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Chapter 37

Kevin sauntered out of Gabe’s office with a new outlook and was greatly relieved.  Gabe chuckled as he dropped the folder on the receptionist desk.  Kevin was cocky as hell and no doubt, everything would be as right as rain in the Richardson house by this evening.

“Shouldn’t you have given the bag to his wife?” his secretary commented. 

“Not in this case Amy,” he chortled as he went to see his next patient.

Kevin was grinning all the way home.  Since he had basically been straightened out by Gabe, his body began to start to flicker to life.  From a flicker to a full-blown flame half way home.  As he reached his home, he snickered to himself as his eyes dropped to his pants.  A funny thought went through his head; if it had fingers, it could drive.

Grabbing the bag that Gabe presented to him, along with his suitcase and knapsack, he headed in the house.  The house was void of people as he went up to the bedroom.  Setting his suitcase down and dropping his knapsack he walked to the other side of the bed.  Opening the built in drawer under it, he dropped the bag in it, then shut it.  “I’ll read you, when she’s not around.”   

Checking his watch, he had three hours left before Kaylin came home.  Now he had to get rid of Suzie.  Kevin was not in the mood to play games.  He wanted his wife and he wanted her now, hot and nasty.  He wasn’t sorry he had held off, just frustrated as hell right at the moment.

Kevin bounded up the stairs his lust thudding along with his feet.  Each step drew him closer to what he wanted.  He was assuming she was home because her truck was parked by the house.  Reaching the door to the office he knew he was as hard as rock.  No way to hide this baby, he thought.  He felt like weights had been attached to testicles and they were pulling him to the floor. 

Kevin noted as he entered that Bron’s office door was closed, so were the blinds, but the lights were on inside.  An intrinsic rhythm began to build inside his body.  The throbbing had started; self-denial was such a bitch, he muttered under his breath.

“Hey Suzie,” as he walked through the door.  “Put the phones over to the service and take the rest of the day off.”

Suzie never turned around from the computer to answer to him.  “I can’t Kevin, she’ll kill me with the mood she’s in today.  She’s half way through a five pound bag of Reese’s.”

Kevin’s teeth clenched together knowing that Bron wasn’t suppose to be eating anymore sugar.  “Suzie it wasn’t a request, it was an order,” he directed.

Suzie spun around in her chair ready to berate him.  She stopped, assessed the current state of her other boss who was wearing a pained expression, and trying to smile.  Turning slightly she put the phones over, as she saved the file, then shut down the computer.  Grabbing her purse and keys she exited out the door, softly laughing.

Kevin rolled his eyes, “Everyone is such a smartass in this house.”  Opening Bron’s office door with silence, he smiled and absently squeezed himself.  The ache was turning and churning inside.  He felt his body pulsate when he looked at her.

Bron sat at the drafting table perched on her stool.  A short little gray skirt rode up her thighs as her bare feet were wrapped around the rungs of the stool.  He could see the back of the lacy little tank top she wore.  The jacket to the suit hung lazily off her chair at her desk.  Kevin spotted the pantyhose and shoes tossed in the corner.  A hammering began in his heart, nothin’ on under that skirt, he moaned in his head.

If she had heard him, she didn’t acknowledge it.  One thing he had learned over the last few weeks is that Bron’s concentration was something like he had never seen.  If she was fully engulfed in something a bomb could go off and she wouldn’t know it.  He wanted to take her by surprise, but how? 

Standing back, he watched her hand slide into the bag and retrieve a piece of candy.  The wrapper was dispensed in the trashcan next to the desk.  She had missed the can several times, as the wrappers were lying next to the can in a pile.  Kevin was getting sick as figured out how much she had consumed. 

“Suzie, I’m busy, I have to get this done.  Did the asshole call and say he was on his way home yet?”

Kevin frowned at her words as her hand dived into the bag again. 

“Touch my candy Suz and I’ll hurt ya.”  Bron continued to work not disturbed by from what she thought was Suzie’s presence.

Kevin approached slowly and from behind, not acknowledging her.  His cheek went to hers and he rubbed her with his.  “The asshole is home,” he chuckled as his hand pushed the candy off the desk and it landed on the floor with a plop.

“One pick up my candy.  Two, touch me, you die.”  Bron was done playing games with Kevin. 

“Aww, you didn’t miss me Witch?” he sniggered as he pushed her forward and joined her on the stool.

