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Chapter 3

Going to the kitchen she plowed through the cupboards and found the coffee.  Putting the coffee on was task number one.  She glanced at her watch it was noon.  Time to get some work done she decided.  She idly packed up some boxes that someone had started.  Obviously they were Kevin’s, it contained men’s clothes.  Three or four times she glanced out the front window and thought about what she had in mind.  She made a fast phone call to Carlos not knowing what to do with the grocery situation, since there wasn’t any.  She had no vehicle and didn’t know the area at all.  Carlos, of course, rode to their rescue and took care of the problem.  A delivery would be made in a couple of hours.

She began to weigh her options as to whether it was a good idea or not.  Going through the pros and cons.  Business wise it was stupid, a waste.  Mentally it would be a good thing, at least for her.  On the other hand Kevin would go nuts but eventually he would have to accept it.  At least she thought he would.

She glanced out the window and made a quick phone call.  That phone call was followed by a series of six more.  Eventually she ended up talking to Stevie.  Bron begged, cajoled, and turned on the charm.  It was a bit over the top even for her and Stevie’s only reply was to laugh.  “Bron knock off the shit will you.  I don’t buy that from you.  I’ll help you but we both know I will pay for it later.”

“But you love me anyway,” she giggled into the phone.

“Yes I do.  Tell me how much later when I have to deal with your anal retentive husband and my boss.”  He slowly sighed into the phone.  I should tell her no he kept chanting to himself.

“Don’t worry about Kevin he’ll only be mad at me.  As far as Mc goes we are on equal footing now.  He can’t touch me and he knows it,” Bron spoke with complete merriment.

“Don’t go testing the waters Spark.  Mc may have agreed to all this but his thinking hasn’t changed any,” Stevie warned her to watch her step.

“Well I’ll be careful,” she chuckled into the phone.

“Oh yeah sure you will.  Consider it done.  But I need an address and phone number.”  He added before she could hang up.

“Hang on,” Bron spoke to him.  She went to the desk and found Kevin’s address book.  Flipping it open she found the information she needed and repeated to Stevie.  “This has to be done by the day after tomorrow.”

“I know, you’ll be coming home then,” was his reply to her reminder.

“Call me later.  Love you,” as she disconnected the call she heard the same back.

“I have to find him a woman.  He’s been dateless too long,” she grumbled as she went back to the packing.

An hour later all of the packing in that room was done.  Nice job, she said to herself as a knock came to the door.  Bron walked to it but hesitated opening it.  She felt insecure for a split second and then she cracked the door open.

“Carlos sent me,” the young man informed her.

“Hi,” she smiled to the boy, who was all business the second he saw her.  Quietly he walked in with a box.  He made two more trips to his truck without saying a word and brought in more boxes.  Bron tipped him and he left in hurry.

“Freaky people around here,” she mumbled as she watched him back out the driveway.

Lugging the boxes to the kitchen she decided dinner was in order.  She wasn’t going to the show tonight so she could pack up the rest of the stuff later.  Dinner was prepared and placed in the oven and the timer set.  She was running out of time it was almost two and Kevin had to be at the venue by six.  They were taping a special for CBS tonight and tomorrow night.

Going through the house room by room the packing was finished.  She checked her watch as she went into the spare bedroom.  “Damn,” she exclaimed.  Doing an about face she headed to the other bedroom.

As she stood in front of the door ready to open she heard a noise and she jumped.  Bron opened the door and couldn’t believe it.  “Man that’s brutal,” she muttered, as she walked to his side of the bed.  In all those weeks she had never heard him snore like that.  Must be that 'I’m home now and I can relax' thing, she thought to herself.  She made a mental note to staple the curtains to the wall at home before he accidentally inhaled them.

She watched for a second, gazing at him.  Flat out on his stomach, his head and arm buried under a pillow.  His other hand clutched her pillow as his arm was stretched out across the bed.  The sheet clinging to him, barely covering his backside.

