but today, what the hell, why not.  We’re leaving today.  She’s going home and I’m going on to San Diego.

Bron closed her eyes and tossed what was in her hand.  This was her one shot.  He was either going to be really pissed or laugh with her.

Something hit Kevin’s inner thigh with a splat.  Liquid rolled down the inside of his leg.  Bron’s laughter filled the room.  He began to laugh with her under his pillow.  He lifted the pillow to look at her face.  “Care to explain what you just threw at me, it’s a little sticky.”

Bron had tears streaming down her face as she began to laugh even harder.  She wiped them off with both hands.  “Pineapple,” as her face turned a crimson color.

Kevin boosted himself up on his elbows to look down his body.  Laughing again, causing the pineapple ring to ever so slightly slide to his groin.  “Bronwyn please, tell me why?” was the only thing he could manage to speak.

Bron mustered up her best defense and tried to keep a straight face.  “I told them it wouldn’t work.  I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.”

Upon hearing that Kevin shook his head.  He chewed on the side of his cheek and winked at her.  “Baby it’s not your aim, the hole is too small.”  Kevin fell back on the bed laughing hysterically.  He had just nullified that little visual for her and the girls.

“You jackass,” he heard, as he was smacked by a pillow.  Bron left the side of the bed much to Kevin’s disappointment.  “Where ya goin’?” he grinned.

“To get the rest of my pineapple,” she giggled.

“Oh,” he watched her go to the dresser and grab the bowl.  Let’s see if we can turn this around, he smiled inwardly.  “Hey Witch, you have pineapple right here to eat,” he smirked. 

Bron’s eyebrows went up at the possibility of it.  “Hmm, I guess I made the mess I should clean it up.”

“Yes you should wife,” as he felt that flushed heat in the pit of his stomach.  The warming sensation began to crawl through his body.

Bron stood at the bottom of the bed and watched his muscles twitch from anticipation.  She waited with a smile.  Thought you were gonna mess with my head did ya, she mused.

A frown began to build on his face.  Frustration had begun to set in.  “Bron stop messin’ around.”

“Relax Master,” she sighed as she crawled on the bed between is legs.  She stroked his legs trailing her fingers up and down, prolonging it.  When she had ultimately reached the place where he wanted her to be the most, he smiled at her.  She kissed his hipbones, first the left and then the right.  She licked her way up and down the fine vertical line of hair from his navel to his manhood.  Slowly and methodically she nibbled at the pineapple ring. 

In displeasure, Kevin ended up grabbing the pineapple and tossing it to the floor.  His murmuring became louder and louder since he had disposed of the offending object.  Her lips now on him and not the fruit.  Reaching one hand underneath his scrotum, she gently applied pressure. 

An agonizing groan came from him as she lowered her lips to him.  Flicking her tongue across the tip causing his hips to jerk upwards shoving himself closer to her mouth.  Bron stopped for a moment until she felt comfortable again.  Continuing to cup and squeeze him with on hand and stroking him with the other.  She laved her tongue around and across the tip.

“Come on darlin’, please,” he spoke in a raspy breath.  He was no longer able to contain his feelings.  Grasping her head and placing a hand on either side, he guided her down onto him.  Bron pulled back but found it impossible to move.  Kevin was holding her down on him, he thrusted himself into her throat.  Moving his hips rapidly, he sought his release, all he wanted was to reach the pinnacle.  Bron squeezed his sack tightly for fear of holding on if anything else.  She felt like Kevin was going to tear her head off if she moved in any direction, except where he was guiding her.

She felt him constrict in her hands and then his body went rigid.  As his body relaxed, his hold on her did also.  Stroking her hair, he was lost in the after glow.  Bron came up on her knees and watched.  It enthralled her when he was like this; he was defenseless.

Opening his eyes he found her staring at him, her head cocked to the side.  Pulling her down he brushed his lips against hers, “I love you.”  As he licked her lips he could taste his own tart fluid on her mouth.

“Love you too Master,” she responded.

Mixed emotions ran through Kevin, if he made her stay she’d be impossible to deal with.  “We have to get moving.”

“I know,” she murmured. 

He watched the sad expression on her face.  Her eyes weren’t shining as brightly as they had in the past few weeks.  Reaching up he ran the back of his hand down her cheek, “It’s only for a couple of days.”

