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Chapter 13

Bron boarded the plane with Jake leading the way.  Settling into her seat, she sighed loudly. 

“How’s freedom feel Bron?”  Jake chuckled.

“Just wonderful,” she giggled.  Reaching into her brief case, she grabbed one of her folders.  She had a meeting two hours after she arrived in Lexington.  Being prepared was something of a pet peeve of hers.  Mc had done the groundwork after eavesdropping on a conversation between Jerald and Anne.

Mc and Bron had outlined what they were going to say and how they would act.  It was Mc’s idea and Bron wasn’t thrilled about it at first.  Knowing how much Kevin wanted it swayed her decision.  Bron did not like to conduct business in a deceitful manner, however this one time would be excusable in her eyes.  Mr. Bailey didn’t understand how important this was to Kevin or he wouldn’t have turned him down the first time, or the second and third.  The purpose was to keep what was there in place, not to destroy it, but nurture it.  Bron just wanted more space.  The company was indeed relocating to Lexington.  Mc would never sell it all to her so he would end up moving down too.  If he did sell it to her he would lose the hold over her and the connection with Andrew.

Bron’s face soured visibly as she pondered how she was going to negotiate this entire deal.  Mc hadn’t approached the man directly.  He had acted as her agent to feel the old man out.  Mc was in hysterics when he called telling her to forget it, "Pop Star won’t get shit out of the old bird."  He’s a PTA man all the way.

Closing the folder, she pushed back into the brief case and grabbed another.  She began reviewing her notes from the house.  The house was moving along quite nicely, better than expected actually.  Looking at the bottom line, Bron groaned.  The payroll had gone through the roof.  Mc must have hired half of Lexington to get the house to this point. 

Glancing at the Foreman’s notes probably was not a good idea but she did it anyway.  The notes were from Frank he was the Foreman, thanks to Mc.  The only way Mc could get him back was if Frank could run his crew and the laborers, with a title.  Mc ran their crew and Frank reported to Mc.  Bron read the notes and couldn’t believe the guy actually had enough guts to put down what he thought about the changes she had made.  “You got balls mister,” She said loudly. 

Jake looked at her, “Who does?”

“Frank, I do believe the man hates me.  He’s never even met me.  Wait until he does,” Bron’s eyebrows went up and she smiled a wide grin.

“Bron don’t go shakin’ people up.  I know that face,” Jake eyed her, seeing if his comment had hit home.

“Don’t worry Jake, I wouldn’t do that now would I?”

Jake would have believed her if she didn’t have that mischievous little twinkle in her eyes when she said it.  That was a signal that Frank had better watch out.

“Jake they don’t even know I’m married to Kevin,” she giggled.

“What?”  Jake scoffed.

“I didn’t tell them.  Nobody knows and nobody had better find out until I’m damn good and ready to tell them.”  Bron looked at him with a face full of fury.  “I mean it Jake, not one word.”

One thing registered with Jake, oh Frank you are in deep shit, he murmured to himself.

The conversation was ended as the pilot announced their arrival in Lexington.  Disembarking from the plane Bron headed straight for luggage carousel.  She turned to make sure Jake was with her and headed for the exit, after grabbing her things.  Stopping when she heard him yelling to her, “Slow down Bron!”

She waited and then burst through the exit doors looking for her family.  Checking her watch, she stood there tapping her foot.  As five minutes passed she was getting upset thinking they forgot about her.

From behind her she heard, “We didn’t forget you little girl so just calm yourself,” 

Whirling around she found Bounce, Andrew, and Mc.  “I missed you!”  Kaylin screamed as she launched herself from the ground up.  Bron almost fell backwards if Jake hadn’t been there to catch both of them.

“Bounce how many times do I have to tell not to do that to your mom; she’s to short you’re going to knock her over!”  Mc said sharply.

Bounce frowned at being scolded.  Bron frowned at the ‘s’ word.

“Sorry, vertically challenged,” Mc sneered.

“You people act like I’m freaking midget.  I’m over five feet tall ya know,” Bron expelled in anger.

Mc smiled and turned, heading for the truck.  Shaking his head from side to side, he began thinking to himself.  She’s back, why didn’t he keep her for another week.  Even a couple days, he whined in his head.

