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Chapter 39

Andrew, Kaylin, and Kevin sat in the dining room.  Kaylin was working on her homework and the other two having a casual conversation.  The discussion had been discontinued several times from the clatter coming from the kitchen.  What had originally started out as a small din had escalated into a version of Rent with no rhythm.  Andrew smirked every time the clamor increased. 

Kevin would sip his beer and try not to smile.  Bron had been venting for well over thirty minutes and it didn’t seem like it was going to improve any time soon.  They heard the dishes being thrown into the dishwasher along with muttered curses.  Anything in the kitchen that was inanimate was fair target for her to abuse.  Even the commercial grade refrigerator was not left out of the rant.

The last crash could not be mistaken for what it was.  A lid to a pot had been slammed on the counter; all that could be heard was the wobbling sound it made as it spun on the countertop to a slow stop.

Andrew looked at Kevin and nonchalantly spoke, “I know you don’t like plastic but it would be much quieter around here.”

Kevin stifled the laugh as Kaylin grinned at him.  “Watch the silverware, she’ll throw it at you,” Kaylin spoke as if it were an everyday occurrence. 

An expression of surprise crossed Kevin’s face as he looked at Andrew, “Knives?”

Andrew laughed as he shook his head, “Nope, forks… She flung one at dad once and stuck him right in the upper arm, she was so pissed.”

Kaylin shrugged as she closed the book, “I’m going to bed.”

“Probably not a bad idea kiddo, it’s getting a little tense down here.  You did a good job; let’s not let it happen again.  The next time you’re upset, come talk to me.”  Kevin helped her slip the folders and books into the backpack as he spoke.

A gloomy face looked up at him, “You haven’t said how long I’m grounded for yet,”

Kevin began to answer in a loud fashion.  “You’re not, this time.  It’s your mothers fault anyway for not telling you…,” A loud crash came from the kitchen stopping him in mid-sentence following by string of obscenities.

Andrew stood up, “Come on I’ll tuck you in.”

“Chicken shit,” Kevin whispered under his breath.

Andrew raised his beer and saluted him with it, “You ticked her off, you deal with it, daddy.”

As Kaylin walked away, Kevin called her back.  Bending down to her level, he swiped his hair out of his face, holding the bangs back.  “If it happens again you will be grounded forever.”

“Okay,” she grinned.  Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his neck.  As he stood up, she came off the floor in his arms.  “Goodnight,” she chirped as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Goodnight,” he kissed her back as he set her back down to the floor. 

Sitting back down he debated what he should do, go in the kitchen or just go upstairs and wait.  Figuring Andrew and Kaylin had heard and seen enough; upstairs was the option he chose.  Swigging down his beer he walked up the stairs in no particular hurry.

Kevin didn’t hear her come in as he lay on the bed with his back to the door.  He was reading the book that Gabe had given him, Pregnancy to Parenthood.  Being totally engrossed in the first chapter about pregnancy and the changes to come, he didn’t see Bron standing in front of him.  The book was pulled from his hands. 

“Where did you get this?”  Bron was stewing.  She trying hard to stay on even keel but it wasn’t working.  Her emotions were all over the place; everything was spiraling out of control.  Kevin had told Kaylin about the baby, Bron herself was busted for covering for school problems, not to mention the weight issue that he had tossed in her face at dinner.

Grabbing it back, he leafed back to his page.  “Gabe gave it to me today,” he smirked.  “It has a lot of information.”

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face before I do it for you,” Bron was wound tighter than a spring now.  The last thing she wanted was the wiseass Kevin to put in appearance.

Opening the drawer under the bed, Kevin dropped the book in it.  Slowly he pushed the drawer shut and laid back down on the bed with his hands behind his head.  “Don’t get pissed at me Witch, you’re the one with all the secrets.”

Bron’s face contorted with rage, “You had no right to do that.  You had no right to go to school, you should’ve woke me up.”

“Why?  So you could go to McDonalds after she had been busted for the sixth time.  I talked to Andrew, your reward system is screwed up.”  Kevin lay in bed but his body was tense.  He was waiting for the inevitable assault his body would receive from the pint-sized woman pacing the room.  “I don’t like being on the bottom of your list or the school’s.  If Kaylin is having a problem, we need to discuss it and handle it.”

Bron had stood at the dresser brushing her hair.  Her nightgown tightly clenched in the other hand.  With the hairbrush still in her hand, she turned, “You didn’t discuss what you just told her with me, DID YOU!”

