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Chapter 30

Grumbling, Kevin rolled over and then heard a squeal.  Opening one eye, he was amazed to see his wife still in bed and the sun was up.

“Thanks,” she mumbled into the pillow.

“Sorry, you’re usually gone by now,” as he rolled on his back.  “So what do I owe this pleasure too?” as he forced his arm under her. 

“I took the day off to go over all of the legal stuff sitting upstairs,” she stretched like a cat and yawned.

“We have so much to get done today,” he spoke lazily. 

“I guess we should get up, Kaylin probably has the house destroyed by now,” Bron sat up in bed the sheet falling to her waist.  Pushing her legs to the side of the bed, she sat there.

Today was going to be a long day.  They had legal stuff to attend to, a dinner tonight.  Suzie was taking care of getting everyone to the house.  He had phone calls to make and assumed she did too.  “How are you feeling?”  Kevin questioned her.

“Fine,” as she tugged the sheet to cover her rear.  It was pulled back away from her backside.

“Good then come back in here,” as his hands landed on her waist and dragged her back to him.

“Stop,” she giggled her mock protest.

“You phony,” he rasped as he placed her on top of him. 

“Whatcha’ lookin’ for there big boy?” she snickered.

“My Witch to make me a happy man,” he licked his lips as she wiggled around on him. 

“You are huh, hmm, let me think about it a minute.”  She gave him a lazy smile as she rocked her hips up and then back down.

“Think fast, darlin’,” as his fingers trailed up the inside of her leg.

“I just don’t know,” she bit her lip at the light feathery touches he was leaving. 

She placed her hands on his chest.  Her knees on either side of his hips, squarely planted on the mattress, she leaned forward.  Gently she nipped the side of his neck, she moved over his collarbone and over to the other side.  She teased his ear with her teeth.  She wanted control today but he wouldn’t give it unless he wanted too.  She had to make him want too.

Her fingers plucked at his nipples as they tightened between her fingers, shimming down slightly she eagerly took one in her mouth and teased the other with her fingers.  Hearing a soft moan escape him, she slowly lowered her hand downward.  Scratching his skin with a nail and then bringing her hand back up to rub over the ridge she had left.  She dipped and retreated driving the power of his need but never touching him where he wanted her to touch him.  His hips would shift following her hand and she would draw back.

Her fingers went to the insides of his thighs and she continued to tease and taunt.  Circling but never touching, coming close and then leaving.  Tracing the hairline all around.  His soft moans were not rasped breaths as she placed tiny kisses and nips on his stomach.  Looking down she could she that he was fully engorged and weeping.  She wanted him but she wanted him her way.

“Bron please,” Kevin’s hand came to her shoulder as he pushed her slightly towards his erection.

“Please what Kevin?” she whispered, knowing he was hanging on a by a silken thread. 

“Please Bron, taste me,” he begged as two of his fingers brushed against her lips, tracing them..

Sliding down the bed, she slid her tongue up his thigh.  She watched his hips jerk and his manhood twitch.  Resting her head on his thigh, she watched as she wrapped her hand around him.  A guttural sound came from him.  Slowly up and down she taunted him. 

Kevin was on fire, she was doing this intentionally but who the hell cared, he groaned as he felt her tongue glide over his tip.  “Mmmm,” he groaned as his hips lurched forward towards her mouth.  Feeling her slowly take him into her, he shuddered.  It was wet and hot, she was using her teeth to rake across him.  Her hand had reached under him and gently rolled his sac.  The white-hot sensation was building.  He could feel it as his hips moved with the rhythm of her mouth and hands.  The feeling that started as a slow ripple through his body was now screaming to be unleashed.  As it ripped through his entire body he exploded in her mouth.  He wanted her to stay there forever as he reveled in the vibrations.

In silence, they lay there not moving not speaking.  Bron came up to him and kissed him fully and sweetly.  “Good morning, Master.”

“Good Morning Witch,” he heaved a sigh as he kissed her back.

The lips that he had been tenderly kissing left promptly.  “Time to get moving,” she sang as she bounded out of bed.

“Tell me why I married a morning person,” he grumbled as he pulled himself from the bed.

“Cause you like to be a teacher and a Master!” she yelled from the bathroom.

Shaking his head he headed for the bathroom knowing that the morning fun had just been concluded.