Chattering went back and forth among all of them as they caught up.  Bounce pointed out places she had been as they went along the road.  A sharp left caught Bron’s attention and Mc was glancing at her in the rear view mirror.  “Ah Mc the Bed and Breakfast is not this way.  I do know that much.  I have to change or we’re going to be late.”

“I know, but your not staying there,” he answered glancing at the traffic on the residential street.

“Excuse me!”  Bron spoke at full volume.

“Your husband called while you were in the air.  He was all pissed off about a can of Pineapple.  I guess it fell out of his duffel and rolled down the aisle.  Everyone enjoyed the little comments you wrote on it with the marker.  Evidentially A.J. explained to the entire bus all about it, just to humiliate your husband some more.  That is right after Mary and Gillian almost pissed their pants.  He said you can’t seem to stay out of trouble for more than five minutes if he isn’t around.  The arrangements have been made and you are going to stay at his moms.”

Jake burst into laughter as he looked out the window of the truck from his seat in the front.  Poor Kevin, poor Bron, wait until Kevin gets home, he mused to himself.  I guess she couldn’t figure out away to keep the Jell-O from melting.  Jake knew the ladies were strange and they had dropped that visual on him more than once in the chat room. 

“Well forget it I’m staying at my place,” Bron announced.

“No, you’re not.  A married woman doesn’t belong in a house with twenty to thirty men.  This is a small town and people talk.  Nobody knows you’re married to Kevin.  I told you I would play along and so will everyone else.  But when they do find out and then remember where you stayed they will think you were ....”  Mc paused and looked at Bounce sitting next to Bron.  “Involved in something you shouldn’t be...”

Mc watched Bron’s face wrinkle up as she digested his comments.  “You’re right,” she whispered.

“Of course we are,” Mc smiled.

Bron cocked her head to the side and looked at him, “We?”

Mc pulled the truck into the driveway of Anne’s house.  Shifting it into park, he turned the key off.  Getting out of the truck, he went and opened Bron’s door, whispering in her ear as she got out.  “Your husband and I.  We know what’s best for you.”  The comment was followed by a tiny little laugh knowing that what he had said would just fire her up.

“ERRR, you are as stupid as he is his,” she huffed as she got out of the truck and brushed past him.

Anne was standing at the door as her daughter in law approached.  Bron bit her tongue when she heard Anne say that it was wonderful that Bron had changed her mind and was going to stay with her.

“Anne I have a meeting, I need to change,” Bron smiled.  Inside Bron’s stomach was lurching.  She suddenly felt ill. 

“Of course dear Mc told me.  Come with me.”

Bron watched the older woman climbed the stairs at a hurried pace.  She opened a door off of the upstairs hallway.  “You two can stay in Kevin’s room.”

Bron walked in and went into a time warp.  Glancing around the room she saw rock posters tacked to the wall.  Bron concealed her laughter wondering who decorated this room, Kevin or his mom.  She knew that Kevin had moved his mother to Lexington when he could afford it but this was too much.  She turned to Anne, “Thank you.”

“The bathroom is down the hall, the last door on the left.”  Anne stepped away and shut the door. 

Bron looked at the back of the door and laughed loudly.  It was a note from Jerald.

We thought we would make the bro and his family feel at home.  We redecorated just for him.  Wait until he gets home, we’ll dress up as Gene Simmons and scare him to death, again!  Glad you are staying here.


Bron changed and quickly went down stairs.  A quiet laugh escaped from Jake as she walked by him.  She shot him a warning glare and he quieted.

Walking into the Kitchen she looked at Mc.  He burst into a loud and obnoxious, fit of laughter.

“You shut up, this was your idea,” Bron pouted.

“Yeah, but God look at you.  It’s Little House On The Prairie!  Don’t forget your pineapple,” he giggled has he headed out of the door.

“Kevin is an idiot,” Bron groaned as she followed behind Mc.  “What else did he tell you?” everyone heard as she the pulled the door closed.

“Jake what is all this talk about pineapple?”  Anne asked.

“Uh, ask Kevin,” he sputtered out.  I’m not sayin’ a word he said to himself.

“I’ll ask the girls later,” Anne smiled knowing that her son would never tell her.

Jake wasn’t sure what to say.  “What girls?”

“The girls in chat,” she smiled.

“Oh, Do Kevin and Bron know you go in there?”  Now Jake was getting a little nervous.

Anne shook her head and laughed, “Of course not Jake!”






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