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Chapter 40

The sky was streaked orange and pink as Bron woke and gazed out the window.  Having built their bed in this spot was the soul purpose.  She wanted a view that would be ever changing.  Kevin may not be a morning person but she was.  As she looked out the window, she could see a red tail hawk circling the field for its breakfast.

“Perfect,” she purred as she now linked her idea from last night with new ones forming in her mind this morning.  Her thoughts melded together as she smiled to herself.  It would be unbelievable to behold if she did it right.  The first thing for her to do was to get a new frame of mind and control over her emotions.  Her fear of this baby was being transferred to everyone in her family, especially Kaylin. 

Bron’s hand drifted to her tummy.  Gently she placed her hand over his.  It had become a new way of sleeping for him, she had noticed.  Neither of them quite understanding it, but Kevin managed not to sleep on her so much as he did as close as he could get to her.  Lying on his stomach, one had tucked under his head, the other on her stomach.  His hands always seem to be there, protectively covering her stomach.  Instinct or hope she wasn’t sure, as she carefully maneuvered away from him without waking him, slipping out of the bed.

Quietly she shut the door behind her not bothering to dress for the day, a nightgown and a bathrobe would suffice at this hour of the morning.  She had plans to start rolling before anyone woke in her home.  A hasty trip to the kitchen for coffee, she made her way to her office, her bathrobe ties swinging along her sides.

Switching her light on over the drafting table, she began the plans for the one change that Kevin would see, the gym as she had dubbed it.  It wasn’t exactly a challenge, a workout room was a workout room.  She sketched it, checked the measurements, and made a list of equipment she thought everyone would like.  She pronounced it done as she took the plans and laid them on the couch.  Kevin could look at them when he woke up.

Her eagerness kicked in as she made a list of needs versus wants for the next change.  Her wants outpaced her needs.  The point to build it once and enjoy it struck home and she went all out.  She became giddy as she furiously drew out the plans.  Making lists, double checking, and finally bringing her ideas to life.  Satisfied this would suit the main purpose of the renovation and then some she glanced at the calendar.  It would be a tight schedule but what the hell, she built the place on a tight schedule.  She could start making calls while Kevin ran errands today to get ready to fly out tomorrow.  Suzie would be her right hand man in the third stage of this little ‘GG’ for Kevin.

The time flew by quickly while she worked.  Noticing the time and putting the finishing touches on her plans, she headed downstairs to get Kaylin off to school.  Surprisingly shocked that Kaylin was up and ready to go.  Andrew was working on in the barn already taking care of some minor repairs that needed to be done to make it water tight.  Bron actually loved the farm and the house, however, the barn had fallen into disrepair over the years.  The idea was to save it not scrap it.

Suzie came in as Kaylin left, she noticed Bron still in her bathrobe.  “Not feeling well?” she asked.

“No I feel fine.  I have to get Kevin up; he has a ton of running to do today.  On top of it, he has to finish packing all the suitcases that are laying on our bedroom floor.”

“Kinda of early isn’t it?”  Suzie noted the time.  Even she had learned that getting anymore than a grunt out of Kevin before eleven in the morning was a miracle.  She was watching Bron flutter around the kitchen and placing food on a tray.  Peace offering, she thought, as Bron picked up the tray.  “Those smell good,” as she checked the blueberry pancakes out from a distance.

“Help yourself before the guys get here.  If you haven’t noticed, they just sort of help themselves to anything around here,” Bron chuckled as she pointed to the warmer on the stove. 

“Dayum,” Suzie muttered as she headed for the huge stack of cakes.  “How long do you think you’ll be?”

A small laugh erupted from Bron as she flashed her a cheesy grin.  “Oh well, I’m not sure,” as she grabbed the tray and left, seeing Mc coming in from the side door.  “I’m so not dealing with him,” she whispered under her breath.

Mc came in the side door followed by Stevie.  “Hey Suzie,” he spoke as he headed for the plates and helped himself.  “Where’s she going with the tray?”  Mc took a seat next to her.  Stevie began pouring coffee for the three of them and getting his own breakfast. 

“Breakfast for Kevin,” Suzie answered.

“Hmm, Breakfast for Kevin,” Mc glanced at his watch.  “Breakfast in bed for Kevin,” Mc winked at Stevie. 