Kevin was becoming uneasy, Bron was more than blowing her temper over this.  He slid from the bed and stood up next to it.  “We discussed all of this when we were in California.  You agreed!”

“Ha, Like I had so many choices, didn’t I ,” she replied sarcastically as the hairbrush was shook in the air at him.

“You’re stressing, you shouldn’t stress yourself,” Kevin move from the side of the bed and towards the center of the room.

“YOU’RE RIGHT!”  The hairbrush flew from her hand and slammed into the wall behind him.

“Feel better?”  Kevin mocked her, as he saw the indentation the brush had left in the drywall behind him.  “Can you fix that?” he uttered as he turned back to her.

She was across the room at him with her arms flying in the air.  Kevin was prepared since he had pushed her too far.  Not wanting to hurt her or himself, his hands grabbed for her wrists and pulled them behind her back, forcibly.  Pulling her up tight against him, he began to speak in a soft voice, as his one hand held tightly onto her wrists.  “Calm down please.  I know you are very angry with me but you’re going to see in the long run everything will be fine.”

The feet coming off the ground were next and he swayed out of the way, “You want to fight we can fight, but we’re having rules baby.  No biting, no hair pulling, and don’t hit me in the nuts!”

Backing towards the bed, he shoved her, pushing her down onto the mattress, and deftly avoided the attempts she had made at connecting with his body and inflicting pain.

“Now I have the advantage,” he chuckled as she lay next to him with arms pinned behind her back.  “You’re gonna listen to me Witch.  You didn’t see that kid today and how upset she was.”

“You didn’t need to tell her, she’s going to be heartbroken.  You could’ve made something up.”  Bron hissed at him.  The control that Kevin had, just snapped.  She could see it in his green eyes that now were more brilliant than ever.  The best way to handle this is ignore it for the next two days and he’ll be gone, things can go back to normal.  Bron’s mindset was made.

Kevin watched the inner confusion, the longer she lay there the calmer she became.  This isn’t good he thought to himself, she’s shuttin’ down on me again or ignoring me.

“Kaylin can handle more than you think.  You, on the other hand, can’t handle a damn thing since we found out.”  Kevin pushed on; he had been chipping away at the problem for two weeks now.  He had tried on the phone or when he was home.  The day he brought her home from the hospital was a start.  “I’m going to spell it all out for you right here and right now.  This is how it’s going to be.  You will tell me what is going on in my home when I am not here.  You will take care of yourself when I am not here.  You will control your fear by talking to me about it.  You are the only one I have to talk to about any of this.  We have to rely on each other.”

“Let me up,” Bron spoke softly.  “I want to get dressed.”

“No, I’m not done.”  Kevin tightened his grip on her assuming she would struggle to push away from him.  “Bron, I love you but I don’t want this baby to destroy us.  You have an unnatural fear about all of this.”

Bron eyes sparked, “No, it’s not unnatural when it is a way of life.”

Sighing, Kevin closed his eyes and then opened them.  “I understand but this can be different if you would just let it be.  Granted yes maybe the when is a sticking point for you but I’m not going to say I’m sorry about what happened.  Very few people know we are married, even less know you’re pregnant.  Please just give it a chance, that’s all I’m asking.  When I leave I want to be able to call home and ask you how you are feeling and how things are going without us fighting.” 

Bron noted the whine at the end of his little speech.  Kevin was looking for permission from her that he could leave, not worry, and be happy about becoming a father.  Knowing Kevin he would worry anyway but possibly a little less.  Gazing at him for a minute or two she knew that even if she was terrified about all of this, she could try and put him at ease.  This entire situation was tearing her family apart, she had to get in a better frame of mind.  She needed to move past this and whatever happened, happened.  They needed some normalcy back in their lives, especially Kaylin.  “I’m designing an exercise room tomorrow.  Will you look at it before you go and see if it has what you need in it, I’m getting too fat too fast.”

A snort popped from Kevin, “Yes I will.”  Aware all was well between them.  Letting go of her arms, he watched her retreat to the bathroom.  As she walked to the bathroom, he ditched his boxers onto the floor beside the bed as usual.  It had become a habit now that seemed natural to him; he craved skin-to-skin contact.

Sliding the drawer out he retrieved his book and began reading again.  The bed swayed slightly as she returned to it.  She frowned, “Do you have to read that in here?”

