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Chapter 19

A black SUV pulled onto the dirt rode of the property.  Mc had been expecting him.  He knew she couldn’t keep him away forever.  Now that his truck and other belongings had been delivered, he was freewheeling through town. 

Mc watched Kevin pull up next to Bron’s and his trucks.  A group of men were gathered around the back of Bron’s pick-up looking at plans that were laying on the tailgate. 

Kevin sauntered over to them not taking his eyes off his house.  It was fantastic he was impressed.  She had made all of his dreams come true, from the outside at least.  He stopped at the truck recognizing Frank’s son Chris and of course Mc.

“Hey Kev how the hell are you?  Long time, no see,” Chris welcomed Kevin with an extended hand.

Offering his hand, he shook Chris’s.  He hadn’t seen Chris in almost a year.  They exchanged a little gossip and then Kevin turned to Mc.  “Where is she?” he asked.

Mc shrugged his shoulders, “Listen for the screeching.  Chris’s dad screwed up and she’s pissed off again.”

Chris scoffed loudly, “Yep, Don’t piss off the Ice Queen.”

Kevin turned his head slightly and raised his eyebrows at Chris. 

“Hey Kev the woman is cold, she looks hot, but she’s damn cold,” Chris frowned as he thought about the rebuff from yesterday.

Kevin softly bit his bottom lip as he was clearing his head from the smarting remark about his wife.  “You mean…”

“Yes Kevin.  You know the short lady who wears tight ass Levi’s and a white tank top all the time.  She calls the shots around here now.  You know her as Mrs. Copper.”  Chris grinned at the description of Bronwyn.    

The description didn’t bother Kevin except for the tight ass part.  It was the Mrs. Cooper thing again that flew in his face and felt like a slap.  “Mrs. Cooper,” Kevin repeated.

Chris nodded, “Yeah Mrs. Cooper.”

“Mrs. Cooper, “ Kevin repeated in a searing voice again.

“Yeah, I asked her out four times now.  She keeps turning me down.  I just can’t figure out who’s nailing her, that gorilla that follows her around all the time or the tall blonde dude.

Mc looked at Kevin with a small smirk on his face.  Kevin had a shit load to learn about his wife and her work.  I guess we should start teaching him right now.  “I’ll be back,” Mc hummed as he walked away without laughing as much as he wanted to.  Kevin was one territorial shit and it was showing through the little mask he was wearing for Chris.  Mc wasn’t going far he was going to stay within ear shot of this conversation.

Kevin’s mind heard it, “Really.”  Chris had asked his wife out on a date.  Bron had only been here a few days.  The son of bitch didn’t take long, did he.  I’m not going to get pissed, we’ve been friends for a long time, he doesn’t know she is my wife.  Nobody is nailing my wife but me, he shouted in his head at Chris.  “So Chris what have you been up to?”

“Not much, trying to get a date with the boss,” he grinned.

“You really want that date with your dad?”  Kevin laughed at his own smartass remark but Chris didn’t.

“No Kevin, Mrs. Cooper.  She fine to look at… a little older… but still fine,” he smiled at Kevin.

It was Kevin’s turn not to smile.  Should I tell him or not went banging through his brain.  “Ahh Chris she’s married.”

“I don’t give a shit.  Her old man isn’t around, she doesn’t even talk about him.  Since she showed up it’s been nothing but her and her crew.  Oh and the big guy she’s so protective of,” Chris smiled with self-satisfaction.  He wanted more information and he knew Kevin had it.  “Why is she staying at your mom’s anyway?  The word out is that she bought the bed and breakfast she should stay there.”

Kevin squared his shoulders off, “Because it wouldn’t look right for her to stay at the B and B with all those guys.  She’s married.”  Kevin’s brain was in overdrive, he was sick of the Mrs. Cooper shit.  He hadn’t even been home a full day yet and heard it so many times he was ready to puke.  Time to test the waters he thought internally.  “So you’ve asked her out?”

Chris’s face became somewhat unemotional and flat.  “Yep sure have.  I want some of that sweetness.  She has the finest ass I’ve seen in a long time.  It must be the job because that woman has a butt from hell.”  Chris grinned wickedly like he did when they were in high school and they use to swap cheerleader stories.

“I didn’t notice,” Kevin grumbled.  You little shit, that is my butt and you ain’t touchin’ it, he yelled in head at Chris. 

Chris smiled broadly at Kevin, “Well I’m wearing down.  She blew up at me yesterday.  She said she was very married and her husband was a hot head.”

