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Chapter 23

Grinning he dropped her hand as they walked in.  Walking into to the bar she had a new attitude, she smiled and waved at her people.  Bron walked up to Frank first with Kevin beside her.  “I need to speak to you for a moment.”

Frank shrugged and went to a table in the back.  Bron held her hand out to Kevin and he placed the check in her hand.  Grabbing a pen from her purse, she signed the check with her legal name.  Sliding it across the table, “Note the signature on that.  Stop giving me a hard time, my husband doesn’t like it when I come home bitchy.”

In a split second she had gone to the bar, leaving Frank staring at the check.  “Shit,” Frank laughed.

Kevin was joyful and happy, “I’ll assume you will have a chat with Chris?”

Shaking his head and still laughing, “I think that would be a good idea.” 

They both watched Bron strike up a conversation with the barmaid.  Bron was clueless as to who it was.  He wouldn’t tell her that she was talking to her next door neighbor until he could see that she was in as good a mood as he thought she was.  The incident at the house before they came seemed to shake him more than her.

Bron came back with Chris hot on her tail.  Glancing back behind her, she saw Mc, J.D., Hank, and Jake watching him.  Being in a devilish mood served her purpose tonight.  She quickly dropped herself in Kevin’s lap when he turned his chair out from under the table.

“Want a drink handsome?” she smiled.

“You’re gonna be bad aren’t you,” Kevin chuckled.

“Not real bad,” she winked at him.

“Okay, just save some for me,” he winked as he bounced the knee that she was sitting on. 

Smirking at him, she licked her lips, “I will Master.”

Chris stood there with a look of confusion and disgust on his face.  Watching Mrs. Cooper fawn over Kevin.  “Shoot pool?”

“Oh I don’t know how.”  Bron snickered as she watched Jake and Mc laughing in the corner.

“Come on I’ll show you,” Chris grabbed her hand and hauled her out of Kevin’s lap.

Frank reacted first, “Chris, I need you for a minute.”

“Later dad,” as Chris escorted Bron to the back room for a lesson in pool. 

Jake fell in step behind them and Kevin nodded no.  Mc then followed and there wasn’t much he could do about that.

Kevin leaned back in the chair and tried to peer into the back room.  Frank was leaning towards Kevin to try and catch a glimpse too.

“Well Kevin, if that poolroom is so interesting why don’t you go back there.” 

Kevin winked and smiled, “She’s on her own Janey.”

“The elusive Mrs. Richardson has appeared,” Janey stated more than asked.

Frank was the one laughing,  “Were we the only ones in the dark?”

Kevin caught sight of Bron leaning over the pool table cue in hand.  She stretched over the table and sunk the ball.  She then proceeded to sink four more after that. 

Mc stood back and watched occasionally making eye contact with Kevin.  This was bugging Mc more than it was Kevin.  Mc walked out and began speaking to Jake, leaving the two of them alone.

A yelp pierced the air and Bron came flying out of the backroom.  She ran to stand behind Kevin.  As she did, Chris limped out from the back room.  Jake and Mc stepped out, providing a barricade to avoid him reaching her.

Kevin glanced to Chris holding his thigh and then back to Bron who was actually smirking.  “I told him no,” she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms around Kevin’s neck.

Pulling her arms away, Kevin stood up and swaggered towards Chris.  Mc and Jake parted letting him pass. 

Kevin placed his thumb and forefinger on the bridge of his nose, he splayed his fingers and wiped his eyes.  “Chris did you grab my wife?”

Chris didn’t hear that, no way, not that, “Wife?  Wife, that’s your wife?” 

Frank came to Chris’s rescue and met the two of them in the middle of the bar.  “Now Kevin he didn’t know.”

“She’s told him no before Frank,” Kevin’s tone was rising with his temper.

Chris was now upset Kevin was his friend.  He wasn’t as close as Keith was to him but they were still friends.  “Kev, I’m sorry really, if I had known, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“Well now you know,” Kevin narrowed his eyes at Chris and poked him in the chest with his forefinger.  “Don’t do it again, I have to put up with this shit from Nick and Stevie and I’m not puttin’ up with it from you.”

An ice pack appeared between them being held by a tiny hand.  Kevin grabbed it and handed to Chris, “Here, you need this, I know how bad it hurts, she did it to me.”

“I told you no too, lot a good it did me,” Bron giggled.

Kevin whirled around to see Pete standing behind Bron.  “Can you lock her up for a couple of days till I get back?”  Bron’s mouth fell open in slow motion Kevin was extremely amused.  “EXCUSE ME?”

“Hi Mrs. Cooper or are we Mrs. Richardson today?”  Pete snickered.

Bron was embarrassed; she covered her mouth as she closed it.  “I’m really sorry about that.”

“Not a problem, but since we’re going to be neighbors could you please stop hurting the hometown folk.”  Pete swayed to the side to see Chris holding an ice pack to his leg. 

Janey had now joined her brother in order to get a proper introduction to the new Mrs. Richardson and her new neighbor.  She stuck her hand out for Bron to take.  “I’m Janey, Pete’s sister, I’ll be living next door to you.”

Bron grabbed the hand that was offered to her, “It’s nice to meet you.”

The two of them wandered away leaving the men standing there.  Kevin waited and then turned back to Chris and Frank.  “You do not tell a soul, we signed an agreement that you do not speak to anyone about my personal life.  I brought her here so that she could tell you and she could have a place to go when I’m not home.”

Chris and Frank nodded an affirmation.  Pete slapped Kevin on the back, “I’m off duty and I here you’re footing the tab tonight.”

“I am?”  Kevin questioned.

“Janey said Mrs. Richardson is running a tab.”  Pete figured Kevin didn’t know about it by the amount of beer that was being drank at the bar.  They walked out of the back room and both crews were there, which amounted to about thirty people.

“Aww man,” Kevin groaned, as he saw the gathering.

An hour or so later Bron made her way to him from the other side of the room.  “Guess what, Janey has a son, Bounce’s age.”

“I know, I thought they could play together.”  Kevin watched Bron and then took a sip of her drink.  Licking his lip, he bent down to her ear, “Heavy stuff their Witch, you need to watch that pop it’ll get to you.”

Bron wrinkled her nose up at him.  “I’m staying sober, I though maybe we could go home early and we can play.  You’re leaving tomorrow.  You didn’t even get to see the house.” 

Kevin could feel her hand diving into his back pocket, copping a feel.  Touchy feely was not usually her game unless she was desperate.  “Ya did, did ya?”

“Yes Master,” she giggled.

Kevin grabbed the glass and set it on the nearest table.  “Find a ride home Jake,” he announced as he waltzed Bron out the door.

Chris and Frank were sitting an awe trying to let everything that happened sink in.  “I can’t believe he’s married to her.”  Chris winced as he adjusted the ice pack.

“Chris she’d kill you,” Jake laughed as he and Mc walked out the door. 





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