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Chapter 27

Bron walked into Anne’s house and it was like walking into a funeral parlor.  She looked around, definitely an eclectic mix of people, all watching her.  Standing at the door, she shifted in her boots, she looked at Anne and then dropped her head.  “I did it, but I don’t think it’s going to help, it’s going to make matters worse.”

Bron bolted up the stairs two at time.  She was ashamed about what had happened and ashamed that she didn’t have the courage to handle it properly to begin with.  Yes, she had gone to a clinic but that was just make sure she didn’t get any type of sexually transmitted diseases.  When she was there, she never said a word about why she thought she may have ‘caught’ something. 

Going into Bounce’s room, she found her sound asleep in the big old iron bed.  She curled up next to her, falling asleep with her was the only source of comfort she could think of. 

After a few hours of decent rest she heard, “Mommy you have to get up, I have to go to school.”

“No school today Bounce.  If Andy did what I asked then we might be able to move some stuff into our new house.”

The bed started to do a gentle, slow roll, and then went into feverish up and down motion.  That didn’t bother Bron as much as the screeching, she had another headache.  The bedroom door slammed open and three men and one woman stood on the outside.  Only faces were visible since the size of the bodies out matched the doorway.

“Dammit Bounce!”  Mc was the first one to yell and then walk away.

Bron laughed, “It’s so nice to be loved.”  Bron looked at Andrew and Anne they were completely dressed for day.  “Been up awhile have you?” she asked as she dragged the squawking child onto her lap.

“Yes dear, breakfast is ready.  Why don’t you take a hot shower and then come downstairs.”  Anne smiled blissfully then closed the door.

Andrew waited in the hallway for her to come out.  “Did you make me proud son?” she questioned.  She had left him in charge of her pet project and he made sure everything was done according to her requests, and then some.

By the excitement that was coming off him he had, “Yes.”

Kissing his cheek, she smiled, “I knew you would.  Take Kaylin downstairs, I want to take a shower.”


“I’m fine Andrew, just a little sick to my stomach and I have a headache.”  She went into Kevin’s room and shut the door.  She began to push the entire episode to the back of her mind.  Kevin would be home in two days.  The painting wouldn’t be completely finished but she needed to sleep in her own bed tonight.  All of Kevin’s things had to be moved in, as well as her own.  It would be a long two days but if they all worked together they could accomplish it.  Her things were not even due to arrive until tomorrow.

Easing her mind she headed for a long hot shower.  An hour later, she ended up in the kitchen.  The room was strangely silent and not a word was spoken.  “Please somebody say something, because you are all making me extremely nervous.”

“Here is your breakfast dear,” came from in back of her and a plate floated to the table.

“I’m not hungry,” Bron nostrils sucked together, the food smelled offensive to her.  Her stomach began to roll.

“You can’t live on coffee,” Anne handed her a fork.

Sighing Bron gave in and picked at the food.  “Where are we?” she asked in between bites.

“Done,” Mc grinned as he leaned on the counter. 

“Ha-ha, impossible, seriously where are we?”

“We’re all done mommy.”  Kaylin had an expression of delight on her face.  “After the painters left everyone went over and finished so that they didn’t have to come back.”

Bron began to cough and choke on hash browns in her mouth.  “But...”

Anne’s hand on her shoulder stopped the coughing spasm.  “We still have to paper.  I did change some of the paint colors.  Did you know that almost every room in that house was a different shade of blue?”

Bron eyes grew wide, “You what!”

“Well dear it was too much blue.”

“Oh no, he’s going to flip.”  Bron was furious, how could someone just change the colors of her house.  Hearing a giggle, she turned her head to Mc.  He was waiting for her to blow up but she just grinned.  “That’s okay, I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“Tracy and I ordered new paper and the boys are going to hang it tomorrow.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“Now wait just a damn minute!”  Bron threw the napkin she was holding onto the table.  She stood up and looked at her mother in law.  “How dare you.”

Anne tried to suppress the smile tugging at her face.  This had been their first confrontation and she had wanted it to happen.  Bron had danced around and played nice with her since they had met.  Anne didn’t appreciate the fact that her daughter in law wasn’t being herself.  Reaching over the counter, she pulled out a piece of the most garish wallpaper she could find. 

“EWWW!  That is not going in my house!”  Bron stomped her foot and the entire room laughed. 

Anne winked, “That’s okay dear, I wouldn’t do that, I wouldn’t put this in my garage.”

 “It’s really red,” Bron commented as she watched Anne toss it in the trash.

“Like someone’s hair,” Anne grinned.

“Huh?”  Bron looked confused.

“Nothing dear, but we better get a move on.  Everyone is helping you move in, the King will be home soon,” she chuckled as she left the room.

“Kaylin!”  Bron spun around.

“I didn’t tell her ma, she’s just guessing.”  Kaylin ran out of the kitchen.

“She’s lying to me,” Bron went after her.

“Let it go, she’s just happy to get her stuff back and her own room,” Mc stopped her as she went to the door.

The caravan left within five minutes.  Bron pulled up to her house to see her crew there along with Kevin’s family.  She giggled when she saw MeMaw sitting in the chair directing everyone to their appointed duties. 

Bron shook her head as she walked up the steps, “Everything under control?”

“I’ll take care of this bunch, you take care of yours.”  The old woman smiled.