“This stool is not built for two.”  Bron was getting hot just having him near her, he was so close and felt so good.  All male, kept intruding on her thoughts.  A male with the self-control of a freaking army.

“Sure it is darlin’,” as he lifted her up and then plunked her down on his lap.  He actually amazed himself since her feet had a death grip on the rungs of the stool.

“It really isn’t,” she growled as she felt what she had been starved of the last two weeks pressing into her. 

Kevin scrutinized her trying to maintain control.  He knew she was fighting all of it at the same time.  He laughed as his hand roamed her back.  Bron’s skin began to flush.  Her mind and mouth were fighting him, the rest wasn’t.  The last two weeks buzzed around in his head.  She had stooped to the pink satin bathrobe and the black pants.  All the taunts and teases she had thrown at him, made it miserable for him.  He had his reasons, he just wasn’t going to voice them to her.

His hands continued to lavish attention on her body as she shifted continuously away, fruitlessly.  “Whatcha’ working on?”

“A bid,” she muttered.  Her eyes closed, not wanting him to see her eyes.  Bron knew her eyes were a dead give away to him.

He leaned forward pressing into her, in turn pressing her into the desk.  Her hands bracketed the desk for support as she pushed back, trying to get some much needed space.  Kevin chuckled softly as his hand rested on her thigh.  His fingers flicking at the hem of the skirt, slowing inching it up

Bron couldn’t handle it anymore.  Two weeks nothing, now this, “Stop touching me!”

“Boy you’re kinda bitchy, ya know that,” he giggled in her ear as he kept his hands moving and poked his tongue in her ear.  He knew it was enough to push her over the edge.  The hands started flying he caught one then the other, but not before it made contact with his right cheek. 

“OWWW!” as he stood up with his arm around her waist.  Kicking the stool out from under them, he supported her weight in his arms.  “Easy baby,” he chimed.  Leaning over her and the desk, with one hand still wrapped around her, he slowly pushed the back of the skirt up.  “Whatcha’ wearing under here Witch?”

“So help me God Kevin, I will kill you.”  Bron couldn’t move and felt too exposed, even to Kevin.

Fumbling with the front of his jeans, he eased them down enough, followed by his boxers, “You don’t wanna kill me darlin’,” he whispered in her ear as his hand grazed her bare bottom.  “Spread’em for Kevin,” he commanded.

Bron’s feet were off the floor as he eased himself between her legs.  Finding her opening, he pushed into her to find her wet, warm, and more than ready for him.  Shifting his arms so that he supported her and none of their weight was on her belly.  Wiggling his hips, a loud moan ripped from Bron throat, followed by an, “Ohhh!”

Kevin’s primal instincts took over as he plunged and gyrated into her.  He wanted to see her face but the rasping sounds escaping from her throat were enough of an affirmation for him.  Reaching around he found her pleasure spot, seconds later Bron went to the heavens and back.  He followed right behind him as the heat blinded him.

Gasping for breath he leaned over her and kissed the side of her neck, “Feel better now?”

“No,” she grunted.  “I’m seeing stars.”

Kevin began laughing which made matters worse all the way around for them.  Bron’s ‘get even’ was tightening around him.  Her head was buried in her arms and she sighed.

“And she wants more.”

“Damn right, now put me down.”  Bron put her head back on his shoulder. 

He kissed her lightly on the cheek.  “If I pull the plug, you’re gonna get wet.” 

“Ugh, oh well,” she laughed.

“You’re bad woman,” as he stepped away without warning.

Bron tugged her skirt down, she turned, crossed her legs tightly and tried to gain some sense out of all of this.  Kevin seemed to be Kevin again but who knew for how long.

Kevin yanked up his pants and grinned.  “How long do you think you can stand there like that?”

“As long as I have too,” she smirked.

“I’ll help you darlin’,” as he scooped her up and carried her downstairs.  Bron pointed to the bathroom and Kevin’s laughter rang through the air.  “Great minds think alike.”

A quick shower and they lay in bed together.  Kevin was busy working Bron into a fevered pitch again.  A towel wrapped around him he crawled to the bottom of the bed on all fours.

“What are you up too now?”  Bron questioned.  Kevin was more than making up for lost time with the look on his face.

“I’m gonna give you more stars, ahhhh-hhhaaaa,” he laughed.

