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Chapter 34

Kevin went back into the room and told his mom she was wanted downstairs.  She hesitated until Kevin reassured her that Gabe wanted her.  Turning he made sure she shut the door, tightly.

Shifting from one foot to the other, he was uneasy in his stance.  He didn’t know whether to sit or stand.

Bron gazed at the painting on the ceiling trying to gain some tranquility in all of this.  “So where did you get it from?”

“I didn’t ask for it.  It was given to me,” Kevin defended himself.

“So that leaves Andy or Jake, which one?  Knowing what is in there, I know damn well Mc didn’t give to you.”

“Both okay,” Kevin bit his bottom lip tentatively.

Sighing she figured they had best get this over with now while they had some privacy.  It was apparent that he had known all along.  “Please don’t get your hopes up,” Bron spoke with sincere sympathy.  “I’ve been there too many times.”

“But you did have Kaylin,” Kevin offered as a glimmer of hope for both of them.

“I know, just don’t count on it.  It’s an emotional roller coaster you don’t want to ride.”

Kevin understood where the statement had come from.  He was deliriously happy; he thought there was no hope just a few short moments ago.  Now there was at least a slight chance.  She wasn’t going to let herself be happy about this no matter what he said. 

“Get it out of your system now Kevin.  No one can find out,” Bron warned him. 

The tears fell from the green watery pools of his eyes.  “I’m happy,” he sat down on the bed and gently rubbed his thumb over her hand.

“I see that now and at first I wasn’t sure if you would be.  I thought you would have a fit.  You need to understand that the outcome is usually not good for me.  I’m sure you studied the records.”  Bron couldn’t pull her gaze from him, he was almost bursting.  It’s going to hurt like hell for him when I lose this one, she thought to herself.

“It could be different this time,” he tempered his feelings for her sake.

“Maybe, maybe not,” she answered.  She wanted to be happy with him but her heart knew better.  It could never be a happy-ending.  Her stomach started to rumble and her vision became fuzzy, “Kevin help me,” she gurgled as she leaned over the bed. 

Kevin held the pail as she dry heaved into it.  “God Bron, I’m so worried.  Maybe you should go.  If not for yourself, for the baby.”  As she lay back down.  He wanted to pick her up, carry her downstairs, and take her in himself.  The only thing stopping him was that he knew she really didn’t want or need that kind of treatment right now.

Grabbing his hand with both of hers, she rubbed it and gave him a meek grin.  “I’ll be fine.  I’m just to damn old to be impregnated by a twenty-nine year old stud.”  Closing her eyes, she whispered, “I want to sleep just for a little while.”

He waited until he knew she was asleep.  Kissing her cheek, he whispered, “Sweet dreams darlin’.”  As he left the room, he locked the intercom to the on position so he could hear her downstairs.

Grinning he bounced down the stairs.  “Damn this is so cool!”  Stopping at the bottom of the stairs, he regained his composure.  Walking into the kitchen, he hit a button on the intercom and turned up the volume. 

He turned around an all eyes focused on him yet again today.  His mom winked at him and smiled.  Gabe was reading the file.  Stevie, Jake, Mc, and Jerald were watching Gabe read. 

“She sleeping?”  Jake asked.

“For now,” Kevin returned as his heart did a flip.  He just kept hearing that little voice in his head yelling, over and over again, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”  Tilting his head to the side, he saw Stevie glowering at him.  Now he knew why Stevie was in his home last night.  Bron had gotten scared and he wasn’t there for her.  She had turned to Stevie in confusion not knowing what to do or say.

Striding to the table, he leaned on it and glared at Stevie, “She told you didn’t she?”  Kevin waited but no response.  “That’s why you were here last night.”

“Yes, she didn’t think you would be pleased,” Stevie answered, staring at the table.  “She was afraid you’d go nuts, with you touring and all.  She didn’t want you to get your hopes up.” 

Steve was more than mildly upset last night when Bron called him and began wailing on the phone.  By the time he had gotten to the house he was so angry with Kevin for doing this to her.  Bron admitted to Stevie that they never used birth control.  She had never even gave it a second thought.  She was blaming herself saying she had been married so long it didn’t matter, it wasn’t a consideration in her life.  Not to mention how things usually turned out.  She also explained to him that she wasn’t given the option from the first night they were together.  “I can’t believe you were that stupid Kevin.  You never even gave her a chance from the beginning.”

The implication was there that Bron had shared something with Stevie that she shouldn’t have, at least not in Kevin’s mind.  A fist into the table emphasized each word, as he spoke, “That is none of your freaking business!”

