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Chapter 4

Bron’s vivid dreams during the night were driven by her fears.  She was caught in a crowd of fans and couldn’t get out.  They were calling her names and yelling obscenities at her.  They started clawing at her and hurting her.  She desperately called for him and yet he didn’t come.

She awoke startled and took a deep breath.  The room was still dark and she felt the dark inside and out.  She moved slightly to look at the clock; it was five in the morning.  She pulled her legs out from between Kevin’s.  He had again managed to trap her next to him even in sleep.  He grumbled at the movement and rolled onto his back.  Bron maneuvered out of the bed trying to clear her head.

Grabbing clothes she slipped out of the bedroom and shut the door.  After going into the kitchen and having her coffee, she began to formulate the rest of her plan.  “How the hell can I do this?  I don’t want to be here today.  I really don’t want to be here,” she whined out loud to an empty room.

Once she was awake she headed to the spare bedroom.  It was the last room that needed packing up.  Keeping herself busy was the best thing she could think of. 

Bron taped box after box of items murmuring that Kevin was a pack rat.  The last thing was the dresser.  Bron pulled sweater after sweater out of the drawers.  Finally reaching the last drawer she was shocked.  “Great, just wonderful,” she exclaimed as she threw her arms up in the air.  Frustration and exasperation came quickly.  Her clothes, now I’m going to pack her clothes too.

Retrieving an empty box she began to fill it with the ladies clothing that she had found.  Occasionally she would mutter a comment to herself such as, skinny, tall, and I like this.  The last item in the drawer was an unusually long skirt.  Bron snickered to herself, wonder which one of them wore this.  She dropped it in the box uttering, “It’s hers now.”  Quickly she wrote her name on the box and taped it shut.

Bron realized what she had just done was most likely a waste of time if everything went off without a hitch.  Oh well better safe than sorry.  Nothing worse than a suspicious Kevin.

Bron headed back to the kitchen and made breakfast.  Her mind kept going back to what Kevin had said at dinner.  He was having company today and a meeting.  She knew from the call yesterday who the company was but not the meeting.  Bron was trying to figure out who the meeting was with when Kevin appeared at the doorway to the kitchen.

She made his breakfast as he frowned at her.  “What blew you out of bed so early?”  She asked as she glanced at her watch.

“Your side was empty,” he answered as he shuffled over to the coffee pot.  “You always manage to slip out of my bed in the morning.”

 “Come on Kev, an earthquake could hit and you wouldn’t wake up,” she grinned as she set his plate in front of him.

“I’m serious,” he mumbled as he sat at the table.  Sex in the morning made for a great day, at least he thought so to himself.  He watched her pour a bowl of cereal and shook his head.  He looked around the room for any small children present but didn’t find any.  “You’re not going to eat that stuff are you?”

“No Lurch, I’m gonna look at it,” she rolled her eyes at him.  Shoving the spoon in the bowl and bringing it to her mouth.  She met his mocking green eyes. 

“That stuff isn’t good for you.  It’ll kill you,” he groaned as he watched her actually eat it. 

“Well at least I’ll be well preserved,” she snickered under her breath.

Bron ate, he watched.  It was getting to her, finally she finished and frowned at him.  “It’s rude to stare at people,” she hissed at him.  Getting up she placed the bowl in the sink and turned to him, “Do you want more?”

“No,” he nodded still taking his time with his own breakfast.

“Fine,” as she began to take her shorts off.

“Oh dessert,” he grinned.

“Ha-Ha, I’m going swimming,” she slapped him on the side of the head with her shirt as she walked by.

Kevin turned his chair to watch her swim while he ate.  He lost count after forty something.  She wasn’t getting out any time soon.  She was de-stressing herself.  Kevin finished up his meal and loaded the dishwasher.  He headed for the shower to get ready for the day.

Returning to the bedroom after his shower his foot landed on something cold and squishy.  “Yuck!” he jumped as he removed his foot from the object.  He shook his head as he picked up the wet bathing suit from the carpet and hung it up in the bathroom to dry.

Now he needed to go find her to tell not to do that again.  Finding her in the living room he listened to the one sided conversation she was having with Mc.  She sighed loudly and uttered something as she hung up the phone.

“What’s up?” he asked, forgetting why he went to find her in the first place.

“Nothing, Frank is giving me a hard time again.” She rubbed her eyes. 

“I have my interview in an hour so keep it down if he calls back,” Kevin informed her.

What did he just say, ran through her head.  Damn, he was supposed to leave.  “I thought your interview was downtown.”

Kevin saw the sudden wave of panic come over her.  She’s up to something.  “No it’s on the phone.  Is there a problem?”

Bron groaned, “No.”  Inside she wanted to scream.  This was going to screw everything up.  Dammit she yelled at herself.

Kevin was suspicious at first but then thought maybe it was just a case of the nerves.  “If you’re looking for your suit; I hung it up where it belongs.”

“Screw you Lurch,” she barked as she retreated to the kitchen.

