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Chapter 32

Kevin walked into the house.  Man, it felt good to be home, I just want to be with my family and sleep in my own bed.  He glanced at the clock on the microwave, two in the morning.  She’s going to be surprised; I’m not due until tomorrow.  Kevin closed his eyes and sighed half out of exhaustion and half from anticipation.  He had blown up at her the night before he left because she still hadn’t gone to a doctor.  Now he wanted to make it up to her.

Strolling over to the wine chiller, he garbed a bottle.  Reaching up to the top cupboard, he snagged two glasses.  “Yep I’m a family man, wine in plastic glasses,” he chuckled, as he pulled them down.

Walking through the Living room, he almost dropped the bottle of wine.  When his eyes settled on the couch.  He couldn’t believe this, as his heart fell to his feet.  “How could you do this to me?” he growled quietly.  “You bitch,” as a tear slid down his face.  Setting the wine down on the steps along with one glass, he walked downstairs to the entertainment room.

Kevin was trying to control the anger and hurt as he went behind the bar.  Grabbing a bottle of Jack, he filled the glass.  He gulped the amber liquid in three swallows.  Grasping the bottle and the glass he headed back upstairs, glancing at the couch, he shook his head in hatred and pain.

Once in their room, he shed his clothes down to his boxers and turned the light off.  Sitting in the wing back chair he stared out the window for long time as he poured and drank.  Filling the glass again he raised it to the moon, “Welcome home Kevin.”

He heard the door open as he drained his glass.  She walked in, the lights were off, and she couldn’t see him as she removed her robe.  She stretched and yawned.

“What’s the matter Bron, Stevie tucker you out?” he said mockingly.

“Kevin you’re home early,” Bron spoke as she walked over and turned the lights on.

“Yeah babe, Now I wish I wasn’t,” he answered as he refuse to look at her.  The glow of the light annoying him.  His anger was so deep-seated that for the first time in his life he wanted to strike a woman and hurt her.  Strike her for lying to him, using him, and hurting him.  He couldn’t even look at her, her of all people.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

Hearing those words he exploded.  Kevin flew out of the chair and at Bron.  Grabbing her by the shoulders, he got in her face, “You looked so damn comfortable sleeping in Stevie’s arms.  In our house, on our couch!” he shouted her face.

“First of all, let go of me, you are hurting me.  Second of all, what are you insinuating?  And you’re drunk!”  She hissed at him.  Being dazed and confused over the attack wasn’t helping either.

“I’m not even close to drunk.  I’m too pissed to get drunk!”  Kevin looked at her, grabbed her by the forearms, and hauled her to the cheval mirror that rested in the bedroom.

“Hurt!  You wanna see hurt, you hurt me!  Do you know how it feels to see you wrapped around another man!” he yelled at her and tightened his grip on her arms with each word.

“Kevin please you’re hurting me,” she cried.

“Dammit Bron, how could you do this to me!” he screamed at her.

“Kevin I didn’t do anything, I just fell asleep.  I would never do what you think I did,” Bron spoke with fear in her voice and her eyes closed.  She couldn’t look in the mirror she was scared to death.  She had seen Kevin get mad at her but nothing even close to this.

He snarled at her, “Open your eyes, you’re not ignoring this one darlin’!”

Bron opened her eyes and gasped at the sight in the mirror, she had seen the look so many times before with Mc.  ‘Oh my god, he’s going to hurt me,’ she said to herself.

“What do you see?” he said trying to control his rage.  The only thing he wanted to do was slam her to the floor and make her feel the pain he was feeling. Letting go of one arm, he grasped her neck with one hand and still held onto her forearm.  He stood next to her.

Bron couldn’t answer him, she was terrified.  

Kevin kept tightening the grip, burying his fingers into then tender flesh, and wouldn’t stop until he got an answer; Bron knew that.  “Us,” she cried out, the pain now unbearable.

“That’s right us, husband and wife, forever and always, forsaking all others.  Do you remember those words you spoke,” he looked at her in the mirror.

She nodded yes, unable to speak.

“Have you forgotten what those words mean?” he said to her reflection. 

His voice somewhat calmer now.  She started to close here eyes as she stood there; his voice being calm was not a good sign. 