Stevie raised his eyes to Kevin.  Kevin could see hurt in his eyes.  “It used to be,” he uttered as he got up and walked out the side door.

Stevie walked around outside for quite a bit of time trying to make sense of everything that Bron had told him the night before.  After hearing from her that she had told him ‘no’ in Pittsburgh that she wasn’t interested and Kevin had taken her anyway, he became irrational.  As far as Stevie was concerned, Kevin was no different than Lenny.  She had told him that in the end she felt that if Kevin hadn’t insisted on it that she may be still having nightmares every night or maybe worse since Lenny had decided to go after her and Bounce.  Stevie wasn’t buying her excuse, it was still wrong.

Meanwhile back in the house, Gabe would read the file and then glance at Mc on occasion with a stern look on his face.  Mc ignored it, it was something he was used too.  Kevin pensively paced the kitchen thinking to himself.  Recalling what happened last night he was glad that he had the common sense to stop when he did.  The marks he had left on her would have to be clarified to Gabe.  As much as he didn’t want to he realized he had too, “Can I talk to you for second, in private?”

Gabe nodded and trailed Kevin into the living room.  “Listen, Bron and I had an argument last night.    Things got out of hand but nothing happened.”

Gabe lowered his glasses of his face.  He held them by the frame in his hand, “I saw that.  Kevin you’re not a bad kid, I’ve known you since the day you were born.  You’re a hot head and you always have been.  I’ve stitched you up more times than I can count.  Don’t let it happen again or I will have something to say about it.”  Gabe pointed to the kitchen;  “I would like to know how you can let that man sit at your table knowing what he has done to your wife in the past?”

“I understand,” Kevin dropped his head more out of respect than guilt.  The guilt he was dealing with had to do with her not Gabe, but he felt compelled to explain himself anyway.  “That is between them Gabe and I can’t explain it.  He will never touch her again, I guarantee you that.”  Both them strolled back into the kitchen to their previous spots, fully aware that they had reached an understanding with each other.    

It wasn’t too long after that when Kevin heard noises over the intercom.  Bron was up and she was up to something too by the sounds of it.  Glancing at the speaker he then smirked a little at Mc.  The intercom went dead.  Kevin waited by the dining room doorway watching the stairs.  She had to be totally pissed or insane he didn’t know which, to think that she was going to leave.  He knew his wife, right now she felt threatened so she was just going to try and quietly sneak away from it all.

It didn’t take all of five minutes. Bron was sneaking down the stairs with her duffel back tossed over her shoulder.  Kevin grinned as he watched her try and navigate to the door silently.

Bron was angry, she told everyone to leave and they were still there.  She was going to leave instead of them.  Kevin slid from his spot and came in just behind her.  She put her hand on the knob and cracked the front door open.

The door was smacked shut by a large hand tactically placed about a foot above her head.  As she looked up at the hand, a boot went against the bottom of the door.  Bron knew the hand as her eyes traveled down the door, she knew the boot, there was no mistaking that size eleven and half boot firmly planted against the door.

“Turn around and go upstairs now,” he spoke in a voice that said he wouldn’t be deterred. 

She didn’t budge, “I’m not going Kevin and if they won’t leave, I will.”

A hand settled on her shoulder and gently rotated her around to face him.  He lowered his face to hers, placed a hand on either side of her head, and leaned into her.  “They are leaving soon.  You on the other hand are not.  Do not make me handle this in a nasty way.” 

He watched her mouth drop open slowly.  The shock of him threatening her was enough to plant the seed of doubt in her mind.  “If you think I won’t because they’re here, don’t kid yourself.  This is my house, you are my wife.  You are sick and carrying my child.  Now haul your ass back up to bed before I do it for you.”

Bron was in a quandary; to screw with Kevin now would be damn stupid, especially after last night.  Not to mention the fact she didn’t feel like it either.  It was more of a protest than anything, she wanted everyone out of their house.  She was sick to her stomach again just thinking about it.

Kevin observed the expression on her face change from anger, to shock, and then to confusion.  The perspiration beaded on her temples and she licked her lips slightly.  Her hand shot out and latched onto his arm for support.  She fought to clear her head and regain control.  It was too late the shadows swooped down on her.

The dreams came, they were horrible.  He wouldn’t let her out.  She was suffocating on the steam from the shower and the pain was terrible.  That morning kept playing in her head over and over again.  She was scared, he was hurting her.  Kaylin, where’s Kaylin she kept crying softly and begging him to stop.  It went on forever, she felt she couldn’t get out, she wanted out of this hell.  She called for help but nobody came.  She called for Kevin and he came, the nightmare stopped and she slept like there was no tomorrow. 

