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Chapter 18

Kevin walked into the bedroom, home from dropping off his grandparents.  He could see that Bron had dropped into a dead sleep.  He knew that these times were rare for her.  Lord knows he wanted nothing more but to be in a dead sleep himself. 

MaMaw had just chewed his ear off for the last hour about getting married and she not being there.  She even went as far as to ask Kevin to do it all over again so they could be there.  Kevin told her no way.  It was hard enough to get Bron to do it the first time.  MaMaw was in her questioning mood and Kevin divulged to her everything she wanted to know.  He surprised himself at what he was willing to tell her.  MaMaw chuckled when he was done, telling him, confessions were good for the soul.  At least he knew she wouldn’t tell anyone about their conversation.

Kevin had removed his clothes and dropped on the bed, hoping to wake Bron while he was at it.  He frowned slightly noticing she hadn’t even uncurled herself from her tight little ball.  Turning slightly so he could see her face he saw the dark circles under her eyes.  In the few days that she had been here, she had managed to push herself to her own limits and it was taking it’s toll on her physically.  He recalled what Mary had said about getting her to see a doctor.  He would discuss it with Bron tomorrow.  Snickering to himself, no, he would end up discussing with himself and then he would have to make the arrangements for her.

Gently he lay down next to her on his side.  He pressed himself up against her back.  Much to Kevin’s surprise she unknotted herself and pushed her backside into his hips.  The feeling of elation came over him knowing that, in her sleep, Bron was her most vulnerable.  Yet through this little act she didn’t feel that way towards him.  Even though they had been apart several days.  His heart thumped loudly in his chest for some peculiar reason or another.

Slowly he lowered his hand under the covers and rested it on her hip.  Lightly his hand skimmed down her hip to her thigh, where he felt the hem of the nightshirt she had put on.  His hand searched as it dipped under the shirt and back up her thigh.  Kevin’s hand blazed a path towards the center of Bron’s legs.

“Leave me alone, I’m sleeping,” broke through the darkness.  She was angry with him for welching on his thank you.  Not to mention the attitude he had over this William deal.  He hadn’t said much when they came up here to talk about it but she knew he was still steamed about it.  Kevin had the uncanny ability to speak without saying a word.

“Oh well since you’re sleeping then shut up and leave me to do what I want to do,” he chuckled.

“I’m serious.”

“So am I,” he replied.  He grabbed the shoulder she wasn’t resting on and pushed it to the mattress forcing her to her back.

Bron clenched her jaw and held her eyes closed tightly.  She refused to communicate with him.  “I’m mad at you, go away.”

Kevin was borderline getting pissed and almost laughing at the same time.  Both emotions running through his body.  He was mad because she was ignoring his obvious need for attention and yet he was amused to the fact that she wouldn’t even try, she was still angry over her thank you.  He thought about telling her he was only kidding and then changed his mind.  “I’m sorry you’re mad but I missed you,” he whispered in her ear as she refused to pay him any mind.  He probed her ear with his tongue and watched her shiver slightly.  “Mmmm… you feel good.”  Kevin continued the assault on his wife’s senses as he placed his head just slightly above hers.  Inhaling deeply with his nose buried in her hair.  She smelled clean and good, not fancy, “You smell good too…”

Softly he ran his hand across her tummy and headed slowly south.  With two of his fingers he traced the waistband of the panties.  “Do you still taste good…”

“I’m not kidding, I’m mad.  This little seduction game of yours isn’t going to work.”  Before Bron could continue on her little rant, her panties were snatched down her legs.  “Hey!  Now you…”

Kevin slammed his lips into hers as he lay down on top of her.  “Tough, I’m tense, I missed you, and I need to go home,” he murmured as he slipped his knee between her legs and parted them.  He eased himself inside of her.  Feeling the heat and tightness was incredible.  His blood was pulsating in his veins and his body was growing taut by the second.  He withdrew and then slammed himself into her body again.

Bron raised her hand to slap him for the aggressive tactic only to find her wrists securely bound in his grip.  As she opened her mouth to speak, she was the recipient of Kevin’s tongue, which was just as aggressive as the thrusting he had began.  She had thought about biting him but knowing it would only serve to drive up the aggression.  Fear began gnawing at her psyche, she wasn’t use to Kevin acting in this manner.  However Kevin had been full of surprises as of late.  Just when she thought she had him pegged he would do something that would throw her for a loop.

Kevin pulled his lips from hers.  “Relax baby, I won’t hurt you.  I love you, I just need to come home,” were words uttered for her ears in the dark.  On his command, her entire body did relax. 