“You will,” he chuckled back to her.  He waited for her come back but didn’t get one.  Shrugging his shoulders he went to his desk to review his notes for his meeting. 

She had been gone for an inordinate amount of time.  Now he was getting a little suspicious.  The house was even silent.  He went looking for her and found her on the Patio with the blueprints rolled out in front of her.  A coffee mug held each corner down. The cell was in her ear again.  Man she is as bad as Howie, he grinned watching her study the plans and speak into the phone. 

That is one happy lady he thought to himself.  She likes to work.  She never asked him a thing about it but then she had his original list of everything he wanted in the house.  Right down to the paint color of each room.

Bron glanced slightly at the patio door to find him studying her again.  She knew the minute he had began to stare at her. He drives me crazy with that shit.  Always watching and waiting for me to screw up.  She ignored him until he disappeared from the doorway. 

Bron knew that this was a group interview so they must all be doing the same thing.  She knew that this was the best time to get a hold of Mary. 

Quickly she hung up with Mc and called her best friend for help.  They chatted away and then Bron asked for the favor.  The conversation went back and forth finally Mary giving in to Bron’s request. 

“Fine I’ll have everyone there by two tomorrow, but why?”  Mary asked.

“Umm, because I’m going home the day after tomorrow and I’ll miss you,” Bron stammered her lame excuse into the phone.

“I don’t believe that Bron.  Would you like to try again,” Mary snickered.

“Okay, I need my support team tomorrow.  Ya know sort of the Backstreet back-up thing,” Bron whispered as she snuck into the kitchen.  She wanted to make sure that Kevin was still doing the interview.

“Oh God Bron, please...” Mary groaned.

“Well it seemed like a good idea at the time,” Bron said meekly back to her.

“Aw Jesus!  What did you do now?”  Mary shrieked at her.  Mary’s head was spinning.  She loved Bron to death.  But leaving Bron to her own devices for any amount of time was just not a good thing.  Mary made a mental note to speak to Kevin about this.

“I’ll explain it later, besides Kevin needs you here anyway.  Love you.”

Mary sat looking at a dead cell and shaking her head, “This is not good.”

Bron snuck into the living room hoping not to disturb Kevin.  Too late a rubber band bounced off her backside as she bent to pick up her notes.  She turned and glared at him.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  She could hear the interview now from the stereo in the corner.  Nick was talking so Kevin was screwing around.  Bron shook her finger at him warning him he had better not as he loaded up another one.  She walked over to the stereo to hear better and felt a sting on the back of her thigh.

“Stop it,” she whispered quietly as she tuned to look at him.

He had that, “who me?” face on as he launched the third one and hit her in the bust.  Bron frowned at him as she rubbed the spot where he had hit her.  She watched his eyes change as he watched her.  One thing came to mind.  Paybacks are a bitch Master.  She sauntered over to the desk and hoisted herself on it.  She planted her butt directly on his notes and smiled.

Quickly she reached for the buttons on his shirt.  He began batting her hands away from him.  “Go away,” he hissed.

“What’s that Kev?” the D.J. asked.

“Nothing there’s something buggin’ me,” he grinned as he bit his lower lip.

Bron grinned a devilish grin.  Bugging you, 'oh I have only just begun to bug you', she giggled in her head.  She slid her bottom off the desk and into his lap.  It happened so fast he didn’t have a chance to fend her off.  She planted her hands on his shoulders and pulled herself up.  Slowly she licked his neck all the way up to his ear.  Bron pulled on his ear with her teeth.  She dipped her tongue into his ear and heard him sigh softly.

The D.J. directed a question to him, which was answered with a muffled groan.  The fellas laughed and Kevin’s mind snapped to attention.

“Hey Kev, you with us?”  The D.J. inquired.

“Yeah. I’m sorry,” he answered as glared furiously at Bron for putting him in this position. 

Nick voice came over the radio and through the phone.  “Hey Bro do you need a hand with what’s buggin’ you?”

“No Nick I don’t,” Kevin came back at him as he tried to shove Bron out of his lap. 

“Might need a fly swatter,” A.J. cackled with amusement.  There was no question on what was going on at the Richardson house. 

“No Alex, I can swat at it with my hand and it usually takes care of the problem.”  Kevin was getting furious.  He was working and Bron was teasing.  Those two things didn’t mix.  He was glaring at her, daring her to continue.

Bron stopped and frowned.  The message was received and interpreted by her brain, loud and clear.  He turned the chair and shoved her off of him.  She turned as she waltzed away, “You started it.”

Just as she was half away across the room a car pulled into the driveway.  Bron went to the window and groaned.  She turned to Kevin and motioned for him to hang up the phone.  He cradled the phone in the crook of his neck and motioned her to the door.

A vigorous no was the headshake he received.  He quickly grabbed his pad and pen and scribbled something on it.  He held it up so she could read it. 

As she read it, a knock came to the door.  Bron didn’t think it was possible but Kevin was actually yelling at her to answer the door with the message on the pad.

After a small battle of wills, him showing her the phone cord and then his anger going full tilt she went and answered the door.





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