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Chapter 24

Kevin opened the door letting them both in.  Bron headed for the kitchen to check her voice mail.  She wanted to make sure not a soul had any advance plans of calling off tomorrow from work.  By the size of the beer fest going on at Scout’s she assumed a couple of them would.  One of the reasons she ran the tab was for guilt.  How can you call off work when your boss paid for the party?

“Kev,” she turned when he didn’t answer.  Shrugging her shoulders, she checked the lock on the door and headed upstairs.  On her way up, she thought about what she had told Ann earlier.  Yes, she was going to talk her, after Kevin left.

Bron entered the bedroom to see the lights burning brightly on overhead fixture and the one on the nightstand glowing.  Kevin was sitting on the bed wearing nothing but an ardent stare and a sheet, which had meticulously been draped over his hips.  His legs hanging over the side of the bed, Bron shook her head.  “Master, ya want something from me?”

With a very pronounced nod, “Yep, your full attention.”

“I think you got it.”

Reaching to turn the light off, she heard him tell her to leave it on.  Her hand still in mid-air she stopped and looked at him questioningly.

“I want it on,” he answered her.

“Okay...,” Bron swayed away from the switch.  Approaching the dresser, she placed her hands on the pulls of the top drawer. 

“Bron c’mere.”

“In a minute....” as she slid the drawer open.

“No, now.”

Bron bent her head slightly to see him looking intently at her. 

Holding his hand out to her, he waved his fingers in his direction.  Bron hesitantly reached for the tips of his fingers.  Kevin pulled at her hand drawing her to him.  As she came to him, he turned her about so that her back was to him.  She stood between his legs with her back to him.  Grabbing for her waist he pushed down to sit on the edge of the bed.  His arms went around her body and he squeezed as his forehead rested between her shoulder blades.  “I love you, my present, my wife, my Witch.”

“Kevin,” came with a sigh.  Bron was getting a little tired of that line.

“Hush.”  Placing his hands on her shoulders he began to knead the muscles into submission.  He heard an audible sigh as her head slumped forward.  “How’s your headache?”

Trying to pull her head back up, “Gone…  How did you…”  

“Jake told me,” he answered before her suspicions were aroused.

Pulling her back to him, she sighed contentedly.  Reaching for the buttons on the front of her sweater, her hands were stilled by his as they enveloped them.  Moving her hands, he placed them on her knees and held them their of a few seconds.  His hands moved away, towards her face, he gently ran the back of his hand down her cheek.  Trailing his fingers across her collarbone. 

Kevin was well past the basic need of a man to be with a woman he wanted to satisfy her, completely.  Tomorrow he was leaving yet again; she would be alone.  Making sure she didn’t forget who he was or what she meant to him was the second most important thing to him.  His mind was unsettled over her going home, but he had taken measures to make sure someone was going with her even if she didn’t want them.

Resting his chin on her shoulder, he gazed down at the sight in front of him.  Sighing deeply he brought his hands to rest on the top button.  Slowly and deftly, he unhitched each one.  Sliding the sweater off of her arms, one at time.  Bringing his head back down he again gazed at the sight under his nose.  Two orbs, encased in lace, begging for his attention.  Backing up he slightly undid the clasp from the garment that was obstructing his view, tossing it to the floor.

“Kevin…” she raised her hands to touch him and once more they were placed back on her knees.

“Shhh.”  Glancing down to her hands, they were trembling on her knees.  Resting his face next to her neck, he rubbed against her.  Pushing his body up too her and pulling her back succeeded in generating the feeling he was looking for.  Skin to skin, her back to his chest, nothing in between. 

Bron could feel him rubbing his chest back and forth over her back.  A ripple of emotion tingled up her body. 

Idly his fingers played up and down her sides.  Involuntarily she shuddered and moved against his hands.  Tracing the soft, sensitive, flesh under her breast, he watched the nipple peak slightly.  Scraping his thumbnail over the tip caused an immediate reaction, a full-blown salute.  Inhaling sharply he leaned on to her for support.  “I told you the other night that you smelled good and felt good.  Now I want to taste.” 

Bron was dizzy with desire; Kevin could drive her need for him higher and higher each time.  He manipulated her down the road of passion and would leave her panting for more.  Forcing her, she stood as he undid the closure on her jeans.  Her clothes were gone as she was guided on to the bed. 

Lying back on the pillows, she gave him a coy smile.  Slowly she tried to raise herself to a sitting position only to have him shove her back down.  “Kevin, come on,” she whispered in voicing her disapproval.

