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Chapter 35

Kevin pulled the truck up just as the aide wheeled Bron out.  Bron’s foot slammed into the ground stopping the chair from rolling forward.  She got up and walked directly to the truck.  Nobody had any idea that Kevin was in the truck.  “Guess it’s a good thing she’s wearing sneakers,” he mumbled to himself.

The only thing that he felt blessed about at this minute was that his diminutive wife couldn’t breathe fire because if she could, he would be roasted alive.  She huffed as she got in the truck and slammed the door so hard the entire truck rocked.

His eyebrows went as he turned his head towards her, her eyes were pinched shut and her teeth clenched.  “Just take me home and don’t say one fucking word.”

‘Ohhh,’ went through his head, she’s still madder than a hornet.  Gabe had given them excellent news and he was giddy as hell.  He was in seventh heaven knowing that Gabe even felt that this was a strong possibility.  Sighing loudly, he shifted the truck into gear and began trying to figure out what to do next.  The house was full of family who had nothing but good wishes for them.  In her current state, Bron would most likely tell all of the them to fuck off and die, even his mother.

As he drove back to the house, he knew Bron was clueless as to where they actually were.  She hadn’t been in Lexington long enough, except to build the house, go to Scouts, and the grocery store.  He developed a plan to make a short stop so that they could talk without interference from family members or nosey people. 

There was a rutted path on the property that used to belong to old man Peterson that was now his.  They would have to go by it to get to the house.  The twenty-minute drive felt like twenty hours to him.  She hadn’t spoken nor relaxed, she had just become more tense the closer they got to home.

He had to search once they got to the property line because it had been awhile.  Peterson had booted him out one day when he found Kevin checking out the property to purchase it.  Kevin spotted the tire tracks.  He slowed the truck down and then backed into the ruts.  Backing up a good half mile down the trail.

Throwing the truck in park, he turned it off and slid back his seat to extend his legs a little more.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Turning he grabbed for her hand and she jerked it away from him.  “I think we need to talk.”

“I have nothing to say to you, take me home.”  She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Bron we have to talk before we go back to the house.”  His fingers threaded through his hair as he pulled it back out of his face.

“Talk to yourself!”  she yelled as she bolted from the truck.

Kevin waited for her to come back to the truck.  She was walking down the path in front of him.  It finally dawned on him that she wasn’t coming back.  He started the truck and followed her, grumbling about how ridiculous this entire episode was.  All he wanted to do was reassure her and tell her everything would be fine no matter what the ending would be.

Bron heard him coming and moved off the path but didn’t stop her march.  She was extremely upset at the news.  Okay it’s not the news, it’s the when that was causing her to fume so badly.  Her mind was still reeling at the impact this was going to have on their lives.  She was older than Kevin and maybe held some more traditional views than he did.  Add to the fact that today was their one-month wedding anniversary that nobody knew about, just fed her anger even more.  The idiot can’t add, was the only thing that stuck out clearly in her mind. 

She jumped when he pulled next to her, “Get in the truck Bron, now.”

“No!”  She stopped and shot him a death glare.

“I know you’re upset, get in the truck so we can talk.”  Kevin’s anger had now been set off by her refusal to discuss it.


Kevin’s teeth clenched together before he said something stupid.  He tossed off the seatbelt so quickly that he almost smacked himself in the face.  He threw open the door as he watched her start to walk away from him.  He stood in front of the truck and shouted at her back for the first time, “Damn you stop and talk to me!”

“What is there to talk about Kevin!  You just don’t get it do you!”  She stood not to far from him on the verge of tears and enraged.  “You’re an ass!  I hate you for this!”

Kevin surged forward and grabbed her by the shoulders.  “Why can’t you be happy about this?  What the hell is the matter!”  Okay playing stupid was best at this point, he needed to hear it from her.

She balled her hands up into fists and punched him in the chest.  He gasped for air not expecting her to lash out at him and let go of her shoulders.  She backed away from him quickly.  “I was raised a certain way maybe you weren’t.  Do you know what they are going to say now!”

“Bron I don’t care!”  Kevin held one hand to his chest as he still felt the after effects of the smack she had just laid on him.

He doesn’t care, he doesn’t fucking care, I care dammit, doesn’t he see that.  He has no idea when this happened, Bron’s mind was spinning away.  It was revolving almost as fast as her rage.  Hell, he doesn’t even probably remember where the hell we were.  I know dammit and I hate him for this.  All the times that we have been together, it had to be that one time.

“You are so stupid Kevin!  Look at the picture Gabe gave you and figure it out!” 

“Bron I know, I’m not that stupid, you got pregnant in Pittsburgh.  According to everything that Gabe said it was most likely the first time we were to together!”  Kevin’s screaming had finally matched hers.  He was right, this wasn’t about being eight weeks pregnant this was about the first night he had dragged her kicking and screaming into his bed, taking what he wanted, wanting to break the shell she had put up around herself.  His conscience had been his guide that night, he had three drinks before he even decided to react on his emotions.  He had thought about it just after Gabe had told them that he had reached the conclusion that Bron was further along in her pregnancy than they had all originally thought.  Normally he wouldn’t have had the faintest idea where the hell he was eight weeks ago, but in this case, he would never forget it.

He had hoped that it had been after they were married but with circumstances being the way they were, he didn’t really give a shit.  If this was his only opportunity to become a biological father with his wife, so be it.  “So what!” 

“SO WHAT!”  She stomped her foot into the ground.  He didn’t care, not one bit.  She should have known that would happen he had never apologized for it before or for the incident on the bus.  Once when they were in Chicago and she told him that he owed her an apology.  He had told her, “Tough you’re not getting one.” 

