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Chapter 29

“No, No, Kevin, not now.  I have to make dinner.”  Bron tried in vain to twist away from him.

“I got my dinner right here,” He chuckled as he pinned her to the bed.  “We need to see how good these spring are anyway.”

“Kevin, no.”  She turned her head to the side avoiding his lips that searched her out.  His chuckle came even deeper as he settled on his spot. 

“You taste good Witch,” as he sat on her, his right hand holding her hands above her head.  Leaning down he kissed the side of her neck from his spot up to her ear and back.  His left hand barely skimming her side.  Tugging, he pulled the tails of her shirt out of her jeans.  With a slow and measured movement, his hand grazed her ribs.  Her hips swayed underneath him as she tried to push him off. 

“Come on darlin’, I need you, I want you,” he whispered on her cheek.

“Kevin, it has to wait, I’m just not feeling...” she blinked and swallowed as she felt the acid rise in her stomach.  It was a slow wave that started at the bottom and worked it’s way up.

Kevin watched her face blanche and rolled off her.  She sprang from the bed and ran into the bathroom.  Surveying the situation from the doorway he shook his head.  His wife was a bundle of nerves.  The big day came and now it was let down time.  Things were flying in his head as he watched her heave from his unobtrusive position.  Going home and giving her statement had been rough on her.  She had worked like a dog to make this happen and not taken care of herself in the process.  They had a ton of legal stuff to go over, he had seen the envelopes on his desk when he was chasing her around his office.

Walking into the bathroom, he hid the smile on his face.  It was gorgeous and built for both of them.  Sitting on the ledge of the tub he waited without comment for her to clean up.  She left, he followed, pulling her away from the door to the hall and back to the bed.  Holding her by the hand he pulled back the covers.  Pushing her onto the bed, he covered her up.  “You sleep,” he bent and kissed her.

“But dinner…”

“I can handle that,” as he pulled the blankets up to her chin.

The tiny tear clung to the corner of her eye, “I’m so sorry, this is not what I wanted it.  It was suppose to be…”

“It is special, you’re special.  Sleep, I’ll bring something in a little while.”  One last kiss and he closed the door.

Making his way towards the kitchen he found Jake and Suzie sitting at the table.  They were catching up since Suzie had known who Jake was from the beginning.  Kevin began pulling stuff out of the cupboards and going back and forth to the refrigerator.  Suzie started to snicker as well as Jake, “Am I amusing you because I am lost in my own kitchen?” he asked with a smirk.

“No, I keep seeing you in that picture where you’re cooking eggs but with no shirt on.”  Suzie eyed him up and down.

Kevin’s shoulders shook, “Well I know you’re staying for dinner but I’m keeping my clothes on.”

“She crash and burn yet Kev?”  Jake spoke as he got up to give Kevin a hand.

“Big time and she’s upset that the day didn’t go as planned.  On top of it her nerves are so bad she’s throwing up again.”

“When’s dinner?” a blonde head poked around the corner.

“I’m working on it now, I’ll call you.”


Dinner was put on and Kevin poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.  “So how long have you known my wife?”

“How long have you been getting it on with my buddy?”  Suzie grinned.

“Okay we won’t get anywhere this way.”  He rubbed his hand down his leg and offered it to her.  “Hi I’m Kevin Richardson.”

“Nice to meet you Kevin, I’m Suzie, the editor.”  She shook his hand.

“Well do me a favor, editor, take that last chapter down for me would ya, please.”  He gave a little smirk, the one he usually used for when he wanted people to know he was in a devilish mood.

“I don’t have the password,” she chucked.

“Dammit,” Kevin laughed.  “In that case fill me in on what has been going on in my house.”

“Hmm so far I only arrived two days ago, but you have two unopened legal envelopes on your desk.  One for Bron and one for you.  I would assume Post nup agreements.  You need to call your manager, your accountant, and Cole.  A box of demo tapes came and the rest of BSB will be here tomorrow for dinner.  Your wife is thinking of planning a party for the opening of your record label upstairs.  I programmed your phone and made list of all the incoming lines in the house.  She installed an 800 number for you to call home on.  Your schedule is written on the calendar on your desk and no, it’s not a BSB one.”

“Well aren’t you just perfect for this job.  Thanks for the advance warning on the rest of them coming I’m sure that is something I wasn’t going to be informed of.  My wife likes to surprise me.  We’ll address everything else tomorrow.  Now let’s eat.”

They ate, chatted, and enjoyed the evening.  Noticing the time was well after Kaylin bedtime he called her night to end.  Coming back downstairs he put toast in the toaster and Jake gave him a questioning look.  “Dry toast and flat pop, works every time.”

“Oh, well goodnight,” Jake strolled out of the kitchen. 

Kevin balanced the tray in one hand as he went up the stairs with an armload of candles.  Strolling into the bedroom, he set the tray down and went immediately into the bathroom.  He had plans, big plans, it was her turn to be spoiled.  Lighting all the candles he dug through her side of the vanity.  Finding the right bottle of bubbles that smelled liked her.  He wrinkled his nose up, “Eucalyptus and Spearmint, no wonder I could never figure out what she smells like, Meadowlark, now that is weird.”

Lighting the candles around the ledge and filling the tub, he went in search of towels.  Finding them he was ready to romance his wife.  A quick change of boxers and he walked over to the bed.

 Her jeans were lying on the floor, obviously she had slipped them off.  He kneeled on the step her back to him.  Slipping his hand under the blankets, he slowly ran his hand from her shoulders to her tailbone.  She turned and eyes fluttered open.  “Hmmm,” she mumbled and closer her eyes.

“Come on darlin’ you need to wake up and eat.”  As he smoothed a tendril of hair from her face.

“I know but I don’t want too,” she grabbed the pillow and covered her face.

