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Chapter 21

“Let go of me NOW!”  Bron screeched as loud as she could. 

Kevin released he and she skidded away from him.  Throwing the hard-hat she had been wearing onto the workbench.  She turned, glaring at him; her eyes were like flashing strobes.  “Shucks, vittles…  were you watching Beverly Hillbillies this morning?”

Kevin shrugged, “Southern hospitality, ya know.” 

“You better knock it off right now.”  Bron stood a few feet away rubbing the back of her neck.

“Sorry darlin’ but if you can be someone else, then so can I,” Kevin smiled.  “Did you tell them?”

“Okay you made you’re point and no I didn’t tell them,” she said with disdain.  Bron walked over to the workbench on the far end of the wall.  Standing at the end of it, she began setting things in their proper place.  She didn’t have anything to say, it was the same argument that they had been having.

“Bron I want them to know,” he said, as he met her at the bench, standing next to her.

“No dammit, you don’t understand,” Bron scowled at him.

Kevin gave her a push and backed her into the corner between he workbench and the barn wall.  “Why?” he barked at her. 

 Raising her face, she squared off her jaw, “I told you why!  Besides we agreed we weren’t going to tell anyone.”

“I changed my mind,” he frowned.

“I’m not, forget it.”

Kevin stood in front of her, drawing a slow breath in he bent slightly at the hips.  He now understood that there were disadvantages to being married to his short little Witch, a backache.  Raising his large hand in front of her face, he wagged his forefinger at her.  “I told you I don’t like what I’m hearing…  that asshole just told ME to back off, he’s working on you.”

Bron rolled her eyes at his dramatics; he needs a SAG card, she grinned as she thought about it.  “Kevin let it go.  I hear that shit all the time.  Honestly, it’s not a big deal.”  Frustration was mounting; he just wouldn’t deal with this and let it go.  What is his problem, she internalized.

As he took two steps towards her, Bron flattened herself up against the wall, as he thought she would.  With his arm bent at the elbow he leaned on the wall of the barn, sliding closer to her.  Effectively narrowing the space between them.  Circling her waist with one arm, he dropped his head slightly and scooted her more or less underneath him, no longer next to him.  His other arm bent and directly above her head as he leaned in even more.  “Witch we need to talk some more about this,” he spoke in an unwavering tone.

The warning bells went off in Bron’s head.  “No, no we don’t,” she stuttered as he pressed his body into hers.  She could feel the hard, rough, barn wood against her back.  She had nowhere to go.  Inhaling deeply she recognized this was a mistake.

Tilting his head a slow smile began to form.  His free hand dropped and began to dance over her body.  “You sure…” he whispered as he kissed her temple softly.  “I think…” a kiss on the cheek.  “We should…” a kiss on the neck and a nuzzle to go with it. 

Bron could feel the rough texture of his facial hair rubbing on her neck as he went to his spot.  Still talking to her she heard him say, “talk some more…” lightly he ran his tongue over that special patch of skin.  Bron began to push and shove him off her.  Her senses were wired and she almost lost control.

“Stop it Bron,” he warned as he grabbed her head with two huge hands.  Tipping his head down he kissed her lips.  Holding her head so she couldn’t turn away even though she was trying to.  His kiss now turned deep, hungry, and complete, not missing one part of her mouth.  He sucked on her tongue and nipped at her lips.  Her skin was becoming damp, from the heat that he had created.  The desire and the lust bubbling slowly.  Watching the front of her shirt he cold see her nipples harden through the fabric of both shirts.

Bron was gyrating between giving in and enjoying the vibrations coursing through her body or fighting him.  He was going to pull another power play because he wasn’t getting his own way.  So I’ll enjoy it and still tell him no, she chuckled to herself.

Kevin could see the inner struggle.  A dialogue began in his head, yes, it’s underhanded, it’s sneaky, but if I get my way, the end would justify the means.  A garbled no came from her as she tried to twist away from him.  I’m winning he chuckled to himself.  Taking her hands from his chest, where she had planted them, he placed them at her sides.  Leaning in, he bore his full weight onto her.  “So now we can talk.  You will tell them today or I’ll tell them tonight when we go to Scout’s to pay Frank.”

Bron shook her head no.  If she were to speak, it would be a dead give way to him.  She didn’t have the ability to form a coherent sentence anyway.

Smiling wickedly at her, “Yes Witch, it’s time to stop pretending because I already know how you’re feeling right now.  Right darlin’?”   

She slowly closed her eyes, not wanting him to see the effect he had on her.

“I know Bron, I’ve always known,” he whispered in her ear, in a deep, breathy timbre.

Bron’s knees started to buckle from underneath her.  Slowly he licked the side of her neck.  Kevin brought his left hand to her stomach.  Rubbing and stroking her in a long succession of strokes, not to high, not to low.  His hand lowered to the juncture of her thighs and he cupped her gently.  A strangled moan escaped from deep within her as he squeezed.  “If you don’t tell them and I have to, your boss will be sleeping on the couch and your husband will be a phantom.”

Anger chewed at her.  She shoved him away from her, only because he let her.

Grinning wildly at her.  “Sorry I didn’t pack you any panties in your lunch,” he laughed loudly as he strolled out the door.

“I HATE YOU!”  She screamed at his back.  “Don’t do it Bron, you don’t need him.  Let him sleep on the couch.”  Standing by the workbench trying to straighten out her emotions and struggling to regain her footing back on terra firma.