Jake shuffled in after passing Bron on the stairs.  “She’s busted,” he yawned as he grabbed a cup of coffee and a plate.

“Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, she is doing something sweet for the man she loves?”  Suzie didn’t like the insinuations that were going on around the conversation.

Three wry grins stared back her.  “You guys are unbelievable.  Why do you think like that?  She’s a good person.” 

“We know she’s a good person Suzie, but you see we’ve known her for a long, long, time,” Jake snickered.

Andrew came in the side door covered in dust.  “I hope you lazy asses saved me some of my breakfast.  You don’t actually live here you know.”  Andrew had seen them pull in and figured if he actually wanted something to eat he had better get up to the house before they ate it all.

“Sit down little brother.  I need your opinion on something.”  Mc slid the chair out next to him.

“Since when?”  Andrew scoffed.

Mc shot Andrew a warning glance, “What’s your mom up to?”

Andrew really couldn’t think of anything other than what had happened last night at dinner.  “Nothing, trying to get Kevin packed to leave,” as he sat in the appointed chair. 

“Are you sure?  She just made Kevin breakfast,” Stevie eyed him up once and down.

“You clowns, mom makes two meals a day, what’s the big deal,” as his fork headed for his mouth.  Andrew couldn’t stand the constant grilling he had been getting lately from these three.

“In bed,” Mc smirked.

Andrew’s fork halted a millimeter from his mouth.  He set his fork down and looked at them with a perplexed face.  Picking his fork up he smiled, “Must be insurance for something she’s going to do.” 

“Told ya,” Mc snorted at Szuie. 

“Bron’s right; you are a bunch of apes,” Suzie said in disgust as she rinsed her plate off in the sink.

“Salute!”  Mc laughed as they raised their coffee mugs and a loud clank was heard. 

“Right now she’s upstairs charming Tarzan himself,” Jake laughed. 

Bron held the tray against her hip as she opened the door.  Her smiled evaporated when she saw Kevin punch the pillow and grumble about her not being there when he woke up.  “Are you done whining now?” she said sweetly as she watched him roll over at the sound of her voice.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he thought he was seeing things.  A slow sleepy laden smiled came over his face, “Breakfast?  For me?”

“Yes for you,” she grinned as she crossed the floor.

“You, my Present?  Bringing me breakfast in bed,” he chuckled as he sat up and leaned against the headboard.  Slowly he smoothed the sheet over his waist.  “Hey that looks good,” as he snagged the coffee of the tray.  Glancing to the side, he saw the time, “Little early for me.”

“Hey now, the coffee is mine too,” she giggled. 

Kevin took in the sight before him on the tray.  All of his favorites.  The butter had melted down the sides forming little puddles in the syrup.  He swirled his index finger through the syrup and promptly stuck in his mouth, “Oh the good stuff.”

“Try silverware,” Bron frowned as she handed him the fork.  No further prompting was needed as his fork dove into the stack of hotcakes.  One thing Bron knew was that Kevin could put away the chow if he was left alone long enough to do it.

After the savoring the first few bites of his blueberry pancakes, he leaned forward.  Grabbing Bron by the back of the neck, he kissed her full force and fiercely.  “You’re good cook.”

Licking her lips she felt her stomach rumble, “Like that do ya?”

“Mmm-hmm,” as he speared a sausage and ran it through the syrup then popping it into his mouth.  Taking a sip of coffee what was taking place settled over him.  “I asked you once to bring me breakfast in bed you told me I had three legs to get up and get it myself.”

“Things change,” she smiled not trying to look too obvious.  “That does smell good.  I haven’t eaten yet, give me a bite.”

Kevin took the opportunity to enjoy his breakfast and his wife.  “Here taste,” as swabbed his finger into the syrup, he offered a dripping finger to her.  Her tongue licked up the dribbles as she sucked his finger into her mouth.  Her tongue doing double time over his digit was a little more than he could handle at this hour.

Kevin’s eyebrows scrunched together before they made that infamous arched formation on his face.  Yanking his finger back, he admonished her with his fork in hand, “Stop! I want to eat first.”

A twinkle in her eye, she grinned.  “We don’t have time anyway, we have a busy day.”