“Otherwise it was a no,” Kevin beamed.  Good girl he thought to himself and I am not a hot head.

“Yes, a no again,” as Chris kicked the dirt with his work boot.

A couple of Frank’s crew joined them at the truck.  Kevin had gone to Estill with a few of them.  One of the guys Kevin could vaguely remembered.  The guy winked at Kevin quickly and then spoke.  “So Chris, Mrs. Cooper turn you down yet today,” he snickered after he spoke.

Chris groaned loudly at the teasing he had taken every day from his buddies.  He had made the mistake of telling them he was going to pursue Mrs. Cooper. 

Kevin listened to the guys expand on the assets of his wife.  Never saying a word but letting it all sink in.  Locker room talk would never change, no matter how old they were.  Someone made the comment about crawling on top of that.  “She’s so little, I wonder if the rest of her is little too,” they smirked.  “Make for a nice ride, wouldn’t it Chris.” 

Kevin was listening intently.  You will never find out buddy.  The only one on top of that woman is me.  He began planning the demise of Mrs. Cooper and the resurrection of Mrs. Richardson.  The game was going to stop come hell or high water.  The final comment smacked him back to reality.  He heard someone wondering aloud if she screams as loud as she yells.  Kevin gave them a tight- lipped smile.  I wanna so knock you out of your fucking boots for that, he bitched in his head.

“So Kev why did you let the lady can us?”  Chris was still upset that Kevin didn’t have the common decency to call them and tell them himself.  Before he could get to Kevin Mc offered them back their jobs.  Of course, they would be under his dad’s direction but Mrs. Cooper was running the job.

“I’ve had some changes in my life Chris, I wanted the job done.  I wanted it done right.  She knows her stuff.”  Kevin expelled in a not so subtle manner.

“Well you could’ve called us yourself man.  Instead you went and hired tight ass up there to do it,” as Chris spoke he raised his arm and pointed to the roof with his forefinger.

Kevin slowly turned his head and gazed towards the sky.  Jesus Christ she’s on the fucking roof, exploded in his brain.   “Get the hell off of there!” flew out of his mouth before he realized what he said.

She turned to look at him.  The sun was on her back and he had to squint to make the outline until his eyes adjusted.  Standing there in jeans and a white tank top.  She was wearing a white button down blouse knotted at the waist.

Bron came down the rungs of the ladder at a lighting pace.  The last few rungs were avoided as she slid down the outside rails of the ladder.  Kevin equated it to a kid riding a banister.

“Ya did it now Kev, you pissed her off,” Chris laughed as his crewmates joined him.  “You better go hide, “ he mumbled under his breath.

Mc was standing back watching.  This wasn’t the first time he had disagreed with how Kevin handle things but embarrassing Bron in front of her crew didn’t fly with him.  Mc had listened to Chris’s banter about Bron over the last several days.  Inside he wanted to knock the hell out of him but he knew he couldn’t.  Bron would handle it her own way, like she always did.  Work was work and this crew was no different then the others but very different from her own employees.  Chris would ask and Bron would politely turn him down.  Jake told him last night about Chris’s advance yesterday and that Bron was no longer being polite about it.  She informed him yesterday that he wouldn’t be given the opportunity for them to be alone.  By the earful that Chris had just given Kevin  her little chat from yesterday with him had done little good.  Chris was distracted beyond belief with his new boss. 

As Bron crossed the yard to the trucks Mc debated whether or not he should intercede.  Chris was still standing there and everyone else had walked away.  Mc opted for not.

“Excuse me Mr. Richardson are you speaking to me?”  Bron stood in front of Kevin as she almost imploded she was so damn mad.

“Yes I am.  What are you doing up there?”  Kevin questioned not really giving a shit whether she was going to have a temper tantrum right not or not.

Mc snickered as he watched Bron’s face turn red.  Whether it was from embarrassment or anger who knew.  Chris refused to walk away like any smart man would do.  Dumb shit, Mc laughed to himself.

“My job.  What are you doing on my job site?  I told you to call first,” Bron hissed at him.

Kevin could only recall one other time she was this mad at him and she had been mad at him plenty of times.  It was when she found the folders in his brief case.  Then, like now he could have sworn that fire and brimstone were going to rise out of the ground all around her.  “Tough shit, this is my house..” Kevin stopped as he glanced to Chris.  He was hoping the guy had enough common sense to leave them alone but alas, he didn’t.

