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 Chapter 17

As Bron, Andrew, Jake, and Mc pulled into the driveway, they knew that dinner had long been over with.  Bron groaned as she saw all of the vehicles parked near the house. 

“Time to meet the family Bron,” Mc chuckled.

“Let’s go back to the house,” she moaned.

“To late you’ve been spotted,” he laughed as Jerald and Tim sat outside on the porch.

Bron’s nerves began to jangle.  She couldn’t fathom how many people would be in the house or who.  She hopped out of the truck to see Tim and Jerald smiling.  “Neither of you could have warned me could you.”

They both scrunched up their faces at her.  Jerald smiled, “What fun would that have been.  You get to meet grandma and grandpa.”

Bron turned around and started to climb back in the truck when she heard Kaylin shouting her name.  Both of the Richardson brothers laughed loudly.  Closing the door she blew out a breath, “Oh well.”

Reaching out to give Kaylin a hug she missed as the little one moved away.  “What’s wrong?” she asked her youngest. 

“You’re a mess,” Kaylin frowned.

“Gee thanks, get a job kid,” as she hugged her anyway and walked up the porch.  As she opened the front door, she turned and saw Tim and Jerald looking at her like she had crawled out of cave or something.  “Do you want a hug too?” she grinned.

Both of them jumped up, “No thanks,” they mumbled.

Bron walked right past everyone in the house not even noting who was there as she headed upstairs for a decent shower.  Rude or not she felt disgusting and tired.  It had been a long hard day of bull work.  Every joint in her body ached and she was done in.  Gathering her clothes in complete exhaustion she headed for the bathroom.  Everything was dropped on the floor as she hopped into the inviting heat.  “Mmm…” she sighed softly as the water and steam beat on her body.

As she stood there waiting to be refreshed she heard a voice say,  “Well I missed you too!”

Bron whipped open the shower curtain to find Kevin standing there.  “Are you nuts?  Get the hell out of here.  This house is full of people!”

“You’re my wife they don’t care.”  He said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

It took Bron all of three seconds to figure out what Kevin was up too.  “No way!  Forget it!  It’s not going to happen!”  The shower curtain was wrenched closed on him.

She could here him chuckling on the other side and then the bathroom door open and close.  Peeking out from behind the shower curtain, she saw that he had left.  “Oh he’s such a smartass sometimes.  When the hell did he get home anyway,” she bitched as she pulled the curtain closed once again.

Finishing her shower, she dressed and headed back downstairs.  Somehow meeting his family was going to be easier since he was here.  He would act as a buffer she knew that. 

As she hit the bottom step of the stairs all eyes in the room turned to her.  She smiled and then spoke, “Hello.”

An elderly woman and man sat holding court from the sofa.  Bron knew that these were definitely Kevin’s beloved grandparents.

“I’m MaMaw and this is PaPaw.  Welcome to the family.  I think you two could have waited until you got home to get married and all.”  The elderly woman shook her head slightly back and forth.

Bron looked at both of them.  She knew where the genetics of the family came from.  Directly from the woman sitting across from her testing Bron’s fortitude.  “Talk to Kevin about that.  I didn’t want to get married.”

A loud scoff came from the old woman.  “Ya got spunk.  I like that.  Don’t take no gruff from my grandson.”

“I don’t.”  Bron spoke politely but firmly not wanting to disrespect the woman that Kevin held in such high regard.

The old man looked at her with a twinkle in his eye.  “You must take some or you wouldn’t be here and married.”

“Okay that’s enough,” Anne interceded as she watched the three of them get acquainted in a manner that was played over everytime one of the grandchildren had a new flame.

“It’s fine, he’s right,” Bron grinned broadly.  “But that will change soon enough,” she laughed.  “Where is he anyway?”  

Mc started laughing in the kitchen and Bron ducked her head into the passageway.  Mc looked at Jake and he in turn looked at Andrew.  Andrew spoke first, “He’s out back talking to Pete.”

“Aw shit!”  Bron ran for the back door and opened it.  As she did Pete stood in front of her and Kevin behind him glaring at her.

“Hey Mrs. Cooper, how are you?”  Pete smiled.

Bron was looking beyond Pete to Kevin.  “Umm… I was fine.  I’m not so sure right now,” she mumbled.

