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Chapter 25

Kevin had been awake when he heard a small groan come from the woman lying next to him.  Slowly he felt her slide over his midriff and reach for the alarm clock.  Slamming her hand down on it only succeeded on knocking the offending object to the floor.  A louder moan came as she pushed herself across him and turned the clock off as it rested on the floor.  Her hands dangling over the bed, she debated whether to cry or go back to sleep. 

Kevin shifted under her and his hand was now resting on her backside.  “Are you going to move?”

Bron folded her arms and rested her forehead on them, “I can’t.”  She could feel him laughing, his body moving underneath her even though it wasn’t audible.  His hand now moving up and down her back.  “Stop laughing at me, I’m an old woman.”

He tucked one free arm under his head and laughed loudly.  “No darlin’ age is a state mind.  See this is how a husband and wife should wake up every morning.”

“What sore?”

Kevin now moved from stifling giggled to a hearty laugh.  “No, You’re wife naked, laying on top of you sunnyside up,” patting her ass for effect.

“I hope you say that when you join my decade later this year.  As for the second comment, you can kiss my ass.”

Drawing his knees up ended up turning her in his lap facing him.  Giving her puppy dog eyes, “I will if you want me too.” 

Bron looked at him, she wasn’t mad at him, she was just tired.  When he gave her an evil grin and then clacked his teeth together she frowned at him.  “You didn’t play nice.”

“Yes I did and we’re going to play a whole bunch more when we get in our own place.”  He pulled the sheet up to the back of her neck, after she shivered.

“We need to come to an understanding on these little games of yours.”

Pulling her up into his arms, he cradled her.  “What games?”

“Coming home and leaving.  The ‘I’m going to have sex no matter what my wife says’ games.”

“Oh that,” he smirked.

Bron yawned and Kevin looked at her.  “You look tired, why don’t you go in late.”  His hand softly fluttered down her cheek.  She did look tired but inside he felt it was more than a hot night of sex that was wearing on her.  It was the stress too.

“I can’t, they partied last night.  If I don’t go I’ll be in the deep shit.  Besides I’m leaving tonight to go home and get my stuff.”

She watched his nose wrinkle up in distaste.  Sighing loudly, she looked at him as a little frown began to form.  “I don’t know what you are worried about.  Knowing you and the rest of them my stuff is most likely already loaded on a moving van.  Right?”

Closing his eyes and then opening one, “I thought it would be easier.”

“Ummm… Is there anything else that you have done for me that you think I should know about?”

Biting his bottom lip, he debated whether to tell her or not.  Nope, it was her decision, if she wanted to do it she could.  “Not that I can think of…”


“What?”  he nuzzled her neck.

The bedroom door flew open.  Andrew quickly shut it except for a small crack to speak through.  Silently he was embarrassed and flustered at catching his mother and Kevin in this position.  “Sorry, ah… um… Mom?”

“Yes Andrew I’m going to work,” Bron rolled her eyes at Kevin, who was grinning like a fool.

“Are we going home tonight?” was whispered through the crack of the door.

“Yes,” Bron was trying get Kevin not to laugh as she covered his mouth with both of her hands.  Kevin was tickled-pink that his wife was about as mortified as he had ever seen her.

Bron whispered in Kevin’s ear.  He smiled and leaned down to kiss her.  “Andrew don’t forget your things.”

“I won’t,” he laughed from the door.  “Please leave my mommy in a good mood,” he snickered.


Kevin burst aloud laughing, “Would you settle for exhausted?”  An elbow planted in his side ceased his laughter. 

Bron swung off the bed draped in a sheet.  Yanking the door open she glared at Andrew, “Keep it up and you’re in for a long day!”  She walked by him as dignified as possible and into the bathroom.

“Gee thanks, Kev,” Andrew frowned.

“Relax, her feathers are ruffled right now, she’ll chill.”  Swinging his feet to the floor, he stood up and slid his boxers on.

Andrew stood there, not quite sure what to do or say.  “She’s right, you are arrogant.”

“Andrew it’s too early to go over this right now.  What goes on between your mother and I is none of your business.”  Kevin pulled on a pair of sweats.  “Besides she’s still under the impression you’re a virgin.  I’ll keep your little secret as long as you learn to stay out of my space,” Kevin snickered.

“Thank God for that and Aye-Aye Captain!”  Andrew saluted him and left Kevin’s sight.

Kevin was laughing to himself in the room.  There was only one person who would have taught Andrew that trick, Nick. 

It was hard for Kevin to put the pieces of the puzzle together that made up his wife.  Shaking his head, just the thought of an eighteen-year-old male virgin amused the hell out of him, as he ambled to the kitchen.

Bron slowly showered and dressed.  Entering the kitchen, she found the rest of the family up and eating.  Looking at the food, she felt the instinctive urge that she wanted to heave.  Shaking her head, she poured her coffee and sat down.

