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Chapter 28

Two days flew by and Bron was giddy with excitement.  He was coming home to see her work on his house.  She had missed him too.  Her bed was cold and lonely when he wasn’t in it, she missed  his warmth and comfort. She was up hours before running around the house. 

His special order couch had arrived and it was installed in its place.  After calling Kris because she was confused, she laughed.  Kevin’s ugly living room and couch to match had a purpose.  When Kris told her Bron almost died.  It now had become a joke between her and Suzie.  Since it was personal she wouldn’t share it with anyone else.  Kris had nicknamed the sunken living room ages ago as “Kevy’s little love pit.”  Bron loved it, Suzie snickered every time she thought about it, and Kevin was going to be horrified that Kris had told Bron.  It was his place to relax, curl up by the fire, and have some quality time together.  Kris snickered, “And you know what he means by that.”

Bron was dancing through the house by eight in the morning.  Suzie didn’t say a word, she had to admit she was energized too.  She was going to meet one of the BSB, eventually all of the BSB.  Bron flew by her and Suzie frowned.  “You’re going to pick up your man wearing that?”

“What’s wrong with this?”  Bron looked down at her jeans and boots.

“Well you have a hole in the ass of your pants for one.”

“I know,” Bron danced out the door.

“Cute pink panties girlfriend,” Suzie yelled.

Bron stuffed the custom mix of the BSB CD she made into the player.  She sang all the way to the airport.  She pulled up and there he was.  Dressed comfortably in a jean jacket, jeans, sneakers, and sexy aviator glasses, and a pile of luggage.  “Good he must have lost those damn bug glasses.”

“Bout time,” he grumbled as he opened the back passenger door.  Tossing bag after bag into the back.  Slamming the truck door shut, he came around the back of the truck and open the driver’s door.  “Out!” he motioned her out of the truck. 

“I’m driving,” she protested.

“Not my truck,” as he pried her fingers off the steering wheel and pulled her out.  He got in as she stood next to the truck.  Adjusting the seat back so his shins weren’t digging into the dashboard. He turned to her, “Are you coming home with me or taking a cab?”

His gaze settled on her butt as she walked around the front of the truck.  He was smirking when she got in, “I do like pink darlin’ but please not at the airport.  That is a fashion don’t.”

“I wanted to drive,” she puffed out her face. 

Kevin leaned over and gave her kiss, “I know all over town and we would never get home.”

She started to giggle and he knew he was right.  Turning the truck over she slid next to him.  His hand settled on her leg and every now and then he would squeeze or rub his hand gently up and down her thigh. 

“Are you a little excited?” she asked as he kept his eyes on the dirt road to the house.

“In more ways than one,” he laughed as he wiggled in the seat.  They pulled up and he slowly drove into the driveway.  “Oh baby, it’s beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like the outside would you like to see the inside?”  She jumped out and ran to the door beating him by just in inch.

“Move witch,” he took off his glasses and squinted at her. 

Bron stepped aside.  He placed his hand on the doorknob and pushed it open.  He stood outside and looked in the foyer.  He whistled and turned to her, “Sweet baby, very sweet.”  Tucking his sunglasses in his coat pocket, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

“What are you doing!” she yelled as hung off his shoulder.

Gently he slid her down his body and back to her feet after stepping into the house.  “Carrying you over the threshold.  Ain’t I suppose to do that?”

“I don’t think that’s what they had in mind Master,” she uttered as she fussed with her hair in the mirror.  She was watching as he stood in the hallway and peered around.  She watched his eyes go up the oak staircase, which had a runner.  Bron like the idea of having brass rails hold the runner in place on each plank.  The closed doors at the top of the stairs were not missed up his visual inspection.

“Come on, come on,” as he grabbed her hand and made a right going to the dining room.  “Oh I like this.  Where’d that come from?” as he pointed to the huge antique buffet.

“Mine,” she chirped as she permitted him to lead her around the room by her hand. 

“Nice table, what did this cost us?” as he slid his hand down the cherry chairs. 

“Nothing, it’s mine too.  Beside I made that table ages ago.”

“You made this?”

She shook her had yes.

“Wow, I’m impressed.  Is there anything you can’t do?” he chuckled and then quickly stopped when he saw that she had dropped her head.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Gently he placed his finger under her chin and raised her head to meet his gaze.  “I love you, I have you, that’s all the matters.” 