Grabbing the hard hat, Bron flew out of the barn.  Seeing people milling about she stopped.  Glancing at her truck, she could see Kevin sitting in his, waiting and watching to see what she was going to do. 

“ERRRRR!” she shrieked when she looked at him, then she hurled the hard hat at the barn. 

Kevin laughed and winked at Mc, as he turned the engine over, “Have a nice afternoon.”  Slowly he backed his truck up then pulled away

Mc couldn’t decide he if wanted to laugh or cry, “You son of a bitch, you did it again.”  Mc was still cursing when Bron met him at the truck.  She dived into his cooler grabbing for a cold can of anything.  She came up with a water bottle.

Mc looked at her, her face was slightly pink.  The sheen on her skin was a dead give away, not to mention the amount of ice water she was gulping.

Frowning she looked at him, “I suggest you not say one word right now.”

Mc gave a snort, “Nah, Kevin can do the talking for both us.”

Mc was gasping for air as the ice cold water trickled off his face. 

Bron took off in run, not wanting to deal with anyone.  She ran upstairs to their bedroom, slamming the door she locked it.  She waited for the knock that didn’t come while she worked in the room.  After a few hours it hit her out of the blue, the bank was coming.  She had been so self-absorbed over the room and Kevin’s request or demand as it was that she had forgotten. 

Bolting from the room, she found Greenlee, the banker, with Mc downstairs.  “I’m sorry Mr. Greenlee, I was working.”

Mr. Greenlee shoved his hand towards her, “Nice to meet you Mrs. Cooper.”

“It’s a pleasure also,” she replied, shaking his hand firmly.

“I didn’t think you could manage this project long distance, I’m glad to see you are on the site.”  Smiling he glanced around the kitchen.  “This house is going to be something special, state of the art.”

Bron was actually impressed that the man had noticed.  Generally, the bank walked around with clipboard in hand making notes of items that they didn’t approve of.  “That is Mr. Richardson’s intention.”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the check.  Handing it to her, he nodded, “An inspection isn’t necessary.  I know by our past conversations that you have done everything we requested.”

Bron was so excited she almost jumped at the check as she wrapped her fingers around it.  “I gave you my word Mr. Greenlee.”

Chris walked into the room and slowly backed out of it.  Meeting Greenlee was always tough, things had to be perfect.  Hearing the exchange, he knew that Mrs. Cooper had the man eating out of the palm of her hand. 

Bron watched for a split second and then made her announcement, “This is the first draw Mr. Greenlee, it will be the last.”

The man’s eyebrows went up in shock, “Excuse me?”

“I’ve decided to finance this project myself, you’re interest is to high.” 

Mc observed the evil little grin on her face.  Man, she can pull herself together quickly, he mused.

“I don’t understand, I thought we had an agreement,” the banker stuttered.

“We do.  The loan will be paid in two weeks, you are holding this project up.  I want it done, Mr. Richardson wants to move in.”

Mc held back the roar of laughter in his head.  Kevin wants to move in, who are you kidding?  You can’t sign the checks as Mrs. Cooper anymore, legally anyway.  Mc was having a field day in his head with this latest development.  Every time Kevin thought he had her boxed in she would find a way out.

“I’m going to finance this project myself.  In the future I will deal with you if you still want too.”  Bron had that little Cheshire grin.

“Of course, Mrs. Cooper.  We are always willing to do business with a company of your caliber.”

Mc waited for the victory dance but Greenlee hadn’t left yet.

“I see you’ve finally done your research,” Bron spoke with sarcasm.

Mr. Greenlee coughed loudly as if he had something caught in his throat.  “Yes we have,” he choked out.

“Good, I’ll see you in two weeks,” she shook his hand and waltzed out of the room.

“Nice to see you again, Mr. Greenlee,” Mc smirked.

Greenlee stood their studying the spot where she had been standing.  “Why do I think I was just dismissed?”

Mc laughed and slapped the man on the back, “You were, but we’ll be calling.  Mrs. Cooper has a personal interest in this project.”

“MC!” chimed through the lower floor of the house in Bron’s voice.  He knew she wouldn’t go out of ear shot.

“We’ll call,” Mc chuckled as he led the man to the door.

Chris stayed in the back room listening.  So she had a personal interest, I wonder what that is.  Damn Kevin!  I guess we’ll find out tonight at Scout’s.  Financing his house, bullshit.  He’s the one nailing her that’s why she got the job.  Figures, sleep with the boss and get a fucking job too.

Fifteen minutes later it was quitting time.  Bron’s crew was fired up, it was pay day and they were all going out to party at Scout’s

Mc found Bron and walked her to her truck, chatting with her on the way.  “Cute stunt, but it won’t work.  You’ll have to sign the check anyway.”

“Will not, he has all of our money mixed up anyway, he can pay them himself.”  Bron smirked.

“Better check it out Little Girl, I recall something about two signers on the check over a certain amount.”  Mc ran his tongue across his top lip.

“He wouldn’t dare,” Bron snarled. 

“See you at Scout’s,” he grinned.

“I’m not going.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” Bron snorted.  No way, I’m not going so he can make an ass out of me.

“We’ll see,” Mc snickered.

Bron jammed the truck in gear and spun her tires as she left.  Jake had already been sitting in the truck waiting for her.  “Wanna talk,” he asked on the ride back to the house.

“No, when’s Stevie coming back?”

“Soon I hope,” Jake sighed.  “You give me a headache.”

Bron smiled at the remark, Jake was always trying to tease her out of her miserable moods.  Heading home to fight with Kevin again was not going to be a walk in the park and she knew it.






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