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Chapter 2

Bron watched the architecture of the city roll by the windows.  This was something that came easier to her since this was her business.  The buses rolled into a parking lot in the business district of L.A.  Kevin bounded off the bus after speaking to Carlos and Jake.

Carlos and Jake began removing baggage and personal items from the bus to the cab that was also in the parking lot.  Bron assumed this was where she was supposed to go and headed for the cab.  She sat silently and awaited Kevin’s return.

Mary approached the cab and knocked on the window.  Bron hit the button for the cab window and looked at her.  Mary shrugged not sure what to do as she glanced back to the entrance of The Firm.  “If you need me call me, okay?”

“Yeah,” Bron smiled weakly.

“We’re under orders not to bother you two but I’m worried about you,” Mary informed her with a sympathetic voice.

Bron watched Kevin exit the building and head for the cab.  “Oh Master going postal again,” Bron said sarcastically.

“Yes he is,” Mary laughed as Kevin approached the opposite side of the cab.

“See ya tonight Mare,” as he opened the door, entered the cab, and the slammed then door.  He motioned the driver to go while Mary was in mid-sentence.

“You’re so rude,” Bron snapped at him.

“And you’re a bitch,” he answered.  “But we'll take care of that in just a bit,” he spoke as he looked straight ahead.

Bron crossed her arms across her chest and mumbled, “Like hell.”

Kevin concealed his anger as he let his hand drop to her knee and drummed his fingers on it.  Bron went to jerk her leg away and it was frozen in place.  Fingers roughly pressed into her skin daring her to try it again.

The cab meandered down a winding canyon road and pulled into a private drive.  Surveying the landscape it was easy to see that it was an exclusive neighborhood nestled in the hills.  Privacy walls and shrubs seem to block the view of the homes from the street.

The cab driver unloaded the bags as Kevin went and unlocked the door.  Once the bags were unloaded and placed on the porch her cab door was opened.  “Let’s go,” he demanded as he held his hand out to help her out of the cab.  Bron threw her legs out of the cab and walked past him as she heard the cab door bang shut fiercely.  She grinned to herself in her head, “I’m not helpless.”

Bron walked up to the porch and waited for him.  Opening the door he stepped in and held it open for her, “Come on Darlin’.”  Bron followed with some hesitation and waited in the foyer as he brought the bags in the house.

Kevin piled everything in the hallway.  Luggage wasn’t on his mind right now, proving a point was.  Grabbing her by the elbow he led her around the house showing her everything.  The amenities of each room were pointed out to her.  Bron was ready to explode until she spied the phone and answering machine.  They stood in the kitchen glaring at each other.  “Thank you for the grand tour of you domicile,” she said mockingly.

“That’s it!” came booming out of him as he shoved her into one of the kitchen chairs.  “What the hell is the matter with you?” he growled at her.  Before she could answer he continued.  “What did I do to you to deserve this?  I just want some time with you alone for the first time since we’ve been together.”  Kevin stomped over to the patio door and slammed it open along with the screen.  His back was turned as he waited for her explanation.  He focused on the pool and the sunlight rippling across the water.

“So you decided to pick the home that you lived in with someone else for us to be alone for the first time together.  Thank you so much,” came from her.

Slowly he turned to face her.  Well there it was finally part of it out in the open.  He walked to her and bent down in front of her, resting both of his hands on her knees.  “I can’t go home yet, you know that.  I have to work.  Please understand,” he almost was begging her and he knew she could hear it in his voice.

“I can’t accept this, I’m sorry.  I’m too mad to talk right now.  It wouldn’t have killed you to let me go home.  It would have only been a couple of weeks.  Instead you bring me here and flaunt it in my face,” she hissed at him.

“You’re mad!” he yelled.  “You’re mad.  Well darlin’ maybe you should cool off first and then we’ll talk!”  Kevin yanked her out of the chair and picked her up.  He strode through the patio door and to the edge of the pool.  In one heave he tossed her into the pool yelling, “Cool off Witch!”

“Kevin!”  Bron screamed as the shock of her body slamming into the water terrified her at first.

Kevin watched her go under and then the guilt hit.  'I wonder if she knows how to swim.'  He watched her swim back up to the surface.  She cursed him the entire way as she made her way out of the pool. Her shirt and jeans stuck to her body. Her shoes sloshing across the patio.

Kevin laughed at her, “Ya ready to talk now?”

“Fuck you,” she spoke as she stormed past him and into the house.  She yanked the patio door shut and locked it.  She grinned at him while she did it too.  This only served to irritate him even more. 

Kevin was lost as to what to do next.  Ambling over to the patio chair he sat and stretched his legs out.  He leaned his head back and absorbed the sunshine and what had taken place in the last few minutes.  It felt good to be away from everyone else for a while, he mused.  He sat for five minutes debating on his next move.  At first he thought maybe Nick was right and he was being stubborn.  Nope I know what she needs better than anyone else as he felt for the keys in his pocket. 

He went over and unlocked the patio door.  Kevin knew she would be in the bathtub in a full-blown sulk by now.  A slow smile crawled across his face as he slipped his shoes and shirt off.  Removing his watch he placed it on the table.  As he did so the phone rang and he heard the message.  “Damn, talk about timing,” he groaned out loud.  He knew she had heard the message too.  The machine’s volume was up all the way so you could hear it through the entire house.  It was the easy way to screen calls.

Kevin walked into the bathroom and saw that she was exactly where he thought she would be.  “Get outta here, leave me alone,” she said quietly.

“Sorry,” as he reached his arms down into the water and pulled her out of her bath.

“Put me down,” she squealed as she twisted around in his arms.

“Stop it.  You’re slippery, I don’t want you to fall,” he said flatly.