She was already out of the shower by the time he was ready to get in.  He frowned as she waltzed by him; he wanted more time with her.  “I know ya,” she kissed his cheek, as she left him to his own devices.

Kevin smiled, as he got ready for the day, he was in high spirits.  He sang as he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.  He sniffed and smiled even bigger, “Breakfast!” 

Bron looked at him over her shoulder as she set his plate down.  Suzie had a quirky grin on her face, “Are you always this happy in the morning?”

As he began to reply a small hand covered his mouth, “Yes he is, aren’t you?”

Kevin bobbed his head up and down obediently with a twinkle in his eyes and grin under the hand that covered his mouth.

Suzie grabbed her cup and headed upstairs, “That’s funny I was just going to ask if you got lucky.”

The hand pressed into his mouth as he mumbled.  He began to laugh loudly, when the hand was removed.  “You’re no fun Bron,” as he popped the fork full of pancakes in his mouth.  “Are all your friends that bold?”

“You don’t need to advertise and yes they are,” she groaned as she left him to eat and headed upstairs herself.

Bron looked at the stack of mail on either side of Suzie’s desk, “Where’s the legal stuff?”

Suzie handed her two envelopes, she grabbed the one addressed to her.  Walking into her office, she settled down at her desk and began reading.  It wasn’t the postnuptial agreement; it was her business related matters, name changes and stuff.  An hour later, she had read most of it, signed off on it, and gave it back to Suzie. 

Bron trotted downstairs to find Kevin still sitting in the kitchen.  She ignored his usual morning stupor as she began preparations for dinner. 

Kevin observed her, she still hadn’t told them that the guys were coming for dinner, from out of state.  She knew he wouldn’t be happy about it so she just wasn’t going to tell him.  It was getting difficult to hide a twenty-pound turkey and a ham.  “Big dinner?”

“Yes,” she smiled.

“That’s a lot food,” he said as he turned the page of the magazine he was reading.

“I wouldn’t want you to go hungry,” as she went into the pantry.

“You mean you don’t want Nick, Howie, A.J., and Brian to go hungry,” he sat at the table watching.

She stood for a second in her spot not sure which way to go with the comment, “They helped design it.  If it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have it.  They just want to see it, they worked very hard.”

“Fine,” Kevin shrugged as he grabbed his mug.  “Next time I want advanced warning.  You want to entertain, let me know,” as he left in a mild mood.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Bron chirped.  Bron puttered, stalling about going upstairs, she did not want to read one more legal envelope.  Finally, she ran out of things to do and returned upstairs.  Suzie held the envelope up as Bron breezed by her.  “I hate this shit,” she bitched as she went into the office and slammed the door.

Kevin opened his door, “Took her long enough to get her ass up here.”

“You’re in for trouble,” Suzie looked over the top of the monitor.

“We’ll see, you better go hide,” he quipped.

“I’ll stay here, more fun,” Suzie smirked.

Kevin watched the clock running out of things to do.  Both of the agreements were straight up, what’s yours is yours, what’s mine is mine.  Neither one of them needing anything from each other if they did split.  Kevin had one sticking point with Bron’s and he knew she would have one with his.  At the end of the agreement, children were brought into it.  Kevin had his termed a little differently, knowing the circumstances in advance.  Bron was going to have a problem with the terminology and the implications of it.

He was spinning around in his office chair when she flew into to office and threw the paperwork on his desk.  “Problem?” he asked with a cocky grin.

“Damn right there is a problem.  I am not signing this until that clause is changed,” she screeched at him.

“Sorry, I’m not changing it,” he spun around in the chair, light-hearted. 

“Yes you are.  Why didn’t you sign mine?” she stood there seething at the idiot as he spun around in the chair like it was ride at an amusement park.  “Stop that dammit this is serious!”

Kevin stopped, got up, and walked to the door.  Leaning on the knob he smiled at Suzie, “Hold our calls we need to clear up a little misunderstanding.”

Suzie tried not to smile.  She opened her purse and set a twenty-dollar bill on Bron’s side of the desk.

“You’re gonna loose that,” he grinned as he shut the door.

“I mean it Kevin, you get on the phone right now and have them change it.”  Bron stalked around his office.

“Change what?”  Kevin asked fully aware of what she was complaining about.

Bron grabbed the contract and shoved it at him, “Children that are ‘associated’ with this marriage will be of joint custody should this marriage dissolve.  Bullshit, Kaylin is mine!  You have them change it to ‘product of.’”