“You have lost it Master,” she laughed at the freak in her bed.

Kevin stood up on the bed, tossed the towel, and gave her a full frontal, he flexed and dropped back to the bed. “You make me loose it,” he grunted as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed off of her pillows.

“Is this monkey sex?” she asked way too innocently.

“No Witch, I’ll let ya know,” he laughed as he set her heels on his shoulders.  Running his hands up and down her thighs.  She began to squirm under his hands.  “Darlin’ your legs are over sensitive,” as he gave the up and down brows.

Both feet were suddenly planted on his chest and she locked her knees.  “Explain yourself,” she narrowed her eyes at him.

Kevin pushed with his chest, he couldn’t budge her legs when she locked them up.  “Explain what,” he whined, trying to throw her off her defenses.

“Why did I get a flat out no for two weeks and then all of a sudden it’s like Christmas?”

“Aww that’s sweet, are you saying that because you like my package?” he stifled a laugh.

“I’m not laughin’,” Bron pushed on his chest with her feet, letting him know that she wasn’t giving in.

“I’ll tell you after the wishbone and stars,” he grinned.  Bron looked at him clueless; that was one of the things that he loved about her the most.

Bron’s legs were separated and before she could recover, Kevin was on her most sensitive spot.  It didn’t take long for her to grip the sheets and wiggle underneath him.  “Want stars?” he whispered against her womanhood.

“Stars please,” she begged.

“I love a beggin’ wife,” he giggled and went back to slowly drawing his tongue back and forth over her.  His tongue darted around, in and out, and swirled inside of her. 

She continually pressed for her release against his mouth.  Feeling his cheek chafe against her skin, he finally stopped tormenting her.  A loud, “Kevin!” filled the room but he didn’t stop.  Enjoying the feeling of her muscles grappling with his tongue.  “Oww, cramp,” Bron yelled and Kevin froze.

“Shit!”  Kevin twisted to reach the phone next to the bed.

“What are you doing?”  Bron yelled having been still wrapped up in the throws of passion and at Kevin’s mercy at the moment.

“You gotta cramp, I gotta call Gabe,” Kevin grabbed his cell to have it slapped to the floor.

“Why would you call Gabe?”  Bron questioned, maintaining as much calm as she could.

“Because he said when I stopped by to see him today that if you got a cramp, we’re suppose to stop what were doing and call him, he wanted to know about it.”  The panic in Kevin’s voice was nothing he could hide.

So now, he was checking everything with Gabe.  Gabe must have talked to him about what had been going on, or not, was more like it.  No wonder the sex-in had started.  “In my foot you asshole!”  Bron fumed at him. 

Kevin eyes trailed down her leg to her foot to find it pointed like a dancer’s foot.  “Oh I gave you a pointy toed O!”

“You’re fucking dead Kevin,” Bron huffed as she stormed to the bathroom and slammed the door.

“Dammit,” he groaned as he followed her to the bathroom, snagging his boxers on the way.  He knew she would be taking a bath because she was pissed at him.  He waited patiently for her to settle in as she looked out the window.

“I’m sorry it’s all my fault.  I didn’t make love to you because of my conversation with Gabe today.”

Sucking her cheeks in, she looked at him and then turned away. 

Shit, she ain’t buying that, he thought to himself.  “Okay I did, but the only reason I haven’t touched you is because I thought it would hurt the baby.”

Bron looked out the window, thinking to herself.  Kevin had too much medical background on her and she easily understood why he would feel that way.  Grabbing the washcloth, she handed it to him.  “Wash my back.”

Kevin exhaled loudly, knowing that she had forgiven him, happy to have something to do.

After her bath, both of them lay in bed exhausted.  Kevin noticed she had dozed off.  She had snuggled up all nice and warm next to him.  He sighed with happiness.  They hadn’t really talked but they understood each other.  The jangle of the phone broke his thoughts.  Bron protested in her sleep as he rolled to answer it. 

He listened, he frowned, and then listened some more.  “This is her husband, she’s not feeling well,” he whispered as he looked at Bron lying in bed, sleeping.  His hands slicked back his hair, “I’ll be right there.”

He tip-toed around the room as he got dressed.  He also took the phone off the hook so she could sleep.  “I’m not the only one that has some explaining to do, dear,” he whispered quietly and slipped from the room.





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