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Chapter 16

Kevin was still spinning from the photo shoot as he caught his early flight.  First the photo shoot was cancelled and then it wasn’t.  He couldn’t find his copy of the contract and Nick for some strange reason wouldn’t tell him what it was about.  When they arrived at the beach location Kevin knew why Nick hadn’t told him.

They were introduced to five models wearing towels and sneakers.  Nick was grinning away.  Each woman introduced herself to Kevin first and then Nick.  Kevin studied each one intently.  Angela had long light brown hair and hazel green eyes.  The hair and eyes made her look exotic to him.  Barb had shoulder length hair and hazel eyes too.  The photographer must like hazel eyes.  Joy had curly dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  Marie had shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes.  It kind of reminded him of Bron.  Jo had shoulder length hair that was dark blonde and bright blue eyes.  By the way Nick was looking at her, he was hoping she’d lose her towel.

“Nick,” Kevin whispered as he covered his mouth.

“What!”  Nick sighed as he shoved his hands in his pants pocket. 

Kevin began to snicker that was usually a sign that Nick’s pants were getting just a little tight. 

The photographer placed a stool in front of the backdrop.  “Okay Kevin you first, take a seat.”

Kevin ambled over to the stool and the models surrounded him.  He coughed as he felt that the temperature in the room had risen a degree or two.  Nick had the biggest damn grin on his face as he looked at Kevin.  They smell good, they feel good, but they don’t smell or feel like Bron.

“Ladies,” the photographer called to them.  The women dropped their towels to reveal thongs and pasties. 

“Oh Shit!”  Kevin yelled.  He couldn’t move his face to the left or right.  It was a pastie parade.

Kevin wasn’t sure which way to turn as all five of them made their presence known by leaning into him.  “Sneakers,” Nick grinned as he pointed to the sneakers the women wore.

“Yeah,” Kevin squeaked. 

“Okay now Kevin put one arm around Angela and one around Barb.”  The photographer shouted from about the noise.

Kevin debated for a split second as he watched Kaos crack up on the other side of the room.  I swear to God I will kill that little peckerhead when this is over with.  He could have warned me.  What am I going to tell Bron?

“It’s artistic,” Nick chuckled loudly.  He knew what Kevin was thinking about, it was written all over his face.

“Artistic is going to get me in deep shit this time Nick!”  Kevin shouted as he wrapped an arm around each woman.  He wasn’t quite sure where to put his hands until the photographer told him to do what comes naturally.  A hand settled on each woman’s backside.  Feels good, he said to himself.  I need to get the next flight home and touch my wife’s butt.  The entire time Kevin plastered his photo smile on thinking of the million and half excuses he was going to need.  Bron is not Kris and she is not going to like this one bit.  The models were even getting a little chummy.  Angela actually had planted her hand on the inside of his thigh. 

Kevin sat there, I’ll ignore her and she’ll stop.  Her hand slid a little further up and he couldn’t ignore her.  She gets any closer she’s gonna feel all of Kevin Richardson.  Kevin looked at her and smiled as he gently placed his hand on hers and slid it back down to his knee. 

“Can’t blame me for trying Kevin,” she whispered in his ear.  Then he felt her tongue connect with the back of his ear.  “I want to ride the Train,” was whispered to him.

“Oh,” Kevin shifted slightly.  She isn’t subtle is she!  Okay I can get through this.  One problem, I’m married, not dead.  But they don’t know I’m married.  Easy solution, I have to tell everyone I’m married.  Bron doesn’t want anyone to know.  Kevin kept up his mental conversation through the session.  As he talked to himself in his head he fought off wayward groping hands, touchy feelies, and he could have sworn either Marie or Joy had their fingers tucked down the back pocket of his jeans and was coping a feel on his ass.  He felt his own internal temperature rising.  It’s difficult to fight off five incredibly beautiful women, married or not.  He knew he had heard Barb say something to Angela about his package.

A series of photos were taken and then they called Nick.  As they passed each other, Kevin growled at him.  “How the hell is this photo shoot going to sell sneakers?”

“I dunno, but I don’t give shit right now either,” he laughed.

Kevin began to walk away and was called back.  Another series of photos were taken with both of them and the models.  Kevin and Nick felt like they were on display.  “Nick tipped his head back and winked at Kevin, “Havin’ fun yet?”

Kevin didn’t answer him.  He was finding it difficult to control his emotions.  These girls were grabbing anything they could get their hands on.

“Okay that’s it… Oh wait Angela one more,” the photographer called.  He walked up to them and placed Angela in between Kevin and Nick, sideways.  Just as the photographer took the shot, she called to the rest of the girls.  “Look girls it a sandWISH!”