Bron glided her hand up his back, he snorted in his sleep, and she grinned at the fact that it almost sounded like a pig.  “Oh the romantic Kevin Richardson.  I wonder what your fans would think of this,” she whispered.  She began to knead the muscles of his back.  After a few minutes the snoring had ceased.  “Okay you fake, time to get up.  Your dinner is ready.”

“But it feels good,” he whined from under the pillow.

“I’ll do it again later after the show, if you’re a good boy.  Now come on and get up, you have to get moving.”

He made some grunting noises as he unburied himself from the pillow and rolled over.

“Oh don’t we look sexy,” she laughed, surveying his hair, as it went in every direction.  The longer it got the wilder it got.

“What’s to eat?” he asked as he rubbed his face with both hands and tried to smooth the hair out of his face.

“Lasagna,” she grinned.

He reached up and grabbed her face as she stood in front of him.  Kissing her quickly, he then smiled, “I love being married.”

“No, you just like to be well fed,” she laughed.

“The sex part isn’t bad either,” he smirked.

“For God’s sake Kevin get up,” she groaned.  Bron practically tripped out of the bedroom knowing full well that if she didn’t move quickly enough she would be flat on her back in the middle of the bed.

Bron set the table and waited for Kevin to shower and dress.  Finally he put in an appearance to eat.

“Looks good,” as he sat down and began to eat.  “It is good,” he mumbled with a mouth full of food.

“Thanks,” she replied as she pushed the food around on her plate.  None of it appealed to her at the moment. 

“We’re going to be busy tomorrow.  There is quite a bit of packing to do.  Plus I have meetings and company coming over,” he spoke as he watched her stare at her food.

“That’s fine, but the packing is done.  I couldn’t sleep,” she replied concentrating on her plate.

“Thank you,” he spoke trying to figure out what was bugging her.  “You’re not eating.  What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m not hungry,” she sighed as she walked to the kitchen with her plate.  “I’m not going tonight.”

“Why?” came back in a barking tone from the table.

“Because I’m tired.  I’ve been busy,” she answered without turning around.

“Don’t leave this house,” was the warning that was delivered.

Bron shook her head, great you would think I was grounded or something, she muttered to herself.

Kevin came to stand behind her.  “I have to go.  I have to talk to management before the show.  Are you going to be okay?  I’ll lock the door when I leave.”

Bron ignored him and walked back to the table to clear it.  “Yes Kevin I will be fine.  No Kevin I will not leave the house.  Yes Kevin lock the door when you leave.”

Kevin rolled his eyes at how ridiculous she sounded but then she was just repeating what he wanted to hear.

“Kev I want you to leave your ring at home tonight,” she said softly.

“If it will make you feel better,” he answered as he slipped it off and set it on the counter in her view.  He kissed the side of her cheek and whispered an I love you to her.

“Love you too,” she smiled.

Kevin climbed into his truck and sat in the driveway for a second.  He was ecstatic as hell that the tension between them was gone.  The sexual undercurrent that had always been between them was on it’s way back.  But he could feel something was still not right with his wife.  Either Bron was faking the apology she had given him or it was something else.  This afternoon he had full intentions of making her scream his name in bed so loud it would be heard in East L.A.  Something stopped him and he backed off.  He had settled instead for some cuddling.

As he turned the key in the ignition he grinned a the house, “Tonight darlin’ we go back to what we had.”

Bron waited for him to leave and quickly checked her voice mail.  She really needed an update from Stevie.  “The deal is done,” she heard him speak in her ear.  Bron grinned wickedly.  She quickly listened to the rest of the messages and returned the calls that needed her attention.

A quick call to Bounce found her in high spirits and being well behaved.  Mc happened to be there so she killed two birds with one stone and was brought up to speed on the house and company business.

Bron quickly finished up the packing and then booted up the laptop on Kevin’s desk.  She surfed for awhile and then headed to talk to the ladies.

The room was full and she saw that her friends had missed her as much as she had missed them.  The hours passed as the chatted away.  Bron heard the truck pull in the drive and quickly typed in that she had to go.  She disconnected and ran like hell to the bedroom.  The last thing she wanted was for Kevin to bust her for using his laptop.  Her laptop had managed to disappear yet again.

