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Chapter 36

Bron was incensed since her stay in the hospital two weeks earlier.  Kevin was the cause of it, as usual.  Not only would he not stay in one place long enough to talk, he was hammering on Bounce constantly.  Bron deemed it the ‘Rules of the Richardson Kingdom.’  Kevin called it respect and responsibility.  The kid had more chores and they just kept coming.  The more Kaylin balked at him, the harder he pushed her.

Kevin had flown out to do the Divas Concert with A.J. and Howie.  Bounce acted up but immediately upon Kevin’s return home she was dancing to a different tune.  Bron couldn’t believe the change.  When he was there, Kaylin was like she used to be when her father was alive, when he wasn’t, all hell broke loose.

It was a battle of wills between Kaylin and Kevin.  Bron figured it would last until Kaylin was married or graduated from college.  Kevin would wrinkle up his nose at Bron and would tell her, “She’s just like you, stubborn little shit.”

Kevin was invoking the ‘I’m the boss,’ routine on both of them when he cancelled their vacation to Florida and Bron’s flight to A.J’s grandmothers funeral.  He called, sent flowers, and told A.J. that Bron was sick.  Bron was fuming when she came in from work and heard him on the phone speaking to A.J.  “Some brother you are,” she shot at him.  Kevin shook his head and ignored her. 

“You’re not flying,” he whispered.

Bron began to protest when she received the death glare from Kevin.  Bron had closed her mouth and ceased the conversation. 

Kevin had managed to throw stop signs up on her every move.  He became involved more with his charity and began a letter writing campaign.  Kevin had an excuse for not being home more often than not lately.  He even took Kaylin to the Kid’s Choice awards to make up for canceling her trip to Disneyworld.  Kaylin came back full of tales about the burping contest.

The thing that stuck in her craw the most was he hadn’t touched her once since she came home from the hospital.  She felt rejected and undesirable at this point.  Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, she teased and taunted him every opportunity she had.  She always succeeded on getting the result she wanted but he would never act on it.  Even when she was the aggressor, he’d make an excuse.

When he was home, she’d wake up in her comfortable spoon with Kevin’s anatomy poking her.  She would wiggle up nice and close to him, the end result was always the same.  Kevin would groan and roll away from her.

In three days, he was leaving for a month to go South America.  Bron walked up to her office; she was greeted with a bubbly Suzie.

“Kevin’s coming home today,” she smiled.

Bron’s nasty response to her was, “Big fucking deal.”  Bron entered her office and slammed the door shut.

Suzie peered at the door, “Hmm, I guess she’s still in a rotten mood.”  Throwing the phones over to the service, “Girl talk, hormonal and pregnant is not good.”

Suzie knocked and entered the office.  Bron looked up from the papers, “Don’t tell me Kaylin’s teacher called again.  I’ll kill that kid.”

“No, Dr. Galloway did, he wants to see you this morning.”  Suzie checked her amusement; Kaylin had been in trouble three out of five days at school since Bron was in the hospital.  Bron had told her under no circumstances was Kevin to find out either.  He was riding Kaylin hard enough.

“Why I’m busy,” Bron grumbled as she flipped through the written pages in her hand.

Suzie smiled but carefully said, “Writing fic is not busy.  Everybody is out of here for the day anyway.”

“I give up!”  Bron tossed the papers in the air.

“Bron what’s up with you?” 

“I’m frustrated,” she groaned as she put her head down on the desk.

“What did he do now?”  Suzie prodded assuming Kevin was getting on her nerves again.  He had been driving both of them up the wall since Bron had come home.

“Nothing!”  Bron yelled as her head came back of the desk.

“Nothing?  I’m not getting it,” Suzie’s face was riddled with confusion.

“Neither am I,” Bron looked at her with a frown.

“Oh,” Suzie giggled.  “I get it now.”

“Well, I’m glad you are because my husband doesn’t seem to find me desirable anymore.”

Suzie glanced at her friend, she’s a mess, she spoke to herself.  “Talk to Dr. Galloway about it, it’s pretty common.  Sometimes guys just change when they find out you’re pregnant with their children, you’re a mom.”