“Nope,” he grinned.  “We are a family and she is mine as well as yours.  We talked about this when we were in California.”  He watched literally jump up and down in front of him like a small child, screaming her head off, cursing up a storm.

She stormed out, slamming the door as she left.  He heard her office door slam.  Waiting for her to cool and come back for over a half hour, he gave up.  Kevin walked out and headed for the twenty.  Suzie placed her hand on his, “She didn’t sign it yet.”

Kevin opened Bron’s door to find her sitting at the desk, glaring at him.  “I want to talk to you about this objectively.”

Her nose wrinkled up in discontent, “Sure you do.”

“If something happens to you who is going to take care of her, Mc, Jake, or Andrew?”

“This has nothing to do with that and you know it.  But no they aren’t, Steven will.”

That statement grated over Kevin’s nerves.  “That doesn’t make sense, you’re willing to let her live here with me as a family but rip her away if something happens to you.”  He could see he was making head way and he wouldn’t let up.  Her mind was spiraling at his remark.  There was no way in hell that Stevie was going to get Kaylin.

“This is a termination of a marriage not a death, I’ll change my will,” she seethed at him. 

“That makes so much sense, she’s only good enough for me when you’re dead.”  Kevin knew it was a low shot but he was willing to do anything to get a family together, Kaylin was it and he known about it for awhile.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it!”

“Do I?” he questioned, as he bit the side of his mouth and narrowed his eyes at her.

Her eyes closed and she was kicking herself, he’s right it doesn’t make sense.  But if we split I would have to share her with him.  “I don’t know if I can deal with that.  If we don’t make it, I want a clean break.”

Kevin sat on the corner of her desk, “She loves my family.  Do you want to pull her away from that knowing that all she has is her grandparents back home, who you do not get along with?”


“Then sign it, this is what I want, a family, our family, no matter what.”  Kevin was pulling on the home and hearth string that ran very strong in his wife.  She had had neither since the death of C.W.

Bron pulled a sheet of paper out from under her blotter this was her last defense.  She had typed it up herself and handed it to him, “Then you sign mine.”

Kevin read it and began to double up with laughter.  Bron didn’t, she was serious.  “You’re kidding,” he chuckled.

“No I’m not,” she frowned.  “You sign that for me and I’ll sign yours.”

“Yours will have to be changed,” he grinned.

Bron was rolling inside there was no way Mr. Body Beautiful was going to sign that addendum.  The man is too damn vain and proud of his good looks.  Kevin grabbed her pen, signed the paper, and handed it back to her.  Her eyes became huge as he handed her the pen.  “Be careful what you wish for,” he whispered. 

Bron signed his agreement and called Suzie to come in.  She was laughing so hard she couldn’t get out of the chair.  She blinked back the tears as she spoke.  Kevin sat on the edge of the desk with a cagey smile.  “Here’s Kevin’s agreement, call my attorney and have him match Kevin’s word for word.  Oh and here’s an addendum for Kevin.” 

Suzie glanced at it as she headed out the door.  She stopped short and turned, “You’re kidding right?”

Bron shook her head no.

“A shirt clause?  You made the man sign a shirt clause.”  Suzie looked at both of them smiling away at her.

“As long as he is married to me, the six pack is mine and the shirt stays on.”  Bron burst into laughter.

“You suck Bron, you are ruining it for all of us,” Suzie stammered out the door.

“You are a very hard negotiator wife,” Kevin snorted.  The only thing running through his mind was yes he had signed but how in the world did she plan to enforce it.

“Likewise,” she chimed.

Suzie came back in with tears in her eyes, still giggling, “I have to go get Brian, he’s hiding from his mom.  I took care of the agreements but both of your attorneys called and they want to speak to each of you.”

Bron kicked back in her chair and smiled, a twenty-dollar bill was tossed at her.  Kevin grabbed it, “That’s mine.”

Suzie cracked up, “Nooo, that’s Bron’s.  I told her no way would you sign that.”  She walked out the door leaving Kevin gapping at Bron. 

“You smartass, you set me up,” as he leaned his head down into the chair.

Bron winked at him, “The best offense is a good defense.”  She bolted from the chair yelling she had to check on dinner and on Bounce, who had plugged into the new large screen TV earlier this morning.





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