“Oh God,” Kevin moaned as he stepped back from her and Nick.  The photographer and crew were laughing at the comment.

Nick looked at Kevin, “Ya know, she’s just like Kaylin, the older one,” and he winked.

“Thank you Nick,” Kevin grimaced.

“Oh we love Kaylin, Nightrain every night,” Angela chuckled.

“That’s it folks,” the photographer yelled.

Kevin let out a very loud sigh and then smiled, “I’m going home now Nick.  Do you want to take the next flight out with me.”  Kevin had distanced himself from the two most aggressive of the women, Angela and Barb. 

Very slowly, Nick shook his head back and forth and smiled, “I don’t think so Train.  The ladies and I are going to go out tonight.”

Kevin laughed as Angela sat on his lap, “Kevin, can Nick stay and play with us?” 

“Oh Kaos can do whatever he wants, he’s a big boy now.  Have fun Nick, I hope you survive,” as he pushed Angela off his lap.  Kevin made it to the airport in record time.  “Shit there won’t be anything left of Nick by the time those five finish with him,” he thought as he boarded the plane.  “Little Man will have tell me about this little adventure.”

Kevin dozed on and off on his flight back home.  He just wanted to get back to normal, back to the place where he was just Kevin.  Back to Bron, he sighed.  Frowning slightly wondering what he was going to tell her if she ever saw the shots of five women, Nick, and him on the beach.  Moaning slightly as he thought about it.  Bron wasn’t exactly jealous unless it was something outright blatant then she felt threatened and there was hell to be paid when she went off. 

Checking his watch, he figured he should be able to get home just before dinner.  Tonight he owed Bron her thank you and he was so looking forward to delivering it.  Dozing back off, the only thing that woke him was the announcement that they were landing.  He had debated as to whether to call to have someone pick him up but then he wanted it to be a surprise. 

After gathering his luggage he hailed a cab to catch a ride to his mom’s.  He was lucky that nobody had recognized him.  On occasion fans did stake out the airport but they were usually local fans only.  Most of the people in Lexington just let him be. 

As he provided the driver with the address he settled back in the seat and enjoyed the ride.  Pulling into his mom’s driveway he could see that it was a typical Sunday at his mother’s house.  The entire family was gathered for dinner.  He searched the faces of everyone in the house as he went in.  The one face he was looking for wasn’t there.

“Where’s Bron?” he asked as he looked at his mom.

Feeling something slamming into the back of his legs he turned his upper body around already knowing what hit him.  “Hello Kaylin.”

“Hi Kevin, I’ve been real good,” she smiled.

As Kevin laughed, his mother and Tracy joined him, “That’s good Kaylin.  You’re doing exactly what you’re are suppose to be doing.”

“I’m trying hard.  Mom’s working,” she grinned .

Kevin shook his head at Bron’s own mini-me.  “Well in that case I have a surprise for you,” he spoke as he walked to his carry on.  If he had stopped in mid-stride Kaylin would have rammed right into him again.  He lifted the package that was brightly wrapped and handed it to her.  “For you.”

The little girl’s eyes glowed with excitement.  “Is this for being good?”

“No, you’re suppose to be good all the time,” he grinned as he bent down to her level. 

Kaylin ran to the kitchen table followed by his nieces and nephews to see what was in the box.  Kaylin unwrapped it eagerly.  She smiled when she saw the water globe.  Kevin turned it over and turned the music box on.  As the music began to play, Kaylin started to cry.

“Oh honey I’m sorry that you don’t like it,” he spoke softly to her.

“No I like it very much.  It just reminds me of daddy,” she sniffled.

Kevin was beating himself up on the inside.  Hurting her was not what he had intended.  The gift was bought when they had gone shopping in California.  Kevin had a conversation with Mc on the phone about this.  This was the same song that he had danced with her at the wedding. 

Grabbing the water globe Kaylin tore out of the room with Madison behind her.  Everyone heard the bedroom door slam shut.

“I guess that didn’t work out,” he moaned loudly.

His mother came over and gave him a hug.  “It’s a beautiful gift and someday she’ll understand the meaning behind you buying it.”

Kevin frowned at her, “There was no meaning I just thought she would like it.”

“Okay Kevin but why that melody,” His mother asked as she patted his back.

“It was her and C.W.’s song,” he mumbled.

Anne smiled at Kevin and he knew right then and there that he was as transparent as he could be to her.  “From one dad to another, son.”

Kevin hung his head and had a sheepish look on his face.

“Don’t push so hard Kevin, that is not Bron,” she said as she walked away.

Kevin grumbled as he head back into the Livingroom to visit with his grandparents and brothers.  He hadn’t seen MaMaw in ages.





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