Kevin leaned back on the bumper of the truck.  Crossing his arms, with his hands tucked under his armpits.  “That’s right, so what.  Bron I know you’re still mad at me about that, I won’t say I’m sorry because I’m not.  I did what I felt was right.”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  She couldn’t believe he had actually said that to her.  Bron’s anger went full tilt; she wanted to beat him to pulp.  Her hand swung down to the ground grabbing a chunk of earth and whipped at him with everything her five foot two frame would allow without her falling over.

Kevin ducked out of the way, good thing she throws like a girl, he mused, as the mass of dirt and rock slammed into the headlight of his truck.  He heard the glass shatter on the bulb as it broke through the plastic covering.  Bending down with his left hand still on the hood, he looked at the broken headlight.  Still bent he turned and looked at her, “You could’ve hurt me.”

“Really?”  Bron gave him an evil grin as her arm swung down and grabbed another pieced of earth.  “Good because you hurt me in Pittsburgh!  You are an arrogant son of bitch!”

“Put it down!”  Kevin stood up, with his hand still anchored on the hood he fiercely stared at her.  “I didn’t hurt you, I brought you back to being able to live again!”

“Are you sure you’re not sorry for what you did to me!”  She screamed at the top of her lungs.  Bron didn’t care if they heard her all the way to Louisville.

Kevin began to walk towards her.  “I’ll be damned if she is going to do that again,” he screamed in his head.  “No, I’m not sorry and I never will be!  Put the freaking rock down Bron!”

“Sorry to hear that!” she launched the chunk at him.  She was aiming for his chest.

Kevin was so close he didn’t have the instinct to move quick enough, he pulled back and he was hit.  He went to the ground, his knees drawn to his chest with hands between his legs.  “Fuck!!,” he screamed.  He was trying to control the pain as he huffed it off.  “When I get up you better run,” he growled.

“Oops, but I’m not sorry,” blurted out of her, she finally felt revenged after all this time.  The other head that her husband was thinking with that night had caused all of this in the first place.  After all, it wasn’t her fault that her aim was off and her shot went to just below the belt buckle.  “This is your fault!  All of it!” she launched into her speech.  “I can hear it now, he had to marry her.  As if things weren’t bad enough to begin with!” 

She stood there with her back turned to him.  The more she thought about it the more her emotions began to shake her stability.  She was angry, hurt, scared, and in a state of shock.  Lifting her head to the sky she screamed as loud as she could.  She bent down and picked up another piece of debris; before she could turn to let it fly she found herself ass over teacup with a stinging sensation working its way from her backside all the way up her back.  The clump was ripped from her grasp as fingers cut into her upper arm and she was hauled up from the ground.  She closed her eyes not wanting to see his face.  She felt her other arm being put in a maniacal clench.  Her feet came off the ground and she ended up looking down at Kevin whose face was blood red, as he held her in the air.  “Put me down!” she snarled at him.

Kevin lowered slowly and squeezed her tightly to him.  “It’s okay,” he whispered as he pressed her even closer to him.  Gently he stroked her hair, pushing her head to his shoulder, he slid his fingers tips down her jaw, caressing softly, “Let it go.”

 “No,” she whimpered as she tried to pull from his embrace.

“You’re not walking away from me, I won’t let you,” he said softly as he refused to let go.

“I want to go home, please.  I don’t want to talk about this now.”

“I’m sorry but we have to, I told you someday we would have too,” his murmuring was slow paced and kind.  His hand went to her chin and he lifted her face.  “I am not sorry, I will never be sorry.  You told Stevie yourself that it helped you to begin to deal with what happened to you.”  Pausing he looked at her eyes, there was a spark of recognition, a silent understanding passed between them.  “I cared about you and you wouldn’t help yourself, I couldn’t see any other way.  Mc wouldn’t let anyone near you to help you, then he let me.  I knew it all along, you know that.  Understand one thing, I love you.”  Pressing his lips to hers, he kissed her tenderly.

Finally Bron understood why Kevin did what he did.  She had adored him from a distance and was happy that way.  She kept everyone at an arms length and Mc had helped her do that.  The tears puddle at the corner of her eyes.  Everything had built up to so much pressure for both of them.  Digging up the past wasn’t helping.  Both of them knew that her past would always be haunting them in one form or another.  They had to learn to rely on each other to deal with it.  So far, Bron had refused to rely on Kevin for anything.

Quietly they walked back to the truck.  Both of them were in the truck when Kevin reached over and buckled her seatbelt.  “I’m not taking any chances with you,” he grinned.  Shifting his seat forward, he groaned a little.  It was a slight reminder that his wife had just nailed him twice in one day.  The lower half was feeling much worse than his chest.

Bron didn’t say a word when she heard the groan, a slight snicker did mange to escape and she bit her lips together to stop the grin.

Kevin turned the truck over, and looked at her.  “I’m glad you’re amused with this, but Witch if you ever nail me in the nuts again, the slap you just got will seem like a pleasure compared to the next butt whippin’ I’ll give you.  I’ve told you before if you act like child, I’ll treat you like one.”

Bron’s face wrinkled up at the comment.  Kevin could see that she was thinking about it.  “I’m not joking baby, if I didn’t know better I would think you were trying to castrate me.”

“Would I do that Master?” she chuckled at him as she adjusted herself in her seat.  Leaning more to one side than the other.

Kevin laughed loudly, “Feel the pain baby, feel the pain, and don’t forget it.”

Bron glanced at him, “Kiss my ass Kevin.”





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