Kevin let himself in. He spied the laptop and went to it.  He felt the top and the heat it was throwing. He smiled toward the back of the house. “Somebody’s been busy.”  He quickly walked to their bedroom to find her changing for bed.  He set his keys on the dresser and caught her as her arms were over her head removing her shirt.

“Kevin!” she yelled for scaring her in such a manner.  He groaned lightly as he helped her taker her shirt off.

Bron turned to look at him and backed up half a step.  She hadn’t seen this face in a long time.  Dark side was back.  She sidestepped him to put some space between them.  This only served to turn up Kevin’s intentions even more.

“Stop,” he said in a voice that was mixed with lust and anger.

“Kevin what’s the matter? ” tumbled from her lips in a shaky voice.

“I told you to stop.  Now come here,” he motioned her with his finger to come closer to him.

“Kevin I don’t like this side of you,” she trembled, as she stood in her place.

He didn’t answer her as he began removing his clothes and dropping them on the floor.

Bron watched him.  This was scaring her.  It reminded her of that first night that they were together in Pittsburgh.  Kevin was not going to take no for an answer nor was he willing to explain why until he was good and ready.  She glanced briefly to the bedroom door.

“Don’t,” was the word spoken from him, but his eyes told another story.  They were warning her not to make any stupid moves.  Bron’s confusion was multiplied by the fact that she didn’t recall anything she had done to anger him or put him in this mood.

Kevin circled around her once and watched her flinch, as he went and sat on the end of the bed.

Bron cast her eyes to the floor after glancing at him.  He sat on the end of the bed without a stitch of clothes on.  His arousal was evident and he wasn’t making any effort to hide it.

“Come here darlin’,” he said in voice that was a command and left no room for negotiation.

“Kevin please tell me what’s wrong?” she asked in a voice that made it clear that she was getting past fear and getting angry at his treatment of her.

“I said come here,” he growled even louder.

“Kevin forget it!  I’m not going to play that game anymore.  We can’t solve problems with controlling sex,” she snapped at him, as her eyes grew darker.

His thoughts gnawed at him, you can when it’s the problem.  Bron had offered up the problem and now he was going to solve it.  She issued the challenge not him.  He saw the sparks beginning to form in her eyes.  Come on get mad, he said to himself.

Kevin sprang from the bed, startling her as he grabbed her by the waist.  Walking backwards he headed to the bed.  He sat down and stood her between his legs. 

The entire time Bron protested by digging her feet into the carpet and pushing at his chest.  Kevin captured one wrist in one hand and pulled it behind her back.  He then did the same with the other.  Both of her hands now in one of his.  Closing his legs rendered her unable to move away from him and forced her to stand still.

His hand came to her face and he tugged at her to look him in the eyes.  “I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours but it’s going to stop.  I want my wife back and I want what we had back.”

Bron closed her eyes.  He knew, somehow he had figured it out.  She had reasoned in her head that if she had held part of herself back that maybe he would give her back some control in life.  She was hoping this over protective cave man side would take a vacation, a permanent one. 

She felt his fingers skim the skin just above the cup of her bra. 

“Are you ready to be mine again baby?” he whispered harshly.

“Kevin please,” she squeaked, mostly out of fear.  She had now realized toying with Kevin in this arena and insecurities was the most dim-witted idea she could’ve had.

“Too late Witch,” he answered ominously.

Bron felt the clasp of her bra being undone and the item was removed from her body.  Her panties followed the same path.

“Kevin listen to me,” she begged.

“No. It’s time I took my wife back.  I don’t want to start all over again.  That first night in Pittsburgh was not easy for either of us.  I fought with myself and my conscience ever since.”  He gazed at the stilled figure that stood between his legs.

His reminding her of that night was actually worse than her re-living the moment herself.  She tried to pull away.

“No, No darlin’.  You’re mine, have been since that night, actually before that even.” He groaned as his free hand stroked one breast and his mouth descended on the other.  He alternated between grabbing and squeezing one.  While nipping and sucking around the areola of the other.  He watched the flesh of her nipple harden just for him.