She awoke to a beeping noise.  “Kevin turn your beeper off,” she groaned.  She rolled over in the bed.  She reached for him but her hands were met with cold metal.  “Oh no,” as she opened her eyes.  It was a familiar feeling that she knew by heart.  It was over and she had disappointed him.  The sadness came quickly as she placed her hand on her stomach and the tears began to trickle.

A hand came from nowhere and gently rubbed her back.  “You don’t need to cry, you are fine and so is the baby.” 

As the fog lifted, she heard the words but found them impossible to comprehend.  Being pregnant and in the hospital was never fine, how could she be fine.  Turning in the bed, she turned to his voice she was greeted with an armful of flowers and big smile. 

“Fine?” she managed, her throat dry and parched from the stale air of the room.

“Fine,” he whispered as leaned over the rails and gave her peck on the cheek.  He waited for her to play all the emotions out in her head before he spoke.  Going about his business, he placed the flowers on the table next to the bed.  She needed to work it all out herself.  Studying her as he took the seat that he had been sitting in for the last three days, he waited.  The happiness was quickly replaced by fear as she looked at her arms.  The bruises were a yellow green color now.  He could see her mind bouncing the horror stories around inside.  Her body became rigid with each minute that passed.

“I want to go home, get my clothes,” she whispered.

“No can do until Gabe sees you, then I’ll take you home.  He was just here and went to get something he’ll be right back.”  Kevin leaned back in the chair and folded his arms behind his head. 

Pulling up to a sitting position she dangled her legs over the bed.  Slightly dizzy she grabbed the bar to steady herself.  “Kevin I need to leave now, people are going to talk.” 

 “Let them talk, I don’t care.”  Kevin leaned forward and poured some water for her in a cup. 

“That’s a lie!  You do care,” as she took the cup from him.

“Well yeah I do but there is nothing I can do about it.”  Tossing his ankle over one knee he picked at the bottom of the boot.  Not getting upset with her was the only thing that he could do.  If she had done something to begin with she wouldn’t have been here.  Gabe said she would be fine when he came in earlier to check on her and gave the nurse some instructions.  He was happy that no engagements had been planned that he had to excuse himself from.  They had slipped in quietly and she was registered under her maiden name.  He wanted to shout it out to the world but knowing her reaction to that he changed his mind. 

Gabe had pulled strings for him at the hospital so that very few people were in and out of the room. She had a private room at the end of the hall so no traffic would pass by.  He hadn’t heard any mention as far as he could tell that he was even there.  One blurb was put out that he was on the West coast working with Krystal in the studio, courtesy of Cole, who understood that Kevin was extremely upset when he called.  A couple more false Kevin sightings and he was all set.

“How long have you been here?” as she moistened her lips. 

“Three days,” he yawned.  Sighing he gave her a lop-sided grin, “You spoiled me, I miss my special bed.”

“I’m sorry,” she gulped.

“Someday Bron you and I are going to reach an understanding that when I ask you to do something it’s because I love you and I worry about you.  I’m not trying to tell you what to do.”

Bron snorted at the remark knowing better, yes he cared, yes he loves me, but Kevin loves to tell people what to do.  She watched the twinkle in his eye as she laughed at him.

“Is that funny to you?” as he smirked at her.

“Very funny,” she laughed even louder.  The door pushed open and she looked behind him to see who it was.

“Feeling better I see,” Gabe smiled.  Rolling a cart in with him.

“Yes I am, I’m sitting hear listening to my husband lie to me.”  She chuckled as she looked at Kevin, his eyebrows had knitted together at the accusation.

“Kevin doesn’t lie,” Gabe smiled, knowing Kevin since he was a kid, he knew better.

“Oh that’s right,” Bron chortled,  “Not Kevin.”

“Okay that’s enough,” Kevin broke up the exchange.  “Can I take her home now?”

“After we do a few more things, yes you can.”  Gabe went to wash his hands when he came back he was wearing latex gloves.  “We can do it now or you can come to the office tomorrow.”

Blowing out a breath, she looked at Kevin, “Go take a walk.”

“I don’t want to take a walk.” 

Bron looked at him and then back to Gabe, Kevin had missed the point totally.  Bron turned back to Gabe.

“Kevin go wait outside, I don’t think Bron wants you here for her internal.  I’ll call you back in when I’m ready to do the sonogram.”  Patiently they both waited for Kevin to leave.

Kevin’s eyes grew wide and he bolted from the chair.  He flew out the door like a fire alarm had gone off.  “He’s a little slow in the morning, we just ignore him until the caffeine kicks in,” Bron laughed. 





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