Bron glanced at Chris as she was going to explode.  She counted to ten and tried to calm down.  “I think we need to have a talk Mr. Richardson.  This evening will be fine, dinner wouldn’t be a bad idea.”  Bron smiled figuring she may have killed two birds with one stone.  A talk with Kevin about job site etiquette in the construction industry.  She looked at Chris, he had a ghastly look on his face.  Yep, Bron said to herself, I just shot his advances right down the tubes too. 

After her tight-lipped statement she turned, went back across the yard, and right back up the ladder to the roof.  Effectively dismissing Kevin while making a dinner date with him to get Chris to leave her alone.

Chris started laughing as he stood looking at Kevin.  “I guess she told you and you’re getting dinner out of the deal too.”

By then everyone on the job site had seen it and were quietly smiling an all telling smile.  Even Kevin couldn’t mistake the intent, he had just gotten his ass chewed out.  Kevin watched her on the roof as he spoke to himself.  Okay Witch you wait till dinner, you’re gonna be sorry.

“Told ya Kev, she’s a cold hearted bitch.  She’ll cut you down right in your shoes.  Man I would love the chance to thaw her out though.”  Chris was still laughing at his own statement as his friends casually rejoined the two of them. 

One of Chris’s crew made the follow up remark of, “Ouch Kevin, did that hurt much?”

Chris cleared his throat loudly to gain people’s attention.  “Well Kev just to let you know.  I’m still trying.  I’ll wear her down little by little.  I don’t care if you’re having dinner or not.”

“Chris she’s married, give it up,” Kevin spoke venomously.  You little fucker if you only knew who she was married to you wouldn’t be so freakin’ cocky right now, he thought internally.

“Yeah well she never talks about him.  Shit, he must be some kind of phantom or something.”

“Yeah must be,” Kevin replied still as angry as before.  He glanced up to the roof and then turned and spit on the ground.

Mc saw the warning sign when Kevin had spat on the ground.  Mc walked up to the group knowing that Kevin had enough.  “Chris we’re paying you to work, not jaw with the boss.”

“Sorry Mc,” Chris left quickly heading back on the roof.  He almost tripped over boots trying to get back to work.  Mc made him nervous.  His buddies followed him post haste.

As they left, Kevin glared at Mc.  “Did you here that little prick?  He wants to screw my wife!  Not one freakin’ person on this site know she’s married to me do they?”

“No they don’t,” Mc answered warily.  “She figured it was keeping in tune with the not telling anyone deal and that it would complicate matters.  They wouldn’t respect her if they knew.  Hank and JD know but that’s it.”

“Big fucking deal,” Kevin hissed out as he watched her work three stories.  “That’s another thing, what the hell is with the three stories?  I wanted two.”

Bron watched from the roof without speaking to anyone and then headed back down to them.  Kevin and Mc together was nothing for her but trouble.  She headed directly for Kevin, she stopped in front of him and shoved her hands in her back-pockets.  “Go home now,” she expelled from deep within her chest.

“Why afraid I might interfere with your dating plans Mrs. Cooper?” Kevin asked in a mocking tone.

“Very funny Kevin.  I’ve told him no that I’m married but it must me that Kentucky mentality because he doesn’t understand no either,” Bron hissed.

“If they knew you were married to me they wouldn’t be acting or talking like that about you.”

Bron bent down to pick up a piece of paper that had blown to the ground behind her truck.  Kevin raised his eyes to see Chris and his buddies stop work and gaze at Bron’s ass.

Kevin reached down and snagged the paper from the ground.  “Stand the hell up,” he growled at her.

Bron smiled as she righted herself.  Once she was standing she smiled softly at Kevin, “That’s nothing Lurch.  Chris actually told someone yesterday that he wanted me to wrap my thighs around his eyes.”

Kevin’s eyebrows knitted together and a frown crossed his face.  “Those thighs are mine.  I’m leaving before I pound the shit out of you or one of them.”  Kevin jerked the truck door open and jumped in.  “Don’t be late for dinner.  I’ll be waiting.”  He started his truck and left a trail of dust behind him as left.

Mc didn’t utter a word but he heard her cursing to herself.  “Dinner should be fun,” he grinned.

“Yeah, a laugh a minute,” Bron groaned.

“Bron get back up there before Frank fucks up again,” Mc shook his head, as the entire job site came to halt to watch the confrontation between Kevin and Bron.

“Yeah I hear you,” Bron returned and headed back up to the roof.  She turned and looked at Mc, “Do you ever get dirty anymore?”

“Watch your step Little Girl, your guard dog just left,” Mc returned to the plans he was studying.





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