A smirk played over his face quickly and he felt a flutter in his belly.  Bron wanted him and she wanted it now.  Smiling he ignored her protests at grabbing at him as he rubbed her calf.  Yanking on her leg caused her to slide down on the bed.  Lifting her foot slightly he moved it to the outside of his legs, as he kneeled in front of her.  Repeating the same maneuver with her other leg before she could utter a word of disagreement.  His eyes swept from her face, which showed embarrassment, mixed with shyness at her present position. 

“Wider baby,” Tugging her down again, while forcing her legs apart.  Indignation and anger swept over her and her limbs became rigid in his hands. 

Lowering his head, he kissed up the inside of her thigh.  From the corner of his eye, he watched her wayward hands, waiting for her to take a swipe at him.  “The light Kevin?”

“It’s stayin’ on darlin’.”  Ignoring her, he lightly fingered the soft down triangle, “I want to see what I’ll be missing.”  She twisted in vain away from him as he leaned on one of her legs, his right hand holding her other away from her body as he waited for her to settle and understand it was not in her control to do otherwise. 

Wrapping his arms around her thighs to keep them parted.  “Relax Bron, let it go.”  Dipping his head, he spread her folds, darting his tongue in and out quickly.  She pressed her bottom into the mattress trying to escape him.  Kevin chuckled slightly as he cupped her rear and brought him back to him.  Nuzzling her womanhood, he inhaled deeply and committed the scent to memory. 

Using his tongue, he found her entrance again and forced himself inside.  This time he stayed, swirling his tongue in a circular fashion.  Feeling and tasting ever inch that he could.  Bron’s legs began to tremble when he pulled away and began to use his fingers deep inside of her.  Twisting and turning he stretched the silky-smooth walls. 

Bron’s hands were fisted at her head as he momentarily gazed at her.  Snatching the pillow from under her head, he observed her covering her face with it. 

Rhythmically his fingers moved in and out of her when he lowered his head again.  Her hips pushing into his face, pushing against him, wanting more.  Probing with his tongue, he searched and found the small erotic bud.  Sucking greedily, nursing almost, was causing her to spiral rapidly.  A final nip of his teeth elicited a scream into the pillow as she thrashed underneath him.  Not a second passed before he was up on his hands, bracing himself and pumping his hardened member in and out of her.

Knocking the pillow from her, he lowered his face to hers.  Going nose to nose with her, he whispered.  “Open your eyes darlin’, I wanna see you.”

“Kevin…” came as her breath hitched in her throat followed by a leg straightening, toe bending orgasm.  Returning her a smile, he watched as she crossed the threshold.  His back arched as he drove into her one final time to join her.

A raspy groan escaped him as he lay down on top of her.  Too exhausted to move, his lips searched for additional comfort on his spot.  Soft nibbles, kisses, and tender strokes were exchanged as the sweat evaporated from their bodies and their ardor cooled.

Silently he protested as she fought to free herself from his weight.  Sliding out of bed, she went and turned the light off.  Climbing back in he waited for a response.  Sidling up to him, she whispered to him as she twirled a stray lock of his hair, “Want your spot back?”

As he mounted her again, he brushed the hair from her face, “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”  Concerned that he may have hurt her or frightened her was gnawing at him.  Having his teeth set to her was something new to her. 

A small smile formed on her face as her cheeks pinked, “Like I would’ve noticed.”

“I love you Witch,” he snickered as the dance began again.  In his minds-eye he understood that they were worlds apart on some things.  This being one of them, but then they had a lifetime to share and explore together.  

Bron studied the worried expression on his face when he first asked her.  With her simple reply he was put at ease.  Closing her eyes, she began to enjoy the warm hum in her body.  Analyzing the why and what could wait until tomorrow.

During the night they dozed on and off.  Waking each other when they felt the need to be closer together.  As the night drifted on Bron began to analyze.  Finally giving in she rolled to face him and could see that he had already fallen off.  She began speaking to him while he rested.  “Sometimes Kevin you really scare me.  I don’t know why but you do.  You take without taking, I don’t quite understand all of this yet but I will.  I know tonight was for me but it served you as well.”

Closing her eyes, her hand rested on his chest.  His hand came to rest on hers.  She shifted one of her legs to rest on one of his in her sleep.  “Yes it did Darlin’, yes it did,” as his eyes opened wide and fingered the ring that rested on her left hand.  The one he had placed there.  Slowly his eyes fluttered closed. 





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