“Hey Kev!”

He felt the small arms wrap around his legs.  “Devil child is here,” he grinned.

“Hey you,” as he bent down and swung her up into his arms.  Giving her a quick peck on the cheek, “I missed you.  You’ve been good right?”

“Yes,” she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss.

“Let’s finish this,” Bron grabbed his hand and he followed to the kitchen. 

Setting Kaylin down he leaned back on the counter.  “Where’s my island?”

“It sailed away,” Bron said as she didn’t quite look at him. 

“I really wanted that,” he muttered as he walked around the country kitchen.  It was neatly organized with restaurant quality appliances.  He spotted the pantry she had put in and went in to check it out.  Aluminum racks and storage bins.  Everything neatly organized.  “I can live with this,” he chirped as she walked out.  When he turned around she had the door open to the prized wine chiller. 

He stuck his tongue out and as his head bobbed from side to say.  “Thanks beautiful,” as he bent and checked out what she had put in it.  “There’s no red.”

“You don’t need any red baby,” Bron laughed as she went to the living room. 

Kevin traipsed after her and she stopped.  She checked to see if Kaylin was behind them, she had wandered off in a different direction.  Her arm went up in the air and then swung to the floor, “Your love pit sir,” she grinned.

“Did I not tell you to keep your distance from her?” he blush.

Bron didn’t know if the blush was from anger or embarrassment.  “That’s okay, I love the idea but with a kid running around it puts a damper on things.”

“Kevin come and play!”  Kaylin yelled from the door off the living room. 

“What’s that?” Kevin ventured toward the door.  Walking down the stairs, she heard him yelling loudly for her to come down.

“I can not believe this.  Look at this place.”  He was running around pushing buttons and opening things.  “I can’t thank you enough for putting this back.”

“Like your play room honey?” as she leaned on the door with her feet crossed at the ankles.  She watched him flick on the giant screen television, turn on the sound system, break a rack on the pool table.  Kevin dashed from one end of the room to the other.

“You are gonna get paid back for this big time darlin’,” he grinned as he jumped into one of the theater seats she had installed.  He flicked through the stations.  “Satellite!” he yelled finding a game being replayed that he had missed.  Kaylin took the spot next to him.

Bron waited ten minutes, then she began to get irate.  She had busted her ass for weeks and he was going to watch a damn game.  “Ah Kevin, I’m glad you’re happy with this but would you like to see the rest of your surprises?”

“In a minute babe.”  Kaylin leaned over and whispered in his ear.  He turned the game off and got up.  “Sorry I got caught up in the moment.”

Following her lead, he trailed behind her.  Clearing his throat, he gave Kaylin a wink of gratitude.  She bounded by them and flew up the stairs.  Standing at the top of the stairs she pointed to the left, “Guest rooms and baby brothers rooms.”  Pointing in the opposite direction, “Our rooms.”

“Cool,” Kevin nodded and headed to the left.  He went in and out of each room.  “I see that my baby brothers were decorating.”

“No, I did that,” Bron winked.

“Hmm, why they don’t need to be here.  I come here to get away from them.”

“That because…  Oh never mind,” 

Kevin heard Kaylin shouting for him to come see her room so he strolled down the hall.  He wanted to see his room but his wife had parked in front of the door so he knew it wasn’t time yet.  Walking into Kaylin’s room he was pleased.  It was fit for a princess, except the sheets that were on the bed.  Blonde boy wonder was staring back at him.  Bounce was jumping up and down on the bed.  The place that Bounce had chosen to jump was one of Nick’s faces.  Some how that felt satisfying to him.  “Your mom ever tell you not to do that?”

“Yep, all the time,” she giggled.

“Then why are you jumping on the bed?”

“She’s not the boss, you are.”

Kevin laughed, Bron sighed loudly, “You’re bribery has worn off and you will be the one doing Space Mountain over and over again.”

“Well you don’t have to worry because we’re not going.”  Kevin frowned as he watched the look of shock overcome Kaylin.

“Kevin she didn’t tell me, you’re travel agent called to check the dates.  We will discuss this later.”

“Are we still going?”  Kaylin was unsure but scared, she wanted go and she didn’t tell.