“Come on slacker, I have a surprise for you,” he chuckled.

Moving the pillow away from her face, “Slacker, did you just call me a slacker?”

“Just to get you moving come on,” He pulled back the covers and found that she had ditched all of her clothing except her panties.

Bron started to laugh, “It’s chilly in here.”

“I can see that,” as his eyes locked on her chest.  Watching the hardened peaks begin to form.

“Kevin!” as she grabbed the covers back.

“Come on out, let’s go,” as he pulled her, she almost fell out of the bed.  Leading her into the bathroom he waited.  “Your bath, my lady.”

“Awww you’re so sweet, who would’ve known.”  She smiled as she looked at the candles and the single glass. 

She felt his hand on her bottom and heard him say, “Need some help with those?”

“Of course Master.”  Before she could finish they were at her ankles.

He held her hand as she went up the steps and settled in the tub.  “Oh Kev, this better than I had planned,” she spoke as they both looked out the garden window at the stars.”

“I love this place, I don’t think I ever want to leave.”  As he trailed his hand through the water.

Touching his hand lightly, “You have six weeks off.  Six weeks for us to finally get to know each other like we should.  I’m scared that what I did is going to cause so many problems.”

“We will deal with that when it happens.”  He dismissed right away, that talk could wait until tomorrow.  Pulling himself away from her he went to the vanity and grabbed the toast.  Coming right back to her, he placed it in front of her mouth.  “Bite.”

She did and scrunched up her face.  She looked at him when she was done, “You do know what butter is right?”

“Give your stomach a rest.  You’re nerves are raw and I’ve seen what happens to you when you get like this.”  The toast once more appeared in front of her.

“I would rather have strawberries and…”  She didn’t get to finish as the toast was stuffed in her mouth.

“I threaten you once before that if you didn’t eat I would stuff it down your throat, now eat.”  She finished it to his satisfaction. 

“Are you going to join me?  This tub is too big for me,” she pouted as she lightly rubbed the inside of his thigh. 

“Not yet,” he smirked, placing her hand back in the tub and grabbing the washcloth.

“I’m not a baby,” as she reached for it.

“I know but I like to do this,” as he pulled it back and out of her reach.  He dove in with both hands and one washcloth.  She giggled when he spent too much time in certain areas of her body. 

“You are really enjoying this aren’t you?” she spoke with her voice dripping with want and need.

“Not half as much as you are,” as his hand slid between her legs. 

He heard the quiet little rumble that escaped her lips when he had found what he was searching for.  Leaning over the tub almost falling in, he whispered in a deep timbre, “You want me?”

“Yes,” her voice broke the stillness.

Grabbing a towel he waited as she stood up, “Not this again, we’ve done this.  I hate repeats.”

His eyebrows arched at the comment as she turned her now pink backside to him.  He couldn’t resist she was always a wise ass.  A crack echoed in the room, splitting the silence, followed by a loud, “What the hell was that for!”

“You needed to be reminded of who you are dealing with.”  He snickered, quite pleased with the results.  Bron fired up and raring to go.  All of her anger directed at him.  He had not seen this side in a long time.

Her hand snaked out and he grabbed it bringing it behind her back.  “Wanna play baby,” he whispered.

“You tell Darkman to go away,” Bron hissed at him.

Kevin laughed, she was really pissed and he was enjoying it.  “No,” he answered her as he pushed her out of the bathroom towards the bed.  Shoving her on the bed it was a full-blown attack on her entire body.  His hands pinching and pulling tender tissue.  His teeth gnashing at her skin.  Her senses didn’t have enough time to register anything before she felt him pushing his sex into her. 

Once he was where he wanted to be, he braced himself on his hands.  He watched her eyes flicker with anger and desire, then close.  He had taken her by surprise as he began to thrust into her.  He wanted it to be a romantic reunion but after losing control over his own wants and needs it became unbearable.  He waited for her to open her eyes, he swore to himself that unless the position defined it he would never make love to her if her eyes were closed.  If they were open, he felt he could see into her soul.  The urge to move was boarding on pain as he felt his body tremble, “Open’em Now!”

Her eyes flew open once again and he lowered his upper body onto hers.  Her legs locked around his hips and he could feel her heels digging into his ass, pushing him deeper into her.  His hand shot between them and he began to roll the sensual flower between his thumb and forefinger.  Pressing and pinching he watched her back arch off the bed as her shoulders went back.  “Ohhhh,” she wailed as he sent her flying off into that warm, erotic place.  Watching her go forced him to thrust violently into her searching for the same pleasurable release.

She lay under him, her chest heaving as she panted for air to breathe.  She couldn’t talk and neither could he as they gazed at each other.  Her hand went to his face as he half closed his eyes.  She loved to look at him.  To her he was everything in her world. 

Sensing she wanted to say something, he opened his eyes, “What?”

A slow sensual smile came over her face and she gently leaned over to him.  Placing her lips on his she whispered, “I need to get sick more often.”

Kevin tried not to laugh but he had no choice.  “Not to often, I think you woke the entire house.”

Her grin grew even bigger, “They didn’t hear us, the walls are soundproof here too.”

He rolled on his side and roared with laughter, “Only you Witch, only you.”  

Offering an arm, she rolled onto him and rested her head on his shoulder.  “Are you mad because I did that?”

“Hell no,” as he adjusted his body so he could see her.  Picking up her hand, he rubbed the ring on her finger.  “I love you Bron, only you, always and forever, never forget that.”  Kissing her sweetly, he did love her, she never asked for anything from him but acceptance.  He was insanely happy and wondered if it could ever get any better than this.  He was going to enjoy his mini-vacation and hopefully by the time he was ready to leave for the South American leg everyone in the universe would know just how happy he was.





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