Bron got up, grabbed the bowl of fruit, and took off.  Once she had regained her composure in the kitchen, she made the coffee.  Cleaning the kitchen and thanking God that she didn’t have worry about all the left over food.  Kris could eat like a queen for a week.  Silently she wanted to kill herself for acting wishy-washy about this.  Not wanting to feel so alone in this world anymore initiated the reaction she had from his words.  Kevin made her feel not so alone.  She headed back to the bedroom to apologize.  

Reaching the bedroom, she found the bed stripped of its linens and everything else had been packed up.  Hearing the water run she knew he was taking a shower.  She sat on the bed reconciling her feelings.  She needed to leave, three days ago she fought him on coming here, now she didn’t want to go.  When she was with him she felt safe.  Safe enough not to look behind her and safe enough to feel again.  He’s messing with my head, that’s all.

Kevin came out of the bathroom and she went in.  His sentiments were running parallel to hers.  Neither one of them wanting to endure the separation, but knowing that they had too.  The doorbell rang and he yelled to her, “I’ll get it.”

Answering the door as he buttoned his shirt, he found Kristin on the doorstep.  “Morning!” she chimed.

“Yeah, for who,” he grumbled as he walked away.

Kris followed him into the kitchen.  He’s so grouchy in the morning, course he hasn’t seen morning in ages, she snickered to herself.

Helping herself to the coffee, she poured herself a cup.  Kevin looked at her as he grabbed one and poured his own.

Bron came bounding into the kitchen.  She felt reborn after her shower, her feelings having settled down.

“Morning, I brought breakfast,” Kris grinned as she slid the bag across the table.  

Bron beamed, “Thank you dear lady.”

Kevin groaned loudly.  “This isn’t normal, or logical.  It isn’t natural.  You two can’t do this to me.”  Reaching into the bag grabbing a bagel, he walked to the other room.

The two women watched him sulk around the living room gathering the balance of his things.

Kris leaned to the side of her chair.  As he glanced back at them, she winked at him.  “But she’s nice.”

“She knows you so well, honey,” Bron snickered as she sipped her coffee. 

Kevin left the living room in a huff, exclaiming that they both were insane.  Stalking off to the bedroom, the ladies laughed loudly.

“He’ll be back,” Bron giggled.

“Yes he will,” Kris grinned.

They chatted for twenty minutes.  Kris promised to make sure that his belongings would get to Lexington safe and sound.  Including his precious SUV.  The conversation interrupted by a horn honking in the driveway.  “Let’s go Witch!” came from the back of the house.

Kris wrinkled her nose up at the loudness of his voice, “What a mouth.”

“Aw I think he has an amazing mouth.  He’s a good kisser,” Bron gave her a goofy grin.

“Oh please,” Kevin sighed in annoyance as he stood in the doorway.

“Yeah, I know,” Kris laughed.

“We’re leaving, Now!”  Kevin shouted even louder.  

Bron laughed, “Thank you,” on the way out the front door. 

Kris followed promising to call her.  Kevin’s face wrinkled up at the very idea.  Kris received an anytime from Bron which was followed by a wink.

Almost to L.A. Bron asked him where they were going.  He simply stated they were meeting Jake at the offices and then she was flying home.  Carefully, Kevin avoided telling her any of the specifics for his own selfish reasons.  He had already begun to change his mind.  As they pulled in the parking lot, he had made his decision.  I’m sending her home with Jake.

Standing by the buses trying to say goodbye with an audience was difficult.  The fact that neither of them wanted to leave made matters worse.  Finally Kevin looked at her, he didn’t care what the others thought that were watching them.  He gracefully bent down to kiss her and slowly wrapped his arms around her.  Dipping her backwards till she was almost off of her feet and lying in his arms.  He stood her up and smirked at her.  Both them holding each other’s gaze as they heard wolf whistles and clapping behind them.

“Kevin, PDA is not your style,” she breathlessly uttered.

“Yeah, but you liked it,” he answered as he gave her backside one final squeeze.

Bron’s smile grew warm and sweet.  He wanted to capture it and take it with him.  A quick peck on the cheek he sauntered to the bus. 

As he climbed up the steps she called to him.  “Hey Master!”

Kevin ducked his head back out the door, “What!”

“There’s a surprise for you in your duffel, but you have to wait one hour.  The guys will keep you honest about it!” 

“Love you too Witch!” he yelled above the noise of the engines.

Bron watched the buses pull out of the parking lot.  She was happy with her decision not to feel bad about this.  She was going back to work and her kids.  Kevin would be home soon.  Hopefully not to soon.  Not having Kevin breathing down her neck every five minutes would be a breath of fresh air, actually more like parole, she giggled to herself.






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