“Don’t!” he yelled at her and her eyes rushed open.  He studied her, the pulse at her neck jumping wildly, her skin showing signs of perspiration.  Releasing her neck, he grabbed her other arm by the forearm.  Forcibly he crossed them in front of her. 

Bron tired to pull away as he grabbed onto to her and held on. 

He stepped up behind her, even closer, pulling their bodies together.  “No!” he shouted to the back of her head.

“Kevin please let me explain it’s not what you think,” she looked at him in the mirror, begging him.

“What did I see Bronwyn?  My wife in my home, sleeping in another man’s arms.  Wearing a gown that I bought her,” he hissed in the mirror.  “My wife, my home, my gown!” he yelled.

Kevin grabbed both of her hands in one hand as he ripped the straps from the gown and watched it slide to the floor.  “No gown,” he said quietly.

Bron panicked, oh no, she tried to pull away as his hands came around grabbing her breast rough and squeezing.  “Owww, Kevin please, that hurts,” She wailed as loud as she could.  She tried in futilely to kick at him.

“Did you tell Stevie it hurt Bron?” as he dragged her unwilling form back to him.

“Please Kevin, I didn’t sleep with Stevie, you don’t understand.  I called him because I needed someone to talk to,” she pleaded with him.  Her instincts of avoiding pain were running wild.

“Didn’t look like you were talking too much darlin’,” as he started to kiss her bare shoulder.

Bron struggled at the contact, “No darlin’, my wife, my spot, and I’ve missed you,” as he grasped her waist and he walked backwards toward the bed. 

Still imprisoned in his arms she started to kick and thrash about.  “No Kevin!”

“Sorry darlin’ but I am your husband,” he whispered angrily as he pushed her on the bed and lay down on top of her.  “I’ve missed you so much,” as he seized her face with both hands and bent to kiss her.

“No, not like this,” she howled and tried to turn her head away.

“Oh just like this,” as he crashed his lips down onto hers.  Forcing his tongue in her mouth Bron bit it.

“You Witch!” he spat, then he grabbed his tongue, looking at his hand, he saw blood.  “Fine with me,” as his hand raced down and yanked her panties off.

“Kevin please stop, you’re drunk and angry over nothing!” she screamed.  “Don’t do this to me, not like Lenny, Please!”

Kevin stopped dead in his tracks and a tear slid down his face.  “I’m sorry Bron.”  He got up and slinked out of the bedroom.

Bron cried for hours, she couldn’t sleep, he had it all wrong.  He wouldn’t listen.  She rolled up in the bed feeling fear, desperation, and loneliness.  Getting up to use the bathroom she saw the torn gown on the floor in front of the mirror.  An empty bottle of Jack Daniels was lying on the floor, broken.  She sobbed out loud.

Standing in the shower she wondered what to do next.  After getting out, she was now full of fury.  He should know better.  “I’m not explaining anything to him,” she hissed as she pulled her robe on.

Bron went downstairs never turning back, “Thank God Bounce is in school,” she murmured.  She looked out the window as she made coffee.  She saw Kevin down at the barn splitting wood.  “I hope you have the hangover from hell, you fucker.”

Bron smelled her coffee, before she sipped it.  Rummaging through the cupboard, she was looking for something sweet.  She found something to satisfy her and took a nibble.  After the bite of food, her stomach rolled and she dashed for the bathroom.

“Oh God, I want to die,” as she splashed her face with cold water and then rinsed her mouth.  “This headache won’t give up, she grumbled.  “Where’s Mary when I need her?”

Hearing a car beep she went to look out he kitchen window, “Oh no, Mc and Stevie, this is not good.”  She quickly ran upstairs and threw some clothes on.

Flying downstairs the nauseousness hit her again like a tidal wave.  She tried to focus her eyes and look out the kitchen window.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the two men circling each other in the dirt.  “Oh god, I have to get out there,” She groaned.  “They’re going to fight.”  The dizziness took her quickly and everything went black as it spun.

Jake and Andy had run into town.  Swinging by Anne’s they picked her up on the way back.  She wanted to see how Kevin’s speaking engagement at Capital Hill had gone.  He had been speaking about the high cost of testing of Colon Cancer.  Kevin had always felt that had his father been allowed to have the tests he might be alive today.