“I’m not going to talk to Gabe about it.  I am a mom, he knows that,” Bron looked at her like she was an alien.  “Remember Kaylin who three times last week I had to go to school for.”

“Maybe if you talk to Gabe, he could talk to Kevin and find out why,” Suzie had seen Kevin react more than once to Bron’s antics over the last two weeks.  Lack of wanting, wasn’t the problem she had seen that.

“What time?”  Bron asked, as she debated what to do.

“Anytime this morning, his office is closed until this afternoon.” 

“Call him and tell him I’m leaving now, I have an early afternoon meeting.  If the school calls, call me on my cell.”  Bron grabbed her suit coat and keys.  She headed out the door and then raced back in.  Grabbing her coffee cup, she waved on her way out the door.

On the ride over Bron’s head seemed to just explode.  Walking up to Gabe’s office it was completely empty.  The door was open and she stepped inside.  She was greeted by an older woman dressed in old starch whites.  She motioned Bron to follow, which she did.

Handing Bron a clear plastic cup she started to speak.  “I know the drill,” Bron grumbled as she headed into the ladies room.  Bron waited for Gabe after taking care of the necessary formalities.  Her nerves were on edge but quickly dissipated when he came in with a smile.

“I’ve finally had a chance to digest this as he waved her file in the air.  We’re changing your protocol to every two weeks until twenty-five weeks.”

“But...”  Bron interjected.

“No buts, there are too many risks with you,” he waited for the argument that didn’t come.

“Fine,” she sat feet dangling over the table.  I’m gonna loose so why fight it, she reasoned to herself.

Gabe took the measurements that he wanted.  Sitting down he went over the test results and her chart.  “Bron I don’t know what you’ve been eating but you had better slow down.  Being pregnant is not a license to eat.  Eight pounds in two weeks is too much.”

Here comes the guilt trip, oh yeah for me, she bitched in her head.  “I know but since that’s all I have to do lately…”

Gabe caught a glimpse of disappointment on her face.  “What's the problem Bron?” as he pulled his glassed half way down his nose.

“Nothing,” she shrugged her shoulders.

Gabe had become a pro at reading body language all these years.  “Bron I know you are having a hard time dealing with this, so what can I do to make it easier for you?”

Sighing heavily, “There’s nothing you can do, Kevin has to.”

A sly grin crossed the man’s face, trouble in paradise.  I’ve seen this before, he thought to himself.  “Bron how is your relationship going with Kevin?  You’re just newlyweds.”

“Ha, you wouldn’t know it at my house,” shot out in angry tone before she could stop it.  She lowered her head slightly ashamed at how it had come out.  It wasn’t what she had planned.

“I can assume by that remark that marital relations has been put on the back burner,” Gabe spoke seriously but caringly. 

“You could say that since he hasn’t touched me since I came home.  Gabe, this has never been a problem, I’m really upset about this.  My hormones are running my life.”

“It’s pretty common with first time dads.  I’ll talk to Kevin about it.”  Gabe gave her a genuine smile.

“Nooo, don’t do that, he’ll go ape shit.  There are certain things Kevin will talk about, that isn’t one of them.”

“Whatever you want dear,” he patted her knee, as he closed the folder shut.  “I want you back in here in two weeks, watch what you are eating young lady.”

“Okay,” Bron watched as he walked out the door.  She dressed quickly so she wouldn’t be late for her meeting.  She ran out of the office after checking her watch, she was going to be late. 

Gabe didn’t miss her hasty departure as he ambled up to his receptionist.  “When’s her next appointment?”

“She didn’t make one,” was the reply he heard. 

“I’ll take care of it,” grabbing the folder from the desk he went back into his office and made a phone call.  He also was given another number that he called and left a voice mail for.  He knew by the end of the day Mr. Richardson would be sitting in his office.

Three hours later Kevin was standing in his office.  “Hey Gabe why did you want to see me?”

“Have a seat Kevin,” as Gabe sat at his desk.  He flashed Kevin a smile, “Thanks for stopping before you went home.”  Gabe could see the concentration in Kevin, and the worry.  It was born out of genuine love and concern.  “I saw Bron this morning, she’s doing great.”