“Then put me back in the tub you moron,” she vigorously squirmed in his embrace.

Kevin didn’t answer her as he dropped her in the middle of his bed.  Bron recovered but not quickly enough as he jumped on her and pinned her to the bed.  “Now we’ll talk.  I’ve waited for you to do it and you won’t, so I will.  I’m sorry that you’re upset.  But Witch, I had a life before I met and married you.  Hell you knew about it and her.”  He desperately tried to control his temper.  His life was not that much of a secret to anyone.  Taking a ragged breath trying to calm himself.  “You look at me when I’m talking to you,” he hissed as he pushed her arms away from her face that she had just placed there.

“I’ve had your entire life and family stuffed up may ass so far I can’t see straight.  I haven’t said a word about it.”

Bron bit her bottom lip to stop it from trembling as she watched his anger come out of him full force.  I knew this would happen, ambled through her head.

“I have inherited a step daughter who is out of hand, two more big bothers, as well as your anal retentive business partner.  Who, by the way, took great pleasure in beating the hell out of you.  Oh and let’s not forget about Andrew either. That was a surprise out of nowhere,” he barked in her face.

Bron watched Kevin expel his rage and closed her eyes.  The words he had thrown at her hurt.  What he said was more than true and he had taken it in stride no questions asked.  He had accepted it and even allied with her family to keep her safe and get her healthy again.

She opened her eyes to look at a set of blazing green ones.  “You’re right and I’m sorry.  It’s really hard for me Kevin.  I feel like a home-wrecker,” she said in a low voice.

“Wrong, we have been over for a long time.  It’s been off and on for years.  She’s a good person and this wasn’t easy for her either,” he verbalized the reassurance that she needed to hear.

“I feel bad, ashamed more than anything.  I don’t go through life hurting people and ruining their lives.” She whispered as he continued to listen perched on top of her.

“No you don’t, but you sure let people hurt you,” he spoke as he released his grip and moved off of her.

Bron reached over and gently stroked his cheek.  “I hope I’m sorry will suffice for now.”  Kevin nodded his acceptance of the apology.

“I’m going to go finish my bath now,” she smiled as she scooted to the edge of the bed.  She was halted in her movements by two hands on her shoulders.

“Hey, only on one condition,” he spoke somberly.

“Excuse me,” she smirked as she headed for the bathroom shaking his hands from her shoulders.

“You’re waiting for me,” he called as he began to remove the rest of his clothes on the way to the bathroom.

He was disappointed to see she had drained the tub.  Then delighted that she began to fill it again.

Bron stepped back in the tub and moved forward making room for him.  He gingerly took his spot behind her.

“Happy now Master?” she snickered.

“Working on it,” he replied as leaned forward grabbing the washcloth and soap from her hands.  Lathering up the washcloth he began to wash her back. 

Bron couldn’t recall when this little ritual had started but for some oddball reason it always happened.  Kevin had a fascination with this from the beginning.  It was the ‘I have to take care of someone’ side of Kevin.

“Ssst,” came out of her as he grazed the tender spot on her back where he had bitten her days earlier. 

“I don’t like the looks of that.  I think I’ll have someone look at it,” he grumbled as he carefully tended to the mark he had left.

“No Way!  I’m not going to explain that to anyone,” she answered tersely as she tried to pull away.

“Bron it shouldn’t still look like that,” he spoke as he continued caring for the sore spot.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have bit me jackass.  You broke the damn skin,” she admonished him.  Trying to placate his concern she voiced her second thought.  “I’ll be fine as long as you don’t have rabies or anything.”

“Bronwyn, listen to me...” as he pulled her back against his chest. 

“I’ll have Mary look at it okay,” she said, soothing his guilt and stopping his conversation.

“Okay,” he mumbled, as they both relaxed in the tub enjoying the lack of noise and people that were always around them. 

“She’s coming here tomorrow isn’t she?” she asked with trepidation.

“Yes, she needs to pick up some things.  I need to talk to her too.” was the reply she received.  Gently he stroked her arms to quell Bron misgivings at a possible meeting.

“I’ll go shopping or something so the two of you can be alone,” she spoke.

Kevin rested his chin next to her cheek and spoke softly.  “No can do darlin’.  I gave Jake a couple days off, but thank you for the offer.  Not everyone would have done that.” 

“I really don’t want to be here,” she sighed with discontent.

“I know but I want you here,” he mumbled as he tried to organize his thoughts and how to explain why he needed her here.

Bron huffed loudly, it was a loosing battle, why fight it.  Changing the subject seemed like a good idea.  “I see the for sale sign out front.  How come you’re selling this place?” she asked.

“We’re not, we rented.  The owners are selling it.”  Kevin was amazed that she had given up so quickly.

 “I see,” she commented as she closed her eyes and rested.  A hush seem to settle between the two again.  Bron actually felt like she could doze in the tub but her mind was clicking a mile a minute about tomorrow.  Her thoughts were broke in upon when Kevin spoke again.

“Come on you’re falling asleep in here.  Let’s go take a nap.”  Gently he nudged her to get out and she did.

They settled in bed and Bron waited for Kevin to make his overture to her that he wanted some attention.  He curled up next to her on his side and nestled his head in the crook of her neck. 

Bron’s mind wouldn’t calm down enough for her to sleep.  She had an idea that she could do something that would make her feel better.  She also knew that Kevin would not be pleased by her actions.  It was a problem that she needed a solution to.  However, she needed to do some investigating first.

A soft snore in her ear brought her back out of her train of thought.  She turned on her side and kissed his cheek.  “Sleep well Master,” she spoke as she slipped out of the bed.  Quietly she searched for her clothing.  Leaving the room, she shut the door not wanting to wake him.





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