“Mrs. Cooper is fine,” Kevin hissed as he stood behind his future next-door neighbor.

Bron turned around and swallowed hard.  Mc, Jake, and Andy were amused as hell about the situation.  Walking slowly back to the living room she sat next down MaMaw and waited for the explosion. 

Pete walked into the room and to the front door,  “Nice seeing you again MaMaw,”

“You too Pete, tell your sister I said hello,” she nodded and grinned.

Kevin walked up to the couch and stood in front of Bron,  “We need to talk.  Come upstairs for a second.”

“She can’t, were vistin’.  You want to yell at her for hitting William do it later, it’s not like he didn’t deserve it anyway,” MaMaw looked at Kevin dead on.  She wasn’t bending or playing Kevin’s little intimidation game. 

“But MaMaw,” Kevin bellyached.

“Shush yourself, ya baby,” as she grabbed Bron’s hand and squeezed.  “He gives you any trouble you come tell me.  I’ll take came of him for you.”

Bron grinned and then stuck her tongue out at Kevin.  “Really MaMaw it’s fine.  Kevin and I just need to talk.  I’ll be right back.”

Narrowing his eyes he grabbed Bron’s hand and helped her off the couch or at least he tried to.  What was fully apparent to everyone was that Kevin was hot under the collar.  Kevin was unyielding as he towed Bron upstairs by her hand.

Kevin walked into the bedroom first with Bron attached to his hand.  Once they were both inside, he slammed the door shut loudly and dropped her hand.

Bron stood there immobile as she spoke.  “I know what I did was wrong but he deserved it.  We won’t be sued and it won’t happen again.”

Kevin leaned with one arm propped up on the dresser.  He knew that William wouldn’t sue them.  He had to admit that when Pete told him he had wished that he had been there to see it happen.  William was outspoken and backwards since high school.  To see his wife throw a punch at him would have been worth it. 

What had made Kevin so irate was the fact that Bron had introduced herself to Pete as Mrs. Cooper the next day.  Kevin didn’t inform Bron that he had called Pete.  Since he was his neighbor and he fully trusted him and told him that Bron was coming home.  He also told him they had gotten married and has asked him to keep an eye out on things for him.  It had begun to eat at him that she didn’t want anybody to know they were married.  Knowing all the excuses she had for not telling anyone he could no longer justify it in his eyes.  He wanted everyone to know that she was his wife. Especially since the photo shoot.  He exercised control over his body by figuring out ways he could let everyone know he was recently married.

“Are you going to say something?”  Bron spoke but with a wary look on her face.  Kevin figured if he took one step towards her, she would jump nine feet away from him.

Sighing heavily, he figured he needed to think this through some more before he made his final decision of what he was going to do.  “You were stupid for doing that.  The man is twice your size.  Jake can take care of himself.”

Bron shifted her weight from foot to foot.  She began to get exceedingly nervous, “That’s it.”

Kevin walked to the door and opened it, “That’s it.  Don’t be so stupid next time.  Maybe we should look into some anger management classes for you.”

Bron buzzed past him quickly.  “Kiss my ass Kevin,” she uttered as she went downstairs.

“I will Witch, I will,” he snickered as he followed behind her.

As Kevin hit the last step on the stairs he heard, “Grandson!  Take me home.”  MaMaw was staring directly at Kevin.

“Me?” he squeaked.

“I’m looking at you aren’t I?” she gave him a stern look.

Glancing to the clock he began to think of an excuse to get Jerald or Tim to take them home.  As he opened his mouth to reply, she stopped him again.  “I was a newlywed too, you’ll last.  Get your keys,” she deadpanned him as she walked to the door.

Bron’s howling laughter was heard from the kitchen above everyone else’s.  Kevin poked his head in to the room.  “That’s okay Witch.  I have one thing to say to you.  THANK YOU!” he chuckled as he grabbed a set of keys from the hook.

Bron came to the doorway and looked at his back as he headed out the door.  “You owe me a thank you,” she shouted to him.

“I just gave it to you,” he laughed loudly as he shut door.

“That sucks,” she grumbled as she headed upstairs.  Leaving her entourage and Kevin’s family downstairs chuckling hysterically.  She checked on Kaylin and Madison and went to bed herself.






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