“Yes Ma’am,” as she strolled through the double entryway of the house.  Halting in her steps she screamed for Mc.  Within two seconds he was there.  “What the hell is that!”

“It’s called an alarm system,” Mc glared at her for freaking out on him.  “Your husband wanted it installed as well as Carlos, now it’s installed.”

“Take it out!  This is my home, not a fortress!”  Bron whipped open the door to the security box and started pushing the buttons.  Her hands were caught in a sudden and harsh grasp.

“He wants it in, it stays.”  Mc applied more pressure to her hands.  She bit her bottom lip trying to still out the pain.  He had taught her how to ignore the pain very well.  Instantly he released his grip.

Bron turned to see Jake, Stevie, Tim, and Jerald standing behind both them.

Jerald was the first one to speak, “Bron he didn’t put it in for you, he put it in for himself.  Last year Brian’s house was broken into and they took his dogs.  They have taken Nick’s grass for crying out loud.”

A sudden redness crept over her face, “I forgot... he’s just Kevin to me.”

Tim laughed, “That’s okay he’s just our obnoxious, over-bearing little brother to us too, but we don’t want anything to happen to him.”

A loud scoff came from the door, “Are you done having your little conniption fit now Missy?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Bron hid her smile and walked into the kitchen to begin unpacking boxes.  Not to shortly after the tunes were turned up in the entire house, a central sound system blaring R and B.  She smiled and spoke to herself, “He’s going to like that.”  

Hours later Bron made a call for Pizza and sent Andrew to get it.  Everyone was hanging in the kitchen.  “It’s a good thing you have a large kitchen,” MeMaw said as she looked around at the gathering.  The kids were upstairs running around like bandits having a blast.  The adults were too busy to discipline them.

Lunch finished she went up to her office.  She was completely satisfied with the third floor.  Kevin knew about it, but he didn’t know what was up here.  Looking around she heard a loud, “Hello.”

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE HERE!”  She screamed and her scream was returned by another.  They hugged each other and danced around the room. 

Mc stood in the doorway, “Spark, you need a muzzle.”

“Hey Mc,” Suzie grinned.

“Hey Suzie, she talked you into it.  I bet she didn’t tell you either.”

“Mc!”  Bron scrunched her face up at him.

“She told me she got married.”  Suzie was delighted at the news.  She had been worried since they had only exchanged a few quick e-mails.

“Go away!”  Bron pushed him out the door.  She could hear him laughing as he went down the stairs.

“Nice house Little Mama,” Suzie walked around the office.  “I see this is your office, is that mine?” she pointed to the plate glass window on the opposite wall.

“No that’s my husbands,” Bron could hardly wait to drop the bomb. 

“Oh and where’s mine?” more than nosy about the new husband.  Right here when the desk gets up here.  Clamoring came from the outside of the reception area.  “They have impeccable timing,” she grinned.

Bron covered her mouth as she watched, Tim, Jerald, and Andrew struggle with the huge cherry desk.  Mc must have let them in on the little secret.  “Hi,” they smiled at her.

Suzie stepped out of the way as they set the desk down.  Each one came forth, shook her hand, and introduced themselves.  Bron could see her fitting the pieces together.  Anne walked into the room and straight up to her.  She gave her hug, “I’m so glad that you came, my daughter in law needs a buddy.”

Suzie’s head turned to the side to see Bron covering her mouth with both hands, “You married Jerald Richardson?  That’s one way to get a story,” Suzie began to laugh.

“NO way,” Jerald laughed.

The light went on and she looked at Tim, “You’re married.”  Tim shook his head yes.

“That only leaves...”

“My son Kevin,” Anne smiled.

“Holy Fuck!”  Suzie yelled.

“Suz!”  Bron yelled at her.  She had to admit she was even trying to tone down her own use of her colorful language.

“Oh my God, oh my God... Darn it, now I can’t edit anymore,” her face turned down and they laughed.

“Sure you are, just because I married him doesn’t me I’m stopping.”

“Okay... It’s time we leave boys,” Anne chattered as she left the room.

Jerald looked at her, “Besides, that last chapter with Kevin and Roc, Kevin wasn’t happy.”  He strolled out the door.

Suzie couldn’t contain herself she burst out laughing.  “This is too damn strange!”

“They know everything, I can’t seem to hide anything from them.  Especially him.”  Bron opened the door to Kevin’s office and ushered her through another door.  “They will be here,” she grinned, as she sat in front of the soundboard.  “Little man too.  They’re very nice guys Suzie, you’ll like them.  Kevin is going to be a pain in the ass to work for, but if he bugs you just tell him off.”

Bron waited, so far her friend hadn’t uttered a word.  She now was afraid that maybe not telling her was a mistake.  “You have to understand.  I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t want that to influence your decision to come here.”

“I’m not mad, I’m just stunned.  You have a ton of things to fill me in on.  Listen I have to go get a place to stay until I can find something permanent. 

“Stay here with me, Kev is going to be home in a couple of days.  All these guys around are driving me crazy.  Once he’s home we’ll find you a place.”

“Really, are you sure?”  Suzie questioned her.

“Yes, just don’t tell anyone yet, I’m not ready,” Bron half smiled.

“I can understand that.  Let’s get to work.”  Suzie headed out to set up her desk.  Bron went downstairs. 





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