A loud sigh came from the other side of the desk.  “You really scared me, I almost called home first.  So why the big emergency?  Ya flipped me out.”

“I need to talk to you,” Gave flipped open the folder.

“You just said she’s doing great.  She’s ten weeks now,” Kevin sat back in the chair, more annoyed than anything else.  Terrible things had run through his mind all the way from the airport.

“Uh-huh,” Gabe glanced at him.  “She’s gaining weight like crazy, eight pounds in two weeks.  Let’s see, her sugar is a little elevated but I can almost guess it’s diet related.  We’ll run further tests to check it out.”

Kevin chuckled slightly, “Bron’s eating habits are terrible, not the kids, just hers.  She eats junk constantly.  In her book there are three food groups, coffee, chocolate, and anything with sugar.”

“Kevin, sometimes people eat when they are stressed.  Does Bron do that?” 

Kevin’s face puckered up as he reflected about it.  Every time he turned around she was stuffing a candy bar in her mouth.  This usually happened when he turned down one of her advances.  As hard as it was, he had convinced himself that it was the best thing for her and the baby.  “Yeah, when’s she stressed she eats candy.”

“Eliminate the stress Kevin.  This pregnancy is risky at best, I don’t want to add a sugar and weight problem into the scenario.  Bron is not watching what she is eating or her weight.  Stress in her case is the last thing you need.”

Kevin suddenly felt like the chair he was sitting in turned in to a huge porcupine.  He more or less jumped out of the chair and paced the office with hands hitched in his back pockets.  Now was the time to voice his convictions.  “Gabe this baby is very important to me.  You have already told us that it’s a long shot and our only shot.  I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it.  I don’t want to hurt the baby.”  There he had said it well sort of. 

“Kevin, are you afraid that you’ll hurt the baby some how?” Gabe knew what Kevin was trying to say but he wanted it just a little clearer.

“Yes,” Kevin whispered quietly.

“Kevin are you saying that you are not having normal marital relations with your wife?”  Gabe knew he was pushing but Anne would love the story when they went to dinner tonight.  If anything had come out of all of this, he had found a new friend in an old friend.”

“Marital relations?  Why don’t you just call it what it is?” Kevin drew in a sharp breath.  “No we’re not.”

“Kevin it’s fine, really.  In Bron’s case there are a few things you have to be careful about, penetrating your wife with your penis isn’t one of them.”  Gabe concealed his grin as Kevin’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.  He figured he would continue since Kevin wasn’t recovering well from his last comment.

Gabe was going to just rattle of his standard rules and see how Kevin responded when he was done.  “One, if it hurts stop.  Two, during oral sex you cannot blow air up the vagina it may lead to a phenomenon called Air Embolism.  Three, anal sex is fine.”  Gabe paused and studied Kevin for a reaction.

Kevin was fighting his awkwardness over having this conversation.  His mind was still going round and round on the last one.  Thinking of Bron and number three was too amusing, not his virgin, he grinned in his head, no way.

Gabe smirked, he knew he had lost Kevin somewhere, clearing his throat he continued.  “Four, no toys.  Five, as she gets bigger you’ll have to adjust to a position that is comfortable for her.  Above all these, if there is any cramping, bleeding, or what you might think is leakage of fluid you are to stop what you are doing and call me.  I want to know about it.”

Since Kevin had survived the conversation with a dazed and confused look on his face, Gabe felt elated.  Having this conversation with some new men could prove very trying.  Most felt put on the spot or that they were being judged.

Rolling back his chair, he reached under the desk.  Pulling out a plastic bag with a drawstring, he handed it to Kevin.  “Happy reading,” he smiled.  “I was going to give this to Bron today but she is extremely stressed out right now.  I hope you can help her remove some of the stress Kevin.”

Kevin got the message, flashing him a devilish grin, “I think I can.”

“Good son, any problems or questions, give me a call.  Just keep the stress to a minimum and remember what I told you.  I’ll be seeing Bron every two weeks.”





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