“Since we’re all here, we need to have a family meeting.”  Bron spoke as she yawned.  Anne started to leave until Bron called her back saying she was family.  “I have some business to take care of at home.  Andrew you are now project manager until I get back.” 

Andrew’s fork slipped from his hand and clattered to the plate.  “Anne is going to supervise one small child if she has the time, otherwise Jake will.”

“Wait just one minute…”  Kevin stared at her.

“Shut up,” Bron ignored him.

This was not what he had planned, nope, not gonna happen.  “No, you wait a minute…”

“Kevin, Stevie is already there, so just calm down.”

Kevin’s lips tighten and the loosened.

Bron watched gauging by the reaction he wasn’t completely satisfied.  “Too bad, deal with it,” she snapped at him.  “I’m only going to New York for two days.”

Kevin’s eyebrows furrowed together as he lifted his cup, hiding his grin.  “We need to talk about this…”

Bron flashed a smile, “No we don’t.”  Setting her cup in the sink before he even had the opportunity to move, she headed for the front door. 

Kevin got as far as the doorway to the kitchen when she opened the front door.  She turned and smiled, “Have a safe trip Master.  Call me when you get there.”

Cocking his head sideways he looked at her, “I will SLAVE.”

Two “OH-s,” and a “Kevin,” were heard from behind him.  Andrew passed by Kevin muttering, “You do live dangerously.”  Jake followed post haste, snickering along the way.

“Excuse me dear,” Anne casually walked upstairs.

Bron turned, crossed her arms, and stood there.

“Problem?” he grinned.

“Oh yeah, there’s a problem.”  She walked towards him at a steady, no-nonsense pace.  “You certainly know how to clear a room, don’t ya honey?”

“I just want to talk to you for a minute, I’m sorry.”  Kevin set a forearm on each of her shoulders and leaned down to her face.  He could see determination, defiance, and a little anger stirred in too.  “I just want you to be safe.”  Lacing his fingers together behind her head.

“I will,” she nodded as she reached up and caressed his cheek.  Fingering a lock of hair by his ear she smiled at him. 

“I like it when you smile like that,” he said softly.

“That’s good,” her hand latched onto the unarranged ponytail and she yanked as hard as she could.  “Don’t ever call me that again!”

A strangled yelp came from him when his head was bent side ways and he was glaring at her.  He couldn’t move, if he did he would loose more than a few strands.  “Let go of my HAIR!”

“I don’t think so, I kinda like the idea of you begging.  Long hair is very, very handy,”  Bron gave him a sweet, sugary, sappy smile.

“Witch, I’m gonna count to three.  You better let go or I’m gonna smack you so hard your teeth will rattle until I come home.”  Kevin was beyond controlling anything at this point. 

Bron promptly let go and stood there, waiting.  She watched him swing his head up and then the other way loosening the muscles that had grown taut very quickly.  “Now if you are done insulting me, I have good news for you.”

“What?” he grumbled as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“You’ll be in your own house when you come back from Mexico City.  Completely finished of course.”

She watched his eyes dance with excitement.  Bron wasn’t prepared for what came next as he picked her up and spun her around in his arms.  It was bad enough that she hadn’t eaten and only had one cup of coffee.  Now he was using her for a human top.  “Kevin put me down!”

Setting her back down he was giddy inside and out, “Are you sure?”

“But all the painting and papering?”  Kevin prompted.

“Will be done,” she replied.  She could see that the never-ending mental checklist would start if she didn’t nip it in the bud.  “Thank you for not going in the house while you were home.  I know that must have been hard for you.  It is your house.  I’ll pick you up at the airport and we will go home together, if you want too.”

“I do,” his lips crashed into hers.  A tender kiss gave way to sucking and nipping, tongues gliding over and around each other.  The heat was building between both of them.

Finally gasping for air she pushed on his chest.  Filling her lungs with air, she backed her head up.  “Ah, thanks but please we both have to leave,” she squeaked.

Grabbing the back of her neck, he pulled her to him.  “I can’t wait to come home again... and be home with my wife.”  The kiss would have continued if it hadn’t been for the horn beep coming from the driveway.

She looked at him somberly, “I’ll be careful.  I don’t want you to worry about me.  I have plenty of people around me that take care of me.  I know that you and Mc don’t believe Solarez but then neither do I.”  She watched him tense up like a bow holding a quiver.  “Kevin, what Lenny did to me was wrong no matter what.  But I can’t look into the future and see if Solarez is going to come after me after I....”

“Bronwyn can’t this wait until I get home…”  Kevin became increasing upset.  How everything played out last time she confronted this problem was screaming at him and telling him to stop her.

“Kevin,” his mother called him from the stairs.

“I gotta go,” she kissed his cheek and flew out the door.

“Damn Mom!”  Kevin pounded up the stairs.

Anne didn’t say a word as he stormed off in a huff.  “Typical Kevin,” she muttered.  He can’t control what was going on and he couldn’t be there, so now he going to try and change the way things go so that he could.  “I’m sorry son,” she whispered as she let herself out the door.  “She needs to do this on her own.”





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