Anne came through the front door followed by the rest of them.  She headed for the kitchen where she knew Bron would be cooking dinner before she went to work.  As she walked into the kitchen, she glanced at the dark spot on the slate floor.  She immediately yelled for Jake.  Jake practically toppled over Jerald, who had followed them out in his own car, to Anne.

Jake shook his head as he bent to the floor, “Don’t get upset Anne.  It’s probably just this flu she’s been fighting all week.  She had it, then Kaylin, and then she got it again.”  Jake shook her shoulder trying to wake her.  “I hope she didn’t hit her head.  After that last shot she took, I’m not sure she could take another one.  Jake was calm, as he called her name and continued to try to roust her.  Anne and Jerald weren’t.

Jerald glanced out the kitchen window hearing his brother yell obscenities.  “What the hell is going on in this house?” he grumbled as he saw his brother in the throws of a fistfight with Stevie.

Jerald let out the door to break up the fight.  Yelling at both them as he approached them and pointing to the house.  No sooner had Jerald left that the door was thrown open again.

Kevin ran into the kitchen and slid half way across the floor to his wife.  “Bron, baby what’s the matter?” he frantically began calling to her.  “Bron come on, don’t do this to me.  I’m sorry I’m really sorry I didn’t mean it.”  Kevin had pushed all of them away.  Gently he lifted her upper body in his arms and stroked her hair.  To the others it looked like simple concern and affection.  Like Jake he was more anxious about her hitting head. 

His thought processes were jumbled, he was getting angry.  “Hey darlin’ come on wake up,” he spoke in a commanding tone.  His irritability growing by the second, she was ignoring him again, not doing what he wanted her to do.

“Kev…,” came in a hushed tone from her followed by a groan.

“Thank God,” he whispered as he sat on the floor with her in his arms, rocking slightly.  He squeezed her with everything he had.  He had forgotten what it felt like when he thought he had almost lost her last time.

Looking up to others standing around him, “Jake would get my truck?  I wanna take Bron to get checked out.  It’ll be faster if I just take her.”  He kept glancing down to her as he caught glimpses of her trying to fight something off but he couldn’t figure it out.

“No,” she mumbled.

“But your head,” Kevin whispered to her.

“I’m okay,” she provided.

“Please?” he begged.  He wasn’t about to push her after what he had done last night. 

“No, help me upstairs.  I want to lie down.”

Kevin wasn’t going to argue or try to convince her in front of this audience.  He would wait until they were upstairs in their own room.  He was still angry about last night, not to mention the guild nipping at him.  Gathering her up in his arms Jake helped him up from the floor.  Kevin left all of them standing in the kitchen and proceeded to the stairs and up.

“She should go get checked,” Jerald grimaced at his mother.

“I know but lets see if Gabe will come out and take a look at her.  If he takes her in then everyone will know who she is, that is not what they want,” Anne spoke as she went to the phone.  Grabbing the portable, she left the room full of men staring at each other.

Jerald spun around and faced Stevie, “What the hell we’re you two fighting about?”  Jerald asked in irritation.

Stevie was just as angry over the accusation, yelling back at Jerald, “He started it, he said I slept with her.”

“Why on earth would Kevin think that?” not really believing the ridiculousness of the comment.

Shifting in his shoes, Stevie knew the answer would imply something to Mc no matter what spin he put on it.  “Because his truck was here when I left last night.  We didn’t hear him come in.”

Still not making any sense of the answer, Jerald continued.  “So?”

“So we fell asleep on the couch together,” Stevie winced as Mc expelled a sigh.

“Not a big deal yet,” Jerald commented.

“In her nightgown, me holding her,” Stevie offered in a quiet voice.

“You ass,” Mc bellowed and startled all of them.  “When are you going to learn that Spark doesn’t think and Kevin is a jealous fool.”

“Nothing happened, trust me,” Stevie apologized to Mc.

Mc had known all along, he observed, he watched, but never spoke.  “Sounds like you’re a little disappointed Stevie,” Mc added with disdain, he had thought Stevie had more sense.

Stevie ambled over to the table and slid into a chair, looking sullenly at all of them.

Anne provided the necessary distraction as she came back in the room.  Jerald stood there and shook his head.  Anne strolled over to the freezer and pulled an ice pack out.  “It’s a good thing we came when we did.”  She handed the ice pack to Stevie and walled away.  Turning over her shoulder she spoke, “Jake and Jerald come with me.  You two stay here.” 





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