“I could read it when I go back on tour,” he snickered.

“You’re not taking that book with you,” she spoke in a no-nonsense voice.  Reaching for the drawer on her side of the bed she pulled out a book out smiled,  “We’re getting old, we’re reading in bed.”

Kevin caught the cover and wrinkled his nose at her, “The Joy of Writing Sex.  Where do you get this shit?”

“It’s mine,” she grinned.

“Yeah,” as he tossed his book in the drawer and shut it.  “First hand experience is much better,” he whispered as he sidled closer to her.

“Read your book Kevin,” Bron mumbled as she turned on her side.

His fingertips played over her back and rested on her butt.  She felt the gentle kneading start on the side of her thigh.  The kneading gave way to pulling until she felt her leg being pulled over the top of his as he lay on his side.

“How long are you going to ignore me?” as he nibbled on her neck, his hand traced her knee, and danced up her thigh.

Bron pondered her answer, “I don’t want to, now stop it, I’m reading.”  She pushed back against him to gain a little space between them.  She didn’t achieve it for long as he shifted and placed some weight on her.

“I need to come home,” he whispered as he shifted even closer.  His hands pushing up the back of the nightgown she wore.  He wanted to feel her flesh pressed against his. 

Bron closed her eyes briefly, “You came home all afternoon.”

“Uh-uh, that was for you, not me.”  His hands had worked the nightgown up and he tenderly ran his fingertips down her spine.  A slight shiver overcame her and he smiled at the back of her head.  “Please?” he mumbled as his hands dropped to the elastic band of her panties. 

Bron sighed loudly, only to hear Kevin chuck at her.  His hands became more insistent and demanding.  “You can’t resist me,” he kissed the sensitive part of her neck.

“Yes I can,” she grinned at her book.

“Nah, not possible, I’m totally irresistible to you.  It’s my self-confidence.”

“Arrogance,” Bron snickered, as she reached down and placed her hand on his, which now was resting on her stomach.  She lightly picked up his hand and set it on his leg.  She didn’t need to turn around see the shit eating grin he was wearing.

“My principles,” he mumbled as his hand rested on her thigh, lightly tickling the sensitive tissue where you her thigh met her hip

“Chauvinistic pig,” Bron bit her tongue.

“My family values,” as his finger slipped into her panties.  Brushing the outer lips of her womanhood.

“Possessiveness,” she muttered as she lost her place in her book.

“Dogged determination,” as he pushed his finger into her.

“You got me on that one,” she laughed as she pressed against him after tossing the book to the floor. 

Kevin lifted her shoulders, removing the nightgown, tossing it to the floor to join the book.  “I never will understand why you bother to wear anything, it always end up on the floor.”  His hands tugging her underwear down her legs, as she lay on her back.

“It’s only proper,” Bron spoke in a pious tone, laced with desire.  She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.  It was too late, Kevin had begun to weave a magic spell around her with his hands and mouth.  One of compliance, which he demanded from her.  Once again, as it had been played so many times before between them, Kevin had something to say to her.  Whether he was home or not, informed or not, he was the king of his castle.

As he descended into her depths his hands cupped her face.  “Open your eyes and look at me.”  It wasn’t a request, it was a command.  A groan rumbled from low in his chest as he pushed even further into her watching her eyes dilate with need.  Taking what he wanted from her, what he needed from her, quelling his own fear.  Roughly, he thrusted into her as he held her by her hips, not wanting participation from her.

Bron watched as she was forced to lay motionless almost.  Kevin fulfilling his needs first.  It didn’t happen often, unless he was angry with her.  By the look in his eyes, he was pretty pissed.  Closing her eyes briefly, she felt a hand tug her leg up as he drove into a final time.  Being stuck in the time warp between satisfaction and denial was the most miserable thing she could think of, Kevin had it down to an art form.  It didn’t last long as she studied his face.  His hand slid down between their bodies and sent her to a blissful orgasm. 

 “I love you, if we’re going to be scared, let’s do it together.”  He unsheathed himself from her and took his place next to her. 

Bron lay staring at the painting above their bed.  “Okay,” she whispered as she rolled into his arms and placed her head on his chest.

Curling around her, he drifted off into sound sleep.  Bron lay awake trying once again think of how to fix things.  An idea popped into her head, a way to reassure him and make him feel comfortable about leaving. 





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