“Yes,” Bron replied as she walked away.

“Ah, Bron, listen…”  Kevin began his apology.

“I’ll let it go this time, but don’t do it ever again.  You just heard her say I’m not the boss you are.  You’ve accomplished your goal of having her respect you, but I have to deal with her everyday.” 

Kevin’s nose wrinkled up at the remark, “Damn I hate when you’re right.”

“What was that Master,” Bron snickered.

“Nothing,” Kevin stopped by the door that he was refused entrance to before. 

“Come here,” she called him.

“I wanna see this,” he whined.

“It’ll wait.”

“I don’t wanna wait.”  He stood in the hall with his hands on hips.

“Yes you do,” as she opened the sliding pocket doors to reveal another staircase that went up.

He dashed over to her, “What’s this?”

“Go see,” she shouted up the stairs.

Ambling up the stairs he froze in complete shock at the top of the landing.  “Aw man,” he whispered.  Bron’s hand pushing on his ass made him move further into the room.  “Wow!” he stood there his mouth hanging open.

Bron came from behind and carefully pulled him along.  Passing Suzie and her desk, she turned to Kevin.  “Say Hi Suzie,” She grinned.

“Hi Suzie,” Kevin followed Bron like blind man. 

She took him through his office, past one studio into the second one that she had built for them.  She began poking buttons on the soundboard, “What’s this for?”

“Bronwyn stop!” as he pushed her hands away.  “This is very expensive equipment,” as he went over everything in the room.

“You’re tellin’ me, I paid for it.”  She frowned as he had yet to do anything but slap her hands away from his new toys.

Grabbing her hand he pulled her all the way back to her office.  He stepped out the door and looked at Suzie.  “Do you work for me?”

“Sort of,” she giggled.

“Good, no calls, I have to thank my wife,” he slammed the door shut on his office.

Bron backed away from him.  “Kevin this isn’t the time or the place.”

“Sure it is baby, why else would you have put this nice big leather couch in here.  I gotta a lot of thanking to do.”  Kevin started stalking her around the room.

Bron went behind the desk and put the chair between them.  “I have more surprises.”

“They’ll wait, this is more fun.  I have so much to thank you for,” as his hands settled on the arms of the chair.

Bron pushed the chair and ran the other way and out the door.  Kevin tore after her, passing Suzie he yelled,  “Hold those calls.”

He was right behind her and she almost succeeded in getting the bedroom door shut and locked.  He barged right through it and knocked her to the floor.  “Kevin!” she barked.

“Sorry darlin’,” as he leaned and offered a hand from the floor.

Bron reached up, half way off the floor the hand and arm she had latched onto went limp.  She tumbled back to the floor.  She now lay flat on her back on the carpeting, looking at the ceiling.  He didn’t say a word as he approached it.  Rolling on her side she waited.

“Um… Ah…,” Kevin was walking around it, not quite sure what to say.

“You don’t like it do you?” as she picked herself up. 

“I didn’t say that, I just don’t know what to make of it,” he touched the wood and proceeded up the two steps.  Bending a knee, he steadied himself.  With his hands spread wide apart he let his hands go to the mattress.  Pressing his entire weight on his hands, he then popped back up.  “It’s different, it’s sort of...”

“Lay down on it,” she smirked.  Kevin was about as intimated as she could ever make him.  She watched him crawl over it to the far side.  “I like this side, is that okay?”

“Good because I like this side.”  She walked to the side and stood at the steps, placing a hand on one of the posts, she leaned on it.

He lay back on one of the pillows and stretched out, “It’s longer than a regular bed.”

“Yes, but you’re tall and I thought you would like for once not have you feet bang into the footboard.”

“Hmmm….” He closed his eyes and wiggled his butt into the mattress, “Comfy.”

“Open your eyes.”

His eyes fluttered open and he saw the painting.  Sitting up quickly, he began to study it.  “This is the best thing in this house.”

“Gee thanks after all this work I did,” she said highly offended.

“Well don’t be, I’m not used to being considered a God,” he laughed.

Bron scowled at him, “Mc said it was a shrine.”

“Works for me,” he wrinkled up his nose and smiled as he lay back on the pillows.  Swiftly he moved grabbing her, dragging her into the bed.





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