Bron had stopped moving against him and began to move with him.  The realization hit her.  Now she knew what he meant by going home.  She had heard him make the offhanded comment during interviews and now she had made the connection.  Home was her and IN her.

After he plunged into her several times he gripped her hips tightly to him as he climaxed.  His entire body shuddered on top of hers.  Bron lay beneath him not saying a word.  She couldn’t decide if this was an act of brutality, or something just strange and what she called one of Kevin’s power-plays. 

Bracing himself on his elbows he hovered above her and waited for a reaction.  He hadn’t moved from within her and wouldn’t until she at least said something to him.  He had never taken her in this manner, at least not without returning the pleasure to her. 

Pursing her lips together Bron frowned at him in the darkness.  “Was that a new twist on that animalistic sex you were telling me about or were you just marking your territory and letting me know who’s boss?”

“Both,” he spoke as he rolled off of her.  “Now it’s your turn,” he spoke slightly amused.  Oh yes she was still pissed and knowing her, she would be for awhile.  The obvious always escaping her.

“Kiss my ass Kevin,” as she reached down and began to search for missing piece of clothing.

“No-No Witch.  It’s your turn,” as he wrestled the missing garment from her hand.

Bron huffed loudly and tried to take a whack at him.  Kevin began laughing at her wasted efforts as he foiled her attempts.  “Violent little thing aren’t you when you’re mad.”

“It’s not funny.  Knock your shit off right now Kevin.”  Bron was clinging to the notion that she would love nothing more than to slap him in the face right now for this little game. 

Relenting, Kevin gave her the garment that she was insistent on having back.  She wiggled them back on and turned her back to him.  She puffed air from her lungs as she settled back down in bed.

Kevin tilted his head in the dark and studied the form next to him.  Thinking maybe talking to her might ease her temper down a few notches, he began speaking to her in the dark.  “I’m sorry Witch, I didn’t mean to scare you.  It’s been awhile.”

“Yeah Right Master, it’s been a couple of days.”

Kevin’s smile grew in the shadowy room as the recognition hit that she was going to speak to him.  Slowly he draped his arm over her body as he snuggled up next to her.  He began to stroke and kneed hoping to get her in a better mood.

Swiftly Bron sat up and turn the light on that rested on the nightstand.  Kevin squinted at the obnoxious intrusion.  “If you think that is ever going to happen again you’ve lost your marbles.  The next time you want to mark your territory why don’t you just raise your leg and piss on me like other dogs would do.”

Kevin’s temper flared slightly at the detestable remark, “I am not a dog!”

“Then stop acting like one,” Bron spewed at him.

Watching her get mad was stirring feelings in him that shouldn’t.  They always did, but really the shouldn’t.  Watching her was like a storm blowing in off the gulf.  It built up to this huge fury then disappeared in a flat instant.  “Ahh don’t worry about it, just turn the light off.  I want to go to sleep.”

Bron sat there her mouth falling open as she watched him.  “Don’t worry about it!  You are a slime ball.”  She pulled herself to her knees in a flash and her hand swung out trying to connect with some part of his body.

Kevin grabbed her hand and met her on his knees.  “You wanna fight?  We’ll fight, but I want to sleep now.”  Slowly he lowered them both to the mattress.  Bron hissing and fighting him the entire time. 

Once settle back down he rolled her over slightly as he reached and turned off the lamp.  “Stop it now.  I know why your angry and it doesn’t entirely have to do with this.”  Noticing that her movements had stilled he continued talking.  “I’m not mad about the William ordeal.  I’m upset because you told Pete that you were my contractor.”

“We agreed to do that.”

“No, you insisted that we not tell anyone.  I’ve been thinking about that anyway.”

“I don’t want to talk anymore.  I have to work in the morning and it’s late.”

Knowing that her anger had been quelled for the moment he figured it was best to leave it alone.  Her willingness to cuddle with him while he spoke was a sure sign.  “Fine ignore me for now but we’ll talk in the morning.  There are a few things we need to talk about.”

“We’ll talk when I get home.”

“I want to see the house,” he murmured as he kissed her cheek.

“You can come out, just call first.”

“Why do I need to call?  It’s my house, you’re my contractor and my wife.”

Bron sighed loudly, “Because I asked you too.”

As he rested his chin on the top of her head he whispered an okay to her.  He was slightly confused as to why a call was necessary to go see his own house.  Slowly he closed his eyes.  He would deal with it in the morning along with Bron needing to see a doctor and not telling anyone that they were married.  Too much bullshit, I want my own house, my own bed, and my own life back. 





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