He glanced up to find her passion being controlled by her.  She was biting her lip and her eyes were closed.  It didn’t work this way in his world.  He controlled it and her.  It was always the same old thing with her.  She wanted control and so did he.  It was time he took it back and he was keeping it this time.

Kevin moved his legs so that now they were between her legs.  He pulled her down on her arms forcing her to sit on his lap.  She straddled his thighs now.  He would push her to her limits but get what he wanted one way or another.

Slowly he began to kiss his spot.  He grinned when her head rolled to the side and she sighed quietly.

Kevin slowly opened his legs forcing her to follow his.  A hand roamed gently at first up and down the inside of her thigh.  It rested briefly on the soft curls of her womanhood before his fingers pushed past her folds and into her.

Bron gasped at the force and immediate invasion.  Her body tensed tightly and she tried to raise herself off of his hand. 

He released her hands and wrapped an arm around her waist stilling her movements again.  “No,” he barked at her.

“Kevin please,” she cried.

As he looked at her he didn’t stop the rhythm of his hand.  “We’ve talked about his darlin’.  You don’t play where you don’t understand.” 

The force of his hand and the pressing of his thumb on her most sensitive spot were not helping her form coherent thoughts.  She was getting lost again and her thinking was becoming muddled.

“I want to hear you darlin’,” he whispered as he took one of her nipples in his mouth.  He alternated between sucking and biting.  It shot waves of pleasure through her.  Kevin’s fingers were insistent at the task at hand.

Bron whispered his name as she hovered over the edge.  Hearing this he slowed down knowing how close she was.

“Louder, I can’t hear you,” he snapped.  He quickly opened his eyes and looked at her.  What he wanted from her was just below the surface.  Come on baby, he groaned in his head, give it to me.  His own aching need was building so fast that the entire purpose of this would be lost if she didn’t give in soon.

Bron was calling him, begging him to finish and stop tormenting her.  With each audible sound from her he would only reply louder.

Finally she caved in.  She wanted her life back but he would have to give it to her.  She couldn’t force him to do it.  “Kevin please!” she screamed as her head fell forward and rested on his shoulder.  She turned her face towards him tears were rolling down it.  They weren’t tears of anger or hate but of frustration and torment.  Frustration and torment that only he could end.

Kevin heard it, he figured they could have heard her all the way to the Staples Center.  “So’ Kay darlin’,” he whispered as he gave her the last push over the edge.  Her body shook against him while he held her tightly.

Slowly he removed his fingers and lay back on the bed, bringing her with him.  Gently he rolled her on her back, came down, and guided himself inside of her in one gentle movement.

Softly he kissed her as she bit on his bottom lip.  A low deep chuckled escaped him as he let her tongue in his mouth.  There was no hint of anger from her, she understood.  She began dueling with him first.  Her need was now matching his.  He rocked in and out of her and she matched his movements.  She mumbled harder to him and he was happy to oblige her. 

He thrust into her one last time exclaiming, “Damn Bron!”  His words were followed quickly by the squeal from her and his name, “ Kevin.”

He waited for the spasms of his body to stop and things to cool.  As he moved off of her she locked her legs even tighter around him.  “Stay,” she whined.

“I’m tired baby.  I have fought with you all day long…” he offered as an excuse.

Bron pouted as she relinquished his body knowing that there wouldn’t be a round two tonight.  She rolled on her side and he rolled her back to face him.  “I love you and I told you no more walls between us.”  He leaned over and kissed her forehead.  Gently he stroked her cheek and spoke softly again to her.  “I don’t want to control every aspect of our lives, but I will keep you from harm.  You were holding back on me, it hurt.  I didn’t deserve it and you gained nothing by doing it.”

Bron heard him and knew he was right.  Her eyes fluttered closed, as the days activities began to take it’s toll on her.

Kevin gazed at her as she fell asleep.  “Night darlin’,” he whispered as he reached to turn the lamp off.

“Night Master,” she mumbled, as her arm draped across is chest.  Kevin closed his eyes and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.





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