“I haven’t eaten yet,” Bron pouted.  Kevin offered her a fork full of food.  Swallowing suddenly she coughed, “I went downstairs this morning and Andrew and Kaylin were up and ready to go.  The funny thing is, all my cereal is gone.  There are no Apple Jacks, Cap’n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs anywhere.  I couldn’t even find a Fruit Loop.  You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” 

“Nope,” he looked confusingly at her, a slight shrug of the shoulders going with it.  “I won’t complain, you shouldn’t be eating that garbage anyway, especially now.”

“Hmm, looks like I need to talk to my kids.  It seems like they took your little speech to heart last night.  I couldn’t even find a Ding-Dong in the cupboard.”

Kevin smiled as he stuffed his face.  “Good, now I know they’ll be watching you and since Kaylin is so loyal to me now, she’ll tattle on you anyway.”

Bron crossed her arms and scowled at him, “Is that why you let her off the hook yesterday?”

“No, she was scared and dealt with it the only way she knew how.”  Kevin answered.  “Don’t forget your list for Gabe of what you’ve been shoving in those chunky little cheeks of yours.”

Falling back on the bed Bron let out a loud groan, “Can you eat Godiva for breakfast?”

“No,” Kevin laughed at her antics.  Straightening out Bron’s eating habits was almost as bad as getting her over her fears.  “Eating healthy shouldn’t be a problem for you.  You make the kids do it.”

“I know, I know,” Bron sighed loudly.  This wasn’t going to be easy, at least she had her secret stashes in the house that if she became extremely desperate should could raid them.  “I don’t like gerbil food,” she whined as she headed for the shower.  “You better hurry up, we have a lot to do today.  When you’re done take that tray downstairs.  I’m going to throw some wash in.”

“Where ya goin’?” he grumped as he finished up.

“I need to get rid of the Richardson glue,” she laughed loudly as she shut the bathroom door.

Kevin like the sound of that for some reason as he tossed on some sweats and went downstairs with the tray.  Walking into his kitchen he belched loudly and smiled, “Excuse me.”

Setting the tray on the counter, he then poured another cup of coffee.  He sat down as three people turned to look at him. 

Mc gave him a flippant smile, “Figure it out yet?”

Kevin began flexing his jaw, “Nope, but she’s up to something.  Breakfast was good though.”  Sipping his coffee and just smiling away with eyes.

“I’ll bet it was,” Jake grinned.

Kevin was trying to pinpoint what Bron might have in mind.  “It can’t be too much, I’m leaving tomorrow.  So Jake, you up to babysitting for a month?”

“Yep, I have my room staked out and ready to go,” Jake answered him.

“Shouldn’t have been to hard, you barely left,” Kevin said dryly.

“Have you heard from Webster?”  Mc looked at Kevin.  The silence between them was deadly. 

“Yes, we’ll talk later,” as Kevin heard Bron coming down the stairs.

“Here ya go.  Check it out, fix it up, and it’s a go.”  Bron dropped the plans on the table and ran back upstairs.

Unrolling the plans, it took Kevin a minute to interpret what it was.  “Ah I get it now, someone is feeling pudgy.”  Kevin went over it as well as Andrew.  Mc looked at it from a structural standpoint. 

“I need a mirror in there,” Kevin said off-handedly. 

“What the hell for?”  Mc looked at him like he was nuts.

“Practice,” Kevin’s eyes furrowed in concentration.  “Right here, on this wall.”  His index finger traced the wall.

“Got it,” Andrew drew it in.

Bron knew the room wouldn’t take long.  She dashed upstairs to hide the rest of her plans from prying eyes.  Ambling back downstairs she entered the kitchen to find the plans spread out on the table. 

She walked over next to Kevin, his hand dropped around her waist.  Pulling her closer he kissed the top of her head.  “Good job darlin’ but I need a mirror on one wall.”

“What the hell for?” she glanced at him.  Mc chuckled behind her back.

“To practice dance moves,” he frowned at all of them.

Bron pursed her lips together, the mirror would be added work, the wall would need additional support.  This was going to cause a delay.  She rolled up the plans and tucked them under her arm.  “How hard can it be to practice pelvic thrusts anyway, we do that everyday, you have to see yourself do it?” she mumbled a little louder than she wanted since the men in the room began to laugh; except for Kevin.

“You gotta big mouth Witch,” Kevin returned as he watched her slowly take her leave from them.





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